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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WCW Spring Stampede

Shotgun Saturday Night Report

by Garland Chan

Weekend Review: Part 2

Volume 2, Issue 155 - April 6, 1997

WWF Shotgun Saturday Night 4/06/97

Sorry, I missed the first 10 minutes of the program.

Jim Ross and Brian Pillman are commentating.

1st match: 8 man AAA match.

I caught this one a few minutes into it and I don't even know the participants. From what I see in this match is pretty crazy. Plungas, Frankensteiners, flying head scissors, name it. You can't name it, and they do it too. They say that the Space Cadets win it with Lutsor (sp?) pinning his man.

Evaluation: AAA matches give the crowd good high flying action and death defying moves, but still too choreographed for me.

*** of 5

Review of Steve Austin interview on Monday Night RAW.

2nd Match: Doug Furnas and Phillip LaFon vs. R.T. Williams and Mankind's inspiration Aldo Montoya

LaFon is sporting longer tights, but the team is still plain looking as they engage in this usual squash. Things get interesting when Jim Cornette comes down ringside to scout Furnas and LaFon. We see a little more viciousness and aggressiveness is see from both of these members. Something kind of smells fishy�especially when Furnas knocks Montoya with an elbow when he wasn't even involved in the match. LaFon wins with his Cobra Clutch slam on Williams. Cornette leaves looking happy with his notes. I smell heel turn. Clues? LaFon immediately puts his hand down when the ref tries to raise his hand in victory. Furnas puts his hand out to greet the crowd and just as he was about to make contact with a fan, he pulls it back. Anyone agree?

Evaluation: About time something interesting happens to one of the most talented but boring tag teams in the WWF.

*1/2 of 5

Sunny Undercover. She's claiming that Honky Tonk Man has found a new prot�g� to fued with Jesse James and gives innuendoes of Rude return. Also mentions a surprise for Rocky Maivia that may not be as heartwarming as when his father came into the ring at Wrestlemania. And this one seems to involve "Mr. USA Tony Atlas" who was also there. She also confirms that there will be a fourth member added to the Hart Foundation by summer's end and teases the possibility of managing them (her being the fourth member.)

Again nothing really exciting in this week's show. How disappointing.

Until next week this is Garland riding Shotgun...

Solie's Seattle Correspondent Garland Chan is a student at the University of Washington.

Editor's Addendum: The first match on the program was a squash contest pitting Bob Holly vs. Mankind. Kevin Kelly tried to interview the duo after the match - Paul Bearer grabbed Kelly by the lapels and told him to mind his own business. Then he grabbed the mic and interviewed Mankind, who talked about having an "Undertaker Bar-B-Q..."

This was followed by another squash match - Sid against Jerry Fox. At the end of this match the Hart Foundation made an appearance on the ramp. They menaced Sid from afar but thought better of making an attack when the Road Warriors showed up.

This info was gleaned from watching WWF SuperStars which was basically a re-broadcast of the Saturday night program.

Editors Note: Check out the newest addition to the Image Gallery. Classic Images from Mid-South Wrestling/UWF.

WCW Pro-Wrestling

Bobby Eaton took on Mongo McMichael in the program opener. In the real world Mongo wouldn't have a chance in this one - but this is pro-wrestling... At least they make it somewhat believable by having Debra interfere and cause Mongo to get the win.

High Voltage gets another win - over the Posse this time.

Kevin Sullivan and Jaquelyn do their usual number on Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Alex Wright squashes a jobber from England.

Chris Benoit squashes Jim Powers (another jobber).

WCW Spring Stampede

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From Tupelo, Mississippi

Scott Hall is not in the arena tonight so Nash is going to have to face the Steiners on his own.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - both men are being cautious in the opening moments. The announcers are saying that Ric Flair will have a "shocking" statement to make later in the program. The Dragon puts on a short-arm scissors and rests with it for a while. He then puts on a spinning crucifix followed by a powerbomb. Sonny Oono is nowhere in evidence. The Dragon picks up Misterio and puts a "Liger-Bomb" on him - he runs him clear across the ring and then puts on the bomb. Rey finally gets loose and gets a spin kick, but Dragon comes right back and takes over again. Dragon puts on a bridged leglock with a reverse chinlock combination then turns it into an inverted surfboard. They go to the outside a moment later and Rey finally gets in a rail shot. Back in the ring a whip puts Misterio into a sleeper. Rey whips him off and gets a sleeper of his own. Dragon escapes and goes out - Rey throws a fake then vaults over and crashes down on the Dragon.

Lee Marshall is trying to get an interview with Nash. In the ring Misterio is in control for several exchanges then gets slingshotted out of the ring, striking his head on the ringpost in the process. Amazingly he gets up and is back in and on top of things again. The Dragon catches his opponent and puts him into a giant swing. He ends up making himself dizzy. Both men are down. Rey gets up first and throws his slingshot Frankensteiner but can't get the roll-up. Dragon reverses, Rey reverses it back. No cigar. The Dragon throws a spin kick and misses. Rey throws the Frankensteiner again and gets his roll-up this time.

Le Marshall is still trying to get the interview. He finally gets Nash who demands that Nick Patrick be the referee for the title match. Scott Steiner crashes the interview. Nash spits on him - Scott goes ballistic and gets maced!! They are putting cuffs on him as we cut back to the arena.

Medusa vs. Akira Hokuto - Women's Heavyweight Title match - Medusa comes on very aggressive and dominates the opening moments. Hokuto gets loose and takes over. She grabs a powerfull bearhug. She throws her down and things start to see-saw. These are both very powerful, very athletic women. Sonny Oono is getting involved at ringside. He gets kicked in the face for his trouble. Medusa has control now and gets a Tiger suplex - Hokuto kicks out as Oono is on the apron. Medusa kicks him again and sends him flying. Hokuto goes at her from behind. They struggle as Oono is up distracting the referee again. Luna Vachon runs in and blindsides Medusa giving the pin to Hokuto.

Lord Steven Regal vs. Prince Iaukea - TV Title match - the Prince seems to be ready for this fight. Regal stalls in the beginning. We are informed that Scott Steiner has been arrested for hitting a police officer! He's been taken to jail!! What..? Rick Steiner will face Kevin Nash for the Tag Team Titles tonight.

In the ring Prince Iaukea is in control of the match. But not for long. Regal takes over after tying his opponent up in the ropes. He is attempting to ground the Prince but is not being all that successful. Iaukea takes control again but a thumb to the eye takes away the initiative. Regal slaps on a full nelson. The Prince breaks out of it but Regals forarm shots keep him on top of the action. The match is more see-saw now but Regal is still in control for the most part. There is some furious action featuring the Prince's martial arts blows while Regal tries to put on wrestling holds. They go into the corner - the Prince throws a moonsault but Regal calmly sidesteps. They scuffle some more and Regal tries a cradle but Iaukea reverses it and gets a cradle of his own to get the pin. Afterward, Regal attacks from behind and puts and STF on the Champ in retaliation. He attacks repeatedly and leaves the Champ laying in the ring.

Mean Gene with Ric Flair - the Nature boy will be back in action as of May first. Arn goes under the knife this Tuesday. He announces that Kevin Greene has been released by the Panthers to wrestle. He seems to be saying that Greene will be wrestling with the Horsemen. (doesn't he still have a bone to pick with Mongo?).

Public Enemy vs. Steve McMichaels/Jeff Jarrett w/Debra - Mongo and Rocco Rock in to start. Rocco out-wrestles the ex-football player and avoids going head-to-head with him. He tries to pull a double-team but the boys from the hood get creamed. Jarrett and Mongo strut in tandem. Jarrett in with Grunge. He slaps on an abdominal stretch and gets some leverage help from his partner. A double-team gets him loose. Jarrett gets upset and leaves the ring - he walks up the aisle, then returns - waits out the count then goes back in on 9. Mongo tagged in. He gets a sidewalk slam on Rock and might get the pin except that the referee is busy with Grunge. The fight goes out to the floor. Grunge tries to put Debra on the table but gets crunched by Jarrett with a chair. Grunge gets the best of Jarrett and positions him for the table shot but misses it and crashes through the table solo. Now three guys are in the ring - Rocco is on the outside and has the briefcase. Jarrett gets a figure four on Grunge - Rocco hits him with the case and lays him out. The referee counts his shoulders down - PE gets the win.

Mean Gene with Harlem Heat and Sherri - she says they have a plan to win the Four Corners match. The boys are wearing different colors - Booker T in gold - Stevie Ray in white.

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Chris Benoit vs. Dean Malenko - US Title match - this one is fast and furious with no clear advantage going to either man. Malenko grabs a spinning toe hold and lays down with it. Benoit finally escapes and bulls his opponent to the outside. He is right back and now they are trading armlocks. They lock-up in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. A test of strength. Chris gets loose ad grabs a wrist-lock then forces Malenko to the mat. He snaps him over and grabs a reverse chin-lock. Nancy is screaming as usual at ringside. Malenko escapes and they trade blows. Malenko's superior wrestling ability is beginning to show. He gets a camel-clutch. Chris escapes, they criss-cross and Malenko gets a short-arm scissors. Benoit picks him up bodily and suplexes him to the mat!

Now Benoit is in charge. He gets an abdominal stretch. Malenko eventually throws him off over his hip. Benoit comes back with repeated kicks to the head. He goes for a pin but Dean is too close to the rope. Another heavy blow and he goes for another pin. No cigar. He takes Malenko into the corner and chops him repeatedly. Dean swings him around and reverses the momentum. Jaquelyn comes out and attacks Nancy. In the ring Benoit hits his flying headbutt. Jimmy Hart runs out and steals the US Belt but meets Eddie Guerrero as he goes back up the aisle. Meanwhile Arn Anderson comes down and creams Malenko. Kevin Sullivan shows up with a pole (looked like a broom-handle or something) - Arn lets him pass! Sullivan hits Benoit with his club and the referree calls for the bell. Jimmy Hart, Jaquelyn and Sullivan drag Guerrero away with the Title belt over his shoulder - he seems to be protesting but has one arm in a sling so he can't get away from them. That was the weirdest ending I've ever seen...

Rick Steiner vs. Kevin Nash - World Tag Team Title match - Steiner has the odds overwhelmingly against him with Syxx and Dibiasi at ringside plus Patrick making the call. After an initial assault from Nash, Steiner takes control. A slow count denies him the victory. Syxx pulls down the rope as Rick is whipped in - he tumbles to the floor. Nash has the advantage now. A sidewalk slam puts Steiner down. Nash drapes him on the bottom rope then backs off so Dibiasi can hit him. Nash throws a leg onto him with a running start. Moments later he gets a massive powerbomb - goes for the pin - Rick kicks out. He is going for another one when Rick crotches him. Rick has to struggle to his feet. He gets to the top and throws a bulldog. Patrick slow counts him again. Nash gets the advantage and works him over as Syxx and Dibiasi are working on removing the corner buckle. Nash drops Rick's face onto the exposed buckle. Then does it again on his ear. Dibiasi tries to tell Nash to stop the assault. Nash ignores him and does it again. Dibiasi walks away in disgust. Nash throws Steiner onto the buckle a fourth time. Then he jack-knifes him. Patrick is hesitant to make the count. Nash has to intimidate him into doing it.

Mean Gene w/ the Giant and Luger - they each pledge to go for the win regardless of who they have to fight

Four Corners Match - Harlem Heat/the Giant/Lex Luger - the winner will get a shot against Hollywood Hogan for the World Title - Luger/Booker T to start - they exchange blows with Booker mostly in charge. Luger gets a press slam but doesn't follow up. Stevie Ray gets in and takes over for a while. Luger escapes and gets in a blow before he tags in the Giant. Stevie Ray is very aggressive but it doesn't help him. The Giant puts him down. Booker T tags in and gets pressed over the Giant's head. Stevie ray rolls out after the slam - Sherri conforts him and earns a rebuke from Booker T. In the ring Luger and the Giant face each other. Luger tries to slam the Giant but collapses under the weight. They each turn around and tag in the two brothers to face each other. They go nose to nose then Booker shoves Stevie Ray. They finally lock up and exchange hammerlocks. They still seem reluctant to wrestle. Booker tags in Luger. Stevie takes the initiative and puts Luger down. Both competitors tag out. The Giant and Booker face off. No contest here. The Giant dominates - Stevie comes in without a tag. He stuns the Giant and puts a sidekick on him. Booker comes in and tries as well - the Giant is still standing. Booker goes after the Giants legs. Luger tagged in and now the action is getting a little too confusing to call. After several exchanges Booker slaps on a reverse chin-lock on Luger. Luger fights out but gets put down again by a side kick. The Giant makes the save. Harlem Heat double team him - clubberin' him so to speak. Stevie goes back to the reverse chin-lock. Luger fights out of it again. Booker puts him down again and goes for the pin but the Giant saves him again. Both wrestlers tag their partners. The Giant dominates Stevie Ray and is ready to go for the chokeslam but then tags Luger in and allows him to put on the Rack! Luger gets the Title shot.

Randy Savage vs Diamond Dallas Page - Mean Gene interviews DDP before the match. Kimberly is with him lookin' hot. She's egging him on to do Savage in. Michael Buffer does the honors and makes the ring announcements. This is a no-disqualification match. Randy gets a match and tries to intimidate DDP. Fat chance...

Savage takes his time getting into the ring and then turns tail as soon as DDP comes at him. They end up fighting out in the aisle. Back in the ring Page goes for the Diamond Cutter early but Savage blocks it by holding onto the top rope. They go out again and are fighting into the stands. Savage slams DDP into a doorway then goes for a trashcan. DDP gets it away from him and turns the tables. DDP goes after Savage who grabs Kimberly for protection. Liz rakes DDP's back - Kimberly is knocked down but unhurt. Savage is in control now. He runs his opponent into the steps. Beats on him and then does it a second time. Back in the ring he goes for a pin but fails. He goes out and takes Michael Buffer's chair. Back inside DDP gets creamed and layed out. Savage goes out for David Pinzer's chair - when Pinzer resists, Savage slaps him down. Then he kicks the downed announcer before re-entering the ring. Dallas turns the tables on him with the chair. Now DDP is on fire. They exchange blows, Savage gets a hold of DDP's raised foot - spins him around but DDP gets the clothesline. DDP is out of it so Savage still keeps the advantage. He puts DDP down and goes out after the bell. Before he can climb to the top, Kimberly wrenches it away. Savage decides to go for the elbow - he flies and DDP gets his feet up. DDP is still out of it so Savage keeps the avdvantage again. The ref tries to pull him off so he piledrives him! Savage goes back up and hits the elbow. There's nobody to count. Nick Patrick comes out but DDP turns the tables on a scoop attempt and gets the Diamond Cutter. Patrick hesitates - then counts Savage out.

Nash comes to the ring and grabs Patrick by the throat. The rest of the NWO, including Bischoff come down to ringside. Nash continues to hold onto Patrick as he brings Savage around and helps him regain his feet. He then jack-knifes the referee. Savage kicks Page out of the ring then turns his attention to Kimberly. Bischoff tries to intervene as Savage is holding Mrs. Page by the hair. He gets shoved down and bounds back up and shoves Savage - Savage decks him and the rest of the NWO guys converge to keep them from coming to blows. The NWO appears to be coming apart at the seams...

This was one of the more interesting PPV's I've seen lately if only for the advances in the NWO storyline. There were also some great matches. Conspicuous by his absense was the Stinger...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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