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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Discord Shown in the NWO Camp

Hart Family Reunion

Volume 2, Issue 152 - March 31, 1997

Nitro Report

Review of the DDP attack on the NWO and the consequences last week opens the program.

Live from the Roanoke Civic Center in Roanoke, VA. The NWO minus, Hogan, Bischoff and Scott Hall pull up in a limo in the back and disembark.

Lex Luger/Giant vs. Rick Fuller/Roadblock - the opposition has size plus...well...size. Not nearly enough of that I'm afraid... The jobbers are allowed to look reasonably good but their's is a losing cause. Luger is in and takes it through most of the match. As soon as the Giant gets in it's all but over. They try to double team him so he double clotheslines them then chokeslams Roadblock. Luger comes back in and is racking Fuller as Harlem Heat hits the ring. They dump Luger out and gang up on the Giant. Luger is back in and fighting them off as we go to commercial.

Mean Gene with Harlem Heat and Sherri - the Heat seem to have a plan for the Four Corners match but they aren't letting us in on it. Sherri says they "divide and conquer..."

Meiko Satamoro vs. Toshie Oamatsu - first round Womens' Cruiserweight Title tournament. These girls move fast and scream a lot... The weight limit for this division is 130 lbs. Satamoro is a real showboat - she wastes a lot of time playing to the crowd...and loses for her trouble. Oamatsu gets a great flying splash from the top to win this one.

Psychosis vs. Villano IV - the "V" man is the better wrestler here and does a pretty good job of grounding his high-flying opponent from the beginning of the match. Psychosis gets loose and Villano is forced to take to the air where he is not so skilled as his opponent. Psychosis almost loses the match when he flys from the top and gets sidestepped. Backstage Kevin Nash is questioning the loyalty of Wallstreet and Scott Norton - things don't seem all that happy in NWO land - Wallstreet walks away after a comment about needing some "leadership" - in the ring Psychosis has taken control and eventually gets the duke.

Ric Flair comes to the ring for an interview with Mean Gene - the Chief Booster of the Horsemen struts his stuff then is interrupted by Roddy Piper's arrival. Roddy is shaking his finger at Flair before he starts to talk. He says Flair has been "fibbing again..." He clears up the rumor that Ric Flair's waterbed is known by his girlfriends as "the Dead Sea..." They seem happy to see each other but Flair has a bone to pick. He wants to be sure that "the man that put Mark Lewin to bed in '83..." still has it. "Quit checkin' your guns when you come into WCW..." Piper and Flair agree to stand together and take on everybody...I think.

Another review of the DDP/NWO incident focusing on Prince Iaukea's humiliation.

LaParka vs. Prince Iaukea - TV Title match - LaParka flings himself into the corner at the outset. The Prince puts him down but it's only momentary. LaParka comes back strong and has the youngster in trouble right away. Then he flings himself into the corner again - this time shoulder first (ouch!) They tumble outside where LaParka recovers and takes the advantage again. He seats the Prince in a chair and then Suicide Dives onto him from inside the ring. Back inside Iaukea comes back but then splashes the canvas. He rolls out and gets a face full of chair when LaParka props it up on the apron and baseball slides into him. LaParka then sets the chair up and uses it for momentum to throw another Suicide Dive. (the bell gets rung by mistake at this point) Back inside Iaukea gets on top again and goes for another splash. LaParka gets the chair beteween them but Iaukea just plows right into him and gets the pin.

Lord Steven Regal with Mean Gene - Regal refers to Eric Bischoff as "J. Edgar Bischoff" - he calls Iaukea a "bloody dwarf" and vows to reclaim the TV title.

Lord Regal vs. Chris Jericho - Regal outwrestles his opponent at the beginning but then pays for his over-confidence when Jericho surprises him with a savat kick and a roll-up. An incensed Lord Regal blindsides the youngster then slaps an STF on him and refuses to let go. The Renegade runs in but then doesn't do anything - Joe Gomez runs-in to help but is no match for his Lordship - another jobber also bites the dust just before we go to commercial.

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We get a review of some of the happenings from earlier on. We see Wallstreet leaving the building in a snit...

Debbie Coombs vs. Akira Hokuto - Womens' Heavyweight Title match - Coombs is a rather grizzled veteran but she can be expected to put up a good fight. She starts out bad though by turning her back on the Champ. It's pretty much all downhill from there. She has one brief comeback but succumbs to a Tiger Suplex and a bridge.

Medusa with Mean Gene - Hokuto attacks in the middle of Maedusa's tirade. The other ladies try to break it up with little success as we cut to commercial.

Video montage on Sting - taking us through the history of the last year.

Review of High Voltages win over PE (courtesy of the Horsemen)

Amazing French Canadians w/Col. Parker vs. Steve McMichael/Jeff Jarrett w/Debra - Jarrett looks put out when the Canadians stop the Horsemen music so they can sing their anthem - Mongo starts with Carl Oullette - he dominates and then tags off to Jarrett. Moments later Mongo throws a credible drop-kick. Jarrett back in and gets overwhelmed by a double team. Mongo tagged back in and cleans house. Meanwhile Public Enemy show up and grab the briefcase from Debra. Parker wrests it away from Grunge then gives it to one of his guys to use on Mongo. Canadians get the win.

Debra complains that she was "injured" by the PE last week (she broke two nails...) Mongo accuses Jarrett of being responsible for him getting hit with the case - they're arguing about it as we cut to commercial.

Hugh Morrus w/Jimmy Hart vs. Chris Benoit w/Woman - re-match from last week - we get a review of last weeks debacle as Chris enters. Hugh Morrus takes the initiative immediately but Benoit comes right back. This is a great match if they can just avoid another screw-job ending. And we do - Benoit nails Morrus as he's climbing the ropes and suplexes him for the win. The DOD hit the ring and gang up on him. Nancy tries to interfere with Jaquelyn but gets creamed. Jaquelyn splashes Benoit then goes to do it again but gets shaken (not stirred) off the rope by Nancy. Flair hits the ring and cleans house. Arn Anderson is ringside but stays out of the battle. He and Sullivan come face-to-face and Arn allows Kevin to pass on towards the back.

Horsemen interview - Chris seems a little peeved at Arn for not challanging Sullivan but Arn shrugs it off. Benoit makes a non-sensical speech about Sullivan making himself a victim and comments on his respect for Dean Malenko then Flair says he expects Chris to be the next US Champ. Cut to commercial.

Another review of the DDP/NWO incident from last week.

Lance Ringo vs. Diamond Dallas Page - Ringo plays with fire by displaying the girlie mag with Kimberly's picture as he makes his entrance. DDP cracks up when he sees Ringo's "reading material" - then he attacks with a vengence - this is a quick squash on the way to Diamond Cutter-ville. Ringo gets in one good move then showboats himself right into trouble. DDP pulls a Diamond Cutter out of a fireman's carry.

DDP with Mean Gene - DDP re-iterates that he is proud of his wife's appearance in the Playboy Nude Celebrities issue. Macho Man shows up to ask DDP a question. The crowd chants "Macho Sucks!" Savage wants to know if DDP is some kind of "gemoligist" or something... he says they plan to find out if DDP has any "family jewels". DDP calls Liz a "bimbo" then says - "since I'm bringing the lady - you might as well bring the tramp..." Savage is sputtering as we cut to commercial.

The Steiner Brothers vs. High Voltage - so who will show up to give HV the win this week. What ever happened to the "Steinerline"? They still do those amazing clotheslines but nobody refers to them that way anymore. High Voltage starts working on Rick's injured inner ear and gain some ground in the process. Rage misses a flying move and allows Scotty to get back in - that spells curtains as Scotty puts Rage down with a piledriver.

Nash and Syxx take over the broadcast booth as the show is winding down. Nash delivers a "state of the union address" - he says Scott Hall is "taking care of business more important then wrestling" He expresses chagrin at the fact that Hogan, Debiasi and Vincent are hanging out with Dennis Rodman while he and Syxx are taking care of wrestling business. He's pissed (literally and figuratively it seems - he looks drunk) and says he'll take on the Steiners on his own next weekend if he has to...

This was the first show in a while that didn't feature an NWO attack of some sort. A refreashing change actually...

RAW Report

The program opens with a montage of the Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels incident from last week. I just realized they didn't show the pyrotechnic opening montage...

Owen Hart vs The British Bulldog - European Championship match - we get a review of the challange as Owen enters. The Bulldog comes down wearing the European belt and carrying the tag team belt. Owen goes after his brother-in-law before the Bulldog reaches the ring. He rams his opponent's back into the ringpost twice. Inside the ring finally, Owen throws a cross body block off the top - no cigar. Bulldog is coming back when Owen kicks him a low blow to stop his momentum. Vince and JR remind us that Owen and Bulldog will face the Road Warriors for the Tag Belts at the next In Your House. In the ring Owen goes for a Sharpshooter but is kicked off. Now they are exchanging moves but Owen is still in control. The Bulldog gets a backslide and almost gains the fall. Owen gets a piledriver just as we cut to commercial.

Owen is still in control as we return. He's using a reverse chinlock to wear his opponent down. Bulldog escapes and shoulders Owen into the corner. Next he catches Owen in a move off the top and drops him on his back. Then he slaps on a Sharpshooter of his own! Owen excapes by twistingf out of it then throws a round kick to the back of the head. The scuffle on the outside, exchange blows then go back in. More exchanges then they are back out again where the Bulldog suplexes his opponent on the metal ramp. Back inside and Bulldog is in charge until Owen pulls a mule-kick out of the hat. Owen brings a chair into the ring but is upset before he can use it.

Bulldog has the chair and is about to use it when Bret Hart runs in and gets between them. They struggle back and forth until then Bret gets a mic. He says its the fans who have broken their family up - he says the USA is based on "brother against brother" - he reminds Owen of their history as brothers growing up in school. He says he needs Owen and Davey's help. He tells Owen he loves him. Owen starts bawling. They all embrace then leave the ring together. Vince is questioning the motive for it all as we cut to commercial.

Sunny prances down to the ring then joins the broadcast team.

El Mosco vs. Super Nova - Sunny says she was touched by the Hart family reunion. These are two Mexican fly weights (about 150 lbs. each). The announcers ignore the match while they talk about coming cards. Might as well - nothing much is happening is happening in the ring. These guys need to practice their moves. Super Nova throws a moonsault and comes nowhere near his target despite tha fact that the guy stood there waiting for him to hit. That move effectively ends the match in the favor of El Mosco.

The Road Warriors with Jim Ross - Animal says Bret better lay off the Americans and stop whining. They plan to win the belts regardless of how together their opponents are at In Your House. Hawk ends the interview with his "What a Rush!" line.

Honky Tonk Man joins the broadcast team - mercifully he doesn't sing...

Double Job (w/a young guest manager) vs. an unamed second jobber - the kid doesn't seem to know what's going on (and we know James doesn't) - Oh, the opponent is Jesse Fox. The Honky Tonk Man is impressed with James (so I guess he doesn't know whats going on either). James wins for a change (yawn)...

Honky expresses his appreciation for Double Job and offers to be his manager - he wants to put jet black hair and sideburns on James. He offers to dress him better (that would be an improvement). He presents his guitar to Double Job and wants call him the new Honky Tonk Man. James expresses his amazement at the offer, takes the guitar, pretends to tune it...then smashes it on the mat! He hands the neck of the guitar (all that is left) back to Honky and says "'s a little out of tune for me" and he splits with a kiss-my-a$$ gesture. This loser has just thrown away the best chance he's ever had... Cut to commercial.

NOD comes down in the usual fashion. Faarooq is still in the hospital I guess. Crush and Savio are here to face a tag team identified only as "Bell and O'Brian". HBK is interviewed by phone but refuse to talk about his feelings concerning Bret Hart. He says he will be there live next week. The match is a silly squash.

Video on Ken Shamrock - they show clips from his shoot-fighting matches. He will appear in an exhibition match next week (Gosh - I figure all pro-wrestling matches are really "exhibition" matches so what's the difference?)

The King is getting emotional at ringside as we review Paul Bearer's attempted reconcilliation with the Undertaker last week. Paul is back again pleading his case on mic in the ring when the lights go out. here he comes - something tells me this is all a set-up. If UT goes for this Paul Bearer will turn on him at the PPV - you heard it here first... UT goes over and locks the casket before entering the ring...

"Betrayal is something I can never forget...but it is something that I may be able to forgive..." he seems to be falling for it. Undertaker hands Paul Bearer the title belt. When he turns away UT belts him (literally). Paul falls out of the ring and UT follows. He takes the urn and seems about to hit Paul with it when Mankind emerges from underneath the ring. Undertaker spins around just as Mankind unleashes a fireball into his face. It was a set-up, of course. Before Mankind can do more damage, Sid appears and drives him off. The Undertaker is stumbling around at ringside - knocking down referees and such...the WWF has slipped another notch in its downward spiral into senseless violence...cut to commercial.

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They replay the fire attack from several angles then cut to an interview with Sid who is championing the Undertaker's cause.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust - no girls at ringside tonight. Goldy goes right to work before the bell. He's making mincemeat out of the snob untill he misses a tackle and tumbles to the floor. Now Hunter starts making up ground. Helmsley is relentless now. He's always at his best when he's on top of things. Goldust finally comes back with a reverse atomic drop. He keeps the initiative for about three seconds then Hunter levers him outside to the floor. Before he can get up Helmsley drops on him from thr apron. Chyna shows up on the ramp as we cut to commercial. Since she's been barred from ringside, no doubt this match is about to end by disqualification...

Goldust has turned things around as we return. He gets a curtain call but Chyna is there to make the save (and get her man disqualified) The officials fill up the ring and restrain Chyna while HHH continues to beat on Goldust. Pat Patterson tries to pull Helmsley off and gets cold-cocked. He comes back swinging!! He and HHH are duking it out when Chyna escapes her captors and attacks Patterson from behind. The two of them are pounding on the child molester when Goldust recovers and takes Helmsley out of the fight. He turns his attention to Chyna but can't bring himself to attack her (I can't imagine why not...)

We get a review of the Hart reunion before Steve Austin comes down for his interview. He maintains that he didn't say "I quit" and claims he knocked his head on the guard rail and that's why he passed out. He whines and cries about Bret Hart whining and crying... He challanges Hart - who shows up on the video wall and disputes Austin's claims. He say's he's finished with Austin. Austin disagrees. He promises to bury Hart some day. Great - this means we won't get a decent IC Title match tonight because you know Austin will come down and spoil it...

Bret Hart vs. Rocky Maivia - Intercontinental Title match - Hitman's music plays - he takes his time appearing. He doesn't give his sunglasses away this time. Rocky looks as bit disconcerted as he approaches the ring. Bret slips out of the ring after being bulled back into the corner. This is a new Bret Hart... Tony Atlas (who looks exactly like Saba Simba...) is shown ringside. The wrestlers are exchanging arm bars. Then Hart gets in a shot and takes over. He's taking cheap shots now. Using his boot laces, the top ring rope etc. JR says Austin is pacing in the back as we go to commercial.

Bret is still having his way as we return - Austin should show up any moment. Bret misses a flight from the second rope - Maivia is coming back. He goes for his splash but Bret rolls through it. Bret drags him over and puts that ringpost figure-four on him.

Now Steve Austin shows up...and so do the Bulldog and Owen. Then the Road Warriors. So there is your next big feud. Six man tag team matches featuring the Harts vs LOD/Austin.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
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