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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 132
February 22, 1997

Solie's Exclusive!

Bret Hart's Column
from the Calgary Sun

Weekend Review: Part 1

This morning I went over to San Francisco and spent the morning hanging out at Planet Hollywood with Solie's Readers' Forum regulars JBYRD (General of JBYRD's Army) and Hitman who are in town to attend SuperBrawl tomorrow night. They broadcast their "Cheap Seats" Extreme Sports Network radio program live from the restaurant. Yours truly was interviewed for almost 15 minutes, we talked about tomorrows card and I got to make some predictions and to plug the web site. Hitman also interviewed Sister Sherri, Jimmy Hart and Harlem Heat. I got to meet the personalities. Tomorrow night I will be attending the card at the Cow Palace and have been invited to join Hitman, JBYRD and Diamond Dallas Page for a drink after the event!

WCW Main Event

They review the Piper interview from Alcatraz at the top of the program. Then they show us the attack on Bubba and the subsequent interview with DDP in which he denies involvement..."I just came here to see PeeWee Herman and Nick Patrick..."

They showed the Hugh Morrus/Renegade squash match then went to a review of Lex Lugar's situation. I notice that he didn't allow anyone to see that "medical release" he was waving around. There has been some speculation that Lugar will go over to the NWO tomorrow and that the envelope he had actually contains an NWO contract. I guess we shall see...

The other speculation involves the possible appearance of Ted Turner, either tomorrow or Monday night to fire Eric Bischoff from his position in charge of the WCW organization.

The feature match was a squash affair between Ice Train and the Gambler (yawn).

WCW Saturday Night

Rey Misterio Jr. vs Viallano IV - Viallano is a newcomer slated to appear on the Pay-Per-View tomorrow in a 6-Man Luche Libre style match. Here he gives Misterioa great run but succombed to the smaller man. Rey will take on Prince Iaukea for the TV Championship tomorrow night.

Speaking of Iaukea, he defended his TV Title for the first (and most probably last) time on the program today against Jerry Flynn. The larger Flynn with his kick-boxing skills gave Iaukea all he could handle. Notice I didn't more than he could handle. The wrestler formerly (and currently) known as "Prince" got the duke after a fairly spectacular flying cross body block off the top rope.

Jimmy Hart came out with the Taskmaster and Jaquelyn today. Obviously this program isn't live since I was just talking in person to Jimmy Hart not more than three hours ago in San Francisco. Sullivan squashes a jobber with the lady's help (like he needed it...)

Konan hooked it up with Jeff Jarrett towards the end of the program. The Mexican Heavyweight champ ran his opponent ragged throughout most of the match. Konan's new aggresive style really suits him. I don't care for his characterization personally but he has proved himself to be a formidible talent. Right at the end Jarrett turned things around and slapped on a figure four. Kevin Sullivan and Jaquelyn ran in - which brought Chris Benoit and Nancy out of the woodwork. Jaquelyn threatened with the belt but Nancy was standing her ground as we went to a commercial. Tomorrow night will be very interesting...

Bret Hart's Weekly Column

Solie's Calgary Correspondent Rudy Van Koll is going to be out of town for the next month and therefore unable to do the weekly summary. However he did point me to where I can get a hold of the column myself so I will be doing my own summary until he gets back. Incidently, I could run the column verbatim but I am concerned about getting into trouble for violating copyrights, so I will continue to run a summary while including as many quotes as I feel I can get away with.

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Today's column is entitled I'LL TAKE THE WWF TITLE AGAIN

"Losing the WWF title for the fourth time was a hard pill to swallow, but it wasn't nearly as hard as some of my fans are being on me!" he begins the article.

He says he could "...understand their disappointment that my fourth title reign was only 24 hours long, but they've lost sight of the fact that I beat three of the biggest guys in the WWF to regain the title -- Austin, Vader, and Undertaker -- and I had Sid beat, too!"

He says that if Sycho Sid had outwrestled him to win the title he would have a major problem dealing with that -- "but that did not happen and it will never happen. What did happen is that I had Sid in the sharpshooter and was about to win the match when Psycho Steve Austin hammered me in the head with a chair." The ref didn't see it so he lost the title, "...but at least I didn't end up with a fractured skull -- just a minor concussion."

Bret says he is much less upset about this than if he had actually lost to Sycho Sid! "I'm proud to say I've won the WWF title four times and that I've still never been cleanly defeated as champion."

The way he puts his losses in perspective is to look at the big picture. "We already know they will try to screw me out of the title each time I win it, so the game I'm playing now is to win the title as many times as I can and see how many times I'll be champion before someone actually beats me fair and square."

Every time they cheap shot Bret for the belt it doesn't make Bret look bad, it makes them look pathetic. When all is said and done, he's one step closer to his personal goal of beating Hulk Hogan's record as five-time WWF Champion. "I'm happy about that. What I'm not happy about is the state of WWF security. It is unbelievable to me that one person could succeed in successfully delaying the start of my match with Sid -- three times in the same night!"

He complains that Austin was still able to get out to the ring while the match was in progress to cost Bret the title! He also mentions that Marlena has been grabbed twice by a woman in the front row. The woman was thrown out of the building and turned over to the police.

He says that Austin had no official involvement in the title match so that makes him a spectator just like the woman who grabbed Marlena. "Anyone who interferes in the matches should be made an example of. I'm looking forward to hearing what sanctions Gorilla Monsoon will impose against Austin and I'm very curious to know what kind of a rematch he's setting up for me. Gorilla did the fair thing when Austin interfered in the Rumble so let's give him the benefit of the doubt that he'll come up with something fair to counter Psycho Steve's interference in my title defence against Sycho Sid."

In the meantime, Bret is putting that all behind him for the time being because "...I'm on a plane to Germany to participate in the European Title Tournament. They haven't made the European title into a middleweight title so guys like myself and Bulldog are in the tournament and I'm actually looking forward to the competition. The finals will be on a special Raw from Germany on Monday, March 2, so you can tune in to see who the new European Heavyweight Champion will be."

"Hopefully it will be me!"

As I mentioned above, I will be attending the live event tomorrow night so naturally you can expect that I won't be as prompt as I usually am with the report. I will have it on the web Sunday night and it will be a first person report of the event itself and whatever happens during and after the event as I interact with the fans and (hopefully) some of the wrestlers. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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