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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 116
January 25, 1997

NWO Souled Out Report

Solie's Exclusive! A Summary of Bret Hart's Calgary Sun Column

by Rudy Van Koll

Weekend Review: Part 1

Bulletin!! - I've just heard that Savio Vega joined the Nation of Domination at a Madison Square Garden House Show!

Ric Flair's Whereabouts the Night of the Clash

Here's an interesting letter I received from a reader:


In case you're interested, Ric Flair was in Chicago watching the Bulls game at the time of the Clash of Champions last night. That's why he was not mentioned, since the Horsemen couldn't say Flair was doing Horsemen business or something, when he could be seen on the evening news in the United Center stands.

Flair remained in Chicago after the Monday Nitro card, so he must have had the trip planned all along and got to watch Michael Jordan score 51 points against New York. It seems that the NWO taking over WCW, paired with the crumbling of the Four Horsemen are not as important as Bulls tickets to the Nature Boy!

If you mention this in your report, please credit me.


Mark Coleman
The UnOfficial NWO Page

Thanks Mark

WCW Main Event

The top story this morning is, of course, Randy Savage's return to WCW. We get a review of his actions at the opening of the Nitro broadcast. It seems obvious that Sting has recruited Savage for his "Army".

Next up, the Horsemens' woes. Debra McMichaels, Woman and Chris Benoit would seem to be precipitating the downfall of wrestling's most elite group. For my money, Flair and Anderson could jettison the troublemakers and reform the group. Benoit is an awesome talent, but his actions of late have been wholly self centered. He keeps "talking the Horsemen talk" but I would question whether he has been "walking the walk"...

They gave us a replay of the excellent match between Chris Jericho and Billy Kidman from last weeks WCWSN. Kidman impresses me more and more as the weeks go by. Jericho's talent goes without saying. I find it more than passing strange that the WWF partisans who visit my Readers' Forum continue to ask the question "What will become of WCW when the NWO storyline ends..?" This questions betrays a lack of historical perspective. With talent on hand like Jericho, Kidman and others I believe WCW will continue to thrive - thank you very much. In my opinion, these guys represent the true "New Generation" of wrestling stars...

WWF LiveWire

Todd Pettingill and Jim Ross are hosting

They review the Bret Hart situation from RAW last Monday. (see Bret's own comment on this later in this issue). Before the break we are informed that we will be seeing a replay of the Undertaker/Austin match from RAW. They seem to be moving this show away from the live call-in format to some extent - probably a good idea. Wrestling fans tune into a TV show to see wrestling...

JR opines that Bret's ego was showing during the RAW incident as we return. Then we jump right into the Faarooq/Bart Gunn match from Monday night. They showed this match in its entirety.

At half-way mark and still no calls have been taken. We see Gorilla Monsoon's Final Four "rectangle match" announcement from RAW and the subsequent brawl involving Hart and Austin (pretty funny that immediately following the announcement, Vince extended his hand to Monsoon who ignored it and would have walked away except that McMahon grabbed his elbow and pulled him back, a quick whisper and the Gorilla finally offered his hand to shake - it seemed kind of convenient that McMahon dropped the mic on the mat so that Stone Cold could come out next and picked it up - then Austin left it there as well for Bret Hart).

JR reveals that the Final Four match will be a no-disqualification contest to take place at the next In Your House PPV on February 16th.

Next they show the Undertaker/Austin match in full complete with the same commercial breaks. Afterward JR announces a tag team 4-way match for tomorrow on SuperStars featuring the Godwins, the Tag Champs, Faarooq/Crush and Furnas/LaFon Cool!

The program ends with no call-ins for the second week in a row.

WCW Saturday Night

We open up in the parking lot of the Brown County Arena in Greenbay in the snow with Dusty and Tony. Public Enemy vs. Harlem Heat and various members of the Horsemen and the DOD in a six-man match are mentioned as the double main events.

First we get Disco Inferno vs. Jim Duggen - how much you want to bet Disco doesn't get to use his secret leg hold..? You lose! And so does Disco...while he is digging out his "cheat sheet", Duggen is taping up to lay him out...silly match.

Troy Williams favorite tag team got a victory today when their opponents (newcomers Devon Storm and Ace Darling - The Extremists) managed to knock each other out. Storm threw a moonsault and landed on his partner. High Voltage seems to be getting a minor push these days.

Chris Jericho and Super Calo put on as fast paced very athletic match which ended after one of Jercho's missle drop-kicks found its mark.

Dave Taylor showed up in his funny outfit again to face Bobby Eaton. The revival of an old feud, if you weeel... Taylor won it by rolling Bobby over and then using the ropes for leverage.

Benoit failed to show for the six-man match so Arn and Mongo took on the Faces of Fear plus Hugh Morrus by themselves. They were getting clobbered when Jeff Jarrett showed up to lend a hand. In typical Horsemen style they left JJ to tangle with DOD on his own after Jarrett's entry caused a DQ. Afterward in the interview, Debra continued to stir things up by sticking up for Jarrett and taunting Anderson..."I thought you were supposed to be the enforcer..." (why I outta...)

Public Enemy vs Harlem Heat - a real knock-down-drag-out, very competitive match. Which ended when Sherri and Johnny Grunge took a table shot in tandem. The Heat were disqualified for outside inteference.

Bret Hart's Weekly Column Summary

Hello Earl.

Very cold this morning. It was almost -40 a couple of hours ago. Brrrr. At least there is no wind.

Todays column comes from New York City & is titled No excuse for Officials.

Bret starts by saying that when he went back to the WWF, "the deal was that I'd get a shot at the WWF World Title belt. If that sounds like I'm spoiled you have to consider that technically I was stripped of that title three times even though no one fairly won it from me!" He says that when he came back, instead of the WWF making him the number one contender, they said he had to beat the best wrestler that they had to earn a title shot. And that is how he ended up fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin at Survivor Series.

He beat him and earned a title shot against Syscho Sid, "and wouldn't you know it - The Boy Toy just happens to be doing commentary for the match." "Shawn Micheals just happens to get in my way, costing me the WWF title!" Bret doesn't think that this was accidental. He figures that the HBK didn't want Bret to kick his butt in his own hometown last Sunday night. "What happened at The Royal Rumble in San Antonio is a perfect example of another cheap shot."

He goes on to say "As much as I hate to admit it, in some ways the star of the 1997 Royal Rumble was Stone Cold Steve Austin." Bret says he was impressed with how SCSA kept the ring clear, but he figured that Austin couldn't keep it up till the very end. "I came out #21 and eliminated Austin."

He says that left four final guys in the ring-himself, Vader, Undertaker and Diesel. He says that Austin snuck back in the ring and surprised Undertaker and Vader from behind, eliminating both. Bret says he was busy getting rid of Diesel, when SCSA came from behind and eliminated him. "Of course, the referees were out of position and didn't see anything except Stone Cold standing in the ring." They then raised his hand and played his music, and Bret got relly mad. He says this was the last straw.

He says he's gotten a few letters from fans saying it is upsetting to see a different side of the Hitman. "Hey, no doubt you'd be more upset if I just shut up and took it. I thought Vince McMahon's comment that my 'unsportsmanlike behaviour was unfortunate' is way out of line." He says it's unfortunate that nobody has done anything about the poor officiating in the WWF. "I got on live TV last Monday night and I quit. Hey, I'm no quitter but I'm not going to subject myself, my family, my friends and my fans to the frustration and disappointment of any more biased and incompetent officiating. It's tragic that I had to quit before Monsoon and McMahon took action."

He says he used a phone in an administration office to book a flight home to Calgary. He says he was waiting for a phone call, when Monsoon invited him to participate in a four way match for a title shot in WrestleMania XIII. "Gorilla has my respect because he's always been a fair and decent guy. I figured this was his way of trying to set things right."

"I also want to congratulate Micheals for reclaiming the WWF World Title from Sycho Sid. I hope he's not proud of the way he won it." He mentions that Sid had Shawn pinned for an 11 count while the ref was down. He says that the ref didn't see it, but everyone else saw it, including the over 60,000 fans at the Alamo Dome. "Shawn would like us all to get so caught up in his victory celebration that we overlook the fact that Sid actually pinned him. I'm no friend of Sid, but rules aren't just for friend's."

He says that if they can look at the video of the Royal Rumble, and do something to compensate for the bad officiating, by having a four way match, "Then they should acknowledge that Syscho Sid beat Shawn Micheals on Jan. 19. What's fair is fair."

And that's it Earl for another week.

Bye from Calgary,

Thanks Rudy, another fine report

NWO Souled Out

We open the program to a fleet of garbage trucks rolling down the snowy street bearing the NWO thugs (seems appropriate...) They have ambulances and a huge limo in the parade as well. They depart the vehicles and enter the arena in grainy black and white film footage...

Eric Biscoff rants at a podium like some kind of latter day Hitler...HOW STRANGE! This has the look of something out of 1984 or some such... The ring is draped in black and has all black ropes.

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A rock band blairs live music and then Hogan's face is projected on a giant screen. Eric has Liz remove his coat, then he puts on a leather jacket. He and "Trillionair Ted" Dibiase introduce the program.. First up...

Chris Jericho vs Masahiro Chono - Nick Patrick the referee (of course) - Harlem Heat, Faces of Fear, Nasties and some Horsemen show up to watch during this match. In the ring, Jericho is faring little better then he did against Chono the last time they met. Twice he lets himself get suckered into a charge off - twice Chono goes for a cheap shot at Jericho's expense. Chono goes for the STF but Jericho blocks it then escapes by reaching the ropes. Jericho gets a belly to back and can't get the pin because of Patrick's slow count. Chono goes for a top rope move but bungles it badly. Jericho tries to make it look good but its a lost cause. Chono goes out and lines up a table then can't get Chris over to suplex him onto it. Jericho puts Chono down with a missle drop kick - but again Patrick is too slow. Chono finally gets to put on his table shot by shoving Jericho off the top turnbuckle - a kick to the mush finishes the job.

Miss NWO contest - the arena is ringed by biker chicks on Harleys - some dork with a mic is asking them questions - dumb stuff.

Hugh Morrus vs. Big Bubba - Mexican Death Match - the WCW guys aren't getting any entrance music - Teddy confesses that he forgot to arrange it... this match could easily be the first defeat of the evening for the NWO - Morrus takes it right to Bubba. So Patrick turns his head while Bubba hits two low blows. Still Morrus comes back strong - clotheslining Bubba out of the ring - outside Jimmy Hart gets some kicks in. Moments later Patrick stands by while Bubba uses a chain on his opponent. Oh right...this is no Morrus gets to use the chain too. He puts Bubba out for a while but doesn't go for the pin. Now Morrus has another weapon and uses it to - still no pin attempt. When Bubba gets up the laughing man pays him back for the low blow earlier. They leave the ring and head to the ramp - Morrus goes for a splash and misses. Bubba grabs one of the ringside motorcycles and and literally runs Morrus down!! Bubba wins on a count out.

More Miss NWO silly stuff - none of these women can think of anything to stay...

Jeff Jarrett vs. M. Wallstreet - the live band keeps playing the same generic rock number for each match. Jarrett should win this one but we're beginning to see a pattern here - Patrick is again the referee...Wallstreet gets a sleeper and the referee starts checking him immediately - even though he's flailing away - then Jarrett gets the sleeper and Patrick immediately says its a choke. Meanwhile the McMichaels' are edging toward the ring. Eric says how he loves the crowd for "coming out and supporting and the NWO..." In the ring the tide is turning toward Jarrett. He puts Wallstreet into a figure four but Patrick drags them over so Wallstreet can reach the ropes...

Mongo finally intervenes - hits Wallstreet with the Haliburton case then intimidating Patrick into counting to three - Jarrett wins the match.

More Miss NWO nonsense - shut this guy up!!!

Now who's this clown in the paratrouper outfit? He's ranting about something - Captain someting-or-other - Oh God! He's going to sing a song (sort of - its more like a really bad rap song...the refrain is NEW WORLD ORDER!) - get the hook!! I think that's Shadow playin' the guitar...

Scotty Riggs vs "Buff" Bagwell - Riggs is introduced as "American Males loser", strike up the band for Bagwell's entrance. So far this PPV sucks...we better get a new World Champ tonight or I'm going to demand my money back.

Patrick pretends like Bagwell's arms are so big that he can't get the ring jacket off him. Riggs attacks before the bell. Bagwell retreats to the outside. Says he'll leave if Riggs doesn't want to wrestle...they go back at it but Patrick interferes every time Riggs gets the upper hand. They take it outside - Riggs gets smashed to the railing. The camera work is really bad at this point - while the announcers tell us its cutting edge...its giving me a headache...

Back inside Bagwell maintains his advantage - Riggs is fighting two opponents...Riggs has a chance for a pin...slow count. Bagwell goes for a pin - Riggs escapes and Patrick is visibly upset... Bagwell finally wins it with a new move - he throws a kind of Sunset Flip move that turns into a reverse bulldog/neck-breaker combination.

The Miss NWO contest is almost over (Thank God!)

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Scott Norton - Norton dominates the early going with pure power until he runs into a curtain call type move. But he comes back with a clothesline. Sting makes an appearance up in the stands...meanwhile the wrestlers are outside the ring. Page is getting creamed. A voice keeps coming out of the blue saying "loser".

Back inside Page is doing a little better. He shows a lot of agility hopping to the top rope for a flying clothesline. Here comes Bagwell and Bubba then Wallstreet and Vincent to invite DDP into the NWO. They hand DDP the mic - he's claiming to be NWO all along - he accepts the proferred shirt...then puts the Diamond Cutter on Norton. He escapes through the crowd. stopping to rip the shirt off. Norton wins by DQ.

More Miss NWO - please stop!!!

Steiner Brothers vs. Outsiders - Scott and Rick are clearly the superior team but they are wrestling under the same handicap as all of the non-NWO athletes...Nick Patrick is slow-counting his brains out. As the match goes on the tide turns toward the Outsiders. Then the Steiners start pulling out the stops, taking cheap shots and they pull ahead. During some fierce action Nick Patrick gets taken out of action. Scott goes to town on both Outsiders. He gets Razors Edged but Rick gets to the top and gets an off-the-top bulldog and puts Scott Hall down. He rolls Scotty onto Hall. Randy Anderson appears from out of the crowd and counts Hall out. He awards the belts to the Steiners. Ted and Eric are having a cow - vowing that the Title change will not stand. I guess we'll see...

Eddie Guerrero vs. Syxx - Ladder match for the US Title - Syxx comes down wearing the belt. Its put on a meat hook and hoisted above the ring. Syxx is outclassed in the beginning of this one. He loses the initiative right away. He comes back with his martial arts moves and takes over for a while. he gets tossed outside but then suplexes his opponent inside to out over the top (ouch!). He splashes Eddie and goes after the ladder. Eddie goes after him and gets downed by the ladder in the chest. Syxx tries to take the ladder into the ring but Eddie block him - then uses it to uppercut Syxx. Inside the ring he smacks Syxx with the ladder and then sets it up in the corner. He tries to whip Syxx into it but gets reversed and run into it himself. Now its all Syxx - using the ladder as a weapon. He puts Eddie down then drops the ladder on him and stomps on it. Then he sets it up in the corner (Patrick is helping him position it) - he's going to ride it onto Eddie but he's too slow and gets drop kicked off the top. Eddie sets up the ladder and they race up opposite sides of it for the prize. Syxx drop kicks Eddie from the top of the ladder. They're both down. They're back up and racing for the top again. This time there's a slug fest which Eddie loses - but he then stumbles into the ladder and knocks Syxx off. For the third time they race to the top and this time they both gets their hands on the belt - they struggle for it and Syxx gets smashed in the face with it. Eddie descends the ladder and claims the win. Eric is protesting - saying they will make a new belt for Syxx - but Guerrero has clearly won the Title - he goes into the crowd and is congratulated by the Nasties and Arn Anderson.

Final bit for the Miss NWO contest - Eric gets to pick the winner. Its a tie...Eric decides to ask a question and award the prize to the best answer. He whispers the question to each of his two "finalists". This is too weird...forget it.

Hollywood Hogan vs. the Giant - Hogan comes down accompanied by Vincent and Dallas Cowboys football players Nate Newton, George Teague and Ray Donaldson. The Giant is not amused. Hogan looks lost in the ring. he doesn't seem to be able to affect the Giant at first. He runs out of the ring - gets the Giant on his tail and suckers him back into the ring. Now he has more luck. They criss cross and clothesline each other. The Giant recovers first and takes over. They go outside. Vincent tries to help Hogan but the Giant overpowers both of them. Back inside Hogan is trying to tackle him but having little effect. He goes for an inside cradle but the Giant overcomes it by sheer power and slams the champ. They're outside again. Hogan goes for the eyes then does his back-rake thing. He pulls some tape off his wrist and starts choking his opponent.

The Giant escapes and smashes Hogan then rolls him back into the ring. He puts Hogan over his knee and applys a back breaker. Hogan is out on the mat - the Giant takes to long climbing the rope - his big elbow drop misses. Hogan takes over. he pounds on the Giant then whips him into the ropes. Goes for his kick to the face but it is ineffective. He slams the Giant then drops the leg. The Giant pops up... Hogan gets chokeslammed and rolls out. The NWO starts hitting the ring - he's dropping them all - there's bodies all over the ring - until Eric brings Hogan a guitar.

Hogan enters the ring and pounds the Giant down. The he breaks a chair over his back. The rest is the usual ending of every Hogan match since he joined the NWO...he spray paints the Giant. We mercifully fade to black...

This PPV was a joke for the most part - I hope they're not going to allow the Steiners to be stripped of the belts but I have little hope for them. At least Guerrero clearly won his fact those were the two good matches on this card.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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