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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 2, Issue 145
March 17, 1997

Monday Night Wars Edition

Sting "Drops In" Again at the End of Nitro

Sid Retains the WWF Title

Bret Hart goes into a Tirade
at the End of the Program

ECW Report

by Russ Davidson

A slight correction: It was Brian Clark who showed up to help Mortis at the end of the Glacier/Mortis match last night and not Brian Adams as I originally reported.

ECW Report

Due to popular demand I have decided to start running weekly reports on ECW TV programming. To that end, Solie's is pleased to welcome our newest contributor. Russ Davidson is a Graduate Student in Business at Pace University in New York, NY and has been a wrestling fan since 1985.

Scranton, PA:

As ECW (Hardcore Wrestling) comes on the air, we see the wrestling crowd cheering vigorously for the Blue World Order (NOT the New World Order). Hollywood Nova, 'da Blue Guy and Big Stevie Cool come out as we hear their theme music playing in the background. Big Stevie Cool grabs the mic and requests to face Raven at "Barely Legal", ECW's first pay-per-view (scheduled for 4/13/97) for the ECW Heavyweight Title. Raven then comes out and punks 'da Blue Guy and Hollywood, but leaves the ring before any confrontation with Stevie occurs. It seems like we are going to see a Raven vs. Big Stevie Cool matchup at Barely Legal and perhaps a new champion.

Next we see Taz destroy Spike Dudley. If you know Taz, nothing more needs to be said. WATCH OUT SABU!!!

The next match featured a true veteran (classic wrestlers always give you you money's worth) Tommy "Wildfire" Rich vs. some "rookie." With a little outside interference, Tommy KO's the rook and gets the 1-2-3.

The next entrance is great. Sandman and Tommy Dreamer make their way down the aisle (with the stunning Beulah McGillicutty) as they prepare to face the Dudleys- BUT THE REST WAS EDITED OUT! Don't worry, I'm SURE we'll see these guys go at it soon with some beer thrown, some chairs to the forehead, and some bloodshed hardway-style!

Lance Storm beats Axl Rotten with his corkscrew leglift. This was a so-so match until it ended-that's when the real action started. The Dudleys come in and sneak attack Storm after the win, Triple-Threat style. It looks as if Storm is gonna get the beating of his life, but who comes to the resue? THE GANGSTAS!!! I have never seen so many foreign objects in the ring at the same time. Garbage cans, guitars and video games were all used as weapons. A toaster oven was applied to the face of Bubba Dudley many times! But he manages to turn the tables against the Gangstas and actually cracks them with a WORD PROCESSOR! Ole Anderson would be proud. The Eliminators come is and clear house, but not before everyone is busted open and makes the ring look like an emergency room.

We then see a replay of Taz vs. Spike Dudley as Sabu comes in and quickly flips him onto a table and breaks it-Something we WILL SEE AT BARELY LEGAL!!!

ECW proceeded to show several clips of these hardcore wrestlers "talking trash" to other faces and heels, like Joel Gertner (with a $100 bill on his forehead), Eliminators (take that Bischoff!), Shane Douglas and Francine, the Pitbulls, Rob Van Dam, Brian Lee (Undertaker #2), Terry Funk (to Raven) and Tommy Dreamer.

In the main event, Chris Candido faced Louis Spicolli. This match proved to ba an all-out war. Double clotheslines, spine busters, backdrops, sleeperholds, frankensteiners - you name it. But we all know what happens when the Triple Threat is at ringside. Candido wraps up Spicolli in a small package to win, and the rest of the Threat (Shane Douglas and Brian Lee) attack Spicolli. But ECW fans, who hates the Franchise Shane Douglas most? That's right-the Pitbulls! They save Spicolli and go after the Threat, as Pitbull #1 Gary Wolfe administers a powerbomb to Douglas, followed by the Bulldozer. HE DOESN"T LET GO!!! A little revenge for the broken neck he suffered at the hands of Douglas some time back. We will also see a little of this at the pay-per-view.

Well that's all the action for this week. Look for future advertisements for the pay-per-view on April 13, 1997 ECW "BARELY LEGAL" Call you cable company or satellite provider for further information. I believe it is being carried by Request, but I'm not positive. See ya' at ringside next week!


WCW Nitro Report

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Psychosis - a high-flying extraveganza to open the program. These guys are both insane - they probably put on the best flying show of all the WCW cruiserweights. Misterio wins in his usual fashion, it looked like Psychosis really took it on the noggin as Rey Jr. hit his springboard Frankensteiner to finish the match.

Arn Anderson interview - He expresses his pleasure that Sting has come back into the WCW fold. He talks about his back injury which is causing some paralysis of his left hand. He says he will have to undergo surgery which he has been putting off until he was sure that the Horsemen are back together again. He wants to clear up his situation with Kevin Sullivan - he talks about the appearance of Sullivan's son on videotape the other night and, in his own way, expresses sympathy for the Taskmasters woes. He vows to return after his surgery. Cut to commercial.

Review of the DDP/Savage incident from last night.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Maxx - DDP looks pissed as he comes to the ring. He pays for his loss of emotional control right off the bat as Maxx puts him down early. He comes back strong though and takes control of the match. When Maxx goes for a full nelson DDP turns it around and gets the Diamond Cutter.

DDP with Mean Gene - he says Savage was born to be a "chalk outline..." and declares that the macho Man is a "dead man walking". Savage shows up in the stands with a mic to interrupt before DDP can get away from the area. He offers Dallas a match but asks Liz if he should give it to him now or later. DDP doesn't want to wait and goes tearing through the crowd to get at Savage, who beats a hasty retreat.

Hugh Morrus/Konan vs. Joe Gomez/Renegade - this one has squash written all over it. Either of the DOD guys could beat both of these chumps. Eric Bischoff makes an entrance before the match can get started. The Outsiders are here to to wrestle tonight. Doesn't sound like they intend to put up their belts.

Oh yeah - the match. Morrus and Konan make mincemeat out of their opponents (big surprise...) Joe Gomez' knee takes the brunt of the attack. In fact the DOD'ers draw it out more then they need to, supposedly because they are angry about the appearance of the Outsiders. The Renegade gets a short flurry near the end but then, for some odd reason, he tags his spent partner back in and that's all she wrote...

Scotty Riggs vs. Dean Malenko - US Title match - another obvious squash-fest. I guess Bischoff and Co. figure they can rest on their laurels after that superior PPV last night. Riggs takes a couple of major hits early on. A drop-kick to the back of his neck for one. Surprisingly he comes back strong with a flurry just before he succombs to a flying roll-up maneuver.

Lex Lugar/Giant (strangely, the graphic says they are the Tag Team Champs) vs. Tarantula/Knuckles Nelson (a couple of jobbers) - need I say more? 3rd squash of the night. Lugar never even gets into the match...

Mean Gene with the victors - everybody is expressing their happiness that Sting has "come back home" - of course we haven't heard anything from the man himself so far...they review Stings actions at the end of the PPV in still images. Cut to commercial.

Bobby Eaton vs. Ultimate Dragon - this is definitely squash night in the WCW...

The NWO makes its weekly appearance in full strength (except for Bubba and Wallstreet of course) - no sign of Rodman. They're lording it over the WCW because of their win last night. Savage says he will give DDP a match - doesn't say when. The Outsiders make an announcement - they offer the Steiners a title shot at Spring Stampede. Cut to commercial.

The second hour begins - the announcers are still talking about Sting's return to the fold. Somehow, I have the feeling we're being swerved...

They review the Savage/DDP confrontation from earlier this evening. Tony tells us that the DDP/Savage match will be at Spring Stampede and will be a no DQ affaire.

Mongo McMichaels/Jeff Jarrett vs. Alex Wright/Mark Starr - a few months ago this would have been a more even contest because Wright is a genuine talent. But Mongo has made great strides in recent weeks and he and Jarrett perform as a well oiled machine. They dispose of their opponents in short order. The Public Enemy show up as the Horsemen are making their way to the interview area. They attack with plastic trash cans. At one point Debra hits Grunge with the Haliburton case. She doesn't do any damage but she does distract the Grungeman long enough for Jarrett to get the drop on him. The Horsemen win the encounter.

Jarrett/Mongo/Debra with Mean Gene - it is revealed that the Horsemen duo have a date with PE at the PPV. Debra says Grunge's girlfriend must be an artist because "she certainly can draw...flies." Cut to commercial.

Scott Norton vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - we haven't seen much of Norton since he joined the NWO. He mows young Guerrero down early on. Chavo comes back with a flurry which puts his opponent out of the ring. Then he goes for a planche but Norton catches him and tosses him back over the top rope. The rest of the match consists of Chavo trying attack after attack with little effect while Norton just stands there and takes it. Norton ends it all with powerbomb.

The Outsiders vs. Mike Enos/Bunkhouse Buck - Buck takes on Scott Hall then goes for a tag - Enos turns away so then Nash gets his licks in on Buck. Enos tries to refuse a second tag but changes his mind when he sees the condition of his partner. He fares better and then a double team move puts Hall on the defensive. Enos slaps on a sleeper and comes close - but then Hall gets a side suplex. Nash is in - he gives Buck the old snake-eyes move of the Diamond Stud then drops Enos with a side suplex of his own. Buck gets powerbombed. Then Nash gives Enos over to Hall for an "Outsider's Edge" - 'nuff said.

Chris Benoit (w/Woman) vs. Billy Kidman - We see some comments by Piper last night about Arn and Flair not being there for him. Back to the match - Kidman is a talented youngster but no match for the "Wolverine". Another squash...

Mean Gene with Chris and Nancy - Ric Flair joins the discussion before Gene can get it started. Chris says he expects to see Arn back in action after his surgery. He tells Sullivan that he (Sullivan's) needs to get his personal life together. Flair answers Piper - he says he was in Savannah with "all the girls" - he isn't apologising for his absense. He accuses Piper of dropping the ball last night. He suggests that Piper should have retired when he said he was going too a few weeks ago.

Michael Buffer does the announcing for the main event this evening - Harlem Heat vs. The Steiner Brothers - the Heat are wearing new gold duds tonight - brothers vs. brothers for this one. Both teams are at the top of their games tonight. The NWO hits the ring after about 5 minutes. Of course they have superior numbers and succeed in laying waste to both of the WCW teams. Lugar and the Giant make the scene and break things up. The WCW guys stand together. Then Sting "drops in" and points his bat at Hogan again. Hogan looks terrified - the NWO retreat. Fade to black...

Except for the last few minutes this program stank...the best matches of the night were the first one with Misterio vs. Pychosis and later when Enos and Buck took on the Outsiders. Tsk, tsk, tsk...still I can't remember any wrestler ever getting a pop like the one Sting got last night and then again tonight...


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The Road Warriors vs. Savio Vega/Crush (and the rest of the thugs) - Faarooq and Ahmed Johnson have been barred from ringside - LOD meet the NOD guys in the aisle before they can react. Animal and Savio get it on outside while Animal gives it to Crush inside. Savio piledrives Hawk at one point later on but the Road Warrior just pops right back up. We see Ahmed getting his butt kicked last night at MSG in an inset. The entire NOD came down on him during a match with Savio.

In the ring the Road Warriors continue to dominate the action going into the first commercial.

We're back and now the NOD are in control. We cut to Ahmed watching on a monitor. Predictably, as he is saying he is watching the LOD's backs he gets blindsided by Faarooq with a nightstick. Back in the ring the Warriors have taken over again and are about to win the match when Faarook hits the ring nightstick in hand - he attacks the Road Warriors but then Ahmed shows up with his 2X4. Several of the thugs get creamed. LOD wins by DQ.

There seems to be some controversey concerning whether the cage match tonight is for the Title or not. Gorilla Monsoon is supposed to be coming to clear things up. We also hear that Shawn Michaels will be here and also that Steve Austin is in the house.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chyna) vs. Who? - we don't find out before the commercial.

Flash Funk is the opponent and makes his entrance as we return. During this match fans at ringside are waving "Bischoff Sucks" and "Nitro Sucks" signs in front of the camera. Funk is in charge early on but soon loses the initiative. Hunter gets in some shots then backs Funk into the corner. Flash fights his way out with punches. He puts down Hunter down and goes for a big leg drop and hits it. Chyna pulls him off before he can get the pin. Funk maintains his advantage until he starts to climb the corner. Chyna jumps up on the apron and distracts him so Hunter can blindside him. Hunter gets the Pedegree to win. After the match they beat on him for a while. So far that's a run-in and a screwjob...what next?

We see Shawn arriving as we cut to commercial.

Mini Vader/Mini Mankind vs. Mini Goldust/Masqarita Sagrada Jr. - a mini match if you will. Vince refers to Mini Vader as Mini Mankind right at the beginning - apparently he can't remember his own gimmicks. This little Sagrada guy is a real find - reminds me of Misterio (although he probably outweighs Rey Jr...) As happened the last time we saw him, Sagrada won the match for his team. Afterward he chased Mini Vader from the ring area and then threw a spectacular suicide dive off the ramp to take the big (little) guy down. Finally a good match!

After the commercial Gorrila Monsoon appears and confirms that the cage match will be for the Title tonight. Vince argues that Bret has used undue influence to gain the Title shot. Gorilla disagrees and reiterates that the Championship match is on for tonight.

Bret Hart makes his entrance for an interview. Kevin Kelly will do the honors. Kelly questions Bret about his feelings concerning tonights match. Bret grins as he says " change the face of WrestleMania 13." He commiserates with the Undertaker and promises him his shot "after I win the Title tonight." He goes on to say he is looking forward to giving Steve Austin the "thrashing of his life."

Rocky Iaukea (oops!) I mean Maivia comes out to help call the next match.

The Sultan vs. the jobber of the week - apparently the jobber doesn't even rate an introduction. The match is over in the blink of an eye. Rocky hardly gets a chance to say anything...the score is now 3 to 1 against...

The Sultan comes over and confronts Rocky who is ready to go but Tony Atlas pops out of the crowd and gets between them.

Shawn Michaels comes down for an interview - he looks happy. He says he's found that smile he was looking for in San Antonio and decided to bring it with him wherever he goes. He thanks the fans for supporting him during his travails. He says his knee is coming along - he doesn't have definitive word but says he hopes to be back in a couple of months. Then he says he has a bone to pick with McMahon. He's hurt because he hasn't been invited to WrestleMania so he invites himself to sit ringside to commentate on the Title match. He also wants to be at the Slammys on Friday night. So he invites himself there as well. He strips off his coat and then leaves. Backstage the Undertaker is taking out his frustration on the unassembled cage...cut to commercial.

Vader (w/Mankind) (the big ones) vs. British Bulldog (w/Owen Hart) - two powerhouses go to town. Vader crushes his opponent in his usual style at the beginning. He has the Bulldog staggered. Then he goes for a standing clothesline but can't put him down. He tries again - no soap. Buldog comes back with two running clotheslines then a verticle suplex. Another clothesline puts Vader over the top to the floor. The Bulldog is going out after him as we go to commercial.

The Bulldog kicks out of a Vader bomb pin attempt just after we return. In the middle of the ring Vader splashes his opponent. Still no cigar. Vader pounds him some more then tries to climb to the top - he gets caught and slammed. He scoops slams the big guy then gets him up for the running powerslam. Mankind tries to interfere which draws Owen into the fray. Owen is being doubleteamed when Bulldog punches Paul Bearer and then brains both of the bad guys with the Urn. Bulldog wins by DQ. Another screwjob but at least there was some good action.

Billy Gunn vs. Aaron Fergusen - Ken Shamrock at ringside to help call the match. Ken, Vince and the Burger King chat as Billy squashes his opponent. Billy tries to liven things up by directing rude comments toward Shamrock - it doesn't help.

After the match he comes down and challanges the ultimate fighter. Shamrock complies and puts Billy into a submission armbar. Billy submits to get away then asks for more. Ken goes for the waistlock and drops into an ankle lock submission move. Billy submits again and pretends to give up - he goes out and grabs a chair but the referee has entered the ring and prevents the altercation. Billy slinks away shouting threats...

Steve Austin is interviewed backstage - he hints that he will help Bret win the match tonight.

Back in the ring the cage is being assembled. Sycho Sid says he's ready and warns Austin to keep his nose out of the match. He's the man, the master. the ruler yatta, yatta...

The announcers are speculating about the two wild cards in attendance tonight, the Undertaker and Steve Austin. Bret Hart makes his entrance. He gives his glasses away as he goes down the aisle. Next Sid enters. The crowd seems rather subdued considering the circumstances.

Bret hammers his opponent into the corner right off the bat. Sid comes back as Austin watches on a monitor. Bret downs his opponent and goes to climb out but gets caught. Sid picks him at and runs his back into the cage twice. Now Sid is climbing the cage. The Hitman catches up to him and they get into a slugfest at the top of the corner. Back on the mat they struggle into the corner. Bret puts Sid down again and heads up the cage once more. Sid catches him and slams him off the turnbuckle. Sid tries to leave through the door which has been opened by the referee. Steve Austin shoves the ref aside and closes the door and relatches it. Bret attacks Sid from behind as we cut to commercial.

Bret is still working on his opponent as we return. Austin is still stalking around the ring. Sid powerbombs Bret and starts to climb again. Austin climbs the outside and cuts him off. Now Bret is up and he and Austin doubleteam the Champ! The Undertaker runs out and gets involved as well. Bret is fighting the Undertaker while Austin and Sid punch each other!! Austin gets shoved off to the floor. Sid and Bret tumble to the inside. The Undertaker gets brained with a chair by Austin - inside Bret is down and Sid is climbing the cage. Austin is being forced away from ringside - Bret is up and heading out the open door - suddenly the Undertaker slams the door in his face! Sid makes it to the ground and is declared the winner. Cut to commercial.

Bret Hart is in the ring as we return - Vince says he must be disappointed - Bret decks Vince McMahon!! Then he starts cursing up a bluestreak! Austin taunts his from the screen on the wall. Sid comes stomping out followed by the Undertaker. Bret launches himself onto the Undertaker. Austin runs-in and attacks Hart - meanwhile the Undertaker and Sid are going at it in the ring. Some suits try to usher Bret away but he decks Pat Patterson (Vince is now calling Bret a dirty son of b*****) Hart returns to the ring area and attacks Austin again. The four way goes on as Shawn Michaels comes down and rather gingerly picks his way through the combatents to the ring. He starts to pick up a piece of the cage but drops it. Finally he goes and gets a chair - looks like he can't figure out what to do with it - the battle rages out in the aisle...fade to black.

I did a little surfing during the break between shows and noticed that people are already starting to say that both shows were great tonight. I can't agree. In each case the finales were pretty good, (RAW's ending could even be termed spectacular) but these were two hour shows and overall I think both shows were pretty weak, especially Nitro.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything thats been said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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