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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Three Solie's Exclusives!

An Interview
with Diamond Dallas Page

by Hitman - from the Extreme Sports Network

IronMan: The Legend of
the Road Warriors: Part 1

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Top Ten Screwjob Endings

by "Wild Bill" Rawlings

Weekend Review: Part 1

Volume 2, Issue 154 - April 5, 1997

Weekend Review: Part 1

WCW Main Event

This program was mostly rehash as usual - naturally they are hyping the PPV tomorrow. There was a "Main Event Exclusive" match right at the end of the program which featured Scotty Riggs against the very formidable Squire Dave Taylor (formerly of the Blue Bloods). I'm glad to see that Taylor has dropped that stupid "deerstalker" outfit in favor of his old Blue Blood ring attire. Taylor wrestles defensively in this match and it proves to be a mistake as Riggs comes on aggressively and surprises his opponent with a backslide pin.

WWF LiveWire

Another rehash show. One thing that did happen is that they officially appended the name "Hart Foundation" to Bret's new alliance with his brother and brother-in-law. In fact the whole program seems to relate back to the Bret Hart is some fashion. I find it interesting that they are saying that the Hart Foundation is "back together" when you consider that neither Owen Hart or the British Bulldog was ever a member of that stable. They really need to add Jim Neidhart to legitimately make that claim. That very thing has been rumored of course.

It certainly was strange to hear the Burger King siding with Bret Hart considering Lawler's vociferous negativity concerning the Hitman over the years.

I have also heard a rumor that Tony Atlas' presence lately in the WWF is leading up to an angle wherein the IC Champ's father's former partner (Boy! That's a mouthful!) will bring about Maivia's eventual downfall. Maybe we'll see Maivia's old man come out of retirement to kick some Atlas booty. An interesting idea but possibly just one of those Internet stories that won't go anywhere.

Another story covered near the end of the program concerned Mankind's fiery attack on the Undertaker last week on RAW. Allow me to get on my soapbox here. In my not-so-humble opinion this incident was just another example of the desparate downward slide of a once-great wrestling promotion. After all that Vince McMahon did over the last 10 years to bring wrestling into the realm of mainstream entertainment he now seems poised to throw away that progress is an attempt to maintain the WWF's television ratings. His obsession with being the only game in town will bring about his ruin if he doesn't wise up.

While the competition steadfastly avoids the depiction of raw violence for it's mostly-young audience (remember the Chris Benoit/Lord Regal match a few months back where the cameras pulled back after Regal's head was busted open?), Vince and company are busily showing us gobs of blood, bringing (supposedly) loaded guns into play and now, throwing fire into peoples' eyes. Where will it stop? Where will they draw the line? What can we expect next? On-camera murder??

WCW Saturday Night

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Rey Misterio Jr. to open this one-hour program. The match stays grounded for the first few exchanges but gets airborne in short order. A few minutes into the contest Chavo hits a credible powerbomb but then fails to capitalize on it by taking too long to climb the corner ropes. He gets caught and dropped in short order. Rey throws his usual flying Frankensteiner move (but off the top corner for a change) to get the pin.

Big Rick Fuller gave Booker T a pretty good run for his money. Then he made the mistake of trying to hit him with an off-the-top-rope move. He got drop-kicked in mid-air...beginning of the end.

Arn Anderson goes on camera to absolve Kevin Sullivan of complicity in the attack on him at his Hotel some weeks ago. He implies that it may have been Jaquelyn... He exhorts Kevin to "mend your fences..." He then defies the doctors who are trying to tell him that his wrestling career is over.

Prince Iaukea put his TV belt up against Lord Regal's crony Squire David Taylor - they didn't actually announce it as a Title match but, if I remember correctly, the tradition surrounding this belt says that it is on the line anytime the Champion wrestles on TV. During the match it is announced as non-title - apparently they have changed the rules...the Prince wins it with a flying body press.

Public Enemy vs. Villano IV/LaParka makes for an interesting match-up. The Latin teams shows some impressive teamwork but it isn't enough to get them the duke. Villano gets set-up for the table shot after losing the match.

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An Interview with Diamond Dallas Page

This interview was done on the "Cheap Seats on the Extreme Sports Network" on Saturday. I paged Dallas and he filled in nicely for the Disco Inferno. Disco will be rescheduled in a week or two. The website for the Extreme Sports Network has a photo gallery of all of your favorite stars in WCW. If your interested in the website it's.....

Hitman: On the phone lines with us, is thee man with the best finisher in wrestling today, DDP........

DDP:(very tired sounding) What's up Hitman.......

Hitman: Bro you sound tired where you at?

DDP: Right now I'm at Charleston West Virginia....

Hitman: Your just a travelin man aren't ya?

DDP: Let's put it like this. I started yesterday, (asks a question to someone) (where were we at Giant? Giant says Baltimore) We started in Baltimore yesterday, Drew the biggest house show EVER in any WCW event that wasn't a PPV or Nitro. The place was jammin. We then drove to Johnston Pa..... after we worked out. Sold out the place......they were jacked!

Hitman: They knew who was in the building baby...

DDP: It's like this, It was a semi-double main event. We were there live in living color. Then that night we drove to Charelston West Virginina, drove through a bunch of little towns, and we got here at 4 o'clock this morning.

Hit: Wow, so you weren't tired or anything?

DDP: No not at all. (laughs) I'm tired, I'm beat up, I'm bruised then I got take a shower, go to the gym, workout, and do it all over again. I'm off Sunday, then going to Roanoke for Monday Nitro.

Hit: That's tough bro....

DDP: This is the side that people don't see. They think we go out there and wrestle...... It's the plane trips, the road trips and a 6'5 258 pound guy and a 7"4 445 pound guy crammed in a car. We had a Blazer, blowing through the roads and we BLEW THE BLAZER UP. We had a couple of our boys behind us to caravan us the rest of the way, but it was hell....

Hit: Diamond Dallas Page is joining us here on the Cheap Seats via the phone lines. DDP let's get into it. I'm watching Nitro the past few weeks. Randy Savage is calling you out talking smack. Not only does he talk trash about you, but, about your beautiful wife Kimberly.....

DDP: Well let's put it like this. I've said it in the past and I'll say it again, DDP is going through a lot of changes. Macho Man might be a icon in the sport, however, I'm thee anomolee. For those of you who doesn't know what that means, it means that IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. I wan't supposed to be here. No one believed 5 years ago that I would be here. No one but me! And through all of that I've gone through ups and downs, and crazy deals. Through stealing Dave's rabbit to get attention, to being in Arm Wrestling tournaments or winning 13 million dollars, blah, blah, blah, Whatever it takes to get attention to see through to get the matches I wanted to let the people see the skill I have. Macho has done me a favor. At the same time he has insulted my wife, and scared the wits out of her. he's built a feud between me and him because he thinks that I think, my s-h-blank-blank doesn't stink. He thought he would lay it on the line. He thought he would humiliate my wife by bringing the Playboy to Uncensored. There's nothing to be humilated about! We posed in that thing and they did the classiest lay out of the entire magazine! We're real proud of that. He exposed the fact that she's my wife. So what? I cut an interview on the "Satuday Night" show that people can see how I feel about the whole situation. Right now, I'm burned out from the trip, I'm tired as hell, and I don't have the energy to say how I really feel, but the bottom line is this. Randy stepped into the real world with me. When you step into my world your going to get even more of the real deal than anyone else has gotten! So when we get to the Stampede I'm going to blow the roof off!!!

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Hit: Is it safe to say we'll see the Diamond Cutter on Mr. Savage?

DDP: Whenever he makes the mistake, I'm going to do whatever it takes to snap into it! Savage is no Johhny B Badd a.k.a Marc Mero: who in his own right is a great athelete, his no Dave Sullivan, Alex Wright. I mean he is the Macho Man. I respect all of that. He's the 5 time world champion. I don't take this guy lightly at all. There is a inner deal in between us because we are a lot a like. He both run right to the edge of the cliff. I teeter on the edge, he tends to jump off. Which makes us dangerous. When in comes to Uncensored, I will be ready for that. At this point right now I want him so bad I can taste. He know the Diamond Cutter is the most fiered move in wrestling. It was voted by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the deadliest move in wrestling. My wife, even though she wasn't on T.V. for the last 7 months was voted as the sexiest woman in wrestling. Pro Wrestling Illustrated is the Sports Illustrated in Wrestling and the fans voted it. My friend Jake The Sanke Roberts said I reinvented it. I said re invented what? He said the DDT. I even think this is better that the DDT because you can take it from anywhere. That's what the real deal is on the Diamond Cutter.

Hit: DDP, we are looking forward to the Spring Stampede coming up on Sunday April 6th and we are looking forward to see what you are going to do....

DDP: It will be delivered in Mississippi, and if your thinking about getting a PPV, this is the one because I will deliever. DDP will be busting his ass out there. Just like I have been the whole time. WHen its all said and done....Macho Man you WILL know my name.

Hit: The shirts are selling like hot cakes also.....

DDP: Right now, the shirts are outselling the NWO merchandise! Also check out the web site for you computer geeks like myself. WCW has one which is You can join the union of diamond cutters. You'll get special chats will me and Kimberly. I also have a more personal website at and you can read all of my stories, interviews, videos, etc. I do respond to many of the things asked so check it out.

Hitman: DDP get some Z'sssss and I will talk at you soon bro.

DDP: Hitman it has been your pleasure!

Hit: As always baby.

# End of Interview #

Hitman is a Provo, Utah radio personality, a regular contributer to the Readers' Forum and a great friend of Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

IronMan: The Legend of the Road Warriors: Part 1

by Ervin Griffin Jr.


THE ROAD WARRIORS. The name alone is symbolic with power, strength, brutality, and sheer ruthlessness in tag team wrestling. You would have to go back to the days of Crusher & Bruiser, Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch and The Minnesota Wrecking Crew to find a tougher tag team.

The origins of the Warriors really began in 1982, when Animal (then known as the Road Warrior) made his solo debut in the south. His outfit was a leather motorcycle cap, a jean jacket with no-sleeves, cut-off denims and big motorcycle boots. While the outfit was different, the power and attitude that would later define the Road Warriors was there.

Meanwhile, his future partner, Hawk, was wrestling in Germany. His gimmick was akin to the goosestepping outfits the Nazis used to wear. Needless to say, this didn't last long. It is unknown what else Hawk was doing during this period.

Then, in June of 1983, "Precious" Paul Ellering introduced a new tag team to the Georgia Championship Wrestling area. This team, of course, was the Warriors. They would regularly come out to the music of Black Sabbath's "IronMan" and charge the ring and attack their opponents immediatly. Their matches would usually last about 5 minutes or less!!! This team would stun audiences everywhere because of the ease they would dismantle their opponents. Most tag teams of that time would wrestle their opponents down and then pin them in about 10 or 15 minutes but these guys would wipe them out in 1 or 2 minutes, sometimes seconds!!!! They were so dominant that the NWA wanted to ban them at one time from the sport!!!

Many thought that these two bruisers would be nothing but flashes in the pan but about two or three weeks after their debut, the Warriors won the Georgia National Tag Team Titles!!! They would go to two more reigns with that championship, defeating teams such as Buzz and Bret Sawyer, Ron Garvin and Jerry Oats, Junkyard Dog and Sweet Sugar Brown among others.

Finally, The Warriors and Ellering got bored and decided to go one to bigger pastures. They left in early 1985 to go to the AWA.

Next Week: The AWA Days

If you have a question, comment, criticism or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

By the way, thank you to those of you who responded to my Bret Hart article!!! If you still want to respond to this article, please e-mail me at the address shown in the previous sentence.

Ervin Griffin Jr. is a regular contributer to Solie's Wrestling Newsletter as well as the Ringside Insider and othert publications.

Top Ten Screwjob Endings

by "Wild Bill" Rawlings

Recently, a topic of discussion on the Solie's Readers' Forum has been some of the many screw up endings that we see in wrestling matches nowadays. These are the endings where there is either no clear winner to the match, or something or someone outside of the match determines the outcome. Suggestions were offered by many of the posters and a Top 10 list has been established. Where recent matches have utilized a particular screw up, it has been noted. This is in no way a complete list, and is subject to additions as they occur. Feel free to refer to this list to describe a particular match you may see in the future (i.e., "AAggghh, they used screw up #3 in the championship match!!!")

Top 10 "Screw Up" Endings in Professional Wrestling Matches

1. Wrestler #1 is about to beat wrestler #2 (usually for a belt) when wrestler #3 comes out to the ring and clobbers wrestler #1! (Note: See Bret Hart, SCSA, Sycho Sid, and Undertaker matches in the last month.)

2. Champion, on the verge of being beaten for the belt, gets himself intentionally disqualified just to hold on to the belt!

3. First referee gets knocked out, second referee comes in and makes decision...which is then overturned since the second referee was not in charge of the match! (Note: See Randy Anderson and Steiners versus the Outsiders at NWO Souled Out.)

4. One wrestler bumps into the referee, knocking him unconscious. Heel(s) beat stuffing out of face...referee recovers just in time to see face pinned!

5. One man is beaten, but his opponent is distracted by something or someone outside the ring and beaten man finds enough strength to roll him up for the victory! (Note: See Prince Iaukea versus Lord Steven Regal.)

6. Outside interference causes double disqualification because people from both sides come in and there is suddenly a mini-battle royal! (Note: See NOD versus Ahmed/LOD.)

7. In tag team match, heel's partner on the outside distracts the referee, while on the inside the other heel pulls object from trunks to deck face...referee turns around just in time to see face pinned!

8. Heel is about to use an "international" object on face...face grabs object and uses it on heel instead. However, the referee only saw the object in the face's hand and disqualifies the face!

9. Face gets double teamed and beaten to death because referee is trying to keep face's partner from jumping into the ring to help his partner!

10. Valet/manager/other flunkie uses ether/shoe heel/paint can on face while referee has back turned!

"Wild Bill" Rawlings has been enlivening the Readers' Forum for several months now.

Editors Note: Check out the newest addition to the Image Gallery. Classic Images from Mid-South Wrestling/UWF.

I'll be back tomorrow night with the rest of the Weekend News and my in-depth coverage of WCW Spring Stampede. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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