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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Ultimo Dragon Takes the TV Title

Prince Iaukea Injured by Regal Earlier On

NWO Papers Over Their Turmoils, For Now...

Austin Get's Sid's Shot at Bret Hart

Sid a No Show on RAW Tonight

Volume 2, Issue 156 - April 7, 1997

Nitro Report

Review of the end of the PPV from last night.

Psychosis/Alex Wright vs. Hugh Morrus/Konan - this match pits two high flying youngsters against two real powerhouses. All four of these guys are genuine talents. Wright and his partner hold their own despite being overmatched from a power standpoint. Toward the end of the contest Psychosis gets dumped to the outside leaving Alex to fend off both DOD'rs on his own. It was only a matter of time before he got trapped and put down for the count.

Lord Steven Regal vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Regal can outwrestle almost anyone - he can only possibly lose this one through hubris. The NWO shows up out back. Hogan is there with Dibiasi, Vincent and Eric Bischoff. They seem troubled - I wonder why...?

In the ring Regal continues to pound on his opponent, who turns on him suddenly and turns things around. It doesn't last long - Regal regains the advantage and slaps on his STF. Misterio gets to the rope but Regal won't let go of the hold. Lord Steven is disqualified - he has blown it again. He continues to hold onto his victem after the bell rings. Prince Iaukea runs in to break it up - Regal swats him off and then transfers the hold to Iaukea! The announcers are telling us another limo has pulled up out back. Nash is in this one with Syxx, Savage, Liz, Bagwell, Norton, Stink and Wallstreet. Cut to commercial.

Ice Train w/Jack-in-the-Box Long vs. Chris Benoit w/Woman - if the Train wins this I will finally know that wrestling is truly fake :) Right after this one gets underway we go to the back and witness an argument among the NWO guys. Hogan is confronting Savage, who is saying that Bischoff has gotten "soft" since being suspended. Bischoff retorts that he has gotten "smart" - which prompts Savage to respond "Oh , so I'm not smart...?" Hogan turns to Norton for some reason and asks him where he stands (like anyone really cares). Norton says "NWO all the way" which pleases Hogan.

Back in the ring both Nancy and Teddy are up on the apron already - Teddy gets knocked off during a scuffle, Benoit gets a DDT and its all over.

We get to see clips of Hogan and Rodman at the premiere of Rodman's new movie. Rodman looks like a freak, of course, in gold lamme, make-up and glitter all over him.

Hector Guerrero vs. Kevin Sullivan - this might be a good match - Eddie G's big brother is no slouch even if he is a little past his prime. Nope - Kevin overwhelms him and knocks him out of the ring. Hector blocks Jaquelyn's first punch but then hesitates and blows his chance to put her down. Kevin and his "lady" do their usual number after that. This is a travesty - making a great veteran like Guerrero to job to this Amazon...I wouldn't mind so much except that I watched little Nancy clean this witches clock at SuperBrawl - great athletes like Hector Guerrero shouldn't be forced to humiliate themselves this way. Considering the fact that Sullivan is one of the major bookers in WCW - this smacks of self-aggrandizement. No wonder Disco split...

Hogan's faction comes to the ring - the rest of the thugs follow at a distance. Savage is in a cast and on crutches, by the way. Dibiasi starts the palaver. He says there is "some turmoil within the family" - he wants to settle it tonight. Hogan takes over. He says they will take care of family business. He confronts Nash about his statements last week on Nitro. Nash has the mic - he has no problem with Rodman but, he says, he sat with his buddy Syxx in a hotel room on Easter and he's upset about it. Hogan wants to know where Scott Hall is. Nash says Hall is NWO all the way. Hogan accepts that but he still has a problem with Nash's attitude. Nash swears fealty - but Savage is having a cow on the edge of the group. The crowd chants "We want Sting!!" Hogan urges Savage and Bischoff to bury the hatchet. Savage says "OK" but puts Eric on notice that "you're on probation with me and I'm on probation with you..." Eric agrees to that - the crisis is apparently averted. Cut to commercial.

As seems to be the habit these days - they start the second hour early.

Mean Gene with Ric Flair - Gene asks Flair about the NWO turmoil - compares it to the Horsemen trouble. Flair talks about him and Piper "bonding". He names some of the NWO members and says they know "we're ready to play" one more time. He introduces Roddy Piper who joins them in the ring. The crowd is chanting "Roddy! Roddy!" Piper confirms Flair's readiness to wrestle and then they mention Kevin Greene as being in their corner as well. Piper says the NWO "stink" and says its time to make a challange. Kevin Greene shows up. He says he's got their backs. Greene and Piper bump bellies and shoulder each other. They leave together.

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Chris Jericho vs. Dean Malenko - US Title match - Jericho dominates the early going through sheer enthusiasm until Dean catches him in a powerbomb. He slaps on the Texas Cloverleaf but they're too close to the ropes. Jericho escapes and gets a superplex on the Champ a moment later. Malenko comes right back and rams Jericho's face into the top turnbuckle. He seems to be injured. Malenko looks closely at his face and then kicks him right in the nose! Malenko gets an easy pin and retains the title. They are calling for medical assistance as we cut to commercial.

High Voltage vs. Public Enemy - a return match from two weeks ago when HV won the match due to the Horsemens' interference. The youngsters start aggressive but get cut off at the pass. The electric boys are showing a lot of confidence but it isn't getting them anywhere. Kaos gets set up on the table but gets out of the way before Grunge can land on him. Grunge takes the table shot - Rocco gets suplexed and pinned. High Voltage has done it again! (Congrats Troy!!)

Mean Gene with the losers - PE challange High Voltage to a "Philidelphia Street Fight" next week when Nitro is in Philidelphia. That should be interesting - I wonder if Paul E and the boys will show up...? Nah! I imagine McMahon has them sewn up...

Prince Iaukea is being taped up backstage from his run-in with Regal earlier. Of course he has a Title defense tonight.

Harlem Heat w/Sherri vs.Jeff Jarrett/Steve McMichael w/Debra - Mongo fails to make his entrance with Debra and Jarrett - Jarrett starts the match alone. Debra professes not to know where her husband is - she doesn't seem concerned. Jeff holds his own against Booker T but when Stevie Ray gets in he starts taking Jarrett apart. Now Debra is concerned. Sherri starts getting involved so the Heat can double team Jarrett. Debra leaves ringside looking for Mongo but returns without him. The sound is terrible on the program tonight. Jarrett is hanging on but they're wearing him down. It continues to be three against one. He sidesteps a side kick and gets a breather. Finally Mongo shows up - he looks pissed and in no hurry. He gets to the apron and gets tagged in. He proceeds to clean house then he tags Jarrett back in. Jarrett is in no shape to continue and gets downed easily by a side kick. Mongo makes a half-hearted effort to save him. Mongo screams in Jarrett's face about how he set the Heat up for the pin but Jarrett couldn't follow up.

Mean Gene with the Horsemen - Jarrett questions Mongo about "where the hell" he was - Debra starts to say something but Steve cuts her off. Mongo ignores the question and rants about being wronged and warns everyone (apparently) to look out. Cut to commercial.

Ultimo Dragon w/Sonny Onoo vs. Prince Iaukea - TV Title match - uh oh...this doesn't look good for the Prince... the Dragon is famous for his kicks to the ribs. Iaukea can't even complete a scoop slam because of his injury. He makes a good effort but is overwhelmed. Ultimo Dragon takes the TV Title.

The Giant vs. Scott Steiner - the Giant enters to Luger's music. I guess Steiner made bail. Konan and Hugh Morrus attach Steiner in the aisle for some reason. The Giant comes to his aid. Morrus attacks the Giant with a chair to no effect. The DOD'rs are driven off - the Giant and Steiner shake hands...then leave together - I guess there won't be a match after all. That was supposed to be the main event. Cut to commercial.

Diamond Dallas Page comes to the ring. He's obviously injured from last nights attack. he makes another impassioned speech about the insults to his wife. He tears the braces off of his shoulder and challanges Savage to a match right now. Savage limps down to the ring on crutches. Hogan catches up and stops him. I wish I could hear what their saying but everytime someone tries to talk out in the aisle the sound goes buggy. Hogan seems ready to fight Savage's battle (with the entire gang behind him of course) when Sting descends from the rafters and faces the NWO down. He has two bats and tosses one to DDP in the ring. He joins the Diamond man and together they stand ready to do battle. Fade to black...

WCW is heating up again...

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RAW Report

Owen Hart/British Bulldog vs. The Godwins - Owen grabs a mic and threatens HBK with bodily harm if he says anything about the Hitman later in the program. PIG and HOG come down with the stars and stripes unfurled. Honky Tonk Man is ringside with the remains of his cheap Korean guitar (heirloom? yeah right...) in a plastic bag... cut to commercial.

Henry starts out with Owen. Hart gets overpowered early on by both Godwins. The ref actually lets the Bulldog come into the ring before he tags in. Shawn Michaels joins us on camera from the back area. He promises to ignore Owen's warning and say whatever he feels like saying. In the ring the Godwins are still holding the advantage. A surrepticious tag turns the tables as Owen catches PIG in a flying round kick. Phineous comes back strong but is upset again by another doubleteam as we cut to commercial.

We're back and so are the Godwins. As the Road Warriors rant in an inset, Henry gets the slop-drop on the Bulldog. Unfortunately Phineous has to be escorted out of the ring by the referee. While he is occupied, Owen blindsides Henry and then covers him for the win. The Champs retreat up the aisle as the Godwins are readying the slop buckets. They run into the Road Warriors at the top of the ramp. They turn back and are confronted by the Godwins. They duck away as PIG and HOG throw the slop all over LOD. A melee ensues which the Champs observe from a distance. Cut to commercial.

The Tag Champs are enjoying what just happened as we come back. They promise to embarrass the Road Warriors at the PPV and have the slopping played back a couple of times. Steve Austin tries to crash their party but is headed off by officials.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Billy Gunn w/The Honky Tonk Man - Austin enters to a respectable pop. Billy Gunn comes in with a surprise (HTM at his side). Gunn is taunting Austin as a crybaby right off the bat. A mistake, naturally. Austin cleans his clock. Billy has to retreat from the ring. Now Austin is doing the taunting. It looks like Honky has picked another loser. Billy finally comes back with some punches and a swinging neck-breaker. He can't sustain it however. They are calling this a live program but then prove it isn't by electronically altering the image so that we don't see Austin flipping the ref the bird behind is back. Austin wins the match (like wow! surprise...)

Honky Tonk still wants to stick with his man. He bucks the Gunnster up and promises to take him to the top. Billy declines and throws in a punch on the jaw to make his point...another loser down...lets sell some Undertaker posters.

Suddenly a military figure appears on the ramp. He is dressed in a South African paratroupers uniform and says that the next RAW will come from his country. He introduces himself as the Commandant of the "Truth Commission". He's here to study the effects of long term democracy on the masses yatta, yatta. Who is this clown..? He says he has a tape to show us of a westler who doesn't suffer from the weakness of the American people. It's Bret Hart he's talking about. Bret rants for several moments on tape - the usual stuff. We see Bret entering an arena in Johanesberg carrying the South African flag. This is really weird...

Shawn Michaels makes a comment about it - he's not impressed. Cut to commercial.

We come back to Shawn Michaels interview. Owen and Bulldog are looking on as HBK unfolds his rant. He seems to have the whole thing figured out...this rant goes on and on and on... Apparently he took a degree in psychology while he was away from action - he analyzes Bret Hart's behaviour. Is it me or is this guy getting really tiresome? Is anybody else getting bored with this clown flapping his gums?

The Tag Champs head for the ring as Shawn goes into his dance. Shawn grabs a chair from ringside to defend himself so the anticipated beating doesn't happen. Cut to commercial. Just a note - it is now 1/2 way through the program and we have had two matches...

Headbangers vs Barry Horowitz/Freddy Joe Floyd (Tracy Smothers) - Horowitz shows his considerable wrestling skill at the beginning of this match but it's just a tease. This is basically an extended squash. Barry takes it for a while, then Freddy gets in a takes it until he's pinned.

They tell us that Sid has yet to show up for his match with Mankind. Next up - Ken Shamrock in an exhibition of No Holds Barred Shoot Fighting.

Vernon White vs. Ken Shamrock - they promo the UFC PPV coming up soon. The match is short - they go at each other with punches and kicks - an occasional takedown - they mostly work on the joints attempting to apply submission holds. The opponent gets a little too rough with Shamrock and he pounds the guy into unconscienceness. Vader comes down afterward to play the bully boy...cut to commercial.

Vader squashes a jobber - I didn't catch the guys name.

Sid still hasn't shown up for his match. Gorrilla Monsoon doesn't know where he is - he decides to put Steve Austin back in the ring with Mankind if Sid doesn't appear. Austin shows up to protest - then reverses his course and offers to take the match if Monsoon will give Austin Sid's match against Bret at the next PPV.

Mankind makes his entrance - he has promised to make a presentation to the Undertaker tonight. Cut to commercial.

Mankind pursues an extended rant in which he promises more horrendous behaviour. He rambles about his family, his wife and his three year old daughter, wrestling 300 nights a year, the Kenneday assasination etc. He warns parents to keep their children away from the next PPV - too sweet for words...He has a Mankind mask for the Undertaker - I guess that is the "present" he talked about earlier...

The Undertaker responds with a rant of his own calling down the fires of hell on Mankind and Paul Bearer. There's been way to much talk on this program tonight...

Steve Austin vs Mankind - they start the fight out on the ramp. While the brawl goes on we get more talk from the Tag Champs in split screen. They don't like the idea of Austin having another match with Bret. They say he's been "screwed again..." yatta, yatta...Back in the ring, on the floor etc, Austin is taking it to his opponent. Cut to commercial.

Mankind has just hit Austin with a chair as we return. The Tag Champs are observing the match from the top of the ramp. Now Austin is taking it royally. Mankind throws his elbow off the apron move to devastating effect. They fight up onto the ramp and mankind gets shoved off to the floor. Back in the ring Austin is back in control. He's going for a superplex but gets shoved off to the mat. Owen and the Bulldog are at ringside now. Here come Animal and Hawk... In the ring Austin is pounding Mankind into the corner. Vader hits the ring suddenly and seems to accidently hit his team mate - they start a slugfest - Austin, the Road Warriors and the Tag Champs have vanished. Paul Bearer breaks it up just before we fade to black...

A rather poor showing for RAW tonight - four matches and two squashes in two hours...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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