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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 115
January 22, 1997

Two Solie's Exclusives!
An Interview with Ted Debiasi

from Extreme Sports Network

A Brief History of the Four Horsemen: Part 4

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Clash of the Champions Report

Malenko Three Times Cruiserweight Champ!

Dark Match at Nitro 1/20

Here's an interesting letter I received from a reader:


FIrst off, let me say that I check out your wrestling pages every day. The Newsletter is great! Keep up the great work. Now as to the purpose of this message.

I was at the Nitro last night in the United Center in Chicago. I just wanted to let you know that there was a dark match after Nitro was over the featured Lex Luger vs. Hulk Hogan for the Title. It lasted about 10 - 15 minutes. The match went back and forth with Hogan exiting the ring quite a bit. Finally Lex got Hogan in the Torture rack and before he could submit, the NWO came to the ring to make the save. When Luger saw them coming, he dropped Hogan and cleaned house before exiting the ring and going back stage. Hogan and company proceeded to strut their stuff for about 15 minutes while getting bombarded with soda and trash.

Well, that's it. I didn't know if you'd find this info useful or not.

Thanks for providing a great site for Wrestling fans!

Brian Blair
Paris, IL

Ted Debiasi Interview

The Extreme Sports Network can be heard at its new time of Noon- 1p.m. eastern on Saturdays...for more information about radio affiliates contact Hitman via the email at:

This weeks guest is Ted DiBiasse....

Hitman: Welcome back to the Extreme Sports Network and joining us right now from Mississippi it's Ted Dibiasse...Ted welcome to the big show...

Ted: What's going on guys...

Hitman: How are you doing man?

Ted: Is everybody NWO there or not?!!!!

Hitman: Actually Coach here in studio is sporting his NWO shirt..

Ted: NWO for life brother!

Hitman: You guys have the big pay per view show coming up and the big Giant won't be in your corner....

Ted: Well, its really disappointing...we are disappointed, but the one that should be ultimatly disappointed is the Giant. Here's a guy that has all the potential in the world..He is a giant, 7'4 450 pounds, maybe its his youth and inexperence but he made a mistake. As you saw last Monday night he's got talent and it wasn't a cakewalk, and we don't think it will be a cakewalk( the upcoming battle's with Hogan). Hulk Hogan is no doubt the biggest icon in the sport; took the Giant under his wing, took him out to Hollywood.... Here's a guy that's only been around a couple of years and has been in a movie with Schwartzenegger. All he had to do is stay where he was. He had it made. The thing about the NWO is its all for one and one for all. It's not a matter of who's caring the belt or who is the champion. Figuritively or actually... he's got a big head. He's really done it now.

Hitman: It seems the NWO is a team. No one really knows who's on what team in the WCW?

Ted: You're absoultely right. They're floundering...All of those ego's are afraid for their spot or position in WCW. Everyone's worried about themselves. Why have we (NWO) been able to accomplish what we have accomplished? We've gone out and said this is what we are going to do. And we have done everything as a you don't like our method...all is fair in love and war and the NWO as far as we're concerned, thinks this is war. What are we after? We are after domination. Just like it says on our poster, "We do what we want, when we want, and where-ever we want". Why? Because we can! And this PPV, NWO SOULED OUT......Why did they name it that?...because they knew (WCW) when they announced it, it would sell out. And it has. When it gets down to brass tax, ask the WCW and TNT about the ratings, the attendance, the sales, the gates, tha mail, everything is up..WHY?

Hitman: It's the NWO BABY!

Ted: It IS thee NWO BABY!

Coach: Ted, where do you see the NWO in the next 6 months to a year?

Ted: Bigger and better. Nobody ever believed we would have our own segment of our show. Nobody ever believed that we would have our own pay per view and I'm telling you its coming we are going to have our own hour coming up soon.

Hitman: Will that be on the Nitro show?

Ted: Where should it be? The ratings are on Monday night....and we are the reason for the ratings. I'm telling you they are going to have to split time with us baby. As far as this pay per view goes, if you're out there listening dont miss NWO Souled out. We don't do anything in a small way, we do everything in a unique way! Your not going to want to miss this.

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Hitman: Are we going to see a new member of the NWO on Souled Out?

TED: It's very possible. One of the trademarks of the NWO is we don't give out our game plan but I will say this much.......There are a few big names out there. Regardless of what federation they may be with now....they're interested. We have a few names in that hat. And if they come up and appear with us, everybody's gonna say "Oh my God, I can't believe it".

Hitman: Last Nitro Diamond Dallas Page came out and did a little number on your guys...

Ted: (Laughs) The Giant made a mistake...he let things go to his head, but PAGE, you talk about somebody making a mistake....he's going to get spanked! The one thing he said is that he wanted to be left alone. Well you know what they say about persistance.....We thought if we were pesistant and showing up and helping him out, that we would finally get the message. Dallas, if you would have been as persistant as we were, we finally would have packed up and went away, but no! What do you do? You let Hall and Nash come in the ring and embrace you like one of our own and wear our colors and what do you do? drop them? Brother you better be walking softly, looking over your shoulder, and make wide turns around corners....we aren't making any bones about it we are out to get you pal!!!

Hitman: A little bounty on his head huh?

TED: Oh yes! The more time it takes to collect the price will go up because I have all the money...

CoacH: TED the rumor has it that you might come out of retirement and wrestle again is that true?

TED: Well, you know you should never say never, however, I think its very doubtful. I had a severe neck injury and herniated disk...but I learned a long time ago, that you never say "Nope I'm done, it's finished". The likelyhood is slim.. Kind of like a guy I used to know who said "Everybody's got a price, if the price is right it could happen".

Hitman: We need to take a break but we'll come back with more Ted Dibiasse on the Extreme Sports Network.

Hitman: Welcome back to the show and joining us on the line to promote the NWO Souled Out event on the 25th is none other the Ted DiBiasse...Ted let's get into your career....The first time I was able to see you wrestle was with a federation called the UWF, and before that the NWA....that was some great wrestling back then!!!

Ted: Yea it really was.....I have alot of people come up to me in airport's or wherever; a lot of people make mention of the good ol days in wrestling. Before it was called the UWF it was called Mid South Sports, and that was at a time before the WWF made wrestling into a television sport. You have to give the WWF credit for making wrestling a national recognized business; before that it was very territorial. The UWF came along and it was like a springboard from Mid South Sports. It covered Lousianana, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, etc.. it really has a cult following..Die hard wrestling fans come up to me all the time and say "Those matches we're incredible". If I could market the old tapes.....

Hitman: Did they archive the Mid South tapes?

Ted: Yes they did....You never know, maybe you'll tune into QVC and see me there pitching the stuff.

Hitman: Was that considered the begininng of your career?

Ted: Yea, as a matter of fact, that's the area I started in. I had just come out of college, I got off a plane back in the early summer of 1975 just a young kid and started my career...

Hitman: You had a football career before that..correct?

Ted: I went to college on a football scholarship....I had orginally signed with the University of Arizona.....but because of my familiarity with wrestling and with the Texas area namely Dory and Terry Funk and their father the late Dory Funk Sr...who were good friends with my father....for those of you who don't know I got into wrestling because of my late father, Iron Mike Dibiasse, who was a wrestler. Anyway, I chose West Texas State. It was a Division 1 school and it had a great football tradition at the time. Before me, they had Mercury Morris in the back field at that time...

Hitman: Really?...Mercury Morris collected a Super Bowl ring in the early 70's with the Miami Dolphins...

Ted: Yes I believe it was 73...We had a couple of guys that were good. John Ayers played there and won a couple of Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers....Wrestling fans will remember a tight end who played for us....Tito Santana whose real name is Merced Solis, was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs out of West Texas State. He was cut in the last cut. Lake Dawson said to Tito, you should be playing but we have a kid from a big school that we have to pay big money to.....that's the problem with professional sports that a lot of people do not know's definitely a business.

Coach: What does your family and friends think about you since you decided not to play football and instead wrestle?

Ted: It's my job and that's what I do. We really don't dwell on it. Some kids will come to my kids and say "Did you see what your daddy did last night?"... my kids will say "no". And I tell them "Do you go to work with your daddy everyday?....not to discredit what I do, I think wrestling is one of the greatest sports and entertainment events you can find and the ratings prove it. Monday Nitro is the 5th highest rated show on cable tv. People enjoy it and do watch it.

Hitman: Ted I know you have to run , but I would like to have you on again and talk about some of your fiercest battles in the past, present, and future....

Ted: Hitman, we'll do it again and remember January 25th live and on Pay Per View only it is NWO Souled Out...There will be a few surprises on hand, so make sure you check it out, until then catch the Extreme Sports Network!!!!......

-end of interview_

I did want to get into further discussion about the old days, but we talked so much about the current stuff he didn't have time to dwell in the past. We will have him on again soon......Ted is a great person off the air too, He enjoys hunting and was deer hunting at the time we taped the interview....He's geniunely a great person in and out of the squared circle.

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The Book Of List Of The Four Horsemen

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Ervin Griffin, who concludes his Four Horsemen series with this installment, is a regular contributor to Solie's Wrestling Newsletter. He also writes for the Ringside Insider and other publications.

The Four Horsemen have had their share of good and bad moments. Here is an expanded top ten list of their greatest and worst moments. You will also find a worst beatings list for them as well.


1. Tully Blanchard defeating Dusty Rhodes for the NWA National Heavyweight Title. This match was also marked the formation of the Four Horsemen.

2. Ole and Arn Anderson's destruction of the Rock n Roll Express at Starrcade '86. I know the Anderson's lost this cage match but they beat Ricky and Robert to a pulp!!!

3. Ric Flair's humiliation of Jim Garvin. This was the infamous NWA World Title VS. A date with Precious (Garvin's wife) match-up. This took place in a cage. Garvin had his moments but Flair, taking advantage of Garvin's bad left knee, humiliated the "Gorgeous" one.

4. Ric Flair defeats Ron Garvin (Jim's uncle) for the NWA World Title at Starrcade '87.

5. Barry Windham joins the Four Horsemen.

6. In spring of 1988, the Four Horsemen holds all of the major belts in the NWA (with the exception of the NWA Television Title and the United States Tag Team Titles).

7. At WrestleWar '91, the Horsemen finally win WarGames/The Match Beyond.

8. Arn Anderson challenged Barry Windham for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. I know Arn lost to Windham but I think this showed that Ric Flair wasn't the only Horseman capable of winning a world heavyweight title.

9. Chris Benoit proves his worth to the Horsemen at the Great American Bash '96.

10. Brian Pillman leaves the Four Horsemen. He never belonged.


1. The ambush on TBS. The late Dick Murdoch was being interviewed when Ole, Arn, Tully and Ric started provoking him. Flair then dared Murdoch to step in the ring with them. Unknown to Flair and the other Horsemen, Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA and Ron Garvin were waiting inside of the ring for the Horsemen. Needless to say, all hell broke lose and the fans were treated to an unofficial eight-man brawl. This was one of the rare instances where the Horsemen was outsmarted!!!!!

2. Ron Garvin knocks out Ric Flair on national television on TBS. He even sits on Flair's chest as a token of victory.

3. Tully Blanchard gets outwitted and loses the NWA Television Title to Nikita Koloff after Koloff uses some brass knuckles that Blanchard had brought to the ring.

4. Sting injures Ric Flair during an NWA World Title match on World Wide Wrestling in February of 1988 with his Scorpion Deathlock. It was the first televised meeting between the two and pre-dates their Clash Of The Champions I meeting.

5. Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson loses the NWA World Tag Team Championship to then-US Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express.

6. Rick Steamboat humiliates Ric Flair at Clash Of The Champions V when he stripped Flair of his clothes and beat him senseless!!! Forget the six pack, Steamboat pulled out a 40 ounce of whup-a** that night!!!

7. Rick and Scott Steiner beats Ole and Arn Anderson to a pulp at WrestleWar '90!!! I know Ole and Arn got revenge after the match but the Steiners totally humiliated them!!!

8. The Black Scorpion angle. Need I say more?

9. Arn Anderson slapping Brian Pillman like a child on Monday Nitro.

10. Steve McMichael getting inducted into the Four Horsemen.

Well, those are my two lists!!! If you have a question, comment, criticism or even want to submit your Horsemen list to me, e-mail me at or

See ya!!!

Thanks Ervin - great work!

Clash of the Champions

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dean Malenko vs. Ultimo Dragon - Cruiserweight Title Re-Match - Malenko ties the Dragon up pretty good in the early going leading up to the first break.

They're telling us that Ultimo Dragon has lost his other titles to Jushin Liger a couple of weeks ago. This is a great match. Plenty of fine mat wrestling puncuated by the Dragon's spectacular aerial assault. Malenko manages to dominate most of the match by working on the Dragons legs. He's setting him up for the Texas Cloverleaf from the opening moments. In the process he survives an Asahi Moonsault (Ultimo Dragons signature move) and one of those spinning Frankensteiners that Dragon uses to such great effect. Malenko is relentless and, after getting Sonny Oono out of the way - succeeds in slapping on the Cloverleaf to get the submission victory. Malenko is the three time Cruiserweight Champ.

Scotty Riggs vs. Mike Enos - both of these guys are glorified jobbers. Enos has the size advantage - Riggs may have a little more talent. Riggs is definitely showing more aggression then we've seen from him in the past. Enos wrestles his usual power game. In the end Riggs gets a big forearm shot to put Enos down and out.

Mean Gene with the Horsemen - there has been a summit meeting of the Four Horsemen according to Gene. No sign of Flair for this interview (or on the program). Benoit talks trash about Sullivan. Arn pledges that the Horsemen will stand behind Chris tonight. Mongo agrees. Debra declines to comment until Benoit and Nancy leave. She tells us she's young and beautiful and implies that Nancy is old as the "Queen of Sheba" (meow...)

Six man match - Super Calo/Jericho/Guerrero Jr. vs LaParka/Konan/JR - this is obviously WCW's answer to the WWF's Lucha Libre style match at the PPV. At least none of these guys are ancient like Pierroth and that fellow Aguiao the other night. Jericho has wrestled extensively in Mexico so he knows how to fit right in. All six pulled off over-the-top-to-the-floor moves at one point one right after another. Jericho finally gets the win with a Frankensteiner from the top rope on JL.

Harlem Heat vs. Gomez/Renegade - Gomez and Renegade have no chance at all in this one. In fact I'm disappointed to see such a match on the Clash program. I guess when you have to fill up two hours...the Heatseeker wins it for the boys from New York City.

Masahiro Chono vs. Alex Wright - Young Alex probabley wouldn't have much chance in this match but the presence of Nick Patrick assures the outcome. Wright comes on more aggressive than we've ever seen him and scores some impressive whacks before Chono recovers sufficiently to turn the tables. Moments later Alex gets in a back kick and should have got the pin but Patrick takes his time with the count. He does it again after a small package - the crowd is having fits. After Patrick fakes a shoulder injury to justify his slowness - Wright kicks him in the knee! Then Alex goes for a splash but eats canvas - a crescent kick puts him away.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Scott Norton - non-title (Thank Goodness...) Patrick still the referee. Norton tries to dominate with pure power but that's a hard thing to do against a talent like Guerrero. Norton at one point could certainly have gotten the pin but declines to prosecute (probabley a mistake). Sure enough Eddie comes back with a vengence. Gets a Frankensteiner off the second rope. Norton comes back and Patrick gets knocked out of the ring along with Eddie. Diamond Dallas Page strolls down to the ring and puts the Diamond Cutter on Norton while Patrick is out on the floor. Eddie comes back in and gets his Frog Splash. He covers Norton - Nick Patrick can't count slow enough to pull this one out.

The Taskmaster vs. the Wolverine - pins count anywhere match - Sullivan invites Benoit to start the match out on the floor. He is obliged. They begin fighting towards the lobby right off the bat. Before you know it they're in the mens' room. Jimmy Hart gets floored by a trashcan shot. They've torn the paper towel dispenser off the wall and take turns throwing it at each other. After the usual mayhem they leave the bathroom. Benoit gets rolled down the steps yet again. Bobby Eaton is out there providing security. They fight back to the ring and Benoit gets tied to the "tree of woe" then double stomped. Then Woman comes in with a chair - as Sullivan is reaching for Hart's megaphone she smashes the chair over his back!!! (I may have mis-judged this situation...) Benoit gets the pin. He then goes out and finds another chair, brings it back to the ring and shatters it on the Taskmaster.

Steiners vs, The Amazing French Canadians - Rick and Scott are really cookin' in this one. They easily dominate the action until the break.

Coming back the Canadians have taken over. They blow their advantage by taking too long to put on one of their double team moves. Scotty gets in and cleans house. It's only a matter of time - and not much at that...Scotty bulldogs Oulette to get the win.

Scott Hall vs. Lex Lugar - Hall comes down with Nash and Syxx (wearing the US Belt). Lugar slaps hands - including several fans in NWO T-Shirts as he comes down to the ring. Hall tries his best but Lugar is a hard man to keep down. After a chokeslam Lugar pops right up. Moments later on the outside Syxx tries a clothesline but misses - Nash doesn't. Back inside and now Hall is having more luck. The fact is Lugar is fighting three guys! Finally Lugar slips to the outside and crotches Hall on the ringpost. Back inside he gets a succession of forward and reverse Atomic Drops then a Powerslam on Hall. He's ready to rack him but first he has to dispose of Syxx and Nash. One at a time he suckers them into position and puts Nash out to the floor than then throws Syxx on top of the big man. He gets the rack but Nash interrupts...Lugar ducks a clothesline then uses his loaded forearm on Nash. He backs Hall into the corner and pounds on him. He lets up long enough to put Nash down again with a clothesline then he makes the mistake of stopping to punch Nash out on the mat. Hall is back in it and then Syxx as well. They triple team him until the Steiners show up to even the odds. They fight off the NWO and Lugar is declared the winner because of outside interference.

Nash, Hall and Syxx come back for more - the melee is still in progress as we fade away...

Not a bad card - not quite up to the standards of some past Clashes but certainly worth the money...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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