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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 2, Issue 137
March 3, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition

Eric Bischoff Suspended!!!

Dr. Harvey Schiller, President of Turner Sports, does the deed

British Bulldog Wins
the WWF European Title

Nitro Report

Live from the OMNI in Atlanta

The NWO emerges from a HumVee limosine - a second limosine digorges the president of Turner Sports (a Dr. Harvey Schiller) - Tony mention that he outranks Eric Bischoff...Hmmmm...the Steiners are scheduled to wrestle tonight against the Giant and Lex Lugar.

Hugh Morrus/Konan vs. Jeff Jarrett/Steve McMichaels - this will be good if Mongo can keep it together. Jarrett gets creamed by Morrus early on - Morrus puts on the strut. The DOD'ers go to work on him. As they are setting up a double team move Jarrett escapes and causes them to collide. Mongo tags in and goes to town on them. Public Enemy show up at ringside and menaces Debra - Jarrett tries to use the case on Rocco but in the struggle for the case he draws back and brains Mongo with it. It looked like a well choreographed "accident". The DOD wins.

Horsemen interview - Arn and Flair jump on Jarrett, accusing him of perfidy - he defends himself and so does Debra.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. a Jobber (Rick Fuller) - DDP's fans at ringside rip off their NWO T-shirts to reveal DDP T-shirts. I'm surprised he isn't sporting any bandages after the attack he sustained last week. Fuller has one good moment at the beginning then its all downhill. DDP wriggles out of a scoop-slam to put on a Diamond Cutter. 'Nuff said.

Mean Gene with DDP - they review the afore mentioned attack. DDP says he's the real deal. Savage has snapped he says - then he invites the Macho Man to "snap into this!" as he givs his DDP "salute".

Ray Mendoza Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera - Mendoza has size and experience over his opponent. Guerrera has the flash and fire. Mendoza is clearly the superior wrestler as well. Guerrera is a madman! He pulls off a suicide dive from one apron through the ropes at the corner and out to the floor. Moments later they struggle for control on the top turnbuckle. Juventud manages to crotch his opponent on the top rope - after that it takes two moves to get the pin.

Jimmy Hart, Taskmaster and Jaquelyn take over the broadcast position. They take credit for the fact that Nancy and Beniot aren't in attendance tonight ( seemed to me like they got the worst of that encounter...) Kevin says he used to think of Benoit as a young version of himself - but he's changed his mind. They're "too legit to quit..." yatta, yatta...

Baseball legend Hank Aaron is shown at ringside

Mike Enos vs. Dean Malenko - Malenko still looks pissed off. Watch out! Enos jumps on him as soon as he enters the ring but Malenko turns the tables and goes to work in a most brutal fashion. He injures Enos' left leg and methodically takes it apart. Enos manages to lift the same knee to regain the advantage but then he can't stand on it. Malenko goes back to work. Enos rolls through a splash and almost gets the pin. Moments later he loses the advantage again and then, in the middle of a scoop slam attempt he gets cradled for the pin.

Malenko grabs a mic and says "this is just a little bit of what the new and improved Dean Malenko is all about" He takes off on Eddie Guerrero again...

Mean Gene intrduces Eric Bischoff - Bischoff is all smiles - this look like a set-up... He starts talking about how great Hogan, Hall amd Nash are... Uh oh - here comes Dr. Schiller...he says that "We need to talk..." He asks Bischoff some pointed questions about firing referees and taking Titles away at will... then he suspends Bischoff!!!

Bischoff says he has lawyers, etc. - but Schiller is already walking away. Cut to commercial.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Eddie Guerrero - this is a great cruiserweight battle. The Dragon dominates much of the match. It ends suddenly when Eddie rolls through a splash and ends up tangled in the ropes which gives him the leverage to get the pin.

Mean Gene with Eddie G - Malenko shows up and they face off verbally...nothing is settled...cut to commercial.

The second hour begins as we return. They review the suspension of Eric Bischoff.

Mr. Wallstreet vs. Scotty Riggs - on paper this is a squash match - but this is pro-wrestling...Rotundo is a seasoned veteren and extremely talented - Riggs is a glorified jobber... In fact Wallstreet dominates the match as expected. Tony tells us that the WCW Executive Commitee is sanctioning the match as suggested by Lugar last week and have added a team captained by Roddy Piper (this is old news on the Internet). In the ring Riggs is doing to good to be believed. Marcus Bagwell runs in and gets Wallstreet disqualified. Riggs beats a hasty retreat and gets a chair. He hesitates too long and "Buff" gets away. We hear that Piper is in the building as we cut to commercial.

Piper's music plays - here he comes - he's wearing an "I.C.O.N." t-shirt modeled after the NWO design. He says the one problem Hogan doesn't have is insomnia "two times we meet - two times he sleeps..." He refers to Hall and Nash as "monkeys". He calls the fans his family. He translates his own Gaelic babble from a month or so ago "there's no goin' home 'till the battles over..." He talks about taking "these six guys on one at a time" Says that I.C.O.N. stands for "I Cower Over Nothing".

He has tryouts for his team. The first up is a jobber (unnamed). Piper wrestles him amateur style. One down. Next up - another unnamed jobber. This guy puts up a better fight - he's a bruiser. He succombs to the sleeper. Two down. Another big jobber approaches the ring but gets pearl harbored by a fourth guy in boxing gloves. He throws a pair of gloves to Piper. They go at it - the jobber resorts to wrestling when he can't win the boxing match. That doesn't work for him so he goes back to boxing. He goes down repeatedly and keeps coming back. The crowd gives him thumbs down but Piper likes him. They go at it bare handed. Piper accepts him. Four down.

The fifth guy is bigger yet and is a kick-boxer - he's bare foot. This guy dominates Piper until he starts running out of gas. He and Piper continue on until Piper finally accepts him.

John (Avalanche) Tenta comes down and beats on Roddy - the other two team members come in to help. Piper stops the fight and declares that he has picked his team - this is really weird...he ends by saying that NWO stands for "No Way Out". Cut to commercial. No way this is Piper's team...something will happen to the two jobbers, mark my word...

JL vs. Rey Misterio Jr is in progress as we return - Prince Iaukea says in an inset that he will give Rey Jr. another shot at Uncensored. In the ring JL is dominating the match. Misterio can't seem to get his high-flying stuff together. He gets loose but gets thrown out of the ring. JL does a running sommersault and crashes into Misterio on the outside. Moments later Rey gets a top rope Frankensteiner on his opponent. They have a couple of more exchanges, then Misterio throws his springboard Frankensteiner to get the pin.

Medusa with Mean Gene - she expects to see more womens' wrestling in WCW now that Eric is out of the picture. At the sound of her name, Luna Vachon runs in and we have a cat fight leading to the commercial.

NWO music plays - this should be good...the whole gang comes down - including Bischoff and...Sting bringing up the rear. Sting stands apart in one corner. Bischoff says he can't be fired because "we are friends of Ted..." Hogan tells Schiller "to take a hike". He says that Schiller is out of is league...then applies the same label to Piper. Savage says Piper needs a psychiatrist - he says that he (Savage) is a bigger icon then Piper. Sting continues to stand apart from the pack. Kevin Nash says "The NWO, this squad is too Sweet". Hogan does his posing schtick...cut to commercial please!!!

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The Steiner Brothers vs. The Giant and Lex Luger - both of these teams have a claim on the Tag Team Titles - what will the Exec committee do about this situation..?

Lugar has switched to a soft cast. He and Rick lock it up to start. They are pretty evenly matched. Scott tags in and gets a belly-to-belly on Lugar. Then a Steiner bomb. Lugar comes back with a powerslam and tags in the Giant. The Giant dominates Scotty but Rick tags in and they double team the Giant to slam him. The NWO guys ( Hogan, the Outsiders, Savage) comes down to the ring. Sting follows down with his bat. Piper and his team show up. Piper's team and the WCW guys are inside - NWO are storming the ring as we fade to black...

They seem to be suggesting that the Giant, Lugar, and the Steiners will represent WCW in Uncensored Title team match. The NWO team is less clear - Hogan, the Outsider and either Savage or Sting. Piper and his two jobbers plus Tenta. A motley crew if ever there was one...I still think Piper's team is subject to change...

RAW Report

Coming to us on tape from Berlin, Germany - Owen Hart faces the British Bulldog in the finals of the European Title tournament (we already know that the Bulldog has won that title).

The Honky Tonk man is in the ring to strut his stuff - thankfully a German ring announcer takes his place...

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Bret Hart - Bret is interviewed while Hunter enters the ring. Apparently something has been done to him by Stone Cold (unless they're just talking about the general situation between them) Bret makes his entrance - huge pop!

HHH gets the first shot in but then is caught in a headlock. We see Steve Austin arriving at the WWF studios back in the States (at least he won't be running in on any matches tonight!) In the ring Hunter is backpedaling from an irate Hitman. Hart keeps going back to the headlock. Hunter gets in a low-blow to take the advantage just as we cut to commercial.

Hunter is in control as we return. As usual they are implying that this is taking place live. Hunter is working on Bret's left arm. A little later he takes too long getting to the top and gets superplexed to the mat. Hart takes over. For a moment it looks like Helmsley will get his Pedigree but he is upset by Hart who takes over again. Moments later Hart knocks the ref down and gets disqualified. The Amazon (apparently Hunter's bodyguard comes into the ring and confronts Bret - who declines her invitation to mix it up.

We look at the studio where Austin has vanished - the sound of a toilet flushing tells us where he has gone...

Vader vs. Rocky Maivia - Intercontinental Title match - we see some scenes from the Final Four match as Vader makes his entrance - no flinching from the blood here - I guess Vinnie Mac has decided to take the "Extreme" route in more ways then one...cut to commercial.

Rocky makes his entrance as we return. We see a video revealing that Maivia has been defeated by Vader earlier this week during the Tournament. Vader dominates the early going. Rocky finally reverses a verticle suplex to gain some ground. They slug it out then Maivia geta a belly-to-back suplex as we go to sell something.

Vader splashes the Champ just as we return. He goes to the second rope and does it again. Rocky kicks out of the pin attempt. Vader ties his legs up and works on them. Maivia makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Vader goes back to the second rope and leaps right into a powerslam. Rocky gets another suplex in, drop-kicks Vader over the top rope and follows him out to the floor before Mankind shows up and brains the Champ with the urn. The disqualified Vader beats up on Maivia until the suits pull him off and lead him away.

Video review of the ECW appearance on RAW last week.

The Sultan vs. Flash Funk - Burger King Lawler gets on the phone and gives ECW more publicity while pretending to put them down. He invites them to come out again next week. Paul E will be on the phone later. We cut to commercial before the match can start.

Funk is taking it as we return - we see a flashback showing him being blindsided before the bell rang during the break. Flash takes over for a short time then runs into a sleeper hold. Paul E is on the phone - he's tired of hearing from Lawler. He plugs his PPV and says the ECW guys may show up at any time (anytime Vinnie says its okay...)

In the ring the Sultan has run Flash Funk down.

We see video of Steve Austin's previous run-ins with WWF studio personnel, Security Officers, the Police, etc.

Mankind interview (sort of) - he will face Sid for the WWF belt later tonight. We are informed that he spoke German but though we see a clip we don't hear any of the interview. Sid does his spiel - "I'm the ruler, etc..."

We see some more video from IYH - the Bulldog clotheslining Owen Hart during the Tag Team Title match.

Ahmed Johnson interview - he accepts the challange to the Chicago Street Fight against Faarooq but says he won't be alone this time...cut to Wrestlemania 13 promo.

Video of the Road Warriors' appearance on RAW last week (I had some readers dispute my assertion that they were referred to as "The Road Warriors" - they insisted that they were introduced as "Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal - the Legion of Doom" - which they were - but I checked the tape, during the program, both Lawler and McMahon called them the "Road Warriors" more then once...)

We get to hear the Mankind interview in German as he makes his entrance for his Title match against Sid. Cut to commercial.

Clips of earlier incidents on the program (Bret Hart's DQ, etc.) ala Nitro...

Sid makes his entrance - he attacks as soon as he hits the ring. The bell sounds and the match goes out to the floor. Sid dominates and they go back into the ring. Steve Austin is interviewed back in the States as the fight goes on. Its only a teaser I guess. Back in the ring Mankind has turned the tables. He claws and scratches in his usual fashion. Sid comes back with a series of running kicks to the body and the head of his opponent. This goes on until Mankind sidesteps him and Sid runs himself into the corner. Mankind takes over again as we cut to another commercial.

Mankind is thrown out of the ring as we return. Out on the floor Paul Bearer tries to get involved but it backfires when Sid turns around and catches Mankind in a choke hold. He downs the horrer show then suplexes him on the floor. Back into the ring. After a couple of exchanges Mankind gets the Mandible Claw - Sid fights his way out of it only to get DDT'd. Next Mankind slaps on a sleeper. Sid breaks the hold by backing into the corner - then he rushes right into an upraised boot. Another sleeper slapped on. Sid breaks it up again. Paul Bearer tries to distract him but it backfires again as Mankind rushes the Champ from behind - Sid sidesteps and Mankind runs into uncle Paul. Sid gets a rather weak looking chokeslam - Mankind kicks out - a PowerBomb takes care of it. That's all they wrote...

Steve Austin whines and cries while he complains about Bret Hart whining and crying...

Owen Hart vs. The British Bulldog - European Championship match - this has to be a great match - not only are these guys partners and brother-in-laws but they were trained by the same master wrestler - Stu Hart. The pace seems rather slow in this one. The Bulldog is relying heavily on his superior power while Owen is feeling his way cautiously through the match. Its like they each are wary of the other - probably a good idea when your matched against your regular tag team partner. No clear favorite going into the commercial.

The Bulldog is hyper-extending the left arm of Owen as we return. Owen wriggles out of a suplex then misses a back round kick. Bulldog gets him up into a surf board but Owen grabs the refs shirt to lever out of the hold. The Bulldog gets vaulted out of the ring. Owen invites him back in. After another exchange Owen pulls a Bret style fake-injury move. The distracted Bulldog gets surprised and has the boots put to him. Now Owen pulls out all the stops as he punishes his brother-in-law. He is largely successful at grounding his more powerful opponent. Bulldog comes back but can't sustain his attack. Owen slaps on a reverse chinlock as we go to anther commercial.

The pace has sped up considerably as we return. Almost immediately they go back to a rest hold. Owen in control. A little later they struggle for control on the top turnbuckle. Owen gets a superplex but Davey shifts his weight and turns it into a splash. Now Davey Boy has the advantage, but not for long. They exchange several times then Owen hits his kick to the back of the head. He puts on the Sharpshooter but Bulldog fights his way to the ropes and breaks the hold. Moments later he succeeds in getting his running Powerslam - Owen kicks out - he goes for a victory roll - Bulldog reverses it and gets the pin. Davey Boy Smith is the European Champion.

Well, that last match was well worth the price of admission - otherwise we had a 50-50 ratio of clean endings vs. screw-jobs on tonight's card. Overall this program struck me as a step-down from the outstanding shows the WWF has been giving us the last few weeks.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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