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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 129
February 16, 1997

Shotgun Saturday Night

by Solie's Seattle Correspondent Garland Chan

Weekend Review: Part 2

In Your House
Final Four

Shotgun Saturday Night Report

Just a review of the "Best of Shotgun Saturday Night".

Todd Pettingill is out the All-Star Cafe hosting the review.

First they had a review of Goldust vs. The Sultan from the first SSN. Of course they reviewed the infamous Marlena flashing incident.

The second match they reviewed was Crush vs. Ahmed Johnson. Chants of jailbird taunted Crush as this match cut in and out and eventually showed Ahmed's Pearl River Plunge on one of the members of the NOD on a car.

Next they review the Marc Mero-Rocky Maivia incident on the second SSN.

On the third show, they review the Terry Funk-Stone Cold Steve Austin confrontation, the Austin-Goldust match, and the "royal rumble" after that match.

On the fourth show, they reviewed the Mankind-Bret Hart match, the Savio Vega-Rocky Maivia match, and Vega's initiation into the Nation of Domination.

They begin to hype the "Final Four" match by showing a Steve Austin vs. Vader match from Superstars. The lights go out on the match and while Bret Hart rags on aboUndertaker not being afraid of the Undertaker, he shows up behind the Excellent One when the lights go on. Then all four go at it.

On the fifth SSN, they show the Mankind-Davey Boy Smith match.

On the sixth show, they showed the Undertaker conducting an Amtrak train, and reviewed the Intercontinental title match between Hunter Hearst Helmsley and the dead man. After HHH's DQ win, they showed the Undertaker's tombstone piledriver on the escalator.

The end? They didn't have anything planned for this SSN, so I'm guessing things are going to change. Word is that since the inception of the two-hour RAW programs, SSN will no longer come from nightclubs live, but they will be taped from an arena. Bummer.

Until next week, this is Garland riding Shotgun...

Seattle correspondent Garland Chan is currently a student at the University of Washington.

WWF Superstars

Coming to us from the arena in Chattanooga, TN, where they are preparing for tonight's Pay-Per-View. The top of the program is a review of the Shawn Michaels situation. After the break Stone Cold Steve Austin calls Michaels a "quitter" and states that Shawn is quitting because he didn't want to face Austin for the Title (what a class act...)

The rest of the show is pretty much a rehash of recent events leading up to the PPV tonight. Vader gives us an unconvincing interview - is it just me or has his performance in and out of the ring been going steadily downhill? I wonder what he knows that we don't...

The end of the program finds Steve Austin prowling the ring in the empty arena, he seems to be taking off padding from the corner buckles. Vader shows up (he even gets his ring entrance music despite the fact that he supposedly just wandered in from the locker room area...) He and Austin are jawin' and the suits are trying to restrain Vader as we fade to black...

WCW Pro-Wrestling

The report at the top of the program is that there still isn't much information available about the automobile accident involving the Steiners. Of course this is a taped program (as was the one yesterday)...they seem to be looking for a way to take them out of SuperBrawl.

High Voltage gets yet another win (over a mix-match pair of jobbers) today on the program. These guys are definitely getting a push...

La Parka and Juventud Guerrera gave us a high-flying match. After some really fast paced action, La Parka downed Guerrera with a cork-screw splash then pinned his lighter opponent.

Steve Armstrong gave Ultimo Dragon a reasonably competitive match bUndertaker "ultimately" lost it.

Hugh Morrus took on the Ultimate Jobber (Renegade) - no contest here - Morrus has size, talent, agility and experience - Renegade has...well...size...

WWF In Your House: The Final Four


Doc Hendrix opens the program then throws it to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up with a mic and interrupts the introductions. He says the Final Four match shouldn't be happening because he won the Royal Rumble. Jim Ross decides to go to a video on Austin in the middle of his rant. We see him attack Pillman and taunt Bret Hart, etc. His tainted victory at the Rumble is reviewed.

Meanwhile, Austin is still ranting in the ring. Now the Undertaker shows up - for once the lights don't go out. Austin mic gets cUndertaker and the Undertaker starts his rant - he plans to kick Austin's a$$, and everyone else's as well. That shut Austin up - he leaves the ring as we go to a video on the Undertaker, then one on Bret Hart.

I've been predicting that Austin will win this match tonight because that's what the WWF needs to maintain the high heat being generated by the Austin/Hart feud - but, in my opinion, the Undertaker is the one who deserves the Title.

Looks like we're not going to get a match for this we're reviewing Shawn Michael's situation yet again. They then explain the rules of the Final Four match - no disqualifications, no countout, elimination by pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope to the floor, the last man in the ring becomes the WWF Champion.

A longer recap of the entire Bret Hart saga then a live interview. Bret expresses sympathy for Shawn Michaels as a fellow wrestler and says he is 100% and ready to become the Champion tonight.

Doc does his spiel and is interrupted by Vader, who comes to the ring with Paul Bearer. Paul says they better have an ambulance standing by for the other three competitors. Vader says he's beat them all so that makes him the favorite tonight...dream on Leon...

Asked to make a prediction, Lawler says one of the four guys will be the new Champ (duh...), as the Free-For-All winds down Doc Hendrix holds a pep rally in the ring then predicts that the Undertaker will be the winner.

The PPV begins...

First up - Marc Mero (w/Sable in shades) vs. Leif Cassiday - they exchange slaps at the beginning. After some in-ring action it goes oUndertakerside. Sable is again getting physically involved in the action. She distracts Leif before he can smash her man's leg into the ringpost. Back inside Cassiday drop-kicks Mero in the knee twice then goes to work on the injury. Mero can't seem to get anything together. The only thing he has going for him is Sable who continues to provide a distraction to his opponent. Leif keeps ponding on that left leg then slaps on a figure four. Sable pushes the rope over so Mero can grab it and escape. Cassiday goes out to confront Sable, who slaps him good. While his attention is elsewhere Mero splashes him from inside out. They go back in and Mero maintains his advantage long enough to get his "Wild Thing" version of the Shooting Star press and the win.

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The Honky Tonk Man shows up and goes to the ring with his guitar. Lets review the Shawn Micheals situation again...

Sid is interviewed - he's the master, etc...we never did find out what was up with the Honky Tonk Man - not that anybody cares...

Flash Funk/Bart Gunn/Goldust (w/Marlena) vs. Faarooq/Crush/Savio Vega - the motley crew verses the goons - Faarooq calls for a mic but before he can speak he gets clobbered by Goldust. The crew clears the ring. Faarooq in against Funk - Faarooq takes the advantage and hands off to Vega. There is a dustup where Crush prevents a quick pin - Bart comes in and throws Funk over the top in an attempt at a splash which backfires - Funk gets creamed on the outside. Back inside they take turns on him when they're not double-teaming Funk. Funks comes back with a double clothesline then tags in Bart. Gunn cleans house then all hell breaks lose. In the ensuing melee, Bart gets his bulldog on Faarooq and attempts a pin. Crush breaks that up with a leg drop to the back of the head then suckers Bart's partners into the ring. The ref puts them out, meanwhile Faarooq rolls over and pins the unconscience Bart Gunn.

Steve Austin rants some more for Doc - calls him a jacka$$...

Rocky Maivia vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - return IC title match. Hunter dominates the action in this one as he did on RAW the other night. AboUndertaker 8 minutes in Maivia goes for the same inside cradle that won him the Title - it dosn't happen for him this time. Rocky finally gets loose snd shows some of his moves. A spectacular cross-body from the top nets him a two count. Now the match is see-saw. They exchange pin attempts. Goldust shows up ringside and distracts HHH. Maivia pins him after a belly to back suplex into a bridge.

After the match Goldust and Hunter face off - meanwhile a strange woman grabs Marlena and starts choking her. Security pulls them apart and hauls the interloperess away. Goldust comforts his lady.

Promo for the Leonard/Camacho boxing match.

Vader and Paul Bearer interviewed - Leon still thinks he has a prayer...

Doug Furnas/Phillip Lafon vs The British Bulldog/Owen Hart - Tag Team Title Match - the challangers are expected to win this one tonight. They dominate Owen is the beginning. As time goes on the Champs turn it around then they decide to have an argument in the midst of the action. Furnas and LaFan continue their attack, owen comes in to help his partner but loses his timing and puts a back kick on the Bulldog. They exchange words, then slaps then suddenly the Bulldog deliberately clotheslines his partner! He then prevents the pin!! The Match continues and Bulldog seems to have sorted himself oUndertaker. He breaks up another pin attempt. Now Bulldog is in - he dominates his opponent then puts him up for the running powerslam - Owen runs in with his Slammy award and creams the guy before Bulldog can complete the move. They are disqualified. There is a big argument after the match - Davey Boy breaks Owen's Slammy. The Bulldog keeps yelling "I had him beat!!"

The Final Four Match - Bret Hart vs. Vader vs. Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker - This one is a confused jumble but I will try to sort it out - Vader enters first then Austin. They go nose to nose and flip each other the double bird. The lights go out and the Undertaker makes his usual chilling entrance. Bret Hart gets an interview just before his entrance. He says they are all tough competitors and that the winner (him) will deserve the Title.

All four in the ring to start - they pair off on the bell Vader vs. Undertaker - Austin vs. Hart. Vader gets put down right away and the Undertaker starts attacking the other two at random. Vader recovers and suplexes Undertaker. Vader/Undertaker go outside - Austin?Hart continue in the ring. Outside Vader smashes Undertaker into the railing then grabs a chair and uses it on his opponent. A second attempt backfires when Undertaker gets a boot up and smashes the chair into Vader's face - Vader is busted open and the blood starts to flow right away. He gets rammed into the steps. Inside Hart and Austin are see-sawing. Vader and Undertaker back inside. Hart gets a sleeper on Austin but it doesn't last long as Steve counters with a jaw-breaker. Undertaker chokeslams Vader. Austin puts a Stunner on Undertaker and gets a 2 count. Vader puts Hart down and gets a 2 count. He rolls Hart out and creams him with a chair.

Austin and Undertaker are outside - Austin goes for a piledriver in the aisle but gets back-dropped on the concrete. In the ring Undertaker is trying to pin Hart - no soap. Outside Vader is throwing the steps at Austin. Austin returns the favor. Vader drops Austin on the railing and then tries to fling him in the opposite rail. Austin reverses the move and Vader takes out the time keeper as he lands! Austin uses the Title belt to beat him about the head, somehow Vader withstands the assault and turns the tables. Meanwhile Bret is laying in the ring. Vader drags him out of the ring tand they start to brawl. Vader is bleeding like a stuck pig.

Undertaker and Austin are now going at it in the ring. At one point they end up outside where Undertaker and Bret double-team on Austin until Vader reaches out from inside to break it up. Hart and Undertaker brawl. The all four are back inside. They are switching off so fast it gets hard to call it coherently. Austin is smashing Undertaker's leg into the ring post as Hart puts a low-blow on Vader whose face is a crimson mask.

Now they are all slowing down as exhaustion sets in. Austin is the first one eliminated when Hart puts him over the top to the floor using a firman's carry (seems much for my predictions). The remaining three are battling it out Inside, Vader clips Undertaker behind the knee then kicks him out to the floor.

Inside Vader takes the advantage over Hart and removes his headgear. Meanwhile Paul Bearer brains Undertaker with the urn. Moments later Vader super-plexes Vader from the top rope. He slaps on a sharpshooter but Undertaker comes in and breaks it up. Austin has come back to the ring area. Hart falls out of the ring and Austin is all over him. Hart rolls back in as the officials try to control Austin. Undertaker is down in the ring - Vader goes up for a Vader-bomb but Undertaker pops up and catches him on the ropes - Vader is knocked out and eliminated.

Undertaker and Hart continue as Austin keeps trying to interfere. Undertaker tries to get Hart in position for the Tombstone but Austin grabs Bret's leg and upsets it. Undertaker goes after Austin and then gets rolled up from behind. He kicks away from the pin then goes after Austin who is up on the apron again. He turns around and Bret clotheslines him over the top to the floor - Bret Hart is the Champion for the fourth time.

We barely have time for the Sycho one to come down and confront Hart in the ring before we fade to black...

Tomorrow night we get Sid vs. Bret for the title.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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