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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

The Bagpipe Report Shuts Down

IronMan: The History of the Road Warriors: Part 3

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Bret Hart: Exactly What We Want Him to Be: Part 2

by Scott Braddock

Top 10 Quotes from Hall & Nash

by Russ Davidson

Volume 2, Issue 161 - April 17, 1997

At publication time I learned that the Bagpipe Report is leaving the web. Charles Maclauren and Jon Vawter (Publisher and Website Manager respectively) have been good friends of this site and we at Solie's want to wish them well. Jon Vawter has offered to write articles for Solie's so you can expect to see him pop up here from time to time. Charles has informed us that he will be publishing a hard-copy wrestling periodical called The Bagpiper.

Tom Goyda sent me this item from the Reuters wire service. Thanks Tom.

Ham-Fisted Chat Lands
Wrestler In Kuwaiti Lockup

By Ray Richmond

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Is this any way for Kuwait to repay the United States for the Persian Gulf war?

Consider the story of ex-pro footballer Leon White, known on the professional wrestling circuit as the dastardly Vader. He was touring in the Middle East last week with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and was booked onto the "Good Morning Kuwait" magazine show.

White was told by the show's American producer to "ham it up" with the show's host, Bassam al Othman. Al Othman asked him if wrestling was fake, to which White replied by grabbing him by his tie and roughing up the host in a comic-violence kinda way.

Unfortunately, al Othman -- who was not made privy to the hijinks in advance -- was not amused. He pressed criminal charges against White, who was prevented from leaving the country with his WWF group last Friday. He remains in Kuwait under house arrest awaiting a hearing.

It's no laughing matter to the WWF folks, who were counting on the high-profile Vader to headline a Sunday night pay-per-view spectacular. Instead, the best he can hope for is a mea culpa on "Late Night With Bassam al Othman."

WWF head Vince McMahon said he has been using "every political connection we have" to help spring White from custody, including pleading with the American Embassy in Kuwait, to no avail.

The host told WWF officials that if he received a payment of $35,000, he would make this go away. Instead, al Othman himself has gone away, mysteriously disappearing the day after making the offer, which McMahon says he would have accepted.

"This is an awful situation," McMahon said. "You can only imagine how freaked out a 400-pound wrestler from Colorado is over this."


Bret Hart: Exactly What We Want Him to Be: Part 2

by Scott Braddock

This is the conclusion of Scott's perspective piece on Bret Hart.

Then came the Shawn Michaels era--title defenses against Davey Boy Smith, Vader, and Mankind came and went with little heat and much athleticism. Bret Hart was nowhere to be found. Rumors abounded that he was headed to WCW, especially in light of his successful acting debut in Return to Lonesome Dove, and WCW s connection to the Time Warner/Ted Turner multimedia conglomerate.

But Vince MacMahon, realizing that the loss of The Hitman might be the last nail in the WWF coffin, came through with a multi-year multi-million dollar deal, which would lock Bret Hart up for, as Bret himself said, Life .

Immediately, Bret was groomed for a return to his rightful place , the WWF Heavyweight Title. After defeating Steve Austin in a hard-fought battle at In Your House, Bret looked forward to winning The Royal Rumble and getting a shot at what he believed was his destiny at Wrestlemania XIII.

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The Main Event at The Royal Rumble was Shawn Michaels attempt to regain the WWF Heavyweight Title from Psycho Sid, who had defeated Michaels earlier at The King of the Ring. One half of the expected results of this card came to fruition when Michaels regained the title, but Bret Hart was screwed yet again when Steve Austin won the Rumble, after already being thrown over the rope by Hart.

You know the rest--the surrender of the belt on Thursday Raw Thursday, the Final Four victory by The Hitman, The Monday Night Raw defeat at the hands of Psycho Sid with assistance from Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the debacle in the cage on the Raw before Wrestlemania--slowly but surely a different Hitman was emerging.

Now that Bret has made the full heel turn, what do those people Bret so despises, the American WWF fans, think of him? The answer may come as a surprise to MacMahon and the upper echelon of the WWF, but I believe that Bret knew what he was doing all along.

American wrestling fans love a heel--a guy with a mean streak a mile wide who will do anything to win. Without stepping into the foray of morality and the decay of American civilization, I dare say that this was the only way Bret could get the kudos and pops that he so desperately covets.

Yes, that s right, Bret has done this to gain acceptance in the U.S.!! He figures that s what the American fans want--fine, he ll give it to them. As he said later in the show on the Raw after Wrestlemania, just before he blindsided Rocky Maivia You want bad--I ll show you bad!

Guess what? It s working.

In a recent poll conducted by The Bagpipe Report, fans were asked Do you like Bret Hart better or less since his recent turn?? Respondents answered in overwhelming numbers Better . As a matter of fact, those with positive responses outnumbered the negatives by almost 3 to 1!!!

So, in conclusion, I again reiterate my assertion that Bret Hart, in his endless journey for fan support, has pulled a successful coup, and revitalized the WWF in the process with his reformation of the Hart Foundation. While none of we in the internet community know what will happen in the world of the WWF in the future, we all know that the new Hitman will make it an interesting one.

Scott Braddock writes advertising and marketing material for an insurance company in Tampa, Florida. He is 29 years old, and has been a fan of pro-wrestling since 1979. He has also been a regular correspondent on our Readers' Forum (under the name The Voice of Reason) for several months now.

IronMan: The History of the Road Warriors

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Part 3: The Russian/Horsemen/Midnight Wars

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As briefly stated in part 2, The Road Warriors had a couple of run-ins with then-NWA World Tag Team Champions Ivan and Nikita Koloff. Their first confrontation took place on April 10, 1985 in Washington, DC. I'm not sure but I do believe this was a title VS. title affair (the Warriors were AWA World Tag Team Champions at that point). This match ended in a double DQ.

Their second encounter occured in July 1985 at the first Great American Bash in Charolette, NC when The Warriors challenged Ivan Koloff and Krusher Krushev for the NWA straps. In case you are wondering, the Russians were allowed to use any two members of their three man team to defend the NWA belts. This match also ended in a double DQ. Ivan Koloff was a mess after this match!!! They beat the stuffings out off him!! Of course, this would not be the last time that these teams would hook up because in October of 1985, The Road Warriors and Paul Ellering returned to the NWA.

Around this time, the infamous cage incident between Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, and Ole/Arn Anderson took place in Atlanta, GA. It resulted in Rhodes' ankle being broken (see Earl's Illustrated History Of The Four Horsemen for the full story). You might be wondering what the hell does that have to do with the Warriors?!!! Well, a month later, Rhodes (armed with a steel-reinforced boot) teamed with the Warriors to battle the Andersons and Flair in a six-man tag match in Washington DC. The Warriors proved to be a wise choice of partners because the (pre-) Horsemen, specifically Flair, had never fought the Warriors before. The match ended with the Warriors and Rhodes getting a win over Flair and The Andersons. It was also the beginning of an impressive six-man tag team!!! That bond would be proven as in January of 1986, the Warriors and Rhodes once again teamed up to fight the Andersons and Flair. Ironically, The Warriors and Rhodes broke Ole Anderson's leg during that match. Why was it ironic? Because the match where this incident occured took place in Atlanta, GA. The same place where the Andersons and Flair had broke Dusty's ankle!!!

Also in January of 1986, the Warrior/Russian feud began again when the Koloffs kept beating on their opponents after the match. The Warriors came down to stop them but ended up on the worst end of the stick as Nikita hung Hawk over the top rope while Animal and Paul Ellering were being assalted by Ivan and Krusher!!! In revenge, the Warriors cost Krusher his now-defunct Mid-Atlantic Championship in a match with Sam Houston!!! This led to a leg injury that Krusher suffered during the match and aggravated during the Warriors attack. Left without a third man, the Koloffs called on Baron Von Rashcke (the Warriors' old enemy from the AWA) to help them.

One of their most notable confrontations was on the famous TBS "SuperStars On The SuperStation" special. This card was actually taped on February 2 and was aired on February 6 on TBS. If you read my Midnight Express series, then you know that I made serveral references to this card and I mentioned the Warriors match with the Koloffs pretty frequently. Anyway, The Warriors battled the Koloffs toe-to-toe but it was interesting to see Nikita match power with the Warriors as they were considered (at that time) as the three most powerful wrestlers in the world. The match ended wildly as the Warriors AND Paul Ellering "brought their six-pack of whup a**" for the Koloffs and the Baron!!! Yes, Paul Ellering was whipping the "Mr. Clean" crap out of the Baron!!! By the way, the Warriors won this match by DQ.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey/Bobby Eaton) won the NWA World Tag Team Championship from the Rock n Roll Express on this same card. Their manager, Jim Cornette, was very outspoken at that time and, while he claimed that the Midnights would take on all comers, he was pretty evasive when it came to the Warriors. I think the Warriors was one of the few teams that Cornette honestly had fear about letting his men wrestle!!! Their first confrontation took place at the first Jim Crockett Senior Memorial Cup in New Orleans, LA. The Warriors won this quarterfinal match by DQ and went on to defeat the team of Magnum TA and Ron Garvin in the finals to win the cup and $1 million dollars!!!

Next week: Chains and Scaffolds

Readers, in various parts of this series, you will read the term "The Human Sacrifice" in reference to the Road Warriors' finishing manuvear. Now, best to my knowledge, the Roadies never gave their move an official name. I got this name from my childhood neighborhood in Bluefield, WV. We called it "The Human Sacrifice" because Animal would lift the "offering" (usually the hapless jobber) on his shoulders and Hawk would "accept" the offering with a thunderous clothesline!!! Actually, it was more of a sacrifice for the opponents rather than the Warriors. Anyway, tell me what you think of the name. Do you love it or hate it? That's how the move will be known to me but I want to hear from you anyway. My e-mail address is

Ervin Griffin Jr. is a regular contributor to Solie's as well as the Ringside Insider and other publications.

Top 10 Quotes from Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the best color commentators in the wrestling Business

by Russ Davidson

I have compiled a list of quotes from the verbally gifted Outsider duo, usually when they take over the commentating booth on Monday Nitro or WCW Saturday Night.

These are only a small bunch. If you listen to their dialogue, there are a lot more. And just remember, those who hesitate to join the nWo...they get PUNKED!!!!!

The Outsiders are just TOOOOOO SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail me at

Russ Davidson, is a Graduate Student in Business at Pace University in New York, NY and has been a wrestling fan since 1985.

A personal note...

Some of you may have seen the announcement on my Readers' Forum earlier this week about the possiblility of it shutting down. I will be making that decision over the weekend. I am going out of town and don't plan to write a weekend review. There will be an edition on Saturday featuring articles by staff writers and I will be back on Sunday to report on the In Your House PPV. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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