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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 120
January 30, 1997

Bret Hart Interview!

Bret Hart on America On Line

OnlineHost: Good evening and welcome to the WWF on AOL...

OnlineHost: Ladies & Gentlemen..please welcome Bret " Hit Man" Hart!!!

OnlineHost: Bret, how are you tonight?

WWFLive1: Bret: I'm doing fine and I'm looking forward to all the questions.

Question: Bret, if you quit...Do you feel you would have let down the fans and your family?

WWFLive1: Bret: Maybe some of them in some ways, but no matter what happens from here on in with my career, I think my friends and family will accept any decision I make.

Question: Last night on "Raw" stated you want Shawn. If not him then who would you like to face?

WWFLive1: Bret: It doesn't really matter. Whoever is the champion because that is my final goal. To be champion, it will allow me to take on anybody and everybody.

Question: Bret, it seems you are bitter or angered with Shawn. Is it a personal issue?

WWFLive1: Bret: Yes, sometimes I feel bad about it. Sometimes I don't realize how much anger I have stored up inside me until I confront him in the ring. In some ways I regret a lot of my loud and obviously confrontational comments that I have made to him. There is a part of me that wants to just grab him and shake him up and tell him that he doesn't need to be such a jerk all the time. Shawn has described me as a person that's equally arrogant and obnoxious as he is. And reflecting on that, it's hard to disagree with him. Yet when I think of not only losing the title to him and how he has behaved since he's been the champion in my absence and how he involved himself in my title match with Sycho Sid tells me that I find it very hard to forgive him. While I do have a tremendous amount of respect for Shawn, I anxiously look forward to settling our score. And I almost feel sorry for him when I do.

Question: 20:13 Bret, are you glad you returned to the WWF? Do you feel you made the wrong decision and maybe you should have retired?

WWFLive1: Bret: There is a part of me that has been very discouraged with a lot of the setbacks I have had since I've come back. But there is another part of me that feels physically and emotionally better than ever and I think that's what makes me feel positive about coming back. I'm too legit to quit.

Question: Bret, you were cheated at the "Rumble". How can you prevent that from happening again?

WWFLive1: Bret: I thought about that today and I can't see why they couldn't put four referees, one in each corner...for an event of that magnitude.

Question: Stone Cold has been a thorn in your side. And what is your opinion of him?

WWFLive1: Bret: Steve Austin reminds me of a wild hyena. And if you have ever watched the Discovery Channel...I feel a bit like a big lion out in the Serengeti. Being the king of the jungle means you have to deal with all the wild my case the hyena Stone Cold is not only a nuisance but a very dangerous threat. But no matter how you look at it, Stone Cold Steve Austin will never be the king of the jungle, not while I'm around. Hopefully, I will settle things with Steve Austin in the Final Four coming up at February In Your House.

Question: Bret, we saw you defeat Mankind on "Shotgun". What is your opinion of this New LIVE show? Do you feel it is a hardcore show?

WWFLive1: Bret: I have not seen the show yet. But I felt that the match with Mankind was very rugged and it was in a very rugged environment. How it was seen on TV, especially in view of the three previous shows, I haven't been able to clearly define yet. I will hold comment back until I really get to watch the show and see it for myself.

Question: Bret, do you feel WWF President Gorilla Monsoon made the right decision in ordering a Final Four match?

WWFLive1: Bret: Not really. I think he should have had a three - way match...Stone Cold didn't deserve to be acknowledged as even a competitor let alone a winner of the "Royal Rumble" a competitor of the Final Four or the winner of the "Royal Rumble". I still think I would have won, clearly and decisively.

Question: 20:21 Bret, speaking of "Shotgun", how can an athlete like yourself get up for a match in front of 60,000 at the Rumble, then 1,000 on "Shotgun"?

WWFLive1: Bret: I came from a background in my early days working up here in Western Canada where the show always went on and often there would be a dedicated loyal crowd of less than 100. I always tried to give it my all. In all the years of my wrestling, as much as Id like to work in front of a huge crowd, I've never looked past the front row.

Question: BRET: What do you think of new stars such as Rocky Maivia and Flash Funk??

WWFLive1: Bret: I think they are both excellent. I actually foresee a time when Rocky Maivia could be the greatest wrestler of all time. And Flash Funk is one of the most exciting wrestlers to ever come to the WWF. I generally reserve a little more respect for the really sound technical wrestler, but high - flyers like Funk are truly great in their own way.

Question: 20:25 Bret, do you consider yourself a role model for kids? If not, do you think wrestlers should be?

WWFLive1: Bret: Yes, I believe I am a role model with kids. I believe I am a role model for people of all ages, colors and whatever their ethnic backgrounds. I have been mobbed in different countries all over the world with such heartfelt emotion that I can only respect what they see in me. Shawn Michaels doesn't realize that whether he likes it or not, he is a role model. And I would much rather try to be like Reggie White than to be like Dennis Rodman. Shawn always says that he has more guts than brains, he has referred to himself as a degenerate, has done a lot of cheap and foul deeds in the ring. All these things have come out of his own mouth and are far worse than anything I have ever said about him. He likes to be projected as a jerk because he thinks that's cool. For me, although I believe that I'm not absolutely perfect, and that nobody is, I can at least try to exemplify a good and strong character when I am TV and when I'm in public. And behind the scenes, I think it's fair to say that I am respected by most of the people in my profession as someone who has been honest and straightforward. I know that Shawn has made reference to me having some kind of dark shady past while I have been on the road. I'm not sure what he's talking about, but people in glass houses should not throw stones. I have nothing to hide about anything I have ever done to anybody, anywhere.

Question: 20:31 Bret, if you win the WWF Title back at WrestleMania, will you retire or try and carry the NEW Generation into the year 2,000?

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WWFLive1: Bret: I would like to go as far forward as possible, until I reach a point in time where I see myself becoming an embarrassment, an old pathetic embarrassment, much like Hulk Hogan. To envision myself plodding along like him and many others in the WCW, would be too much for me to take. When I walk out, whether it's three months from now or three years from now, I will walk out with my head up high.

Question: 20:33 Bret Hart, tell us how your hockey team, the Calgary Hitmen, are doing? By the way, I think the logo is awesome!!!

WWFLive1: Bret: Thanks! The team has had a hard time this year because we lost our coach, infamous coach Graham James, one week before the season started. Not only was it a shock and disappointment to the whole team to find out what he was really like, but it's been difficult to fill the space of a proper coach. Our new coach has worked very hard and has had a difficult task of pulling the team back together. Unfortunately, it looks as though we will not make the playoffs. And we've also been forced to trade off some of our best players in return for future prospects. In particular, we traded Ray Schultz, my favorite player, this past week. ...which was a blow to me. But I also know that coach Dean has the best interests of our team at heart. And it looks like we might just have a real @$$ kick team next year. Presently we are in 2nd last place.

Question: Bret, are you still involved in any movie deals or TV shows?

WWFLive1: Bret: Not presently. I have decided to focus more on the wrestling. I realized with the acting that I was becoming very vulnerable to allowing myself to end up in some really bad movies or projects that ultimately would not do my career any good. No matter what I do, I like to do it with a little respect and to do it so I can be proud of the roles and performances that I play.

Question: Bret, what do you think about the so-called Ratings War with WCW? If the WWF continues to lose do you think they will move Monday Night Raw to a new day in the week?

WWFLive1: Bret: I'm not really sure, but I have to admit that I find it really quite strange that people would watch the WCW. I guess it's just me, but then again, maybe it's not, but I find it very hard to watch any kind of wrestling show centered around Hulk Hogan. Sometimes in wrestling it's easy to get tired of many of the personalities including me. But Hulk Hogan really lost his flair such a long time ago that it really boggles my mind how people would want to tune into that. Perhaps the strongest reason I didn't picture myself going to the WCW was because I would have been lost in the shuffle, in a deck of cards filled with Hulk Hogan. One thing about the WWF, in contrast to the WCW, is that we almost always take their previous stars and make them brighter and they take our stars and make them dimmer. I'm sure Diesel and Razor are quickly finding out what it's like to be on the Hulk Hogan show. Maybe they smile when they go to the bank, but they cry themselves to sleep every night.

OnlineHost: Bret, thanks for joining us tonight. It has been our pleasure...Good luck at IYH!!!

WWFLive1: Bret: I'm anxious to take on all three of the opponents I will have in the Final Four. I consider all three of them serious threats and I anticipate a very tough night. But I feel confident that I shall be victorious.

OnlineHost: Bret Hart has always been a class act and we are always glad to have him online! Thanks again fans...this is El Matrato saying goodnight!!

End of transcript

Editor's Note: One thing I found interesting about this interview is that Bret refers to Hall and Nash as Razor and Diesel...not exactly the company line.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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