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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 128
February 15, 1997

A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column

by Solie's Calgary Correspondent Rudy Van Koll

Weekend Review: Part 1


Before we get underway a correction is in order. In my article Thursday I rambled on about the Ultimate Warrior and in the process stated that I didn't remember him ever being a heel. Several readers pointed out to me that he and Sting were a heel team in Mid-South as the Blade Runners. My error was based on the fact that I never saw the Blade Runners in action, only in still photos. It was also mentioned that Hellwig as the Dingo Warrior came into WCCW as a heel, under the tutelage of Percy (Paul Bearer) Pringle - I do remember that, but as I recall, he seemed uncomfortable in that role and almost immediately turned on his mentor and feuded with the WCCW Champion Ric Rude. I am aware that Sting (Every Man's Nightmare) was a heel and remained as such until after the Mid-South promotion became the UWF.

Weekend Review: Part 1

WCW Main Event

The bulk of the program is the usual review of the Monday Nitro show. Lugar's agreement with the Giant. The Sting/Savage/DDP incident etc. They showed a recap of the Faces of Fear vs. the Nasty Boys match from WCW Pro which I missed last week. Nasties were holding their own until Jimmy Hart distracted Jerry Saggs so that the Barbarian could kick him in the face as he turned back around.

The feature match pitted Alex Wright against the Disco Inferno. Dinferno kept his concentration on track pretty well in this one and in fact dominated the action. he loses it for a moment and Wright comes back but Disco puts him down again and goes for his "Last Dance" - nope, can't remember how to do it. He pulls out his cheat sheet and lays it on the mat - the ref sees it as "trash in the ring" and kicks it out to the floor - while Disco is distracted by this outrage Alex rolls him up and pins him. Silly match.

A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column from the Galgary Sun

Today's column is titled Shawn pays Piper!

Bret starts out by saying "I've never been one who likes to say 'I told you so,' but I told you so. Shawn Micheals is hurt. And it could be bad. In fact, it might end his career. Anyone who thinks I'm happy about that has totally missed my point."

Bret says that he's mentioned over and over that he didn't want Shawn to self destruct. Shawn has had a bad knee for quite some time and "to be WWF champion and have to constantly deal with the pain of chronic injuries is hard enough."

Bret says that instead of Shawn going back to the hotel after the matches and trying to take proper care of himself and his knee, "it was nonstop partying for Shawn." He says that Shawn should have known that sooner or later his body would give out. He says Shawn enjoyed the lifestlye a little too much. "We won't know how serious Shawn's knee problem is until his surgeon opens it up and takes a look." Bret says it wasn't one particular incident, but continual abuse.

"If there's anything good that can come of this, I hope it's a reality check for Shawn and that next time-if there is a next time-he'll save his energy for the ring. Not to say that Shawn didn't give 100% for every match. It surprises me that Shawn is such a perfectionist about his wrestling, yet he doesn't take into account how much better he would be if he would just shift gears. This is his wakeup call. but it might be to late!"

Bret then says that with all due respect to Shawn and his situation, but that he's sick and tired of hearing about how Micheals had the heaviest schedule of any WWF champion. "I don't know why Vince McMahon keeps backing Shawn up on that." He says that McMahon should check the schedule for Bret's first and second reigns as Champ and compare it to Shawns. "My schedule was much heavier than Shawn's. I don't mean to sound petty but facts are facts."

He then mentions what happened on Thursday RAW Thursday, and that Micheals had to forfeit the title, and that Sundays match against Sid was cancelled. And now the winner of the final Four match will get the world title.

Bret says that there are some things he doesn't like about the whole thing. "I would have liked to get the belt back from Shawn Micheals because I still have a score to settle with him." He also doesn't see why Steve Austin is in the Final Four match, since Bret eliminated him in the Rumble match, so it should only be himself, Undertaker and Vader. He then mentions that Sid gets a match against the new champ on RAW this Monday. "That's fair to Sid but it stinks when you have to beat three other guys for the belt, and then defend it against a well-rested Sycho Sid 24 hours later." "If I can get past Vader, Undertaker, and Stone Cold to get the title, and then hang in there against Sid, I'd like to be in the European heavyweight title tournament, but I don't know if the world champion can participate in that. We'll cross that bridge if we come to it."

And that's it for this week Earl.
Rudy in Calgary.

Thanks Rudy

WCW Saturday Night

Roadblock won his first match on TV against a fellow big Jobber.

Super Calo and JL gave us our weekly dose of cruiserweight, high flying action in a very competitive match. JL eventually lost it through hubris - he stopped to showboat after a move that put his opponent down. Calo popped up and nailed him off the top rope with a flying head scissors.

Dean Malenko reveals that Syxx was trained by his father (the Great Malenko) during an interview segment concerning their coming Title Match at SuperBrawl.

Dusty is starting to refer to Diamond Dallas Page as a "franchise player" - the latter had a pretty good match with young Devon Storm (I'm sure this kid is one of the Orton Brothers) who held his own for a 6 or 7 minute contest.

They announced that the Steiner Brothers, who wrestled earlier in the program, were involved in an automobile accident after leaving the taping. No details available as yet...

Funny, their selling Macho Man T-shirts and bandanna's even though he is supposedly blackballed from the promotion by Eric Bischoff...

The Main Event featured Eddie Guerrero defending his US Title against Konan - Konan's recent more aggressive style makes for a great match in this one. He clearly dominates the early going. In fact Eddie can't seem to get up off the mat during the first half of the contest. When he finally gets loose he flies into action and has Konan going. Jimmy Hart, seeing his man get clobbered, decides to get involved and tries to use the megaphone. But he ends up nailing Konan. Eddie gets the Frog Splash but before he can get the pin, Hart comes in and gets his man disqualified.

I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of the weekend news and my In Depth Coverage of InYour House. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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