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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 122
February 2, 1997

Shotgun Saturday Night Report

by Solie's Seattle Correspondent Garland Chan

Ring Warriors Cybercast Review

by Jeremy Hartley

Toronto WWF House Show Report

by Mark Paar

Weekend Review: Part 2

I won't apologize for it because I think there is some great stuff in this issue, but it is a tad longer than the usual Sunday Edition. On the other hand, yesterdays edition was quite a bit shorter than usual, so maybe things are evened out. I am pleased to welcome two brand new contributors to Solie's Wrestling Newsletter, Jeremy Hartley and Mark Paar.

Also, I wanted let everyone know that I got my ticket for SuperBrawl Saturday. This will be the first time I have attended a PPV in person since WrestleMania II (I was in LA and saw the Hogan/Bundy cage match). Of course I will have an in-person report on the card in the Newsletter. For any of you who live in the SF Bay area - or plan to attend the event from out of town I would love to meet with you in person. I am preparing a T-Shirt with the Solie's logo (the one at the top of this page) so that people will be able to recognize me at the event. Unfortunately I waited too long to get my ticket and find that I will be up in the rafters (maybe I'll get to meet Sting! :-) but I plan to get there early and hang out in the concourse before and after the event so watch for me! I will be up in the corner - section 111, row C. Come by and say "hello" if you get a chance.

WCW Saturday Night

Glacier opens up the program against Ace Darling of the Extreme - squash city...

The announcer are talking about Roddy Piper and promising to interpret the Gaelic spoutings he made from the stretcher the last time we saw him. They also mention that Piper will return to Nitro this Monday night.

We review the firing of Randy Anderson and the stripping of the Tag Belts from the Steiner Brothers. In an interview the Steiners declare that they are still the Tag Team Champions. The announcers are agreeing with them.

High Voltage come out pretty pumped from their victory last week to face the Amazing French Canadians. If they win this match I might finally be convinced that wrestling is fixed :-)

They don't win, so I guess it must be real...(sorry Troy).

Disco Inferno gets a match against jobber Trevor Allen this week. He finally gets to put on his new leg hold - a step-over reverse figure four which he refers to as "the Last Dance". He managed to grab the hold without using his "cheat-sheet" - its about time...

Konan and The Pit Bull put on a pretty good match today.They seemed just about evenly matched. Pittman grounded the Mexican star and was able to control it for the most part.Jimmy Hart's help at ringside was largely ineffective. Konan finally got loose and delivered a drop-kick to the chest of his seated opponent. Still Pittman came back and slapped on the Code Red - Hart tried to interfere again but managed to throw the megaphone to Pittman. Hart took the megaphone shot but distracted the Pitbull long enough to allow Konan to get the drop on his opponent and use a modified powerslam to get the win.

Super Calo gave the Ultimo Dragon a run for his money. Great cruiserweight action in this one. Dragon won it with his spinning Frankensteiner off the top rope after a hard fought battle.

Harlem Heat had an excellent match with the Public Enemy - Sherri had a hand in the win for the Heat.

Gaelic experts Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Murrey from the Celtic Festival in Atlanta tell us that Piper was saying "the battle isn't over until you get home."

Toronto WWF House Show Report

Here's a house show report from Toronto, Ontario Canada by Solie's reader Mark Paar. It is an excellent report and I hope to pursued Mr. Paar to so favor us again sometime...

The WWF was in Toronto last night (Friday 1/31) at the SkyDome. Here are the results, and my opinion of the evening. They were expecting around 20,000 fans to show up. I would say that the actual number was probably closer to 30,000. I doubt that there were many complimentary tickets.

Rocky Maivia d. The Sultan (w/ Bob Backlund) Fairly short match. Rocky won with a "superfly" off the top rope, rather than his shoulder breaker. Bob Backlund wasn't really his insane self this evening.

Vader (w/ Paul Bearer) d. Stone Cold Steve Austin (By DQ) This match was billed as the "Toughest Man in Toronto" bout. Vader came out like a man possessed, tossing chairs around the ring, even throwing the stairs around. Austin entered to a huge pop. Immediately they began brawling. After about 4 or 5 minutes of boring crap, Austin kicks the referee then gives the ref a Stone Cold Stunner. Immediately a ton of WWF officials come to separate them. What a shame, this could have been the best match all night, instead it was the worst.

Contract signing ceremony in the ring for Tiger Ali Singh, the son of Tiger Jeet Singh. He is a Toronto boy, though he was not received too well. Preying on American xenophobia, Vince will probably make him a heel.

Savio Vega (w/ NOD) d. Flash Funk We get to see the same old Savio, (sorry, his new gimmick is that he wears a trenchcoat to the ring). Funk dominated most of the match, however Vega pinned Funk after a missed moonsault. It appears that Flash may have injured himself, as I saw him limping offstage. Tonight the NOD consisted of Clarence Mason, Crush, Faarooq, Savio Vega, and those two big burly dudes. No PG-13.

Interview with Sycho Sid about this evening's Triple Threat Match. Sid is the master, ruler of the blah blah blah.

Furnas/LaFon d. Owen/Bulldog (By Countout) Owen and Bulldog received a warm reception, while Furnas and LaFon were booed. Bulldog was posing to the crowd, and received a huge response, Owen tried to tag out, but Davey Boy was too into the crowd. LaFon had pinned Owen for a three count, however title changes do not usually occur at house shows, so the ref then went to say that Owen has his foot on the ropes (which he did), and to continue the match. The match ends when the champs try to double team Furnas, and Davey Boy ends up dumping Owen outside the ring. Owen is counted out while trying to make the 'timeout' sign to the ref. Owen and Bulldog bicker after the match, then they shake hands and make up. Whoever can't see the breakup of the team, and face turn of Bulldog is blind.

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Interview with Shawn Michaels about tonights match. Bret Hart shows up and puts HBK down. The place is roaring. Everyone loves Bret.

Crush (w/ NOD) d. Goldust (w/Marlena) Pretty boring match. HHH makes an appearance, but is shooed away without incident. Crush wins with a heart punch.

HHH d. Wildman Marc Mero (No Sable) - This match was even duller than the previous one. Most of the crowd were paying attention to the hot looking blonde in a short dress who was talking it up with McMahon backstage. I took a closer look with my binoculars, but I could not recognize her. Hopefully, she will be a new valet for someone, as she was absolutely gorgeous. Oh yeah, HHH won by pinfall, I forget how.

Undertaker/Ahmed Johnson d. Mankind (w/ Paul Bearer)/Faarooq (w/NOD) Texas Death Match Rules. This was by far the best match of the evening. Mankind makes a feeble NOD salute to which the crowd laughs! From the minute they came out, they immediately started brawling. Huge response for UT. Mankind must be a glutton for punishment as he was being tossed like a rag doll. UT smacked him nice and hard with a chair a few times. Ahmed chased Faarooq and the rest of his cronies back with his 2x4. He belted Simmons a couple of times before disappearing backstage. Vader interfered, and ended up hitting Mankind with a chair (pay back!), then Vaderbombed UT. Match ended with UT giving Mankind a piledriver onto a chair.

Shawn Michaels d. Bret Hart and Sycho Sid - Triple Threat (or Triangle) Match. Special guest referee: George Chuvalo

Sid was cheered. The building exploded for the Hitman. HBK was greeted by mixed reviews. Sid and Bret dominated for the most part. Usually one man was tossed out of the ring, then the other two would fight it out. Sid would powerbomb, Shawn would superkick, or Bret would apply the sharpshooter only for the third guy to make the save. Austin runs in and starts beating on Bret, then Chuvalo goes in and belts Austin. The crowd loved this! And Austin sold the move too! Austin is so great, he could sell you the Brooklyn bridge. Match ends with Shawn flying off the top rope to pin both Sid and Bret simultaneously.

Overall, a pretty good card. I was terribly disappointed by the Austin/Vader matchup.

Thanks Mark - great report (BTW- there is an article on this card from the Toronto Sun that I put up on the on the Readers' Forum last night - check it out for another take on it).

Shotgun Saturday Night Report
by Garland Chan

Shotgun Saturday Night 2/1/97

Emanating from Mirage Night Club in New York City.

Todd Pettingill is outside interviewing Paul Bearer, Mankind, and Vader. Vader is trying to make Mankind get a hold of himself (good luck).

Vince McMahon and Sunny are commentating.

Mankind goes to the commentator's table scaring Sunny. Vince invites Mankind to sit and Sunny objects.

1st match: Vader vs. Ahmed Johnson

Ahmed comes down with his 2 by 4 and Vader goes to the commentator's table and takes Mankind's chair. The referee comes outside and makes Vader drop the chair. They start the match face to face and Vader puts his hand on Ahmed's shoulder. Ahmed shoves it off forcefully. Vader and Ahmed lock up and Vader thumbs his eye. Vader takes Ahmed to the corner and pummels Ahmed. Vader hits a sweet forearm smash and hits some trademark Vader rights. Vader takes Ahmed out by the arm and hits two short arm clotheslines that doesn't take Ahmed down. In fact after the second one he just stands there looking irritated and tells Vader to hit him. Vader obliges and one right puts Ahmed to the canvas. But Ahmed gets up right away and tells Vader to hit him again. Vader hits another right, and Ahmed stays down longer and has to use the corner ropes to get up. Vader moves in for the kill, but Ahmed reverses things and hammers Vader with some swinging overhand punches and vicious kicks. Ahmed goes to the other corner, charges and hits a flying overhand smash. Ahmed throws Vader to the ropes and hits a spinebuster. Ahmed kicks Vader in the kidney area until he lands outside of the ring. Mankind leaves the commentator's table and comes in the ring and they get into a verbal spat. We cut to a commercial break. When we come back, Vader is controlling the match and hits a couple of elbows to the midsection. Vader picks up Ahmed, takes him to the corner and hits some punches to the head and kidney. Vader throws Ahmed to the other corner and hits an avalanche. Ahmed collapses in position for the Vader bomb. Vader climbs the rope, but contemplates going to the top. He takes too long as Ahmed gets up and kicks Vader in the groin. Vader reels in pain, but comes back to hit Ahmed with some punches to the midsection and throws Ahmed to the ropes and prepares for a backbody drop. Ahmed counters with an overhand smash to the back and a spinning kick to the midsection. Ahmed prepares Vader for the Pearl-River Plunge, but Mankind quickly leaves the commentator's table with his chair and gets into the ring. Ahmed gets out of the way, and Mankind pulls up, but Vader holds the chair up just in case. Mankind prepares Ahmed for a chair shot, but Ahmed gets out of the way again and this time Vader holds up on his swing. Ahmed kicks Vader and gets the chair and hits Vader with a couple of shots. Ahmed get the DQ win.

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Evaluation: A nice opening match. Didn't get a clean ending. Didn't expect a clean ending. A good match by both participates - especially Vader. I hope this is an indication of better things for Vader.

*** of 5

Time of match: 8:30

Todd Pettengill is interviewing the Head Bangers. One of them is pouring hot wax on their arm. Looks like they're trying to play the crazy team image. Their acting very similar to Mankind - no regard for their own bodies.

2nd Match: British Bulldog vs. Mankind.

This match is a brawl. Mankind is at the commentator's booth unprepared for action. He's wrestling with regular street clothes and shoes. Davey Boy Smith comes out to his music and goes after Mankind at the commentator's table. He tries to rip Mankind's clothes off and dragged back into the ring. Bulldog attacks Mankind in a furious way. He gets Mankind outside and proceeds to stomp on his head several times. Bulldog is trying to work the crowd and Mankind goes back to the commentator's table and starts to say something, but is interrupted by Bulldog. Mankind hits some thrusts to the throat and punches to the head. Mankind rolls Davey Boy back into the ring and hits some punches that takes Bulldog to the mat. Mankind hits an elbow and controls Bulldog with a chinlock. Bulldog runs out and Mankind's momentum carries him outside of the ring. Davey Boy takes it him on the outside with some more stomps to the head. Mankind catches one of the kicks and reverses things. Mankind throws Davey Boy into the ring and hits Bulldog in the back while he was hanging on the rope. We see Todd Pettingill try to interview Savio Vega and Vega tells him to get out of his face. In the match, Mankind hits a couple of legdrops one of which lands on the back of his neck. We see Vader come to ringside as Mankind gets a back body drop on Davey Boy and he gets a close two count. We cut to a break. When we come back from the break, Davey Boy back body drops Mankind on the hardwood floor. Davey starts to get aggressive in the ring, but Mankind manages to pull Bulldog outside the ring. Vader interferes by dropping Bulldog over the railing twice chest-first. Vader rolls Davey Boy in and Mankind gets the 1-2-3. After the match, Mankind and Vader double team Davey Boy and Ahmed Johnson comes in the ring. Vader and Mankind leaves and Ahmed and Davey Boy shove and push each other.

Evaluation: An OK match. I get the feeling that they're uncomfortable in the smaller ring and in an unusual environment.

**1/2 of 5

Time of match: 9:42

NOD music plays. Savio Vega is in the ring giving his heel speech.

3rd match: Savio Vega vs. "Double J" Jesse James

Jesse James comes into the ring and is attacked right away by Vega. Vega hits his trademark spin heel kick to the corner while he flied outside. Vega controls the match in the ring using some good brawling tactics. JJ gets a sunset flip, but Vega counters with a clothesline. Eventually Vega hits a nice piledriver on JJ, but still couldn't put JJ away. Vega slows the match with a chinlock. JJ tries to come back again with some chops, but Savio takes control right away with a foot to the face. Vega looks viscous as he hits a nice looking elbow off the ropes, then slows the match with another chinlock. JJ tries to come back, but a good rake of the face takes control again. Vega hits yet another elbow on the corner. Vega charges the corner, but misses. JJ mounts his first real offense of the match with a clotheline, punches in the corner and a back body drop, but when JJ gets Vega in an abdominal stretch, Vega counters with a hip toss, stands his opponent up and hits his spinning kick to the face. 1-2-3. Vega's push continues.

Evaluation: Vega is looking good tonight. In fact I think he's carrying the whole match. JJ can only get small amounts of offense in this match. JJ should stand for "Jobber Jobber"

*** of 5

Time of Match: 8:36

Todd Pettingill is interviewing the Head Bangers and one of them spits out what looks like milk into the face of his partner trying to pass it off as regurgitation. Looks disgusting.

4th Match: The Godwinns vs. The Head Bangers

Henry starts with Thrasher. Henry starts with a headlock and throws him to the rope. Henry hits a shoulder block. Phineus is tagged in and takes over the arm lock. He bites Thrasher's arm. Thrasher takes control with an arm lock of his own, but Phineus reverses things and Henry tags back in to back body drop Thrasher. Thrasher tags in Mosh. Henry controls with an arm lock, but Mosh reverses it into an armlock into a headlock. Phineus is tagged back in. Mosh hits a knee and throws Phineus to the other side of the rope where Thrasher has a knee waiting for him. Head Bangers show a bit of tag team coordination as Mosh tags in Thrasher and he hits a clothesline from the top rope. We cut to a break. When we come back, they advertise the next SSN at Penn Station at midtown Manhattan. Phineus is outside taking a pounding form both Head Bangers. Mosh throws Phineus back into the ring and hits a flying elbow from the top rope. The Head Bangers hit that old Beverly Brother's move. Phineus hits a move tags in Henry and cleans house. He takes on both Head Bangers and body slams one of them on the floor outside. Both teams are counted out as we fade to black

Evaluation: OK match. For some reason it looks like Henry is really working hard these days. Head Bangers are showing some of their potential.

**1/2 of 5

Time of match: 9:07

Relatively flat show tonight. I come to wish that something really interesting would happen. I want to see a new wrestler come from nowhere, I want an interview by one of the top stars, I want a good solid match between two top wrestlers and a nice clean finish. If only I had a lamp to rub...

Shotgun Blast

Subject: Why so many people watch Nitro

With all that is going on during the Monday night wars, I think that there is fundamental question to ask: Just why are people attracted to Nitro? Of course we can attribute a great deal of the turn around to Scott Hall's sudden appearance in May, but what is the fuel that keeps the fire burning?

Everyday I go around the net finding all sorts of people saying the NWO gimmick is getting old and they're getting tired of it. Everywhere I go, I hear everything they do doesn't make sense and it turns them off. But why doesn't the ratings reflect it? I think I have an answer and I want to know what you readers think.

It is the very fact that it is getting ridiculous that turns us on.

Remember when Luger and Sting stole the police car and they weren't even reprimanded? "Unbelievable," they said. Remember when Hogan's lackeys keep running into the ring to stop the match from having a clean ending? "We're tired of all the screw-jobs," they said. Remember Bischoff's defection to the NWO and just his orders alone on Nitro instituting a title change? "Now this is dumb," they say. "How can they expect us to believe this?" And now Nick Patrick refs all of the NWO matches? "Truly moronic," they snub. But think about it--does that really turn us off of Nitro? Heck no.

When it comes right down to it, boredom makes us turn the channel. And Nitro has been anything but boring. I think that shock value has a lot to do with it and the fact that they are live every week keeps things absolutely fresh. But what really makes us keep watching is our own desire to see how they'll "fix" their major shortcomings.

For example, Hogan vs. Giant. Two of the biggest draws in wrestling. How many of you just KNOW that Nash, Hall, Norton, Bubba, and everybody from NWO is going to run in for the DQ? We just watch with breathless anticipation that something different will happen in the end. Maybe a group of WCW wrestlers will come out from under the ring when the NWO makes their run in and stop them from stopping the match. Whatever the case, they will find a way to resolve it in a timely manner. But first they're going to squeeze every little rating point they can out of it.

Another example is our desire to hear just how they can explain themselves for their seemingly unbelievable actions. We want to be the judges and we want to criticize. We like to listen to the crap they dole out. We want to hate them as heels and liars and they want us to hate them. So it is their story line and its total disregard to the rules of common sense that keep the ratings up.

And the way things look, it may be a long time before the fire even starts to dim.

This is Garland riding Shotgun...

Garland Chan, a regular contributor to Solie's Newsletter, is currently a student at the University of Washington in Seattle

WWF SuperStars

We get some clips of SSN from last night (see Garland Chan's report above for details). Marc Mero vs. The Undertaker is the feature match.

Vader vs a jobber to open the program - the usual squash...

Vader and Paul interviewed by Kevin Kelly - Paul commends Gorilla Monsoon for coming up with the Final Four concept (no mention of Eric Bischoff's contribution) - Mankind lurks around the outside of the ring muttering "I want a chance at the title too, Uncle Paul..."

We get a promo for the "Black-Jacks" (Barry Windham and Justin Bradshaw I believe...) featuring a rare appearance by Windham's old man - Black Jack Mulligan.

More SSN clips - this one features an unintelligible speech by Savio Vega - who then goes to work on Double Job (anybody who lets his mother dress him like that deserves to get pummeled...) I noticed that Savio went for a snap mare at one point but his arm slid off over DJ's greasy head. Somehow Armstrong still managed to flip over as if he'd been mared... I found Phineous Godwins "hillbilly" commentary to be very entertaining during this match - it takes considerable intelligence to pull off such a characterization that convincingly. He managed to get the best of Sunny throughout the match (probably not that hard to do...)

Avismo Negro vs. El Hijo del Perro Aquayo - two of the new AAA wrestlers that have recently shown up in the WWF. Aquayo is the 17 year old son of Mexican legend Perro Aquayo (in fact that's what the name means) - this is the best AAA match I've seen in the WWF (since that midget match at the Rumble) lots of high-flying action here. Aquayo almost wins after landing a two footed stomp on his opponent's mid section from the top rope. Moments later he reverses a move and wins with a roll-up. Very impressive.

Interviews with Marc Mero and the Undertaker before and after the break - they're both predicting victory - am I imagining it or is Sable looking a little "punkish" this week? Definitely a harder image...I heard a rumor that she is going to turn heel - maybe this is the beginning of the transition?

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Marc Mero vs the Undertaker - I'm surprised and pleased to see that this match is starting with plenty of time left in the hour. Mero makes his entrance then we go to another commercial.

The lights go out - UT appears out of the fog - I love this guy's entrance! - the Wildman makes a big mistake at the beginning by turning his back on his opponent. Undertaker dominates until the next commercial.

The Undertaker is still in charge as we return. Mero breaks free and gets in some shots then a pin attempt - no cigar. Another quick exchange then UT takes over again. Sable jumps up on the apron trying to distract him - Undertaker whips Mero into the ropes then flings into a collision with Sable who goes down - it looked like she struck her chin on the ring apron as she fell. Mero jumps out of the ring to check on her as we go to another commercial.

We return to a clip of what just happened - then UT grabs Mero and pulls him up on the apron - starts pounding on him again. Sable seems to have recovered at ringside. Mero keeps trying to "stick and move" but UT repeatedly traps him in the corner. Mero clotheslines UT over the top but he lands on his feet. Mero tries an over-the-top splash but gets caught in mid-air. Outside the ring Mero gets smashed back-first into the ringpost. As he goes to work on her husband - Sable starts kicking the Undertaker!! - this is definitely a new Sable... UT turns his attention to her and she manages to distract him long enough for Mero to recover and run a Steve Austin type clip on the big guy. Mero runs to get a chair and whacks his opponent good as Sable cheers him on - meanwhile both competitors have been counted out. Mero tries to smash UT into the ringsteps but the move is blocked and the Wildman gets it instead. Sable is right in the thick of things shrieking like a banshee. Undertaker sets-up and executes a Tombstone Piledriver on the floor - Sable goes to comfort her man as the Undertaker signals for the lights to come down. Fade to black.

This Sable thing is definitely a new developement. It wasn't that long ago that she was whimpering and shrinking away when Mankind menaced her during a match...

RingWarriors Cybercast Report
by Jeremy Hartley

Today we welcome a new, and I hope, a regular contributor to Solie's Newsletter. Jeremy Hartley offers us a unique perspective on our favorite Sports Entertainment... but I'm going to let him tell you a little about himself in his own words. I received this email message from him several weeks ago:


I have been reading your newsletter for some time now, that is, I have been catching up on a lot of wrestling I have missed over the passed couple of months. I find your reports to be something I go to more and more to get the info about the Monday night programs.

I guess I should explain a little.

First, I am completely blind. Although I have been blind all my life, I have been a wrestling fan of all the major promotions for over ten years. I am only 21 years of age, but I have found myself always striving to dig deep into wrestling's rich history. Fortunately, with the use of video technology, I have been able to gain a respect and a full view of the picture of wrestling. And.. Yes... I have had to lean on the men calling the action. Those such as the man you pay tribute to on this page.

I enjoyed watching pro wrestling so much on television, I decided to take up wrestling in junior high, and high school. It was not easy, and definitely, people including myself suffered their share of real injuries. I didn't have the greatest record in wrestling. I like to make a comparison. You could put my wins in a Hotwheels Matchbox car, and put my defeats in a trailor. :) But I did manage to work hard enough to gain a Varsity block in wrestling in my junior year in high school.

After a near-crippling knee injury, I started, yes, doing announcing for my high school wrestling team. :) That was rather an interesting experience indeed.

As the years rolled along, I grew more and more disenchanted with the direction pro wrestling was going. Too much emphasis was being placed on glitz and not enough attention was paid to the men in the ring.

Ok. Now I am finally getting to my point here. :)

About a year and a half ago, I was a columnist for the Ringside Insider here on the internet. My column ran about ten weeks. I called it: The Eye on Wrestling - I had received a lot of positive response, but I decided against writing and decided to pursue other avenues, like music, and being a sysop of an online service.

Ok. Where am I heading with all this? :)

I had grown very tired of all the young "journalists?" who were publishing sheets pertaining to my beloved sport, wrestling. I searched a lot of sites, and came across your newsletters. In short, I think you are doing one hell of a job, and in your own way, you have started the fire burning in me once again to write some more wrestling columns.

I just wanted to thank you and ask you to please keep up the good work. BTW.. I have heard on some of your reports, you mention "scramblevision" as a means of watching ppvs. :) Take it from a blind fan. :) If more people could just use their minds to imagine the action, rather than depending on the tube to tell them all, I can almost say as a fact that the WWF and WCW would not have as many ppvs. :) I say as I sit here watching "scramblevision," Keep em coming! Doesn't cost me a damn thing. :)

Jeremy Hartley

I was touched by this young man's personal courage and the way he has overcome what, I confess, for me would be a devestating disability. I wrote back to Jeremy and encouraged him to send me some of his work. Today I received his first contribution and it is a winner. Please help me in welcoming this fine young writer to the Solie's family.

I was anxiously awaiting that Feb. 1 Cybercast of Ring Warriors showing of The Best Of Ring Warriors.

The show features Gordon Solie, and Bruno Sammartino at the mic, Sir Oliver Humperdink doing promo spots, and interviews throughout the program.

Let me first say that as a blind wrestling fan, matches that take place in Japan, as well as other countries are pretty well non-accessible to me. As many who watch the tapes of Japanese matches know, most of the commentary is done in Japanese by the announcers native to that country! I can't tell you how frustrating it was to be given an entire six hour tape of Japanese matches, only to have the whole thing be in Japanese! I guess you could make the case that some of the American announcers are not that much better! :) Ever try to follow a match called by Vince with your eyes closed? :) Ok. Maybe not that bad, but I think you get the point.

In case you haven't caught it yet, I will just give you a taste of what is to come, as well as the layout of the site.

The show is divided up into three sections. Match 1, match 2, and match 3, respectively. Before diving into the matches however, the VDO player must be installed. Fortunately for those of us without a lot of time on our hands, the player is right there on the ringwarriors website, ready for the download. Setup of the player was very easy, and gave me no trouble at all. This was a great thing because I had just finished fixing someone's computer and modem, and all I wanted to do was watch wrestling! :)

Match 1. The great Kabuki VS. Jushin Thunder Liger!

Right from the getgo, I knew this was going to be special. Solie, after a few shameless plugs (Hey! Who ever said this was going to be free, :) started right in on calling the action of the match. Dropkicks by Liger, as well as a series of holds were all called to perfection. Of course I won't reveal the outcome since the program can be retrieved for the next seven days on demand.

2. A match from early 1993, Massa Chono, VS. Great Muta - At stake? The NWA Heavyweight Title. The thing I enjoyed about this match was the fact that Solie and Bruno were not shy about using history to inhance their broadcast. A lot of organizations try to pawn these guys off as these brand new stars. Ringwarriors seems not to do that. They seem to have a real grasp of the intelligence of the pro wrestling fan, and they treat their broadcasts as such. Bruno and Gordon mentioned that Chono defeated Rick Rude for the NWA title. Once again, a superb job in calling the action by both men.

Match 3. Bam Bam Bigalow, VS. Ricky Toshoe - The match itself didn't really impress me. I know what a great wrestler Ricky was, or maybe is, but it was almost a squash match in my book.

Just a few closing thoughts here. Solie and Bruno work extremely well as a top-notch announce team. Bruno brings his many years to the table as a wrestler, but if one listens closely, he doesn't ram the fact that he was a legend in the ring down our throats. Instead he concentrates on his current task, calling the action.

What can we say about Gordon Solie that hasn't been said? Nothing. So I won't even try. :) Seeing an announce team like this only strengthens what I have been saying all along. WCW, with the advent of the RealAudio Broadcasts of PPVS, needs to rethink who they have on the mic. Katz and Madden do not cut it! This Internet technology is wonderful, if used wisely.

Only thing I would make the smallest complaint on was the order of the matches. If they really wanted to create anymore excitement, they could have placed the Muta Chono match at the end of the card. I guess there is time to improve.

All in all, a good first showing for Ringwarriors, and I look forward to finally being able to take in those matches that were non-existant to me on tape.

Thank you Jeremy - a great first effort! I look forward to many more...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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