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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 126
February 10, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition


by Jeremy Hartley

There is no RAW broadcast tonight

Nitro Report

Tony Shioviani and Legendary Larry are the hosts.

The opening contest tonight is Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko - a re-match from Saturday. This is a great match - good combination of high-flying and great mat technique until Syxx comes out and tries to add the US Title to his collection of stolen belts. Eddie leaves the ring and manages to frustrate Syxx's efforts but gets counted out. Malenko is not happy with his win. Eddie extends his hand and Dean slaps it - hard to tell if he was slapping it away or giving a grudging sign of friendship.

Diamond Dallas Page comes to the ring with a chair and sits down with a mic in his hand. He states that he is tired of running and wants whatever is going to happen to happen now. Sting and Randy Savage answer the call - they come to the ring - Sting has his bat. He tosses the bat to Savage who circles the chair slowly striking it periodically as DDP sits his ground. Savage knocks the chair out from under him to get him to his feet. Now Sting has the bat and is doing his usual routine with it. One variation is that, before he hands the bat to DDP, he comes close to striking him with it in the corner. DDP passes the test by not attacking with the bat when he has the chance. Sting leaves - Savage jerks the bat away and then follows Sting. Cut to commercial.

Konan vs. Bobby Eaton - this should be a good match but it will probably be a squash. Bobby pounds Konan into the corner in the opening moments but then turns his back and gets nailed. Its all down hill from there. A drop kick to his chest (as he sits on the mat) and then a reverse brain-buster puts him down for the count.

Lex Lugar enters with a cast on his left hand and forearm. Eric Bischoff shows up with a mic and cuts him off in the aisle. He questions Lugar about the casted hand. Lugar responds that his hand is broken but he intends to wrestle. Eric says nothing doing - he needs a doctor's release to allow Lugar to wrestle tonight. He explains that he is leaving the country tonight and must have the release before he leaves or else Lugar will have to bow out of the match at SuperBrawl as well. Lugar leaves saying he will find a way to get the release. Eric starts explaining how he is protecting Lugar from himself when the Giant shows up behind him on the ramp. Eric thinks the crowd is cheering him until he turns around. Eric flees - the Giant subs for Lex in a squash match against Ron Powers.

This Giant says he has a partner for SuperBrawl and calls Lugar down to the ring. He says he will wrestle Hall and Nash on his own if he has to and that he will win the match and that one of the Tag Belts will be Lugar's. Lugar shakes his hand (sort of) - cut to commercial

The Outsiders arrive via limosine with Bubba in tow as we return. Bubba wants to take on DDP at Superbrawl.

Steiner Brothers vs. High Voltage - this one is a foregone conclusion. A Four Corners match has been announced for SuperBrawl to determine the Title contenders. Faces of Fear/Steiners/Harlem Heat/Public Enemy will be the competitors. In the ring High Voltage is trying their best but it isn't near enough. They manage to hit about three offensive moves throughout the entire match. Steiners win with a bulldog off the top.

The NWO guys show up to take over the broadcast booth as we return from commercial. Tony and Larry leave. Bischoff says that Randy Anderson has asked to speak to him so he calls him out to the booth. Randy brings his wife and two kids and begs for his job back. Eric humiliates him by telling his young daughter to tell Anderson he's still fired. Anderson asks if there is anything he can do in a professional capacity for WCW. Eric says if he wants his job back he has to come out next week and wrestle Nick Patrick. Anderson's wife tells him not to do it but he agrees to the match.

Hall and Nash vs. The Extreme - Larry is called back to the broadcast position to do color. He comes unwillingly then proceeds to describe the Outsiders as "cowards" and "thugs" during his commentary. The match is a silly squash...

Syxx interviews the Outsiders who rant about the Giant being a "goof" and a "dork". Hall says that Nash is also seven foot tall but that he stopped at the "cool stage" while the Giant slipped on by to the "Dork" size. It is one of the dumber interviews they've given - a real disappointment considering some of their earlier outings. Cut to commercial.

Tony, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan are back in the booth for the opening of the second hour. They review the Savage/Sting/DDP incident then turn to Bobby to talk about Lugar's situation.

Rey Misterio Jr. vs Lord Steven Regal - World TV Title match - Regal controls the early going, grounding Misterio thoroughly. Rey manages to get lose and then the fur flies - and so does Misterio. Moments later Regal regains his composure and is back in control again. Everytime Misterio moves in close he gets thumbed to the eye or some such. Toward the end of the match he gets lose again and gives Regal a pretty good match - eventually they wrestle to a supposed time-limit draw (it seemed short to me so I went back and timed the match - 8:29 I came up with on my VCR counter - shame on them!)

The Taskmaster (w/Jaquelynn and Jimmy Hart) vs. Maverick Wild (?) - yeah right...the jobber gets tossed out and worked over by Jaquelynn - she pummels him then clotheslines him. Back in the ring Sullivan gets in some licks then tosses him out again. Jaquelynn puts him down with a forearm then picks him up and slams him! Back in the ring its "tree-of-woe" time then the double stomp and a pin. Jaquelynn beats on him some more after the bell.

Sullivan/Jaquelynn/Jimmy Hart interview - Sullivan says "this isn't a wrestling interview" he says he talked to "Pauly" or maybe "Paul E" - the "second closest person" in Nancy's life who told him to "do your job". He invoked the names of his mentor Jim Barnett, his former partner (the late) Mark Lewin, and King Curtis. He says that while Woman is a member of a community - he and Jaquelynn are "members of a neighborhood". Jaquelynn tells Nancy to watch out at SuperBrawl (they will be strapped together).

Review of the Piper/Hogan confrontation from last week.

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Alex Wright vs. Hugh Morrus - Wright is showing more and more aggression lately but he can't deal with the overwhelming assault by the laughing man. This one is over is moments when Morrus hits his moonsault.

Jeff Jarrett/Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael - Chavo outwrestles Benoit at the start then tags in Jarrett who continues the assault. Benoit has yet to mount any offense. He gets his chance when he suckers Jarrett into the corner buckle. Mongo tags in and is devastating. Benoit tags back in and gets knocked down by a drop kick. Chavo back in and cleans house while Jarrett is being distracted by Debra on the outside who seems to be tryinbg to mend Jarrett's suspenders. Inside the tide turns and Chavo gets creamed. Jarrett never makes it back in because Debra is clinging to him. Chavo gets pinned.

Horsemen interview - Flair and Arn join their comrades. Arn says the Horsemen are back in synch - Flair agrees and throws in some struts to make his point. Benoit tells Kevin Sullivan to "stick it" - he and Nancy are tired of the Taskmaster's "head games". Mongo takes Debra to task for being concerned about Jarrett - she says she wants Jarrett to be a Horseman - she's so upset she can't even concentrate on shopping...Mongo says that if Jarrett can beat him at SuperBrawl he'll deserve to be a Horseman. Cut to commercial.

Roddy Piper makes his appearance as we return. He looks serious. The crowd is going nuts. Hogan is with us via Satelite. Roddy says that Eric's act earlier with Randy Anderson was "too much crap for me..." Hogan is shown in split screen. Piper calls Hogan a bald headed geek. He chastises Hogan for making Roddy break his promise to his son to give up wrestling. He says the boy told him to "go get him Dad!" Hogan answers that he thinks Piper is pathetic - hiding behind his son. They spar verbally then the show ends.

Besides the Malenko/Guerrero match and the DDP incident, not much happened tonight. I guess without competition, Eric and Company didn't feel the need to do much. Tsk, tsk...I guess Lugar is out of SuperBrawl since he didn't produce the release he needed. That could be interesting...

By Jeremy Hartley

Over the past week, there has been a lot of talk concerning last Monday's Raw program. Many wrestling commentators, and journalists suggest that the World Wrestling Federation is guilty of utilizing the bait and switch tactic on whom I consider to be the lifeblood of the sport, the fans. Still others suggest that McMahon and company kept to their words in showing clips of this year's Royal Rumble. After all, they did promise shots from the Rumble, and they delivered.

To all those who truly believe that the WWF delivered last Monday night, please allow me the opportunity to sell you the WWF title belt I once wore, as my days as Hulk Hogan in the WWF. Ok. Ok. Maybe that was a bit harsh, but I can't see how any true understander of wrestling, as well as any fan can honestly say that McMahon was a man of his word last Monday night. To illustrate my point, I will make mention of the promo that aired the week proceeding the raw broadcast. The promo talked about how not since 1989 has the WWF shown a Royal rumble match on Television. Of course since the beginning of the Royal Rumble in 1988, WWF television programing has shown highlights of this event every year, on all their family of programs. Therefore, the fans including myself thought since such a big deal was made of this occurrence, we were going to get the Rumble match. Of course, since I was able to watch the PPV on scramblevision, I could care less that they were going to show any part of the Royal Rumble on national television.

The more I examine what the WWF did last Monday, the more I am finding an underlying issue mixed up with all of this. The bait and switch tactic has been around longer than Fred Blassey, and not many things can make that claim. It is a form of ruthless business, and it is quite evident in many businesses. The real issue, at least to me, is the WWF's continuing lack of covering up their own mistakes.

If the WWF is guilty of anything, it is bad planning in the case of accidents. Does anyone remember in 1985 a certain Rick Mcgraw issuing a challenge to Roddy Piper on Piper's Pit? The challenge was accepted, and the match was to take place the following week on Superstars of Wrestling. As many fans know, McGraw would die before the challenge was to take place, due to some drug problem. If one looks back to the way the WWF handled this situation, no mention was made of the untimely death of McGraw at all. I am aware that the WWF probably didn't want to divulge the cause of death, since they at that time were really pushing the younger market to "train, say their prayers and take their vitamins." The show went on with a completely different match, and the fans were left to wonder.

Does anyone remember in I believe it was 1990, when a masked wrestler would come out of the dressing room and attack heels such as Rick Martel? This trend went on for about three weeks, and then it was dropped and swept under the rug. Another similar thing happened with Bob Sparkplug Holly. One week he was Thermond Sparky Plug, and then, wham! He was Bob Holly. Why?

Perhaps the most amusing of all these botched angles was the one involving Harley Race in 1988. Race Wrestled Hulk Hogan in a match in March of that year. Race would show his ECW side, by breaking a table in half with his head, in his attempt to finish off the Hulk. In may of that same year, Bobby Heenan began hinting around that Race was layed up as a result of that match.

I would like to make a few points about that match. First, after the breaking of the table, Race went back into the ring, and maintained control over Hogan, even landing a headbut from the top rope. Also, Race would go to Wrestlemainia IV and participate in the Battle Royal that opened the event. When it appeared that race had had enough of the WWF, McMahon and company had to come up with something to keep the King of Wrestling Title a part of the Federation. They used that match as the point of reference. Anyone who knew anything about wrestling probably shook their heads and laughed at this attempt of a coverup.

While we are on the subject of the WWF and mistakes they have made, why can't anyone do anything about the opening of each of their family of programs? "The World Wrestling Federation. For over fifty years, the revolutionary force in sports entertainment!" Hmmm. There is something wrong with this picture. The WWF came into being in 1963. Even if we give the WWF the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it started up a year previous, that still puts the federation about 10 years behind their assessment. Correct me if I am mistaken here, but I think this is still 1997?

And with that, the Eye is closed until next time.

Jeremy Hartley is a regular contributor to Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

Here is an email I recieved this week. If anybody can help this gentleman I would consider it a personal favor:

I have been a wrestling fan since 1972. I saw my first match at the Topeka Municipal Auditorium on December 29, 1972. Among the wrestlers I saw that night included Harley Race, Bob Geigel, Danny Littlebear and The Stomper. Over the years, I got to see such legends as Andre the Giant, Haystacks Calhoun, Bobo Brazil, a very young Roddy Piper,Pat O'Conner, Terry Funk, and Lord Alfred Hayes as they passed through Topeka.

There was a wrestling show that ran in our area titled "All-Star Wrestling". It was hosted by Bill Kersten, and featured matches that were taped in Kansas City. I would love to see if anyone out there has any of these shows on video tape. It ran from the early 1970's until the late 1980's. I have about a 4 minute tape on when Harley Race won his first NWA World Title by defeating Dory Funk Jr. in Kansas City, MO that came from the show, but that is all. I would like to trade or pay someone for these tapes if they are out there. I contacted the TV station in Kansas City that produced the tapes, and they didn't have a clue as to where the tapes were or if they even still exsisted.

Thank your your time and keep up the great work on your wrestling page.

Dennis Peerenboom

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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