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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 15
June 24, 1996

Nitro Report

Much is being made of the Table Shot taken by Bishoff at the PPV last week. They have been showing the video footage of it since Saturday. Tony says he's scared to death. The Legend declares that wrestling history will change at the next PPV when Sting, Lugar and Savage (why isn't the Giant on this team?) face the "Hostile Takeover" team (Razor, Diesel and their "Mystery Partner"). I wish I could figure out what to call these guys!! THEY DON'T HAVE NAMES!!...and their storyline has been saddled with "The Hostile Takeover" - Eric! Get out of your hospital bed and give these guys names for God sake!!!

A triangle match for the Tag Belts among the Steiners, Harlem Heat and the Champions is announced for the second hour of the program.

Interview with Sting, Savage and Lugar - all in Stinger face paint. When its Lugar's turn to speak he almost calls the organization WWF instead of WCW. What if he is a mole?? How come he's on this team instead of the Giant?? First the Steiners and then Harlem Heat interrupt the interview to lend support to the cause...oh and - by the way - watch out tonight!

First up - Public Enemy vs. The Blue Bloods - as expected, the Blueboys out-wrestled their opponents in the early going, but PE eventually pulled it out when Grunge hit Dave Taylor with his cast.

Taskmaster vs. Jobber - Sullivan drags his hapless opponent up the stairs to the concession level, then tries to take him into the ladies room!! Finally leaves him in the concession area and returns to the ring for his interview. Taskmaster vows revenge on the Horsemen - yatta, yatta, yatta.

Dean Malenko vs. Hard Work Bobby Whatever - Disco Inferno (Malenko's opponent for the next PPV) wanders in with his gold record and distracts Malenko. Then he gets his music going and enters the ring to dance while the match is going on! The Cruiserweight Champion still wins. Next DI interrupts Malenko's interview. Malenko blusters that he'll win the PPV match. (yawn)

Barbarian vs. Eddie Guerrero - an excellent match on paper. A good big man against a great little man. As soon as the Barbarian finally gets his hands on Eddie its all Barbarian. Eddie makes a come back but gets caught moving too slowly up the turnbuckle and then gets Super-Plexed off of the top. The second time the Barbarian goes to that well Guerrero manages to reposition himself and "Power-Splashes" the big man to get the pin. (In an interview Eddie says he wants Konan's US belt)

The second hour begins with - Rock & Roll Express vs. Arn and Benoit. This combination is getting to be the new "PE vs. Nasties". Still its great to see Ricky and Robert mixing it up with the Horsemen. The crowd seemed less then impressed however, eventually the Horsemen take over. Mongo hits Robert with the moneycase to hand Arn the win. The Joe Gomez runs in and gets creamed (he'll be facing Mongo at the next PPV). The Savage and Kevin Greene come in to chase the Horsemen off.

Horsemen interviewed in a "secured area" of the arena - they know Savage is in the building. Mongo is warming up to his new role - he seemed almost convincing when he was slapping Gomez around earlier.

Alex Wright vs. DDP for the Lord of the Ring title. Why don't they give it up on this guy? I know DDP is a much improved wrestler, he's proven himself over and over - but being a low-life is not a real basis for a character. He's not even an interesting low-life! Oh yeah...DDP won.

DDP Interview (must we?). He says that the taped fist match coming up against Duggen is the result of a conspiracy. I hope so...

Glacier commercial - this could be Adam Bomb revisited. He was into those odd-colored contact lenses.

Mean Gene Interviews Kevin Greene - Greene says he'll get his revenge - as soon as the football season is over.

VK Wallstreet vs. Macho Man - Greene at ringside to distract and ultimately post Rotundo (Rotunda - I've seen it spelled both ways) to hand Savage the win.

The Triangle Match - Harlem Heat enters followed by the Steiners. (cut to commercial)

Here come the Champs - to Sting's music as usual - does Lugar resent that? This match is crazy - Sting and Lugar can lose the belts without ever getting into the contest!! Its almost impossible to describe this kind of match, needless to say - everytime it looks like someone is going to win, someone else comes in to make the save. I noticed that when Sting was taking it Lugar left it up to the Steiners to save his partner... Finally the Package got into the fight and started to clean house. Then all hell broke loose! There's Diesal and Razor and they are carrying baseball bats!!! The police storm the ring and take their stand with hands on their the meantime Harlem Heat has rolled Lugar up for the pin - and the titles!! Interesting that the "Hostile Takeover" team showed up at the exact moment that Lugar finally got into the ring.

The "Invaders" (Hostile Takeover's?) retreat, back to back. Can't they just arrest these guys for treaspassing? Resisting arrest? Bad acting...Oops! I's a work.

So now Sting and Lugar are no longer the Tag Champs - making it less complicated for Lugar to turn on Sting at the next PPV.

Raw Report

Review of Ahmed's Title win as he approaches the ring to face HHH. Undertaker vs. Austin is announced for later in the evening. Whippleman is the ref for the first match. This contest is just about all Helmsley after Ahmed's initial onslaught peters out. They go to commercial and come back with HHH in charge. Ahmed fights back - he's moving slow but his power is overwhelming. Goldust interviewed in an inset - vows revenge against Ahmed...he seems upset. Meanwhile, HHH has made a comeback but not for long. Ahmed wins it with a Pearl River Plunge.

Doc interviews Ahmed (who accidently calls him "Mike" before correcting himself). Ahmed pledges to defend the belt for everybody - not just black people. Invites Goldust to a rematch.

KOTR replay promo.

Sunny comes down to commentate as we cut to commercial.

Bodydonna's (w/ Cloudy) vs. Brooklyn Brawler + another jobber - Bodydonna's squash jobbers as Sunny makes snide remarks about Cloudy. Keeps refering to Cloudy as "her". After the squash, Cloudy chases Sunny away from the ring area.

Marty Jannetty vs. HBK announced for next week on RAW.

Another KOTR replay ad.

Pillman interview - he seems rather incoherent - challanges Vinnie Mac!!

Austin awaits The Undertaker in the ring. UT makes his usual entrance as his defeat by Mankind is alluded to. Austin attacks first but UT shakes it off, then opens up on the King of the Ring. Split screen shows the Burger King taunting Paul Bearer - distracts UT long enough to give Austin an opening. But to no avail - UT maintains control. Austin makes a brief comeback but loses it again as we go to commercial.

We're back and so is the Undertaker. Suddenly Stone Cold goes after UT's left leg and takes the advantage. He is merciless as usual. But he starts to showboat - not a smart move.

Uh comes Goldust and Marlena - Goldey takes the color chair - everybody and his sister has sat there tonight. Another commercial.

After the commercial UT gets Austin in a chokeslam - goes for the Tombstone but gets "glittered" before he can complete it. Austin is disqualified.

Lawler tries to drive a wedge between UT and Paul Bearer as we fade to black.

I wouldn't give either program very high marks tonight - but WCW still seems to be trying harder lately.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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