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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars

Volume 2, Issue 168 - May 5, 1997

Nitro Report

The program opens with a montage of the Fogies getting beat by the nWo last week - Roddy hesitating while Flair took it. Tony says they hope to have an answer for why Piper didn't jump right in...cut to the present and Piper is handed the mic but before he can start talking a big "Tradition Bites!" nWo banner unfurls behind the booth. Then a second one unrolls right in front of Piper. He yells "...that's enough" and they storm away. Cut to Nitro opening titles.

The Fogies are in the ring with propaganda leaflets falling all around them. Piper is explaining that the odds were "...only 3 to 1, you were doing fine..." and Flair is nodding in agreement. Piper mentions the "75% of the gate" demand" which prompts JJ Dillon to come out and explain that the nWo's demands are legal and that if they (the Fogies) don't show up they will be in breach of contract. Piper says they will be there then Flair takes the mic and challanges Syxx to a match. Looks like the rumors about changing the Slamboree card were on the money. Seems like a dumb change to me but I suppose it has to do with Flairs inability (considering his injuries) to mount a credible match against Hall and Nash.

Konan/Hugh Morris vs. Public Enemy - The DOD'ers bring their own table. This is an interesting pairing because the DOD members probably have the superior collective talent but PE is definitely the better team. So individually Konan and Morrus have their moments but PE clearly controls the match. Toward the middle of the contest PE has Konan in trouble on the outside and sandwiches him in the middle of two stacked tables. Grunge launches himself but Jimmy Hart pulls his man out of harms way. Grunge takes a header into the safety rail (not to safe for him...) and is pretty much out of it for the remainder of the match. Back in the ring Morrus pounds on Rocco Rock while Konan brings the table in and arranges it in the corner with the legs pointing outward. It looks like a tradgedy waiting to happen...

They doubleteam Rocco but then manage to clothesline each other - both go down. Rocco grabs the table and sets it on its legs in the center of the ring. He positions Konan on the table and heads for the top. Morrus comes to and cuts him off but he doesn't notice that his partner is layed out on the table behind him. He superplexes Rock right onto Konan!! Morrus has the presence of mind to roll over and cover Rock for the pin.

There is the graphic telling us that the program is live from Lakeland, Florida.

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Syxx - Cruiserweight Rematch - or maybe not. Syxx comes down with Hall and Nash and he's not dressed to wrestle. No - we do have a match. Syxx uses the distraction to blindside his opponent and off we go. Misterio makes a comeback and then Hall and Nash start to interfere. As Misterio faces Nash (after drop-kicking him to the floor), Hall attacks from behind and puts the "Outsider's Edge" on him. Syxx slaps his finisher on the nearly unconscience Rey Jr. and refuses to let up. JJ Dillon runs in backed by Nick Patrick in a WCW T-shirt. Dillon is telling Syxx to break the hold or the decision will be reversed while Patrick marches right in and gets creamed.

Eric Bischoff comes racing down with the pack behind him. He grabs a mic and addresses Dillon telling him " need to back off - you got no power - you got no stroke..." JJ stands mute as Syxx continues to apply the hold then eventually releases it. He and Nash both tell Dillon off (alluding to past difference when they were all with the WWF) - Dillon calmly stands his ground but doesn't appear to be able to do anything. Cut to commercial.

The nWo music plays and Hogan comes down accompanied by Bischoff. Hogan poses while Eric pees his pants in ecstacy (give me a break...). Eric asks Hogan when he plans to take care of Sting. Hogan avoids the subject and talks about the nWo vs. Fogies match instead. Finally he calls Sting out - but Sting doesn't appear. Hogan says "Just goes to show you...once a God always a God..." (gag me...)

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Tony mentions that Luger was injured in Japan over the weekend at the hands of the nWo and he's scheduled to wrestle as the Giant's partner against Harlem Heat later tonight.

Lord Steven Regal vs. Meng - Regal eschews the fancy robe tonight - clearly he has come to fight. He attacks Meng as soon as the latter hits the ring and pounds on him but makes the mistake of attacking the Tongan's rock hard head. Meng shakes it off and turns the tables. The battle back and forth as the other members of the Dungeon gather at ringside. Meng levers Regal out who in turn lands on Sullivan and starts a scuffle with him. The referee is calling for the bell. Meng is outside now and as Regal turns around he (Meng) clamps on his larnyx claw hold and won't let go - Sullivan and Jaquelyn struggle with him and finally pry him off. They try to restrain him as Regal comes back to life and attacks only to get put back into the claw hold again. Jaquelyn tries to help Regal but Sullivan pushes her away - Regal is still being held as we cut to commercial.

Diamond Dallas Page and his bride come down to talk to Mean Gene in the aisle. Kimberly seems to be having trouble with a shoe and DDP reaches out to steady her as she trips down the ramp. DDP says he has Savage's number - Kimberly puts Savage down as well - they start to leave but Savage appears up in the stands with Liz. They jaw back and forth until time for the next match.

Alex Wright vs. Jeff Jarrett w/Debra - not a bad match - both these guys can wrestle. Jarret starts out in his usual laconic fashon and gets caught up short by a very aggressive Wright who puts his man down and then stops to dance! A leering parody of the dance he used to do for the fans. I smell a heel turn... He lets Debra distract him and gets clipped behind the knee than put into a figure four by Jarrett who wins the match.

Footage of Reggi White and Mongo from last week - cut to comercial.

We see video of Mark Martin winning the Sears Point Winston Cup race - apparently Martin is scheduled to make some kind of announcement on Nitro in two weeks.

Lizmark Jr. vs Glacier (w/o his helmet) - Lizmark is a newcomer and hardly gets to show us anything in this one. He is dispatched quickly with a superkick. Mortis and his manager hit the ring and get the jump on Glacier who is making a comeback when (as usual) Brian Adams enters the ring. Glacier continues to pummel Mortis then sets him up for a whip only to be reversed right into the Big Man's grasp. Glacier is put down smartly then pummeled into the corner himself. Mortis is back on him now and together they take him apart. Mortis ends up pounding Glacier with his jester's staff. The miscreants celebrate as we go to commercial.

Giant/Lex Luger vs Harlem Heat - Luger doesn't show at the beginning so the Giant announces his partner as Diamond Dallas Page. Kimberly takes off her shoes this time. Mr. and Mrs. Page gets waylaid by Savage and Liz on their way to the ring. While DDP is distracted Hogan attacks him from behind with one of the Macho Man's crutches. Macho has Kimberly by the hair and is menacing her as we cut to the ring where the rest of th nWo is laying waste to the Giant and Harlem Heat. The Fogies team run in and get sucked into the frey - they have little effect. Hogan and Savage take over the broadcast booth and rant as we witness the carnage in the ring until we fade to black.

RAW Report

We begin the hour by reviewing the SCSA debacle from last week.

Here come the Harts - Bret's still in a wheelchair. They are in full force tonight - Pillman and Neidhart in tow. Bret rants about his fan support around the world... He tries to make a statement about Shawn Michaels but gets bleeped out (actually just a cut in the sound). He thanks Brian Pillman and Jim Neidhart for their help and support last week. He doesn't expect Steve Austin to show up tonight - says Austin doesn't have "...the Jam" He says "You hate me don't you..?" to the crowd then replies "Well, I hate you too..." He calls the Harts the "Excellence of Execution Dream Team". Then he turns his attention to Shawn Michaels - he threatens the latter with bodily harm - he will unleash his lions, so he says. Cut to commercial.

We come back to see the Harts backstage - Vince is talking about Austin having not yet arrived...lets go to the ring. Ahmed Johnson comes down in a new outfit - long black martial arts pants. Rockabilly is the opponent. We see clips from his post-match shenanegans last week - smashing the guitar on Flash Funk, etc. He dominates the early going in this match based on his guile. He gets a sleeper but lets up on it before the fall to showboat. He goes to get the guitar but Ahmed surprises him and turns the tables. He does a much more thorough number on the guitar...and gets disqualified.

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The Harts are still scouring the building for Shawn Michaels.

Video Review - the Man they call Shamrock...

Vader vs. Goldust - Ken Shamrock comes down to commentate and stir up trouble. The match share a split screen with a close-up of his face early on. . Dustin dominates for several minutes until Vader decides to sit on him. He then goes out to confront Shamrock whose obviously spoiling for a fight. Cut to commercial.

Vader is in control as we return. Shamrock is still runnng his mouth...Goldust comes back briefly but Vader overwhelms him and drops the bomb on him.

Afterwards Vader challanges motor-mouth to come into the ring. Shamrock runs in and tackles him and they scuffle until Mankind runs in - Goldust comes back and fights them both off.

Goldust is revealed as Dustin Rhunnels. He tells of his life in the shadow of his famous father and reveals that he adopted the Goldust character to finally break free. He accuses Scott Hall of initially refusing to wrestle him as Goldust and then says that he is ready to assume his own identity. He says he hasn't talked to his father in two years and tells Dusty that he loves him. We will hear more of the story next week according to JR. Bad move best come up with a better character then Dustin Rhunnels if you expect to stay on top...

The Harts surprise who they think is Shawn Michaels coming out of a toilet stall. It isn't Shawn so they beat up on him anyway. Cut to commercial.

NOD occupies the ring as we return. Faarooq sends down three jobbers for Crush to squash. Meanwhile something's going on backstage..."we'll try to get a camera back there..." Crush crushes two guys - the third one is a masked man who runs in and puts a Pearl River Plunge on the big Hawaiin - yes its Ahmed...

The Harts are searching the parking lot now...

Sable comes out to sell some Steve Austin T-Shirts - cut to commercial. We hear that the WWF Title belt is missing...

We get the big RAW opening followed by Shawn Michaels' entrance. Vince is there to interview him. We see the video of Steve Austin refusing Shawn's aid a while back. He says he plans to suck up to the fans because it's about time someone did... Vince "kisses his ring" and asks him when he'll be back. Shawn says he'll be back for the King of the Ring. The he goes into his "real American" schtick...pul-ease!!! He declines to dance on this occasion...

As he's leaving the ring area Bret appears with Pillman on the giant screen. He wants to send Neidhart out to wrestle Shawn. Shawn accepts the challange and the Anvil comes down - they start to tussle but then the tag champs run in and pile on. Followed closely by the Road Warriors who help Michaels clear the ring - cut to commercial.

Shawn Michaels invades a dressing room, chair in hand, as we return. The hunted has become the hunter.

Furnas & Lafon vs. The Road Warriors - this a rematch asked for by F&L - the Warriors start out in their usual dominating fashion. In the middle of it we peek backstage to find HBK has caught up with the Harts - they are being held apart by a passle of officials - cut to commercial.

Animal in control over Furnas as we return. Animal gets dumped out and pummeled on the outside by LaFon. Back in the ring they doubleteam the big man but he manages to suplex both of them. Hawk is tagged in as Animal falls to the outside. Davey Boy shows up to provide distraction then Owen runs in at the critical moment and puts Hawk down by snapping his neck off the top rope. Furnas and LaFon score an upset.

In the back Shawn is in the midst of a Hart attack when Steve Austin shows up to rescue him.

The Undertaker comes down and talks about the WWF Title belt which has been stolen. He threatens the thief with hellfire and damnation before the night is over. He throws in a few gratuitous snipes at Steve Austin while he's at it. Cut to commercial - next up - The British Bulldog vs. Steve Austin...

Sunny comes out to sell the shirt...

Davey Boy Smith enters to Bret Hart's music - then he turns back disappears for several seconds - then re-emerges to come to the ring. Austin stalks to the ring and they go at it furiously until Austin comes up with a reverse chinlock to slow things down. What follows is a series of rest holds leading up to the next commercial.

Shortly after we return the Bulldog slips in a low blow to take control. He pummels Austin and then applies his own reverse chinlock. Now he is in the driver's seat until Austin punches his way out. The scuffle some more and Austin is back in the chinlock. Austin escapes again and is coming off the second rope as we cut to commercial once more.

Right after we return Austin gets whipped into the corner and on the rebound winds up in position for the Bulldog's running powerslam. Then the Bulldog takes away the controlling arm for no reason and lets him escape. It looked like Austin was out of it so Davey had to help him out there. Austin comes back and bulls Davey into the corner where he lays into him with his boots. Back to the center of the ring where Austin slips in a Stone Cold Stunner and gets the pin.

Owen and the Anvil hit the ring - they triple team Austin then Owen starts smashing him with a Title's the WWF Title!! The Road Warriors run in to even the odds then Furnas and LaFon run in. They can't decide whose side they are on as LaFon fights Owen while Furnas takes on Animal. Shawn Michaels comes down to throw in his 2 cents...then the lights go out - The Undertaker appears in the ring as they come back on. Shawn gets in a few shots with the Title belt then splits to chase the retreating Harts. Steve Austin retrieves the WWF Title and displays it to the crowd much to the Undertaker's displeasure. They start brawling and continue despite the efforts of a half-dozen officials until we fade to black.

I enjoyed both programs tonight - Nitro made good use of its limited time and the Hart saga is bouncing right along on RAW.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

Bret Hart's Weekly Column The Calgary Sun has started publishing Bret Hart's column on line so rather than continue to summarize it here from now on I will be putting this link to it so you can go peruse it for yourselves.

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