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IronMan: The Legend of the Road Warriors: Part 2

by Ervin Griffin

Mid-Week Ramblings...

Volume 2, Issue 157 - April 10, 1997

An interesting letter...

I received this email from a reader today.

Shawn Michaels was at Monday Nitro in Huntsville. A friend of mine got his autograph for his son.

We were in the 7th row back from the ring, right along where the wrestlers make their entrances and exits. To me, it did look like Jericho got legitimately busted open.

There may have been WCW shills in the audience shouting "We want Sting", but the 3 boys I had with me started it on their own more times than I care to think about. I had 2 8 year olds and 1 10 year old. They had a great time. They had been to Gold's Gym earlier in the day to check out who was there. My son got autographs from Ric Flair, Macho Man, Nash, Konan, Syxx, Rick Steiner, and Dean Malenko. He said that they were all really nice to him.

Barbara Long

IronMan: The Legend of the Road Warriors

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Part 2: The AWA Days

In 1984, The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering decided that it was time to leave Georgia Championship Wrestling area of the NWA and venture into Verne Gange's AWA because they had done all they could do in that area and because of the NWA's efforts to ban them (it would not be the last time a federation would attempt this, as you will see later in this series).

Upon their arrival, the tore into AWA opponents much the same way they had been in the NWA. Then, in the summer of 1984, the Warriors defeated the woefully overmatched veteran team of Baron Von Rashke and The Crusher for the AWA World Tag Team Belts. This brought an era of dominance that hadn't been seen before in the AWA.

From my recollection and from reading various magazines from that time, the AWA wanted them gone too!!! The sent everyone that they could after the Warriors!!! Makeshift teams such as Curt "Mr. Perfect" Henning/Larry "The Ax" Henning, Curt Henning/Greg Gange, and Curt Henning/Baron Von Rashke with no success. In one particularly brutal incident, Henning got hung up by the neck between the top and middle ropes!!! As he was trying to free himself, Hawk took a steel chair and bashed him three times in the face with it!!! Curt was a bloody mess!!! The crowd got so angry that when the Warriors tried to leave, they rioted!!! The Warriors ending up fighting off the crowd just to leave the arena!!

The AWA figured out that makeshift teams were not getting the job done, so they went out and got some real teams like Scott and Bill Irwin, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Fabulous Ones, and the Von Erics. They even went and got then-NWA World Tag Team Champions Ivan and Nikita Koloff to take on the Warriors!!! While these teams had more success, they too could'nt get the belts from around the Warriors waists.

Finally, in September of 1985 (over one year after the Warriors won the title), a makeshift team of "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin and Steve "Mr. Electricity" Reagal (not to be confused with the WCW Lord Steven Regal) upset the Warriors for the title. Of course, they had a little help from Michael Hayes of the Freebirds to defeat them. Personally, I still don't think these guys should've beaten the Warriors. I don't give a rat's butt who helped them, these guys couldn't lace the Warriors' bootstraps!!! Anyway, upset by the fact that the AWA turned a blind eye to the whole incident, the Warriors decided to return "home" (to the NWA that is).

Next Week: The Russian/Horsemen/Midnight Wars

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It was refreshing to see Sting again on Nitro this week. It was beginning to look like the whole angle was going to be left hanging after the blow-out at Uncensored. I must confess that, although I understand the demands of drama and suspense, I am getting rather tired of waiting for something to happen on the Sting front.

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The other angle I hope to see more developement of is the "Discord in the NWO" scenerio. My feeling is that we have just seen the tip of the iceberg on that one. The problems have seemingly been ironed out but I suspect that we have not seen the last of the confrontation between the Kevin Nash and the Huk Hogan factions of that group.

It has been widely reported that Kevin Nash's contract called for him to hold the WCW World Championship within a year of his entry back into the federation. That deadline is fast upon us so, if there is any truth to that report, we can expect to see some movement on that front in short order. It would be, in my opinion, a very good move to have Hollywood Hogan suddenly tossed out on his ear and Nash take over as the new leader of the NWO. This could set up some great plot twists as Hogan tried to reassert himself, or alternatively, joined the opposition and tried to re-establish his face personna. I'm not sure that would work, mind you. It seems to me that Hogan is too far around the bend to ever redeem himself with the "Hulkamaniacs" - but you never knew. There was a time when I could never imagine Roddy Piper being considered as a "good guy"...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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