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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Weekend Review


Shotgun Saturday Night Report

by Garland Chan

Volume 2, Issue 151 - March 30, 1997

Correction: During my WrestleMania Report I mixed up my Samoans and referred to the Sultan as Samu. Of course I meant to say Fatu...

Weekend Review

WCW Main Event

The top story this morning is the Diamond Dallas Page vs. the Macho Man feud. WCW went to the trouble to feature Nash's "...right back at yah, HBK!" gesture in the video clips of the incident during the Savage/Iaukea match. Obviously they mean to play this up without actually referring to it in any of the commentary. Bischoff certainly looked like a dork setting up for his karate kick on DDP.

Sting's homecoming has been relegated to the second story this morning. I thought it was interesting that over last weekend the announcers were stating that Sting would make an appearance on Nitro, adding that they "...haven't been able to say that for a long time." Then Nitro came and went and Sting didn't appear (except in a video montage). They showed the same montage this morning.

Next up a replay of the Giant/Roadblock match from last weeks WCWSN. The Giant throws a missle drop-kick off the top rope. Amazing!

Ric Flair's surprise appearance at Nitro was covered briefly. The question is asked "Where were Mongo and Jarrett during this incident...?"

Tony tells us that Mean Gene will have the story of a "new" star coming into WCW in such a way as to hint that they are referring to Curt Hennig. He mentions the "that other promotion" up North specifically and states that the WCW hopes to get him "...before the NWO." Could be that the appearance of Larry "the AXE" Hennig was a hint...

The High Voltage win over the Public Enemy on Nitro is highlighted on this mornings program. Troy Williams must be proud...

For the "Main Event Exclusive" they give us Mortis vs. Buddy Lee Parker - at least the mystery man gets to win this one...great mask on this guy! Actually a combination of mask and paint job it appears...

WWF LiveWire

Not much happening here, a rehash of RAW and WrestleMania 13. They replayed the Bret Hart/HBK confrontation from RAW. Hard to tell what Michaels is saying, or what he meant when he referred to Bret as "mark man" or "marked man". There has been a lively discussion on this topic in the Readers' Forum this week.

Another topic, which I picked for this weeks Weekly Discussion Group, is how will Bret's new attitude affect his quest for a fifth WWF Title reign? I have had one poster who felt that Bret would win the Title again and then added that, in his opinion, Bret would be a fighting champion - unlike Hollywood Hogan. I always find it amusing that these WWF-Only fans always feel that every question in wrestling just has to relate back to their obsession with the idea that "WWF rules and WCW sucks!"

Besides the nonsequitur of that argument, I am not convinced that Bret won't be very similar to Hogan should he indeed regain the title. On Monday night he showed us hints of the usual cowardly heel personality when Sid ran into the ring after the attack on Shawn Michaels. Bret "flipped the bird" at Sid and then split...

One controversey that was aired on the Readers' Forum this week was the question of whether Chyna was asleep at the wheel Monday night during the Bart/HHH match. At one point in the match she was supposed to pull down the top rope causing Bart to topple over to the floor. Their was some discussion about the supposed fact that Chyna had missed her cue and so Bart had to make up for her deficiency by tossing himself out over the rope. We saw this scene again this morning and I went back and ran it twice and I have to agree that in the replay (shown from a different angle) it clearly shows Bart hooking the rope and leavering himself over while Chyna belatedly tries to grab the strand.

We saw a replay of the incident at the end of RAW Monday night involving the Undertaker, Paul Bearer and Mankind. Unfortunately they didn't see fit to show us anymore of what happened after the program so inconveniently went off the air.

WCW Saturday Night

The "Jobstrong" Brothers got creamed by Harlem Heat - what a surprise...this match went on way to long to be believable.

Billy Kidman found himself matched up against veteran Greg Valentine today. The "Kid Man" looked good for about 9 seconds at the beginning then the "Hammer" started having his way with the youngster. A couple of elbow drops were sufficient to end the match in Valentine's favor. Good to see this legend not have to job for a change.

Kevin Sullivan takes time on the program to deny his involvement in the reported attack on Arn Anderson in a hotel room two weeks ago. He wishes Arn well and says to Ric Flair "I hope you find out who did this thing..."

Maxx takes on Diamond Dallas Page in the feature match. Bet you can't guess who won this one...afterward, in an impassioned speech, DDP states that the Macho Man will have to "kill me..." in order to keep him from getting his revenge for the outrage done to his wife Kimberley.

Shotgun Saturday Night

by Garland Chan

Jim Ross and Brian Pillman are commentating.

1st match: Aldo Montoya vs. Mankind

Other than a few weak punches to the head, Aldo is dead meat. Mankind pulls out all the stops, including his hair and stuffing it into his opponent's mouth. After applying the Mandible Claw and making him submit, he doesn't release the hold. Then the officials come in to break it up and Pillman makes it a point to name Jerry Brisco as he approaches Mankind just before he applies the two finger move on him as well.

Evaluation: Mankind looks to have a better future without "Uncle Paul" holding him back.

** of 5

2nd Match: Barry Horowitz vs. Crush

Oh goodie--Another squash. The whole entourage of the Nation of Domination minus Faarooq comes down. Horowitz starts with an attack from behind, but once Crush gains control he mauls him until Horowitz hits a weak DDT. After getting in his two or three offensive moves, Crush hits his tilt a whirl slam and the heart punch to get the 1-2-3.

Evaluation: Little interest in this match. Little interest in the participants.

*1/2 of 5

Review of the Bret Hart monologue last night.

3rd match: Venum vs. Histeria

This match starts out with the two lightweights from AAA feeling each other out. After a setup, Venum tries to hit a corkscrew and misses. Then Histeria tries to hit a moonsault and misses himself. Venum's highlight was a moonsault springboard from the apron to the floor. Histeria highlights this match by hitting a corkscrew from the top rope to the floor outside. And after a few more moves that I personally cannot name but were fairly impressed with, Histeria hits a shooting star press to get the 1-2-3.

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Evaluation: The AAA stars are fairly impressive, but they still aren't the caliber of the WCW lightweights. They hit good moves, but still look too choreographed for my taste.

*** of 5

4th match: Sunny Rogers vs. Jesse James

He's back. Who cares? I guess they're saying that Jesse James made the short list of being the Honky Tonk Man's prot�g�. During the match, Jesse James makes fun of Jeff Jarrett by imitating his strut. After the pump-handle slam, JJ gets the 1-2-3.

Evaluation: Seems that JJ is getting a bit more popular with the fans.

*1/2 of 5

Review of the break up between Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith.

5th match: The New Blackjacks vs. R.T. Williams and Rod Bell

This is a squash that ends with a wicked lariat by Bradshaw. After the match, Jim Cornette comes down and offers to manage them. The Blackjacks refuse and one of them kicks Jim in the posterior.

Evaluation: This is a good showing for Windham and Bradshaw. I really like how they're working together.

** of 5

Another episode of Sunny Undercover. Lets see the dirt she has to offer. Quick review of how "tough" Steve Austin was last after his match at Wrestlemania. She also says that certain WWF official(s) that shall remain nameless approached her and said that she would win the Miss Slammie award if she did certain favors for him. She said that she didn't need the title so badly and that apparently Sable did. What an allegation.

Nothing really exciting in this week's show.

Until next week this is Garland riding Shotgun...

Solie's Seattle Correspondent, Garland Chan is currently a student at the University of Washington.

WWF SuperStars

This appears to be the same program as Garland described above with the matches in a different order. I will say that both Brian Pillman and Jim Ross were guilty of making truley tasteless jokes regarding the recent tragic events in Southern California. Why is it always the WWF announcers who don't seem to have any sensitivity about current events. Shades of Ted Turner...

As Garland mentioned above, Jerry Briscoe (in a suit) shows up to help pull Mankind off of Aldo Montoya and got put into the Mandible Claw himself.

After the review of Bret's actions on RAW they announce that Bret will Face Rocky Maivia for the IC Championship this Monday.

WCW Pro-Wrestling

Jerry Lynn, who usually puts up a pretty good fight, makes no exception for Hugh Morrus. The DOD'r is a superior talent however. He nails the kick boxer with his moonsault - 'nuff said...

The feature match is Dean Malenko vs. Lord Steven Regal - two excellent pure wrestlers. In this match Regal demonstrates that he is equally deserving of "the Man of a Thousand Holds" moniker. (Legendary Larry refers to Dusty as "the Man of a Thousand Pounds) As pretty much expected, Regal dominates a large part of this match simply because of his superior size. The match went to a time limit draw.

That's it for this weekend. I'll be back tomorrow night with the Monday Night Wars Edition. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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