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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 17
July 1, 1996

Nitro Report

DDP interrupts the opening to complain that his "Lord of the Ring" ring has been stolen.

The Tag Team Title change is reviewed. Everybody wants to know who the third "Outsider" is. (That seems to be the moniker they've been saddled with).

Steiners vs. Harlem Heat for the title - the Heat are on the phone again as they come to the ring. The Steiners dominate early on - suplexes galore. Harlem Heat needs to get a game plan together.

As we return the Heat have asserted themselves, but they can't seem to hold onto the advantage. Col. Parker shows up at ringside. What does he want? The match goes back and forth - Booker T's wheel kicks are awesome. Col. Parker interferes at the right moment to give Harlem Heat the win. Is he their new manager - it isn't clear.

Horsemen with the girls interviewed at the VIP table - Debra McMichaels declares that she is "a bit high maintenance" - that's why they needed the money, I guess. Commercial-rama.

Disco Inferno vs. Kurosawa - this should be a squash but isn't. After being pounded for several minutes Disco's music suddenly blairs forth. Here comes another Disco Guy! The disco balls descends, DI uses it to crown Kurosawa and gets the win. Who was that masked (or shaded) man?

After the commercial Scotty Riggs is introduced - then DDP comes out and starts shaking people down looking for his lost jewelry. Oh, I's a match.

DDP is irate throughout the match, he keeps hollering about his ring. This is no contest - after a brief flurry Riggs succombs to a Diamond Cutter.

Greg Valentine vs. Randy Savage - WOW! The Hammer vs. The Macho man - a classic matchup! And Valentine is looking good - doesn't seem to have aged a day since the last time I saw him - at least three years ago or more. He was always a slow starter - no surprise here. This is a great match between two consumate professionals. Finally the Hammer manages to knock the wind out of himself during a suplex. Before he can get up Savage drops the elbow on him for the win.

The second hour begins...Hey! Eric's back. He makes a statement - refers to Diesal as "Nash" (I notice he didn't choose to expose Scott Hall's decidedly un-Cuban last name). He says "...we're not afraid..." come the Outsiders again...and they have tickets! I don't care what anybody thinks, this is a great angle!! (I heard that the court threw out the WWF lawsuit, don't know if it's true) Commercial time.

Big John Tenta vs. The Giant for the Title - Tenta looks good at first but the Giant is overwhelming (why isn't this guy facing the Invasion Team??) He slams Big John easily early on then it's all downhill for Tenta. Meanwhile Bobby and Eric are obsessing about the Outsiders at ringside - with that empty third seat between them. Tenta makes a short comeback but eventually gets chokeslammed and half of his beard shaved by Bubba.

Dungeon of Doom interview - the usual stuff. The Giant gets off the best line of the night when he says the Horsemen will leave the next PPV as "the Four Geldings".

Rey Mysterio Jr. video is interrupted by Nash and Hall who start a ruckus when they leave their seats. Sting, Lugar and Savage show up. Then the security forces mass - then the locker room empties out. Confusion reigns untill the invaders are hustled out of the arena. Cut to commercial.

Hacksaw Duggen interviewed back in the locker room. He found the (Lord of the) Ring on the mens' room floor! Mean Gene accidently calls it The King of the Ring! DDP barges in to claim it and gets nailed with a taped fist.

Rock And Roll Express with Joe Gomez and the Renegade vs. The Four Horsemen - this will be Mongo's second match ever. But...lets have a commercial first.

The four non-Horsemen clear the ring at the outset. Heenan wants to see McMichaels in there - actually, so do I. Benoit is easily the most aggressive man in this match.

Finally Mongo gets tagged in (after Gomez has been thoroughly stomped). He manages to maintain the advantage -takes a punch pretty well then tags in Flair. All three of the remaining Horsemen work Gomez over. Gomez is a tough cookie - he keeps fighting back. Mongo gets back in. He delivers a credible powerslam and drops a better elbow. Tags Arn in, who lets Gomez tag in the Renegade. As the Renegade climbs to the top Mongos tosses the briefcase at him and misses completely! Somehow this throws the Renegade off balance (maybe it upset the atmosphere?), he crashes, Flair gets the figure-four - that's all she wrote.

Horsemen interview - the usual rant. Nancy's breasts appear to be growing - I hear she's pregnant - congratulations Kevin!

Back from commercial - Nash and Hall are causing problems back in the garage. They finally drive off in a hot, black 'vette. fade to black.


Opening match - HBK vs. Marty Jannetty (non-title) - This starts out as a dead even match. Of course Jannetty has help at ringside, including Cornette. Burger King hints that other "Campers" may show up. Will the Warrior be there to back up his team mate? (see issue #16) Cornette distracts the ref while Leif Cassidy pounds Michaels outside the ring. Advantage Jannetty for a while. Cut to commercial.

Jannetty is still in control as we return but then HBK comes back. Now its starting to even up - another commercial.

We're baack. Its still going back and forth. Then Michaels gets a big elbow drop a la Macho Man. Sweet chin music takes the match. Cassidy attacks - is repelled. Cornette tries to get into the act and gets "super-socked" by Jose Lothario. No sign of Camp Cornette as Shawn takes his bows.

Sunny's slopping is reviewed. That was sooo funny!

Mankind comes to the ring to face Duke the Dumpster. Jake the Snake is there to provide color. The match begins - cut to commercial.

I'm on tenterhooks wondering who will be in control when we return (yeah right). Surprise - Duke has the advantage (for about three seconds). Mankind dominates the rest of the match as Lawler taunts Jake mercilessly. In the middle of a Drosse comeback Mankind sticks his fingers down Duke's throat to take the win.

Lawler is getting unbearable (as usual), slaps Jake twice. Finally Jake gets his hands on the Burger King and then Mankind is on him. Feeding him a finger sandwich. Jake goes down - we go to commercial.

Goldust makes his entrance for the match with the Wildman. Austin is in the color chair. Marlena is dressed conservatively - hardly any cleavage (damn). Sable isn't showing any either but she's still hot. The match begins as we go to commercial I'm trying to remember if thes two ever met when they were both in the WCW. Maybe way back when the Baad Man was a heel.

Marlena is eyeing Sable as we return. Apparently she made a move during the break and Mero got into trouble when he tried to get between the women. A see-saw battle ensues - mostly Goldust. Stone Cold is getting belligerent at ringside - he threatens to punch Vinnie-Mac! MacMahon may get a table shot yet. Another commercial - no Nitro ads tonight.

Things are still pretty even. Mention is made of Brett Hart's birthday tomorrow. (Happy Birthday Hitman!)

I expect Austin to interfere at any moment as Goldy is in trouble. Marlena is sneaking up on Sable again. Sable doesn't seem intimidated but it distracts Mero so Dustin can win.

A match featuring the Warrior is announced for next week - I don't think so. fade to black.

Both shows were pretty good tonight - I don't think I'll try and pick a winner.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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