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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 2, Issue 134
February 24, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition

Sid Wins the Big One
for a Second Time!!!

Prince Iakea Upsets Regal for the TV Title

Outsiders Caught on Videotape
Causing the Accident that
Injured the Steiners!

Lawler Invites the ECW
to Come on Down!

Nitro Report

The NWO thugs arrive by limo as we open the program. They start to go into the arena when we suddenly become aware that one of the NWO'ers is down on the pavement. Apparently he has been attacked, although we didn't see it. The others see to him as we switch to the inside of the arena.

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Super Calo - it looks like Calo is trying to keep his opponent grounded in the opening moments (good plan). Misterio gets loose but his first flying move is met in mid-air by a drop-kick. They go outside and after a scuffle, Calo rolls in then comes flying out to flatten Misterio. Then he goes back in and does it again! They are back in the ring when we cut to the outside where Big Bubba is being carted away in an ambulance. Wallstreet goes with him.

It is announced that the Steiners are out of SuperBrawl because of injuries sustained in the auto accident mentioned over the weekend. It is revealed that the Outsider were somehow involved in the accident.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Calo is still in control. Rey gets free again and creams his opponent with a flying move off the top. He then tangles Calo up in the ropes and drops a leg on his head from the corner turnbuckle. He goes up again but Calo catches up to him and Frankensteiners him off the top. Rey kicks out and gets the drop on Calo. He puts him down and hits his slingshot Frankensteiner to get the pin.

Hugh Morrus vs. Steve Mc Michael - here's a couple of real powerhouses. One has gobs of talent the other has...well...power. Mongo dominates for about 5 seconds before missing an elbow drop. Morrus takes over. He grabs a leg and starts twisting. He stuns his opponent but takes too long to climb the ropes. Mongo catches him from behind and dumps him. Morrus comes back quickly and goes back to work on the leg. McMichaels is really hurting. Morrus puts him down again and starts back up the corner. This time Debra throws in the Haliburton case which Steve positions on his chest. Morrus throws his moonsault and runs his head into the case. Mongo gets the pin.

Review of the Piper/Hogan situation.

Dean Malenko vs. Robbie Brookside - Malenko makes a statement about how his father trained Syxx - he goes on to say that he will continue the lessons at the Cow Palace on Sunday. Brookside seems to have some wrestling skills but he's no match for the Ice Man. He has his moments but I suspect its mostly because he keeps taking Malenko by surprise with what mat wrestling ability he is able to muster. Dean takes him out with the Texas Cloverleaf.

Syxx comes out on the ramp and says that he had plenty of respect and gratitude but that it died when the Great Malenko passed away. He says that Malenko had been ducking him and that's why he stole the belt - in order to get the match. Dean decides he's had enough and chases Syxx off as we cut to commercial.

The NWO guys invade the broadcast without any warning. Hall admits that they were involved in the accident with the Steiners and give Tony a videotape (looks like 8mm) to show what happened. They almost get into it with Legendary Larry before they saunter off. Tony calls for a production assistant to take the tape back to the truck.

Public Enemy vs. The Amazing French Canadians - the Canadians have the advantage of better teamwork and Col. Parker on the outside. They make good use of those advantages in the opening moments. PE can't seem to get anything happening as Johnny Grunge gets creamed. Finally the Canadians make a mistake and Rocco Rock gets into the fight. The brawl goes outside where Rougeau gets rammed into the steps. In the midst of the melee Rougeau lays himself out on PE's table and gets smashed with their favorite move. PE wins.

Diamond Dallas Page denies any involvement in the attack on Bubba earlier. He just came to see the referees' match between Nick Patrick and Randy Anderson...

Prince Iakea vs. Lord Steven Regal - TV Title Match - Mean Gene interviews Regal on the way to the ring - he implies that Misterio (his opponent at SuperBrawl) is a "dwarf" and refers to him as "Dopey" - this match (the one tonight) is a squash, period. Iakea gets in one good shot to Regal's jaw at the beginning then its all downhill until Rey Misterio Jr. shows up to scout from the ramp during the match. Regal is distracted and Prince Iakea rolls him up and pins him!!! Prince Iakea is the new TV Champ (shades of Rocky Maivia...) Tony is speculating on whether this means that Iakea will have to take on Misterio at Superbrawl...

The second hour begins - we see a review of the incident at the top of the program. We can see Bubba trailing the pack as they head into the building - suddenly he just disappears...

Randy (Don't call me PeeWee) Anderson vs. Nick (Don't call me a Referee) Patrick - Both competitors are dressed as referees. It is pointed out that Anderson was formerly an amateur champion. Jimmy Jett hands him a weapon (a set of brass nucks) during the pat down. 30 second into the match, Anderson uses the weapon and knocks Patrick out. He wins the match but Eric Bischoff comes out and fires both of them. Bischoff is trying to haul Patrick away as we cut to commercial.

Chris Benoit vs. Roadblock - George Steinbrenner is shown in the audience - the big guy overpowers Benoit in the opening moments. Woman has to slap him to distract him so Chris can recover. The Wolverine goes on the attack and Roadblock never gets it back. The match is over in a matter of moments...

The Outsiders' tape is shown. Syxx mans the camera as they drive down a street. They spot the Steiners getting into a black BMW and follow them. They're wisecracking about the Steiners not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. They continue to follow them out of town then catch up and tap their bumper. The Steiners take off with our heroes(?) in pursuit. They catch up to them again and start trying to run them off the road. They succeed as the Steiners' car hits a ditch then flips over off the road. The Outsiders reverse direction and split. This supposedly shows us that the wreck wasn't the Outsiders' fault...

Tony says they have evidence of a criminal act in the video given them by the Outsiders. They call for the production team to find out what can be done about this outrage. They review the accident again.

Kevin Sullivan w/Jaquelyn and Jimmy Hart interview - Sullivan says he is not alone anymore. He plans to do Benoit in at SuperBrawl. He's "too legit to quit". Jaquelyn says that Nancy has a "big fat butt..."

Sullivan goes to the ring and squashes a jobber with the help of his lady(?)...

Eddie Guerrero vs. Konan - US Title match - Konan dominates with his superior size and power from the beginning of this match. Eddie keeps getting mowed down every time he gets something going. Eddie finally escapes after being pounded for about 6 or 7 minutes. He goes to the top but takes to long. Konan catches him but gets shrugged off. Eddie hits his frog splash and would get the pin except that the Faces of Fear decided to intervene. They double team Guerrero until Chris Jericho hits the ring - together they clean house. They shake hands before departing.

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Four Horsemen interview - all the guys and gals are present. Flair speaks up - calls Benoit "Chris Love-Machine Benoit" - Arn takes the mic and calls the Horsemen the "core" of WCW. He offers to lend Randy Anderson $100,000 to keep him afloat. Mongo questions his wife about where she will be at SuperBrawl when he faces Jeff Jarrett. She doesn't answer the question but insults Jaquelyn instead. Benoit says he'll "kick the door down and make a statement..." against Sullivan on Sunday. They try to end the interview but he keeps talking. He says the fight is about the "self" (whatever the hell that means...)

The Giant in a handicap match against Top Gun and Johnny Swinger - the jobbers get squashed...then the Giant spray paints their backs with the names of the Outsiders.

Mean Gene and Lex Lugar join the Giant in the ring - Lugar has a medical release in an envelope. Bischoff shows up on the ramp and says it's too late for a release - he calls the Giant a "500 lbs. furball" - Lugar and the Giant leave the ring as Bischoff flees hurling threats over his shoulder. Cut to commercial.

We join Roddy Piper on Alcatraz - he's ranting in a cell about how hard he's worked, how he was on the street at 13. He says he's dead inside because of Hogan. He says "...this is no wrestling promo" (right...) He rants on about what Hogan has done to him - he's at Alcatraz to train for the fight next week. He ends by doing pushups on the cell floor.

Chris Jericho vs Jeff Jarrett - this should be good - the program is overtime at this point so it can't last long. Uh oh, Mrs. Mongo shows up. She's there to cheer Jarrett on apparently. In the ring the match is a see-saw affair. Now Mr. Mongo is ringside and is questioning his wife. She goes up to the ring and is distracting the referee while Mongo goes in and smashes Jarrett with the Haliburton case. Jericho gets the pin.

The announcers seem completely unconcerned about the lateness of the hour (too bad they didn't feel that way when Hogan was wrestling the Giant...) The NWO music plays - send in the thugs...Bischoff has his arm on Liz's shoulder. Time for our weekly Hogan rant. He calls Piper "nuts" (I'll go along with that...) - Sting and Savage show up on the ramp to observe the silliness. The guys in the ring decide to ignore them. Hogan rants on...Sting is heading for the ring, Savage stops him and convinces him to turn back. Hogan continues his rant then goes into his posing shtick. Fade to black...

RAW Report

Its supposed to be Sid vs. Bret Hart for the WWF Title but Steve Austin hits the ring and starts a melee. Officials crowd the ring as Austin clips Sid behind the knee. Everything stops while Sid is carted away. Back in the locker room he vows the match will go on.

We review Shawn Michaels speech yet again then the Final Four match in stills.

Marc Mero vs NOD (Savio Vega) - Savio starts aggressive. Mero comes back with a series of drop-kicks which knock Vega out to the floor. He follows up with a somersault planche. He knocks Vega's head together with Crush's. Back inside they slug it out. Mero gets the upper hand but then gets dropped on the corner buckle. He's dumped out of the ring and is attacked by one of the PG-13 rappers. Sable rescues him with a kick that sends rap-boy flying! Back in the ring again and the match is in progress when Sable gets surrounded on the outside and slips into the ring to escape. Mero is disqualified. The thugs surround the Mero's - then Ahmed Johnson runs-in with his 2X4 and clears the ring. Cut to commercial.

Rocky Maivia vs. Leif Cassiday - IC Title match - Sunny shows up as usual for no particular reason - showing a lot of cleavage - she's to be the timekeeper I guess...

Leif has a big experience advantage - but Maivia is getting the push. Cassiday has his moments but he can't possibly prevail against Maivia's...popularity... (the King is making tasteless jokes about the late Tiny Tim). Hunter Hearst Helmsley says he wants his belt back in an inset. In the ring Cassiday has taken control. He's using a series of rest holds to wear the Champ down. He slams the kid then climbs the corner. Rocky starts to get up but is put back down by an elbow to the top of the head. Cassiday goes to the well again and gets caught. Now Rocky takes to the air and hits a swan dive splash but doesn't go for the pin. Instead he delivers his trademark shoulder-breaker then gets the pin.

The King grabs an ECW sign from a fan ringside and proceeds to give them more exposure than they've had in their entire existence! He puts them down, but manages to say ECW about 10 times - he mentions the full name of the promotion and even brings Philly into the speech, then invites them to come out to RAW next week! The ECW/WWF angle finallyrears its ugly head!!!

Goldust w/Marlena interview - we get a review of the IC Title match from last night in stills - Goldy says its personal between him and HHH now. Marlena decides to clear the air about Goldust's masculinity - she says he's all man and more so than HHH will ever be. Hunter shows up - tosses a drink in Goldust's eyes then goes to work on him in the ring. Gives him the pedigree. Marlena comes in and slaps HHH. The bodybuilder woman from last night shows up again and grabs Marlena in a waist lock and starts shaking her. Security breaks it up and hauls the stranger away. Goldy carries Marlena away from the ring.

The Headbangers vs. The Hardey Jobbers (er...Boys) - the Boys look good for about 5 seconds than its a squash... Faarooq challanges Ahmed to a Chicago Street Fight as the slaughter goes on in the ring. We hear that the WWF Title match will take place next on the program. Oh yeah...the Headbangers won...

We see Bret Hart heading out of the locker room, watch out - of course he's attacked by Austin before he can get to the arena floor. The officials converge to pull them apart (including McMahon whose right in the thick of the melee) - even Sid gets in on the action - cut to commercial.

Monsoon comes on after the break and guarantees that the Title match will take place (he gets in a cheap shot against the competition while he's at it...)

Flash Funk vs. Owen Hart - Hart comes down with both tag belts over his shoulders. JR says that Marlena is coughing up blood in the back and will be taken to the hospital.

The match starts out quick and stays that way. At one point both guys go for drop kicks at the same moment. Paul E calls the King during this match and accepts the invitation. The King starts naming ECW stars and talking about them wrestling in "bingo halls" (sounds more like the USWA to me...) In the ring, Owen is putting on the Sharpshooter but then Clarence Mason distracts him and he almost gets pinned. He goes out to argue with Mason and Funk takes the opportunity to splash him from the inside out. Now the Bulldog shows up and starts berating Mason. The combatants are back in the ring as we cut to commercial.

The action goes on on the ring - the competitors are trading pin attempts. Steve Austin rants in a split screen as Owen takes over in the match. We're back to the match - Owen throws himself into the corner spreadeagle (ouch!!) - Funk in control. He gets a moonsault but fails in the pin attempt. He goes for a whip and gets brained by the Slammy in the hands of Davey Boy Smith - I guess he's not quite ready to turn face...Owen gets the pin.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. ? - (JR is speculating that maybe the woman who grabbed Marlena is in cahoots with Helmsley...duh...) - we cut to commercial before the competition shows up.

Bart Gunn is the opponent - HHH claims he doesn't know the strange woman - Honky Tonk Man joins the broadcast team - Bart starts out strong. He has a size advantage and is probably more talented then Hunter (but I may be biased - I think Helmsley stinks...) He continues to control the match until Goldust does a run-in and chases Helmsley from the arena. Bart wins by a count-out. They say the WWF Title match is next - I'll believe it when I see it...

Lawler mentions ECW yet again during the commentary concerning the Goldust/HHH incident.

Dr. James Andrews says they are not going to perform surgery just yet. He plans to put Shawn into rehab for a while.

Sid makes his entrance - they review what's happened so far on videotape - Hitman's music plays and he comes down the aisle. No sign of Austin (but the match hasn't started yet...) - lets go sell some Fruit Twisters...

Finally the match is on - of course its a slugfest (what other kind of match can Sid have..?) Sids punches and kicks can't stand up to Bret's wrestling moves. Hart controls the action in the early going. Sid comes back for a while but Hart is back on top in minutes. He's working on the injured knee (courtesy of Stone Cold). He wraps Sids legs around the ringpost and applies a figure four from outside the ring!!! Cut to commercial.

We're back and Bret is still in charge. Sid comes back suddenly and turns the tables. He drops a leg from the second rope (looked like he missed). He goes back to pounding on his opponent then grabs ahold of Bret's throat. Bret kicks free. Moments later he rushes Sid who's on the ropes and misses. Still he dumps Sid out over the top. Austin shows up but gets downed by Sid. Back in the ring Bret slaps on the Sharpshooter and has Sid locked in. Sid is fighting it when Austin goes to the apron with a chair. He smashes Bret with it. Sid gets a powerbomb and the pin. Sid is the two time Champ and Bret has been screwed again...this sets up the Undertaker vs. Sid for Wrestlemania.

Both shows seemed to be trying harder tonight - I'd have to give RAW the edge with the hints about the ECW angle and all...although this WWF Title situation is really getting tiresome.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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