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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Special Book of Lists Edition!

History of the Midnight Express: Conclusion

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

WrestleMania Book of Lists

by Joe Crowe

Volume 2, Issue 153 - April 3, 1997

Here is an email I received from a reader who attended the Nitro broadcast this week:

Just thought I would let you know, the dark match at the Nitro in Roanoke was Alex Wright and Billy Kidman over Joe Gomex and Renegade.

Nash did seem pissed. Either he or Syxx threw the headsets and tossed one of the announcers chairs off the little announcer platform. I missed it, but quite a few people in the parking lot were talking about Nash giving the audience the finger, but as I said, I didn't see this.

Matt O'Sickey

Midnight Express Book Of Lists

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

We have now come to the final chapter of my series on the Midnight Express. The Book of Lists will cover championships won to particular moments in the history of the Midnights. The lists will cover all the versions of the Midnights, so I will refer to Dennis/Randy as "Original" Midnights, Dennis/Bobby as Midnights II and Bobby/Stan as Midnights III.

Of course, you can't have a tag team without members so here are all of the men (wrestlers/managers) that made the Midnight Express name legendary:

The Midnights have had classic matches over their seven year span. Here are ten of their greatest:

The Midnights have also wrestled on some significant cards as well:

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The Midnights have also created some unique moves as well:

1. The Rocket Launcher-A top rope splash with an assist from the other team member. This move was used by all of the Midnight combinations.

2. Double Gouzzel-This move was used by Midnights III. They would set up the helpless opponent in the center of the ring. Stan would clip the opponents' feet from underneath him and, at the same time, Bobby would hit the opponent with a clothesline.

3. Full Nelson Face Slam-This move was used by Dennis Condrey. He would lock his victim in a simple full nelson. Then, he would step over his opponents' left leg and fall forward!!! Ouch!!!

4. Spedge-o-matic - Possibly the most lethal of the Midnight manuvears!!! Exclusively used by Midnights III. Stan would first get his opponent in a bearhug. Then, he would lean over forward to expose the victims head and neck. When he did, Bobby would jump of the top rope with a legdrop!!! Decapatation time!!! Don't need the gallows for this one!!!

5. FlapJack - Used by all of the Midnight combos. They would whip the opponent into the ropes, pick him straight up by his legs and drop him face first into the mat!!!

Well, those are my list. If you have a question, comment, criticism or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is a regular contibutor to Solie's Wrestling Newsletter as well as the Ringside Insider and other publications.

WrestleMania Book of Lists

by Joe Crowe

Another Wrestlemania has come and gone. Here is a look back at all 13 of the events that brought wrestling into the forefront of pop culture back in 1984.

Wrestlemania defined, for better or worse, the PPV system that wrestling now revolves around. Till recently, when the "wrestle" overtook the "mania" it's just been goofy fun.

I'm not concerned with a dry rundown of the cities and arenas it's been in, or attendance figures, or even quality of matches. Some WMs (like no. 7) had matches that sucked, but I had a great time watching. I'm going to focus on minute details that I found interesting, in equal parts of "wrestle" and "mania." Hope you enjoy it.

I'm ignoring dark matches and numbering only the matches that were broadcast on PPV or closed-circuit, or what the heck ever. Dark matches have never applied to "continuity" or advanced any storylines, the one exception being the tag team tournament final at WM12. I included it in the count because it was broadcast on the preview channel while they were trying to coax us into buying.

Number of Wrestlemania Matches: 137

Title Matches: 40

Victories by Good Guys: 80

Victories by Bad Guys: 48

Draws, Double DQs, Double Countouts: 9

Good guys have only fought each other twice at WM:

Special Stipulation Matches: Some of the stipulations or special circumstances double up.

Most Celebrities: Lots at WM2.

Fewest Celebrities:

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Managers Appreciation Day:

The Wrestlemania That Wasn't:

The Original Clique:

They Debuted at WM:

They Returned at WM:

He Turned Good at WM:

They Turned Bad at WM:

Roddy Piper's Wrestlemania Occupations (in order starting at WM1):

Joe Crowe is a book editor and stand-up comedian based in Birmingham, Alabama.

That's it for this issue. I'll be back with the Weekend Edition including the start of Ervin Griffin's Road Warriors Series. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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