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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Volume 2, Issue 163 - April 21, 1997

Correction to a correction...

Scott Braddock's retraction which appeared in yesterdays edition contained a typographical error. Of course he meant to say that Shawn Michaels had lost the WWF World Title at Survivor Series...

Nitro Report

It is announced at the top of the program that JJ Dillon has been named as Chairman of the Championship Committee. We see him disembark from a limo surrounded by bodyguards.

Dean Malenko vs. Nagata - a great straight up cruiserweight contest. Nagata is over here from the New Japan. He does a very good job against the "man of a thousand holds". Apparently these two have wrestled many times in the past. They keep showing us Reggie White who is lurking in the audience to attack Mongo later... Meanwhile the match in the ring is getting pedestrian. Pretty much a see-saw and surprisingly slow. Things heat up right towards the end as Malenko starts getting impatient to end it. During an exchange, Nagata hands Malenko his leg then tries a back-of-the-head shot counter. Malenko ducks the kick and then drops a full-weight elbow on the back of his opponent's calf - devastating move. Malenko wraps him up in a Texas Cloverleaf and uncles him. Cut to commercial.

Ciclope vs. Glaciar - I have heard that Brian Clarke is supposed to show up again tonight. The crowd takes up the "Glacier Sucks!" chant about a minute into this one. Ciclope goes straight to hell (do not pass "GO" do not collect $200). Right on schedule Clarke shows up in a red light. Glacier is showing the first real emotion we've ever seen from him, challanging the newcomer as he aproaches the ring. While Glacier and the new guy (Adam Bomb?) face off Mortice appears from beneath the ring and attacks from behind. Together they make slush out of Glacier and steal his helmet.

Nick Patrick interrupts a review of the recent Sting's Army action against the nWo to beg to be taken back by WCW. It is a particularly self-serving and seemingly insincere entreaty. Patrick tells us that he was trying to warn us about people like Randy Savage and Eric Bischoff when he joined the nWo. (Right Nick...)

Bobby Eaton vs. Ultimo Dragon - Bobby goes to town in this one and puts the Dragon down and keeps him there for about 3 minutes. The the Dragon does his bionic kicking machine impression and turns the tables. After pummeling his opponent the Dragon throws him out to the floor for Onoo to continue the beating. Onoo is quite a little athlete. They dispatch him in a thrice. Usual spinning Frankensteiner finish...

Lord Steven Regal w/ Mean Gene - we' Americans are all "bloody cowards" and he intends to reclaim the TV Title from that "Bloody pink" punk (Ultimo Dragon) yatta yatta...

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DOD music plays - here comes Meng with Jimmy Hart to face Chris Jericho - on paper this is a squash but of course...this is pro-wrestling. They face off after the initial exchange and trade chops - dumb move for Jericho. Jimmy Hart is dressed conservatively tonight. Meng dominates the action from the get go. Jericho can't get his act together and is missing moves right and left. Meng puts him down with an adams apple claw (ick!).

Sullivan officially assigns Meng to "take care of" Chris Benoit. He seems to be encouraging the monster to attack himself but then he thrusts Jaquelyn between them and she talks up Meng. Meng allows that "if it wasn't for you and this man I could take you both down" or something equally non-sensical. Cut to a Chris Benoit video.

Public Enemy vs. The Steiner Brothers - PE come down and set up their table but this is Steiner territory. As the Steiners music plays and they don't show up the camera takes us backstage to see that Hugh Morrus and Konan have attacked them in the entryway. Security breaks it up and the Steiners continue their entrance. They pause to greet friends and family on the way down. This is a really not a knock down drag out affair. PE wrestle conservatively trying to provoke an exploitable mistake. Before it can really get going Konan and Hugh Morrus try to interfere and end up on the receiving end from both teams! The Steiners cooperatively thrash the DOD'ers with Public Enemy's assistance. What fun...

Hour Number Two begins 4 minutes early.

Lets review some of the things that happened earlier ( case your just joining us...)

Mean Gene w/ JJ Dillon - the new Chairman of the Committee is introduced and asked to comment on Nick Patrick's petition for reinstatement. No comment. Next he is asked about Bischoff. He says that the good news is that Eric has no authority but the bad news is that Bischoff has an iron-clad contract and can't be fired. He retains his title and paycheck and can come and go as he pleases... Eric shows up and taunts Dillon with his privilaged position. "Bite Me!" is his response. He shuts Dillon up by asking him if he thinks he can fill his (Bischoff's) shoes and then walks away. Dillon says he has his own shoes and is man enough to take the steps necessary to counter Bischoff's influence.

Review of Mongo vs. Reggie White interview scuffle from last week.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Scotty Riggs - a rematch from the match Jarrett lost last week. Riggs rushes the ring and gets right into trouble. Jarrett dominates the early going. Riggs fights back but then Debra distracts the referee so Jarrett can connive to turn the tables. As soon as Riggs starts to make his move Mongo starts down to the ring to interfere only to be met by Reggie White in the aisle - Mongo retreats. Jarrett wins anyway by shaking Riggs off the top rope so that he injures his leg. Figure four - 'nuff said.

nWo music plays - Syxx comes down with Kevin Nash - this must be the Cruiserweight Title match. His opponent is Rey Misterio Jr. Waltman seems unused to facing somebody lighter then himself. He flounders at first but soon assumes control of things. Misterio gets devastated in the corner. Syxx slaps on an abdonminal stretch and plays games with the ref to get added leverage from the ropes. Misterio finally gets loose and starts to come back when Kevin Nash grabs and powerbombs him. JJ Dillon comes down with security and takes Misterio away for treatment - he warns Nash and Syxx that "this kind of behavior will no longer be tolerated..." They respond with "Bit Me!" - cut to commercial.

nWo video - Hogan comes to us from the set of his next flop movie. He has recruited Grace Jones and Robert Vaughn (his co-stars in the movie) into the nWo - God - now we're in trouble...

nWO guys fill the ring - Nash, Syxx, Bagwell, Norton, Vincent and Stink. Syxx is the spokesman at first - he rants about Ric Flair ripping off Buddy Rogers (the original Nature Boy). Nash takes over and rips into WCW for overlooking him and Scott Hall when they were WCW years ago. He casts himself as Everyman trying to bring to bring integrity back to pro-wrestling in a rambling rant that doesn't really say much. Cut to commercial.

Psychosis vs. Diamond Dallas Page w/Kimberly - this one lasts just moments. Page drags his opponent off the top rope and drops him with a Diamond Cutter.

Savage appears in the stands with Liz to continue his verbal assault - implying that Kimberly is lusting after him. DDP tells him to put up or shut up and calls him out. Savage declines. Cut to commercial.

Roddy Piper's music plays - Ric Flair, Kevin Greene and Piper come on down. They call out the nWo who respond immediately. Scott Hall makes his reappearance and they stream to the ring. Stink, Bagwell and Scott Norton get ejected with little trouble. Dibiasi has joined the troups at ringside. The big guns attack just as we fade to black...

RAW Report

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Opening montage of the Undertaker unleashing the furies on Paul Bearer.

The snipe in the corner of the screen says "LIVE!" - that'll be a change. Steve Austin comes to the ring in his civies. Vince announces that Austin will face the WWF Champion at the next PPV. They have already mentioned that there will be a Street Fight between him and Bret Hart. Stone Cold tells Vince to shut up and starts his rant. He challanges Bret Hart to come to the ring now for a Street Fight. He gives Hart a minute and they put a timer on the big screen. Hart isn't stupid enough to show up at this moment. He appears on the screen and rails at the American fans and accepts the Street Fight match for tonight. Steve stalks away from the ring. Later we see him searching the backstage area before we go to sell something.

The Sultan vs. Ahmed Johnson - this is a clash of titans. Both competitors are pretty agile for all their size. Fatu is the the more experienced grappler and he outwrestles Johnson. Ahmed has the power edge and eventually turns the tide. As he is coming to the end of the match NOD shows up and distracts him. The Sultan attacks from behind and lays him out. The thugs start to approach the ring but Ahmed draws a 2X4 out from under the ring and they retreat. He lays out the Sultan with the board. As the officials fill the ring he slumps over the rope to stare down his enemies.

Sunny models an Undertaker T-Shirt - sales immediately fall off when Doc informs us that "Sunny isn't included..."

Steve Austin has finally found the Hart Foundation dressing room and is trying to break down the door. He has a chair and is using it to try and smash the lock. Bret Hart is inside with a camera and some officials saying he'll come out when he's ready.

Ken Shamrock challanges Mike Tyson - calling him just another bully...

Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart - Street Fight Rules - Austin comes to the ring and waits rather impatiently. Hart makes his entrance to a multitude of boos. He hesitates at the point of entering the ring and backs off. While Austin is looking at Hart the rest of the Harts attack from behind. Its three on one until Shawn Michaels shows up with a chair and drives the Tag Champs off. Leaving Bret abd Stone Cold in the ring. Hart is relentless in his attack - he puncuates it with a piledriver. He gets a chair and arranges it around Austin's ankle. He goes to the top and misses... Now its Austin using the chair - tearing into Brets knee and ribs. He hits him again and again then puts the Sharpshooter on Bret. Three referees try to break it up but Austin refuses to release the hold. This drags out for several minutes while the now five officials try to get him off of Bret. Obviously we aren't going to see Bret wrestle again for a while. Cut to commercial.

As Bret is being carted away Gorrilla Monsoon is tossing Austin out of the building - cut to another commercial.

Salvitore Sincere vs. Tiger Ali Sing - finally we get to see this "rookie sensation". Owen and Bulldog are with Bret who is receiving medical attention. Naturally they're pissed. Back in the ring the Tigerman is not faring well. We switch back to the Harts complaining in the back then back to the match in time to see Sing, who took it through the whole match reverse the tide with one kick - he gets the pin.

Meanwhile in the back Bret is put in an ambulance only to find that Steve Austin is waiting for him there. There is a horrendous scene there with Austin pounding on Hart - who is tied to a gurney! The other Harts drag him off and then officials takes charge of him. Bret is driven away. The Harts are threatning to kill Austin as we cut to commercial.

Bruce Willis' new film looks like it could be fun...

The Harts are still searching for Austin as Double Job sings his way to the ring. He's flat... This guy wrestles better than he dresses...he's set to face Rockabilly again tonight (yawn...) This match is no more interesting tonight then it was last night. Jim Ross asks Lawler if he is Honky Tonk Man's cousin (that's an inside joke folks). Billy dominates the action in the ring - he's playing it more cautious tonight. He wins the match using Honky's shake, rattle and roll swinging neck breaker. After the pin James attacks as if he were beaten unfairly. Honky Tonk Man smashes him with the latest guitar.

In the back we find Gorilla Monsoon trying to hold Austin and Shawn Michaels apart. Austin is refusing Shawn's help. Cut to commercial.

Mankind interviewed remotely. He's lamenting the fate of Paul Bearer. He is interrupted by the Undertaker's music. UT is ready to make his entrance for the match with Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Cut to commercial.

Hunter takes his time getting to the ring so UT goes out and drags him in. Things go badly for HHH until he does something underhanded to turn the tide. But he can't sustain it. He gets taken out and pounded on. Coming back in Hunter finally takes the advantage. Immediately he starts working on the injury on UT's face. Again it is a short burst of activity before UT assumes control again. Dustin Rhodes is seen sitting ringside with his wife. He is out of character apparently. Cut to commercial.

Hunter is in charge as we return. But he's just making the dead man mad. Here comes Mankind with an acetelene torch! He turns off the flame at ringside and attacks using the acetelene tank as a weapon. Undertaker goes down but then Mankind can't get the torch relit. He finally does but it took to long. UT grabs him by the throat they slug it out and end up brawling around the ring and out into the crowd.

Back at ringside we find that Mr. and Mrs. Rhunnels have attacked Chyna and HHH - Marlena has a belt around Chyna's neck and is holding her own. The officials break things up before Chyna can get her hands on her attacker. Cut to commercial.

Steve Austin interview - he's proud of himself. He declares Bret to be finished and vows revenge on the rest of the Harts. In the midst of his rant the Harts attack and take Austin down. Vince gets shoved down during the melee (second bump in as many months...) After a short lull Brian Pillman hits the ring and attacks with a vengence - he's setting up for the chair gag when Michaels runs-in and chases him off with a chair of his own. Fade to black...

Both shows were pretty good tonight. I don't know about you but I'm kind of glad to see Hart out of action - watching him and Austin tear into each other week after week is getting stale. Now I suppose we can look forward to the Tag Champs taking on Austin and Michaels.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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