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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WWF In Your House:
The Taker's Revenge

Volume 2, Issue 162 - April 20, 1997

A Correction...

Here is an email I received from Solie's contributor Scott Braddock.

I wish to express my regret over some of the errors contained in my recent article on Bret "Hitman" Hart. It seems I got my PPV's mixed up. Shawn Michaels regained the WWF World Heavyweight Title at The Survivor Series, not The King of The Ring as I had previously stated. Of course, Bret Hart's victory over Stone Cold Steve Austin in Bret's "comeback match" came at the same PPV.

I apologize for the error and any inconvenience this may have caused.

This morning I drove back from Napa and then loaded up the truck and drove over to the Concord Pavillion to perform at the Contra Costa County Earthday Celebration. I had to tape the PPV and didn't think to set it up to get the Free For All. Anyway, I viewed the tape when I came home - here is my report.

WWF In Your House: Revenge of the Taker

Mankind rants at the Undertaker, saying that UT is his master and he's a gutless coward yatta yatta...the weirdest speech yet of course. The Undertaker takes over almost interrupting Mankind to sing his song, there is a gothic cross montage God!! this is tacky...

The Road Warriors make their entrance as we cut to a replay of the slop incident, then to the subsequent run-in with the Tag Champs - usual buildup footage.

Face to face the two teams are cautious until the match actually begins then it goes airborn almost immediately with the Warriors in ascencion. Owen and the Bulldog are too formidable to be manhandled so the Warriors gently overcome them using their weight advantage. The Champs keep regaining ground with an illegal but well placed knee here and the occasional thumb to the eye there but the Warriors just flat rule this match up from the get go. Jim Ross keeps reminding us that they (the Warriors) have "held the gold before..." as they eventually break through every holding action the Tag Champs can mount until at one point, when Owen was the legal man but the Bulldog was in there helping him they got coconutted together and Owen fell outside. Hawk went after Bulldog, Animal came at him from the opposite side and they sliced and diced him with a simultaneous double clothesline from two directions. Animal went up, Hawk scooped the Bulldog and handed him up and Animal powerslammed him from the second rope and took the pin. They were declared the Champs - but then another ref convinces the regular official to continue the match because the wrong man was pinned. The current Champs go to the limit of then ten count getting back in. They strike with a concerted effort and dominate the opening moments despite the Warriors' power but again it is only a temporary advantage. You can't keep the Warriors down with chicanery... Owen gets dropped off of Animal's shoulder and would be pinned but for Bret Hart's interference at the last moment to trigger the disqualification.

Backstage the Champs are surprised to hear that Steve Austin is in the building - they seem to think he shouldn't be there...what? Did I miss another Free-for-All?

Brian Pillman and Sunny do a really cheesy promo for the WWF Hotline.

Here come the NOD, jeez these guys really jerk my chain - I must be a mark or something. We get to review their latest heineous crime then cut to our hero, the IC Champ who looks nervous and well he should...he admits it and declares himself the underdog but says "I'll give him a great fight yatta yatta...

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Rocky approaches the ring cautiously - then he plows right in without removing his belt . Actually if he handles it right Savio is imminently qualified to lose this match. It starts out pretty even but as time goes on Savio's guile asserts itself and he goes for his claw-on-the-traps rest old. Rocky is too strong to endure that so from time to time Savio has to throw a boot in his opponent's face to soften him up again for the claw hold. During the third such exchange Rocky got under the kick and pulled a DDT out of the hat - both men are down. Faarooq has been at ringside during most of this by the way (I think I erase him from my memory between watching and writing) giving his opinion on the match to Vinnie and company. Now it is see-saw action with Rocky pulling ahead in the match. This goes on until he runs into Crush on the outside and gets Heart Punched.

Savio wins by count-out - but he can't claim the Title because his partner has interfered - and he's pissed about it. He challanges Crush who enters the ring - Faarooq is on his feet in an instant and he enters the ring. His arm is still in a cast, by the way...

Savio and Crush are having a serious disagreement but Faarooq gets between them and then has Maivia dragged into the ring. The pack surrounds him and puts the boots to him with Faarooq delivering a whipping to emphasize the point until Ahmed shows up with his lumber. The troups scatter as Ahmed clears the ring. He gets a mic and accepts the challange to face the three principles of NOD in one night. It isn't made clear if this will be a series of one to one fights or an NOD gang bang.

Doc interviews the Meros' who say that Mark will be back this summer. The Wild Man is answering a question about his Golden Gloves victories when Steve Austin passes within camera range down the hall behind them - he goes through a door then we here what sounds like a horrendous beating going on. Doc turns back to the door and we watch the Tag Champs exit the room with pipes or something, looking guilty...they have attacked Austin and injured him - but we didn't see it.

Time for Double Job sing his way to the ring. Vince shuts the others up so we can listen to him sing the old song (they sure dropped that new bomb in a hurry!). Honky Tonk shows up with an even cheesier looking guitar. He wants to introduce his protege. It's Billy Gunn (oh hum) - this match just sank to the level of a jobbers' match. Either of these guys could win but nobody cares about either one of them...

So "dresses like a jerk" faces off with "acts like a jerk" (now dubbed the "Rockabilly") and the former has the advantage because he's getting the push right now. The Billy pulls off a beautiful legdrop DDT and steps it up to another level. He continue his assault with a neck breaker. Ross and the Burger King argue about Bret Hart with Lawler defending the Hitman...what is the world coming too?

James is the better wrestler here but Billy is more of a risk taker and ruthless to boot. He maintains his advantage. JJ finally turns a suplex attempt into a cradle and gets the pin. Honky Tonk man comes into the ring and tries to sneak up on Double J but fails miserably in attempting to hit him with the guitar. We go to sell Undertaker posters...

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Kevin Kelly is in the locker room where Austin is ranting and refusing any medical assistance. Monsoon says he's rearranged the card to give Austin time to recover (poor baby he got a booboo...) Some young punk with too much hair tries to get comments from the Hart Foundation - Bret says "whose crying now?" Exactly - tell that slugabed to get out there and take his medicine! But no - we get Undertaker/Mankind now. We are treated to a chilling montage of past outrages these guys have inflicted on each other over the last year. The finale is the fire incident (don't get me started...)

Paul Bearer is "smelling the burnt flesh of victory..." sheesh!!! There is no final depth to which this crew won't stoop. Mankind is reeling around the ring when the lights start flickering. Enter the Undertaker. I like this guy so much but his character just throws all science and logic out the window...

Regardless, the Undertaker and Mankind go after each other. UT has the upper hand as usual. We can see that his face is bandaged. The fight goes out to the crowd.. I just realized that the Kevin Sullivan/Chris Benoit contest is WCW's answer to these two guys. We haven't really seen a knock-down-drag-out between these two in months.

Mankind finally gets his chance when Paul Bearer provides the requisite distraction. He smashes UT in the face with the URN! Now Michael Foley has the con. He chokes UT while the referee counts. UT comes back with a flurry but gets downed by a swinging neck breaker. Claw hold to the traps (what! again??) Lawler is calling it a "Mandible Claw" That maneuver is unsuccessful for the second time this evening as UT escapes with a series of uppercuts. Outside UT gets the drop on Mankind and blocks a steps shot to deliver one of his own. Mankind came back with a water pitcher full of ice water and brained UT with it!! UT is down on the floor - lets look at that in slow-motion... Mankind grabs a chair and uses that next. He displays the bent chair proudly. Then he throws his famous elbow off the apron and connects. UT is just breathing out there. Mankind claws at the bandage on UT's face. We get a closeup of the eye area of the Undertaker's face - he is a mess...

Now Mankind is just socking him again and again in the eye. The first time UT gets loose he clotheslines the referee into the corner with his opponent...great...the Mandible Claw finally rears its ugly head. A second ref shows up and gets the Claw put on him until he drops off of the apron. Mankind has the ringsteps in the ring now he picks them up over his head but UT drop-kicks the steps into him. Both guys down. They get up together but not paying attention to each other. UT gets the chair in hand and as Mankind wheels around he lets him have it upside the head (ouch!) Mankind drops like a stone. UT picks him up and hurls him over the top rope causing his head to get trapped in the strands. In freeing himself, Mankind left his mask in UT's hands. Mankind scrambles back up on the apron only to get a steps shot and flung into a ringside table where he dangles with his upper body speared into the collapsed table - one of the most bizarre gags I've ever seen. (Lawler is shouting "he's dead!!!") Back in the ring he gets chokeslammed. Then the Tombstone. UT wins with a clean pin.

UT poses for the crowd as only he can. Then he goes after Paul Bearer and escorts in to the ring. Mankind is sneaking up readying another fireball... UT shoves Paul into the path but the fire doesn't happen . They go through the charade again and still it doesn't go off. UT finally gets his hands on the lighter and piece of flash paper and ignites it in Bearer's face - here we go again...

The Gools limp away - Paul is seriously hurt.

Doc interviews the Hart Foundation - Bret talks about "war" apparently with the American fans...

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart - the Hart Foundation junior members get sent right back to the sidelines before this one gets underway. They aren't happy about it. Hart awaits Austin in the ring but not for long. Austin comes down wearing a brace on his leg and they get right into it. The fight goes out to the floor almost immediately.Stone Cold holds the upper hand out there. The cross the barrier and fight into the crowd. Then back and into the ring again. Austin still has the advantage as he drops an elbow to the throat from the second rope. Hart rolls out and grabs a chair but Austin blocks him before he can use it. As Austin turns his back to get the chair he gets drop kicked from behind which also knocks the referee down. Hart has the chair and goes to work on Austin's injured leg. He continues to work on it then slaps on his around the pole figure four move. The referee breaks that up after a few moments. Back in the ring Bret continues his assault on the right knee. Austin has a short flurry but can't sustain it. Bret gets the leg brace off. Austin rolls out and tries to flee but he can't move fast enough. Bret zeroes in on the knee again. Back in the ring again Austin suddenly turns the tables with a low blow.

Now Austin is going to work for a while but then he tries to drop the wrong knee and misses. Hart on the attack again. They scuffle over near the ropes and Austin manages to snap his opponent's neck off the top rope. But then he goes for an inside out suplex and gets blocked. Hart gets the suplex. Then he slaps on a figure-four. Austin turns it over after a struggle. Bret reaches the ropes. Austin has the upper hand but turns his back to argue with the referee. Hart drops him and then tries to wrap Austin's legs around the post again but Austin gets his other foot against the post and blocks it. Bret drags him out and pummels him. Then Bret gets back-dropped over the railing. He goes over and throws Hart back the other way. Back inside a moment later Austin locks in a piledriver but then can't execute it because his leg gave out. Bret goes back to work on the right leg until he gets flung into the corner. Austin tries a Stunner but Bret has it well scouted and tangles himself in the ropes. Hart then pummels some more after returning a low blow and drags Austin to the top for a superplex. Both men are stunned for a moment then Hart gets up. He goes for a sharp-shooter but gets a face full of Austin's discarded leg brace. Austin slaps on a sharp-shooter of his own. Owen and the Bulldog show up and Austin breaks the hold to deal with them. They are pulled away and Austin goes back to the sharp-shooter again. The Bulldog slips back in with a chair and wacks Austin on the back. Bret is disqualified. Then Austin puts the hold on one more time. The officials converge and he is finally pulled off. Owen and the Bulldog help the limping Bret away from the ring area. This sets up Bret to be out for awhile for his knee surgery...cut to commercial for the next IYH PPV.

Hmmm...I'll have to think about this one for a while. It was really stupid in some parts but it wasn't bad entertainment for $20.00...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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