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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 118
January 27, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition

Steiners Stripped of Tag Belts!

Randy Anderson Fired for
Awarding Titles to Steiners

Nitro Report

Bischoff and the Outsiders are in charge of the broadcast from the top of the program. They show footage of the Steiners win over the Outsiders at Souled Out then call Randy Anderson out to the front. Eric fires him while Hall and Nash yuk it up. We are reminded that Anderson has had a tough year, having recently recovered from a bout with testicular cancer (there's a great article over at MiCasa about his situation, it also talks about his history with Marty Lunde (Arn Anderson) - how they grew up together and were friends in High School).

Next they call the Steiners over on their way to the ring and strip them of the Tag Titles. The Rick Steiner throws his belt on the floor - Scotty picks it up and then does the same - they go to the ring.

Steiner Brothers vs Faces of Fear - a real powerhouse bout - hard fought on both sides. Accompanied by a surprisingly favorable commentary by the thugs in the booth. The Steiners win it when Scotty puts a belly-to-belly suplex on the Barbarian. Afterward Eric allows that they will get another shot at the titles at some point. They also announce that the Outsiders will wrestle tonight. Cut to commercial.

We're back and so are Tony and Larry Legend. They review stills from Souled Out showing Eddie Guerrero retaining the US Title in the ladder match.

Giant vs Roadblock - squash city - the Giant is pissed and this guy doesn't have a prayer. He knocks Roadblock out and breaks a table...back inside a chokeslam does him in.

The Giant sounds off - he challanges Hogan to a re-match tonight, he says "What doesn't kill me just pisses me more..."

Eddie Guerero vs Jeff Jarrett - US Title Match - this is a great match on paper - two very talented wrestlers. Jarrett is probably more cunning. Nothing comes of it though because the McMichaels' show up. Dumbra wants Mongo to hit Guerrero but he opts to brain Jarrett instead. Guerrero is disqualified for outside interference.

Tony tells us that they finally got a hold of the footage of Piper's win over Hollywood Hogan - they start to show it but it quits just before the final moment - Eric has gone to the video truck and pulled it. He shows up at the broadcast position - tape cassette in hand and tells Tony "...don't ever try a stunt like that again!" He pulls the tape out of the cassette and throws it down before striding away. Cut to commercial.

Ultimo Dragon vs Billy Pearl - Pearl is a newcomer and looks good for about 15 seconds at the beginning of the match. This is an extended squash.

Horsemen interview with Mean Gene - Flair says the Horsemen have it back together - Arn invites Jarrett to butt out - Mongo tells Debra she has to line up behind the Horsemen and against Jeff Jarrett- she demures on that subject but says she's always been 100% behind Chris Benoit (uh huh...) Benoit says he will go it alone tonight (who the opponent will be is unclear) - Nancy says she's a very happy woman... Cut to commercial.

Ron Powers vs Lex Lugar - what is this..? New jobbers' night..? Powers has none - he's racked within 5 minutes.

Lugar says that he respects the Giant and wants to welcome him back into the WCW fold.

Review of the opening of the program - Randy Anderson's firing and the Steiners' loss of the Tag Titles.

The Amazing French Canadians (w/Col. Parker) vs. Arn Anderson/Steve McMichals - the Canadians nail Mongo then doubleteam Arn at the beginning of the match. I don't envy Arn facing these guys with Mongo as a partner. The Canadians have only one thing going for them and that's excellent teamwork. Arn finally gets in his only offensive move when he bounces off the corner and runs the back of his head into Oulette's face. He manages to tag in Mongo who proceeds to rule the ring with sheer power. Parker throws Oulette a flag but the referee sees it - while the official is distracted Mongo lays Rougeau out with the Haliburton case and gets the pin.

After the Road Report with Lee Marshall we hear the NWO music.

The Outsiders vs. The Extreme - it is newcomer jobbers night...we saw these guys lose a match to High Voltage over the weekend - of course that means they somehow rate a Title shot (give me a break...) - squash city.

Job Gomez vs. The Taskmaster - I won't even bother to describe this one...

Biscoff and Hollywood come to the ring with Liz who is then sent back...surprisingly Hogan accepts the Giant's challange - he has to have something up his sleeve.

Sting and Savage appear in the stands - Hogan and Biscoff are implying that Sting is with them - and they are sort of inviting Savage to come on board as well... Hogan does his posing schtick while Bischoff swoons (spare me please...)

Dean Malenko vs. Jerry Flynn - Flynn shows us something as he unleashes a martial arts attack on his opponent. Malenko breaks it up with a belly-to-belly suplex. He pulls Flynn over to the apron and starts working over his left leg. Back in the ring he puts on a stepover toe hold. Flynn comes back with some more kick-boxing moves. Malenko ducks a back kick and turns it into a Texas Cloverleaf to get the win by submission.

Tony gets a telegram - the Executive Committee has decided to grant Roddy Piper a rematch at SuperBrawl.

Hugh Morrus vs. Chris Benoit - Benoit does his buzzsaw bit at the beginning of this match and beats Morrus into the corner - Morrus resists being whipped out of the corner and puts Benoit down with a clothesline from behind. He gorilla slams Benoit who pops right up. The match see-saws - Morrus goes for a moonsault but misses by a mile - Benoit goes to work again. Meanwhile a very muscular black woman accosts Nancy at ringside - Nancy seems to know her - this distracts Benoit. Kevin Sullivan slips into the ring from behind and wracks Benoit with a wooden chair. This time Morrus hits the moonsault and gets the pin.

Interview with Sullivan, Hart and the mystery woman - she seems to have a previous relationship with the Taskmaster and tells him that he made a "big mistake 10 years ago..." She wants to comfort him...they walk away together. Cut to commercial.

With about 4 minutes left in the program its Hogan/Giant time (I'm not watching Robin Hood again no matter what...)

Hogan (with Dibiase and Vincent) gets a hold of as mic and suggests that they should send Piper down along with the Giant (the announcers are all for this idea...)

The Giant approaches cautiously at first - then throws caution to the winds and storms the ring. Hogan and Vincent attack together but the Giant throws them off - Vincent flees the ring. The Giant is all over Hogan (as usual) - Hogan goes to the eyes to come back but then misses a clothesline and is back in the soup. The Giant puts Hogan in a back breaker - Vincent attacks and is ejected. The Giant has his hand around Hogan's throat when Eric Bischoff runs in and unleashes the power of a gnat on the Giant's back...the Outsiders intervene when the Giant grabs Bischoff - so he lays them all out...Lex Lugar runs down to the ring and joins the Giant to face the Outsiders as we fade to WCW is two for two (that's sarcasm folks...)

RAW Report

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We review last weeks announcement of the Final Four match at the top of the program.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Crush - we go to some clips and when we come back we find that Johnson has been lured out to the floor by the NOD thugs - Crush attacks him from behind. Back in the ring Ahmed takes back the initiative. Crush is in big trouble in the blink of an eye. After beating on him for a while Ahmed misses an elbow drop. Crush puts him down with a belley-to-belly. Then starts working on a kidney. He puts on a body scissor. The switches to a camel clutch as Faarooq makes an appearance and we go to sell something.

We're back and Crush is being lifted off the mat and then is dumped on his back. Faarooq is too gone to follow up and Crush goes back on the attack. Crush puts him down and then goes to the top. He leaps but Ahmed catches him in mid-air with a drop-kick. Ahmed falls out of the ring moments later and then gets blindsided by Faarooq as he tries to climb back in. Faarooq runs him into the steps and then tosses him back in. Crush delivers the heart punch and gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring for an interview. He will face Sid in a rematch on RAW Thursday. Vince wants to know who Shawn expects to win the Final Four match. He declines to answer the question - makes a speech instead. Vince brings Bret Hart out. Hart is dressed to wrestles (which Michaels isn't).

Hart says his piece - he says that Shawn is the guy he wants to beat for the Championship. He'll be watching Shawn's back until after the Final Four match.

Next out, the Undertaker. Bret has his respect but UT is getting sick of hearing about how Bret has been screwed. He points to the belt and says its time that "that comes to the darkside." "Give your soul to the Lord (does he mean McMahon...?) because that belt and your body will belong to me..."

Steve Austin comes out expecting an ambush - he gives his interview from the floor. He turns to go, then spins around and says "...I'll whip the three of your asses right now..." then thinks better of it. He leaves the area only pausing to badmouth Vader who's waiting at the entryway for his turn to be interviewed. We cut to commercial as we hear from the King that Ahmed Johnson is roaming the backstage area with a 2X4 looking for Faarooq.

We come back and the Tag Champs are heading for the ring (apparently Vader doesn't get to be interviewed after all...) This is a singles match - the Brittish Bulldog vs Doug Furnas - I notice that the Bulldog seems to be slimming down these days. Furnas dominates until he gets suckered into the corner and flings himself out to the floor at Owen's feet. The Bulldog comes out and drops the steel steps on his opponent. Vince is confirming that Ahmed has caught up with the NOD in their locker room as we go to commercial.

We're back and watching Ahmed break down the NOD locker room door - nobody home...

Back in the ring the Bulldog is in charge. Furnas comes back and they trade chops. Bulldog levels him with a clothesline. He goes for a piledriver but gets back-dropped instead. He's still on top of things however. He gets a snap suplex then gets blocked as he tries a verticle one. They whip off the ropes and Furnas gets a belly to back and then a powerslam. Owen hops up on the apron with his slammy, LaFon jumps up to protest and distracts the referee. Bulldog tries a whip but is reveresed - Bulldog takes the trophy shot. Still he comes back and wins the match.

Afterward he and Owen quarrel, apparently Bulldog doesn't like to win a match that way - they patch things up and we go to clips of Savio Vega's heel turn over the weekend. First he attacked Ahmed Johnson at the Garden, then helped the NOD beat up on Rocky Maivia on Shotgun Saturday Night.

Vader and Mankind come down for their Tag Team match (they're partners folks - they should call them the Nightmares...). Cut to commercial.

They are going to face the Godwins. These guys are big enough to give them a run - and undoubtedly a better team. Mankind seems to want to wrestle the whole match himself - he keeps declining to tag Vader in. Vader finally tags himself in - Mankind argues about it with the referee. Vader mauls his man for a while then tags Mankind on the shoulder. Once he's back in, Mankind goes for the Mandible Claw but Henry intervenes and knocks him out of the ring. Phineous tries to suplex Mankind back into the ring but Vader holds onto his partner from the outside to prevent it. He then gets on the apron and the two of them slingshot PIG over the top to the floor. Henry comes barreling over and attacks Vader then turns around and creams Mankind. PIG is still down as we cut to commercial.

As we return Mankind is all over Phineous in the ring. PIG fights back and tags in Henry. Henry is a house afire - he knocks both freaks down then slams Vader. Moments later they're all out on the floor and Mankind tries to use a chair on Henry but gets Vader instead. The match ends on that strange note - I think the Godwins won it.

Vince says that Ahmed has caught up with the NOD as we go to another commercial.

We come back to see Ahmed stuffing Wolfie D into the trunk of a white limosine then pummeling the car with his 2X4 as it speeds away.

I would have to give the prize top RAW tonight - too many screw-jobs and jobber matches on the other show.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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