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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 2, Issue 134
February 24, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition

Bischoff Strips the Giant and Lugar of the Tag Belts

Surprise, surprise...

LOD Reappear in the WWF

ECW Invades Itself on RAW

Nitro Report

Coming to us from Sacramento, CA.

We get one of our questions from last night right at the outset as Steve McMichael and Jeff Jarrett come down together to represent the Horsemen in a match against Public Enemy. I guess Mongo is still a Horseman. The match itself is pretty evenly fought until Mongo decides to hit his partner with the Haliburton case! Needless to say Jarrett gets pinned. Flair and Arn come to the ring and stand by for a time while Steve spills his guts. He says that he was just "getting some of what he lost last night back." He welcomes Jarrett into the Horsemen but feels like he owed Jarrett the shot. Flair states that the Horsemen have to stick together and Arn reminds us now that with him and Flair injured and Benoit in the hospital after last night's match, that McMichaels and Jarrett are the only one left to represent the Horsemen. He insists that Jarrett and Mongo shake hands - which they do. Horsemen unity prevails (for now...)

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Galaxie - Mexico vs. the USA in this one - Duggan dominates from the beginning. Galaxie just can't get a handle on his much larger opponent. Galaxie goes for a moonsault towards the end and misses completely. Duggan tapes up, yells "Hogan!!!" and puts his opponent down for the count.

Mean Gene with Hacksaw - he tells Hogan and Savage to stay out of his way if they know what's good for them.

Joe (the Jobber) Gomez vs. Hugh Morrus - the same match as the opening dark contest on the PPV last night. And I do mean the same match. In fact even the sequence of moves is exactly the same. Not surprisingly, the outcome is also exactly the same...can you guess who won? (Hint: Hugh Morrus with a moonsault).

Review of stills from the San Francisco Death Match last night.

LaParka vs. Ice Train - this is a rematch from either last week or the week before. LaParks jobbed for the last one. Its no different on this occasion. At least this time LaParka gets in some great moves to put the big guy down on several occasions. Still, the Train runs him down and squashes him for the pin.

They tell us that Lugar and the Giant will face Harlem Heat for the Tag Titles tonight. Not if Uncle Eric has anything to say about it I imagine...

Chris Jericho/Eddie Guerrero vs. Faces of Fear - we see some stills of the US Title match from last night before this contest starts - Jericho starts and gets the best of the Barbarian - Eddie comes in and gets dropped face first to the mat. Then he gets severly powerbombed. Eddie comes back with a flying head scissors. Tags in Jericho who starts fast but gets a knee to the back from his opponent's partner. He comes right back with a reversal on the next assault but gets trapped in the corner. Chris gets doubleteamed and almost pinned - Eddie rescues him. Next he gets the double headbutt - again Eddie is there to make the save. Jericho gets loose and manages to tag in Eddie - they make several exchanges and exhibit some fine teamwork as they take the measure of the Faces. As Eddie is going up to the top Dean Malenko (as payback for Eddie's interference last night I suppose) runs in and shoves him off the corner and right into the boot of the Barbarian. Faces win it.

Review of the Horsemen match earlier tonight

Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - even this guy outweighs the diminuitive Misterio. No one outweighs Rey Jr. in heart however. This is a great, highflying match both of these guys are as nimble as they come. As I've observed before, Juventud doesn't have the fluidity of his opponent but both of them are amazing daredevils. Rey Jr, wins the match with his typical flying springboard Frankensteiner into a jack-knife pinfall (what a mouthful..!)

Prince Iaukea vs. Pat Tanaka - Tanaka has the experience advantage and, in fact I would expect him to win this match if Iaukea weren't the US Champion (hence, getting the push...) The Prince wins after a back splash (almost a Thesz press) and then a flying cross body press.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Dean Malenko - no Cruiserweight belt at stake this time for this re-match from Starrcade '96. Malenko looks pissed as he strides to the ring. After an intense exchange, Malenko offers to shake hands - Dragon takes the bait and gets pulled into a clothesline. Malenko continues to act very aggressively throughout this match. Slapping his opponent and tauting him continuously. (the more the announcers talk about Savage's defection last night the more convinced I become that the Macho Man will turn out to be a spy in the NWO camp...) In the middle of this match my cable suddenly lost the signal for about 2 minutes. Coming back we find Malenko still in control. Moments later the Dragon finally scores and follows up with flying moves to the outside. Back inside they trade pin attempts. Malenko puts his opponent down and drops to his knees and starts choking the Dragon out blatently as the referree counts away. Sonny Oono gets involved and gets his clock cleaned. Malenko goes back to the choke and gets disqualified.

Malenko interviewed by Mean Gene - he says he's sick and tired of the disrepect shown toward him and his late father - he challanges Syxx for the Cruiserweight Title then blames Guerrero for his loss of the title last night.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. David Taylor - before this match really gets under way the NWO guys show up. In the ring DDP gets the diamond cutter as the Outsiders surround the ring. Now Savage is heading down. He's wearing black but not an NWO t-shirt. He blindsides Page and knocks him out. A fan hits the ring and gets ejected. Savage spraypaints DDP's back, then accepts a t-shirt (more like a pancho really). He throws his patented elbow from the top turnbuckle as the Outsiders look on. Cut to commercial.

The Outsiders and Savage are still in the ring as we return. Hall introduces Savage as the newest member of the NWO. Hall then intoduces Hogan as the "undisputed, undeafeted NWO Champion of the World..." Hall carries the WCW belt over his shoulder as he interviews Hogan. Bischoff comes out with Debiasi and Liz. Hogan gives Savage a "present" for his defection - Elizabeth. They embrace and she is smiling for the first time in months. She is applauding Hogan's rant as we cut to commercial. (I'm still not convinced - the fact that Savage was willing to stab Piper and DDP in the back means nothing).

Harlem Heat vs. Lex Lugar and the Giant - there isn't enough time for this match so I don't expect it to happen. Sure enough here comes Eric... He's grinning as he says "Just a minute (he's backed up by the thugs)..." He demands the belts back. Lugar refuses. He says he'll hand over the belts if the NWO will agree to put all of their Titles up at the Uncensored PPV...Eric agrees. Sting shows up bat in hand. He faces Hogan and stares at him. Hogan embraces Sting while Sting remains motionless. Stings turns toward the crowd and Hogan is laying his hand on the Stinger's shoulder as we fade to black.

Well, that was weird. Of course I don't think Sting just joined the NWO - if anything he came out to challange Hogan for the World Title. And I think that's what will come of all this in the end. Savage is a cipher as well...I still don't think he's turned for real. He's just digging in deep so he can do more damage when he reveals his real purpose.

RAW Report

From the Manhatten Center.

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McMahon claims they have a "big surprise" for us as the Blackjacks go at it with the Godwins. The audience is chanting "Nitro Sucks!" The Blackjacks have a good thing happening but the Godwins are the superior team. UFC Champ Ken Shamrock is in the audience at ringside. The Blackjacks have some trouble getting started but eventually pull it together to get a tainted victory as Henry is pinned with his foot on the rope. The offending referree gets slopped for his bad call.

Paul E shows up with one of his tag teams (apparently their Tag Champs) who assault a ring attendent. Paul E is looking a bit stout compared to the last time I saw him. Cut to commercial.

Paul E introduces Little Guido - the BWO (Blue World Order) show up. Big Stevie Cool is the opponent. Apparently the ECW is invading itself. Little Guido beats the tar out of him as Raven (Scott Anthony) and the "Blue Guy" look on. Big Stevie comes back and wins with a super-kick.

Sunny says she will easily beat Marlena in the upcoming arm-wrestling match due to Marlena's injuries from last week. Cut to commercial.

Someone shouts out "You Suck!!" as the Honkytonk Man is introducing Sunny. Sunny does her best Rick Rude impression as she strips off her martial arts style robe. Marlena is introduced. Sunny offers to let Marlena foreit. Marlena gets in a great line when she says "I'm glad to see that Sunny stopped working 42nd Street..." long enough to have the match. Sunny slips the grip twice then the match begins. After a struggle Marlena is about to win when Sunny throws powder into her eyes. Savio Vega shows up and is menacing Marlena when Goldust hits the ring. Goldy is beating on Savio as we cut to commercial.

The match is in progress as we return - Savio in control. The NOD has joined Sunny at ringside and are getting involved in the match. Crush piledrives Goldust on the floor at one point. Savio's countryman, Miguel Perez, is expressing disappointment in him at the broadcast table. Meanwhile, Goldust is still fighting back in the ring. They struggle on the top turnbuckle - Goldy headbutts Savio twice - kisses him on the mouth and then shoves him to the mat. Moments later Goldust and Crush get into it on the outside. Inside the ring again Crush and Savio doubleteam Goldy and get DQ'd. Miguel Perez hits the ring and turns the tide. He hits Savio with a flying drop-kick from the top then attacks Crush. Goldust takes over and together they clear the ring. Cut to commercial.

We see a flashback of Jerry Lawler interviewing Tiny Tim.

Lawler interviews Ken Shamrock - he calls Ken a close friend - Ken doesn't seem to know him. He calls Lawler a liar...the Burger King slinks away...

Paul E is back and introducing Mikey Whipwreck - his opponent is Taz. Whipwreck gives a pretty good account of himself but Taz dominates the match. Vince is still talking about a big surprise. Sabu comes diving off the RAW sign and storms the ring only to be led away. Taz puts on an excellent exhibition of suplex wrestling only to win the match in the end with a body scissors combination submission hold.

The Headbangers vs. The Roadwarriors - this is Vince's surprise - and they are called the "Roadwarriors" for the first time in the WWF (that is a surprise). Animal and Hawk look great for old farts...(please don't tell them I said that...) The crowd is chanting "Nitro Sucks!" again while the LOD takes the Headbangers apart. Now the crowd is chanting "Bischoff Sucks!" (tell me they weren't put up to that...) The Bangers finally gain some ground when Hawk launches his shoulder into the corner post. Mosh follows up with a double ax-handle ala Randy Savage from the top to the floor. Cut to commercial.

Were back and the Headbangers are definitely in charge. Hawk manages to tag Animal in and all hell breaks loose. The action goes outside and both teams get counted out. LOD puts there classic two-story finishing move on one of the Bangers just for the hell of it after the bell.

Shawn Michaels video set to "Tell Me a Lie." Deja Vu bigtime...

D-Von Dudley vs. Tommy Dreamer - more ECW action - Dreamer takes his opponent outside and starts using weapons handed to him by the audience. He sets the ring steps up on the apron and kicks it into Dudley's face. Then he gets hoisted on his own petard when Dudley reverses a move and throws him into his own trap (the steps set up in the corner of the ring). He gets Tommy's chair and uses it on him in different ways. Dreamer gets the advantage back and wins the match with the chair in hand. Dudley's brother (I guess) hits the ring followed closely by the Sandman - a melee ensues ending when the larger of the two Dudley's launches himself into the chair in the corner. Paul E and the King get into an argument at the broadcast table - Vince finds himself caught in the middle as some of the other ECW guys plus several fans decide to lend Paul E a hand. Cut to commercial.

Review of the happenings surrounding the WWF Title on last weeks show.

Todd Pettingill actually interviews Ken Shamrock - he introduces his wife and father. He predicts the Undertaker to win the Title at WrestleMania. He won't pick a winner in the Hart/Austin match.

Undertaker vs Faarooq - Faarooq decides to confront Shamrock. He invites him into the ring as we get ready to cut to commercial. Shamrock says he'll step in with Faarooq anytime but he has to keep his goons out of it. Hmmm...the rest of this program could get interesting.

The Undertaker makes his usual entrance (Ooooh...scary, kids...) he must have it in his contract that nobody is allowed to attack him while the lights are out...Vince calls Faarooq "faareak" (couldn't tell if it was a slip of the tongue). Faarooqs goons are surrounding the ring. Undertaker dominates the opening moments of the match. Vince announces that Jim Ross' father has died and that's why Ross isn't on hand (Solie's extends our condolences to the family). Meanwhile Undertaker gets clotheslined over the top but lands on his feet. Moments later he is clipped by one of Faarooq's thugs outside the ring. Cut to commercial.

Were back and UT is back in the ring. We see a replay of the Undertaker cleaning house ringside during the break. Faarooq gives UT a second clip shot. He keeps pounding on the big guy who keeps fighting back. Now he's concentrating on the injured leg. The match swings back and forth with Faarooq getting in most of the licks but the Undertaker keeps coming back. Finally the thugs hit the ring and gang up on our hero - the Roadwarriors hit the ring and aid the Undertaker in cleaning the ring as we fade to black...

Well, it was an interesting show. As I expected, the ECW won't be allowed to upset any applecarts, at least not immediately. I suspect tonights program was a trial balloon. Whether or not the ECW appears again will be based on the reaction from the fans over the next few weeks. I am confident we won't see them on next weeks show except in flashbacks. Maybe later, if Vince decides its warrented.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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