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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 2, Issue 140
March 10, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition

Piper Changes His Team!

Arn Anderson, Steve McMichael, Ric Flair to Substitute

Dennis Rodman Confirmed as NWO Member

Bret Hart will Challange Sid
Next Week on RAW!

This press release is from the AP News Wire on March 8, 1997:

Chicago (AP) - Michael Jordan didn't make the cut as a baseball player, but Chicago Bulls teammate Dennis Rodman just might have what it takes to star in his own second sport, professional wrestling. Needless to say, he'll be a bad guy. Rodman has signed with a major professional wrestling promoter and will be in the ring as Hulk Hogan's tag team partner on a pay-per-view card this summer, the Chicago Sun-Times reported today. "After getting the proper direction from Hollywood Hogan, we'll see how bad he really is," Hogan said Friday. Rodman's contract is with World Championship Wrestling, a division of Time-Warner, said WCW executive vice president Eric Bischoff. Bischoff said "The Worm" will join a group of anti-hero wrestlers called the New World Order, which is led by good-guy-turned-bad-guy Hogan, professional wrestling's biggest star.

"Dennis is a guy who wants to have some fun," Hogan said. "And he sees that the New World Order are a bunch of guys who are kind of like him, not afraid to cross over the line, ready to kick butt and take names." Rodman will make a ringside appearance at WCW's next pay-per-view event on March 16, will begin training after the Bulls' season ends and then team with Hogan at a match July 13 in Daytona beach, Fla., Bischoff said. "It will be a team of Hulk Hogan, the best wrestler in the world, and Dennis Rodman, the best rebounder and one of the premier entertainers in the world," said Rodman's agent, Dwight Manley. Manley said Rodman's contract with the Bulls does not bar him from making a personal appearance at a wrestling match during the NBA season. By the time he is scheduled to get in the ring himself, Rodman will be an unrestricted free agent. Bulls general manager Jerry Krause was not available for comment on the report.

Nitro Report

Sure enough, Dennis Rodman makes an appearance with Hollywood Hogan at the beginning of the program. Then we go outside and see Roddy Piper and his team pull up in a white limo.

The program is coming from the Club Da Vela in Panama City, Florida. The ring is set up outdoors floating in the middle of a swimming pool.

First up High Voltage vs. Mongo McMichaels/Jeff Jarrett - McMichaels and Jarrett are showing some good coordination - they dominate the action early on. Jarrett makes a mistake and gets trapped in a doubleteam in the corner. Now High Voltage pick up the pace and prevail until Rage throws himself onto Jarrett's knees. Then its all downhill. Mongo comes in and cleans house. He hits a great neckbreaker then picks his opponent (still Rage) up and gets a Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

Mean Gene with Roddy Piper - he brings his team - all are wearing kilts. Piper says he has had some criticsm from many quarters. He mentions Howard Stearn and says the guy is "hung like a pimple..." He answers the WWF gibes about not having "one-hipped wrestlers" by saying "...their right, they don't have one hip wrestler." He also says they lie because he only had one hip when he was beating up on Goldust. The Four Horsemen show up and are trying to horn in on Roddy's team. Arn refers to Roddy's team as "amateurs". Roddy starts to talk but is interrupted by Flair. He accuses Roddy of "breaking the rule" of never overmatching himself. Flair offers Mongo, Arn and himself as substitutes. Nobody mentions the fact that Arn and Flair are still on the injured reserve list. Roddy accepts the offer (I hate to tell you I told you so but...) Cut to commercial.

Prince Iaukea vs. Squire Dave Taylor - TV Title match - Taylor comes out in his old Blue Bloods regalia. As the match begins we go out to watch the HumVee Limo pull up with the NWO guys (sans Bischoff) - another member goes down - this time it's Wallstreet. No clue as to how it happened.

Oh yeah - the match....Taylor is in charge but loses the initiative almost immediately when he charges into the corner to quickly. Iaukea throws a flying body block and gets the pin. Lets go sell something.

Jim (the Jobber) Powers vs. Eddie Guerrero - US Title - this guy really has earned a title shot...Dean Malenko sits in to provide commentary. Malenko talks trash throughout the match - nobody seems to be paying much attention to the match. Just as well - Guerrero is selling great, but its not credible because of the quality (or lack thereof) of his opponent. Eddie wins the match by flinging Powers into Teddy Long then pinning him after the collision. There is a question in my mind about whether or not it was deliberate (what the hell was "Jack-in-the-Box" Long doing up on the apron in the first place?) Afterward Mean Gene questions Guerrero about his "change of attitude" - Eddie denies it yatta, yatta.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Sgt. Craig Pittman - Pittman holds the experience, talent and power edge - DDP has the guile and the Diamond Cutter. DDP holds the edge early but experience shows through as Pittman comes back. Pittman dominates the bulk of the action. DDP comes back with punches to take the initiative. One last comeback on Pittman's part leads to a rush into the corner where he gets kicked in the head. The Diamond Cutter puts him away.

Mean Gene with DDP - the lights and sound suddenly go out in the middle of DDP's rant. They cut to commercial with a promise to fix the problem before they return.

They come back long enough to plug WCW Saturday Night then go back out again.

They try the DDP interview again - he's challanging Randy Savage, calling him "Monkey Boy" and giving him the DDP "salute".

Galaxie vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - about 3 minutes in Galaxie tries an Undertaker style rope walk but gets jerked off and crotched. He comes back strong and catches Misterio in a lariet. Moments later he goes for a moonsault and eats canvas. Misterio does his usual springboard Frankensteiner schtick to get the pin.

The second hour begins - they keep saying that Rodman's joining of the NWO has not been confirmed by the NWO (yeah right...) Mean Gene interviews John Sescio from MTV who introduces "Miss WCW Monday Nitro" Pamela Rogers - a slick chick in a red bikini. They promo an MTV program featuring Hall, Nash and Syxx.

The Amazing French Canadians/Roadblock/Greg Valentine vs the WCW Uncensored Team (Lugar/Steiners/The Giant) - this one is a litle hairy to try and call but suffice to say the Canadians chicanery gives their team the early edge but it can't last long. The Steiners throw some suplexes then the Giant chokeslams Roadblock.

Mean Gene interviews the team - Lugar badmouths the Horsemen, calls them cut throats and accuses them of having their own agenda. Personally, I thing the WCW team will prove to not have much to say about the main event at Uncensored. They can't win because that would mean killing the NWO goose - the addition of the Horsemen to Team Piper just re-enforces my feeling that Piper will be the last man standing...

Juventud Guerrera vs. Ultimo Dragon - this is the match where I would expect someone to end up in the pool...but it doesn't happen. The Dragon takes control from the outset of this excellent match and maintains his advantage for several minutes until Guerrera comes back with a somersault planche to the outside. Back inside the Dragon turns the tables and ultimately wins with a Tiger Suplex.

Chris Jericho vs. Scott Riggs - Riggs is still using the Males theme music for his entrance - tsk, tsk. Scotty comes on strong at the beginning but Jericho recovers quickly and takes over. Moments later Riggs turns the tables - now its see-saw and continues that way until Baggwell hits the ring with a leather belt and starts strapping his former partner. Jericho jerks the belt away and together he and Riggs chase Baggwell away. Riggs wins via disqualification.

Mean Gene interviews Medusa - she says she is the #1 contender for the Ladies Title.

Taskmaster (w/Jaquelyn & Jimmy Hart) vs. Hardbody Harrison - could this be anything but a squash? Randy Anderson is back to referee this one. Of course Jaquie gets involved in her usual physical fashion. They drag the jobber out to the beach as the bell rings. They continue to pound on him in tandem then bring him back to the pool and throw him in. The match is a double countout.

Mean Gene with the DOD gang - Sullivan claims credit for the shape the Horsemen have been in for the last year or so (sounds like a stretch to me). He seems to be wishing them and Piper luck at Uncensored...or maybe not - hard to tell...

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The NWO come out as we come back from commercial. Bischoff is with them - and so is Sting - bringing up the rear. Bischoff is the spokesmen - he asks Hogan if Rodman has joined the group. Hogan shows a video clip of him presenting an NWO shirt to Rodman. They refer to him as "HotRod Dirty Dennis Rodman" Now Hogan is presenting an NWO shirt to Sting. Sting won't take the shirt so they drape it over his shoulder. The Outsiders spiel then Savage comes forward and pretends to not remember DDP's name again. The go to commercial without ever mentioning the Horsemen.

Public Enemy with Mean Gene - the change in the Horsemen's plans has left PE to fight it out with Harlem Heat at Uncensored. They proceed to start the fight on the ramp as the Harlem Heat attack in the middle of the interview. Fade to black...

RAW Report

RAW is WAR! A new intro montage (reminiscent of the Nitro intro, actually, with fireballs etc.) opens the program. ECW is back and Lawler and Paul E are set to have a verbal face-off. First up - a statement from Sid.

He is suspicious of the Undertaker's intentions in their tag team match tonight (they are supposed to go up against Mankind and Vader) He seems to be refusing to accept UT as a partner. Of course the lights go out and the Undertaker makes his appearance. He comes to the ring and confronts Sid. UT disputes Sid's logic by saying that he doesn't want anything to happen to Sid because he wants to face him for the belt. Says he will face Mankind and Vader on his own while Sid enjoys his last days as Champion. Paul Bearer shows up and calls both of them cowards. He calls his boys the future tag champs. They attack and the former "Skyscrapers" put them out of the ring (I know, I know - they were members of that team at different times). Undertaker and Sid face off again as we cut to commercial.

Rocky Maivia vs. Tony Ruah (sp?) - before the match can start Mr. Backlund, The Iron Sheik and the Sultan start yammering at him from the wings. Ruah attacks but Rocky turns the match around and wins as the two managers ramble on. The Sultan and the Sheik attacks Rocky in the ring and he hightails it out to the ramp where he spots Tony Atlas (Rocky Johnson's tag team partner) in the crowd and invites him to join him. They shake hands and embrace.

Six Man Match - Heavy Metal/Pierroth/Pentogon vs The Latin Lover/Hector Garza/Octogon - the eightsided guy and the five sided guy look like twins - probably a tag team in Mexico. We see the so-called "Bionic Woman" is ringside - she is escorted out by security before she can cause trouble. In the ring the match is really foundering. I don't know what it is - maybe WCW got all of the best AAA stars - I still haven't seen a decent Lucha Libre match in the WWF except for that midget match at the PPV a while back.

As we return the crowd is joining me in chanting "boooring..."

The announcers are still talking about the "Bionic Woman" who has apparently been arrested. They interview Brian Pillman in an inset who says he's coming back for Shotgun Saturday Night (presumably this weekend).

In the ring the action finally has started to heat up a little (not that anybody is paying attention) - Heavy Metal pins the Latin Lover to win the match. Jim Ross tells us that Pillman will be commentating this weekend. Cut to commercial.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Roy Raymond - as the match begins NOD shows up on the ramp (deja vu, anyone?) Ahmed ignores them and does in his opponent in quick order. Faarooq goes into his rant - the crowd chants "Ahmed! Ahmed!" Ahmed responds in kind, then he introduces his backup - the Road Warriors! They talk some trash as the crowd chants "LOD! LOD!" Ahmed says the NOD are turning white...with fear. Then he starts the "You're going down!" chant - cut to commercial.

Jim Ross tries to interview the Tag Champs about their match in Germany but Owen won't talk about it other than to say he "could have won"...(What? If he had wanted to?)

British Bulldog/Owen Hart vs. The New Blackjacks - the Blackjacks hurl insults before the match goading there opponents into a premature attack. The strategy fails as the Tag Champs take control of the match. Vader rants with Mankind and Paul Bearer at his side as the match goes on in the ring. The Blackjacks have turned the tide. They remain in control leading into the next break.

As we return we learn that Bret Hart will get Sid in a cage match for the Title next week on RAW. In the ring the Blackjacks are still in charge. Taz makes a statement telling Lawler to watch his mouth. Now Owen is in the ring and is turning the tide. Owen gets Bradshaw in a Sharpshooter, but the Bulldog refuses to leave the ring and gets them disqualified. Cut to Slammys promo.

Taz has shown up ringside and he and Lawler are about to get it on when Sabu comes diving out of the ring at them and smashes through a table (in an apparent attempt to break it up...?)

Leif (the Avatar) Cassidy vs. Miguel (the Gorilla) Perez - Perez is very crisp tonight at first. Then he starts to get clumsy. His nip-ups are a joke. It seems to infect Cassidy as well - they both fairly blunder through this match. Perez finally wins it with a roll-up. Lawler says "I have one word for Perez - 'Norelco'..."

Sid reacts to the news that he will face Bret for the title next week - "...I am the ruler - yatta, yatta..." Is it possible that they are setting up a Hart/Undertaker match for Wrestlemania to breath some life into this mostly moribund card...?

They show the big opening montage again for the beginning of the second hour.

Jim Ross interviews Ken Shamrock - Shamrock will be the Special Referee for the Hart/Austin submission match at Wrestlemania. Ross mentions that that match might be for the World Title...(what about the Undertaker?) Austin interrupts the interview to say he's pissed that Hart gets the title shot before the PPV but he hopes he wins so he can go after the title at Wrestlemania. He then threatens Shamrock with bodily harm. Shamrock says "come on down" then he is interrupted again by Bret Hart's music. Hart comes to the ring and starts crying about how mistreated he has been...then says he plans to win the Title next week. He acknowledges that it will be a tough break for the Undertaker but Steve Austin will get a shot at Wrestlemania. Then he warns Shamrock to call the match fair and square. Shamrock says he will. Stone Cold appears in the entryway and manages to get a double bird on camera before the director can move the shot away from him. Cut to commercial.

The Honky Tonk Man comes to the ring and threatens to sing...he relents and doesn't (thank GOD!)

Billy Gunn vs Aldo Montoya - Billy is back and he looks good at the beginning of this match. Of course its hard not to look good against old jock-strap head...but Billy manages it about four minutes in as Montoya takes over the contest. Billy finally recovers and throws a great leg-drop from the top to finish his opponent.

Backstage, Mankind throws away the urn, denounces his "mommy" and says he and Vader are a team and that is the big deal about tonight (as opposed to the Undertaker and Sid)...cut to commercial.

Goldust vs. Tim McNeene - before the match can begin (here we go again...) Hunter Hearst Helmsley and his Lady Goon show up in the entryway. Goldust finishes the match and then draws Marlena to his side. The Amazon strides to the ring and engages Goldust's attention so that Hunter can jump him from behind. They doubleteam on him until Marlens throws herself on the Amazon's back! They tussle as the suits and referees hit the ring to pull them apart. They are still trying to get at each other and Marlena gets in a pretty good slap. The Amazon picks up the smallest of the referees and presses him above her head before throwing into the group of officials. She finally leaves the ring with Hunter as we cut to commercial.

Jerry Lawler vs Paul E - "the Great Debate" - the King won the coin toss so he gets to start. The ECW Tag Champs get onto the apron behind Paul E as Lawler rants. Lawler of course can't keep to the 90 second time limit. Paul E has to shout him down to get in his say. Lawler gets more and more insulting so Paul E asks him if he wants to "shoot" with him - he starts bringing Lawlers family into it (Lawlers son, Brian Christopher) the end Lawler calls for his "friends from the back" to counter the ECW wrestlers who have filled up the ring. Of course, Lawler doesn't have any friends...he retreats from the ring as we cut to commercial.

The Main Event - the Undertaker fails to show at first and Sid is left to fight off both Vader and Mankind. Then UT hits the ring suddenly and cleans house. Sid is the legal man so Undertaker goes to the apron and the match goes on. Cut to commercial.

Were back and things have broken down substantially. Its hard to tell who is fighting who as the Undertaker tries to jump Vader who sidesteps so that Sid gets it instead. Sid attacks UT who takes it back into the ring and chokeslams Sid. Then he throws himself over the top rope in a planche worthy of any cruiserweight to take both his opponents down. UT hauls Vader back to the ring then turns his attention to Mankind. Sid kicks out of a pin attempt by Vader and then goes out and grabs UT - drags him back into the ring and powerbombs him. Sid leaves - Vader gets the pin on the Undertaker. The Undertaker heads to the back presumably to find Sid.

Bret Hart has the last word - he says we'll find out who the best is next week in a cage. Fade to black...

Is it just me or is this WWF Title situation getting more and more muddled? If they were going to acknowledge that Hart had a legitimate first claim on the Title shot - why didn't they just set it up that way? Yanking the rug out from under Calloway yet again stinks in my book...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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