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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WCW Slamboree

Volume 2, Issue 173 - May 18, 1997

Live from the Independence Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina - Tony, Dusty and Bobby are the hosts

Steven Regal vs. Ultimo Dragon w/Sonny Onoo - World TV Championship match - Regal has decided to drop the "Lord" part of his moniker for some reason. Mike Tenay joins the broadcast team for this contest. Regal throws what looks like a savate kick as they prepare to lock up then uses his superior size and wrestling ability to ground the champ through much of this match. In fact this one stays largely on the mat - which is Regal's territory. The one time the Dragon gets to the corner Regal gets the worst of it. Moments later Regal comes up with an attempt at his STF-like Regal Stretch but the Dragon gets to the ropes to break the hold. He goes for it again but the Dragon blocks it a second time so Regal turns it into a modified surfboard. Again the Dragon wriggles free then goes for an STF variation of his own. Unable to pull off the submission he switches to a Camel Clutch. Regal struggles free and gets catapaulted out to the floor where Sonny Onoo is waiting to get in some kicks. The Dragon comes out and gets between them then rolls his opponent back into the ring. He bulls the larger man into the corner then handsprings an elbow into his face. With Regal sitting on the top rope now, he Frankensteiners him to the mat. Goes for the pin but no cigar. He goes back up for a moonsault but nobody's home. Regal goes for his STF again - same result as prviously. Now they exchange pin attaempts. Neither can get the job done. Both are sucking wind now. Regal tumbles out of the ring but this time the ref has his eyes on Onoo. The Dragon tries a fancy inside-to-out move but Regal just steps out of his way - Dragon eats cement. Regal tries to sling his opponent into the railing but gets reversed. Dragon goes to the apron and connects with an moonsault to the floor. Both men are out for a moment. The Dragon gets back in the ring first - Onoo starts to do his number on Regal again but the Dragon again gets between them and stops the assault. He rolls his opponent into the ring as Onoo lets fly on his own man!! Bobby tries to tell us it was an accident but it wqs deliberate. The distracted Champion gets dragged back into the ring and suplexed - Regal slaps on his STF and this time gets the submission. Regal is the new TV Champ (for the 4th time).

Luna Vachon vs. Medusa - Ladies Title match - this is really a brawl rather than a wrestling match. In fact Vachon puts on the first wrestling hold of the match when she grabs an abdominal claw. Shortly thereafter Medusa take control of the match and it becomes more of a grappling contest. They go into a see-saw battle with Medusa continuing to hold the advantage. Vachon goes for a splash off the top and misses. Moments later she is rolled up and pinned. Medusa retains the title (which is apparently still in the possession of Akira Hokuto)

Mean Gene starts to squawk but Randy Savage interrupts him and takes the microphone to the ring with him. The Macho Man rants in the ring about what a great group the nWo are yatta yatta... As he says DDP wants none of him the man himself storms the ring from the stands. Savage and Liz abandon the ring and meet Bischoff in the aisle. He taunts Savage by speculating that Savage has a "previous engagement" to go to Hogan's house and "wash his car and kiss his a$$..."

Savage shakes off his cohorts and heads for the ring. As he enters DDP downs him with the crutch he's carrying then lays into Bagwell and Vincent as they come in. Bischoff is the last one to get it before Scott Norton cuts him off. Savage comes back in and they start to pile it on. The Giant finally comes in to break it up.

Yuji Yasuraoka vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Yasuraoka is a newcomer who made his WCW debut yesterday on the Saturday Night program. The opening moments are largely on the mat. The first time they go for the flying stuff Misterio takes the advantage. Yuji ends up outside the ring - Rey goes for a planche but the referee steps right in his way. Rey gathers himself for a second attack and vaults right over the ref's head to splash his opponent. Back in the ring he gets a Camel Clutch and holds onto it for a while. After Yuji escapes Rey goes for a springboard splash and misses - Yuji gets in a kick as well in mid-air. For the first time the veteren loses the advantage. The youngster roughs up his opponent and then slaps on an arm bar submission hold. Next he uses his legs to add leverage then keylocks the arm bar. Misterio uses an uncharacteristic eye rake to get loose. Another exchange and Yuji goes back to the keylocked arm bar. They fight to a verticle base again - Yuji grabs an arm and flings himself over the top to the floor - wrenching the arm viciously. Rey comes back quickly and it goes see-saw again. Misterio finally gets his opponent down but then takes way too much time setting up for a swan dive off the top - he misses. Yuji gets a double-arm DDT but fails to get the pin. He goes for it again but Rey reverses it and almost gets a pin. Moments later Yuji tries a splash but gets drop-kicked in mid-air. Rey sets up for his Springboard Frankensteiner and nails it for the win.

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Glacier vs. Mortis w/James Vandengberg - the blue lights are still on and it is still snowing as Mortis attacks. He quickly takes the advantage. He is working on the knee of his opponent to neutralize the Ice Man's finisher. Wrath (Adam Bomb) heads for the ring as the match goes on. He just walks right into the ring and interrupts the match to attack Glacier. They doubleteam him as the bell rings. Mortis has been disqualified but he is winning the war at this point. Outside the ring Mortis puts a leg behind Glacier's head and drives it into the ring steps. Back in the ring they continue to pound on him until someone who is described as a fan (a young, bald black man) comes in in street clothes and lays waste to Vandenberg and his troups. Turns out it is Ernest Miller - World Tournament Karate Champion.

Mean Gene talks about the WCW Hotline.

Jeff Jarrett w/Debra vs. Dean Malenko - US Title match - the match is pretty even - both guys can wrestle. Malenko is clearly superior and soon takes the advantage but can't hold it for any length of time. They go the the outside and things start to get a little rougher. Malenko drop kicks Jarrett's knee against the railing - JJ comes right back and goeas to town on his opponent back in the ring. Jarrett grabs an abdominal stretch - Malenko escapes and Jarrett grabs it right back. They back into the ropes and Malenko is released. Now Dean goes to town and Jarrett is forced to retreat from the ring. Debra councils him before he re-enters the ring. Jarrett goes back to wrestling and bars an arm then holds onto it. After a couple of exchanges he gets a swinging neck breaker. He signals the crowd for the figure four but when he goes for it Malenko strikes his knee to counter it then goes for his Texas Cloverleaf. Jarrett gets to the ropes before it can be applied. Malenko goes to the outside with Jarrett right behind him. Malenko gets smashed into the railing then dropped onto it a second time. In the ring Jarrett goes for a splash off the top but Malenko rolls through it. The pin attempt fails. Another scuffle then they exchange sleeper holds. Jarrett escapes and rolls Malenko right into a figure four but Dean makes it to the ropes. They scuffle in the corner then hit heads - Jarrett falls out of th ring - both men are down. Here comes Mongo McMichael as Debra is comforting Jarrett. He throws Jarrett back into the ring. Malenko comes out on top after the next exchange and finally gets his Texas Cloverleaf to win and retain the title.

Meng w/Jimmy Hart vs. Chris Benoit w/Woman - Death Match - no pinfalls, the match ends when one competitor is declared unable to continue - Chris and Nancy come in holding hands. Mengs first kick leaves Benoit clutching his ribs. The second sends him to the outside. Better come up with a better startegy Chris... Benoit realizes that there is no count out here so he takes his time on the outside. Back inside Meng is still overwhelming his opponent until Benoit slips behind and suplexes him. Next he comes off a whip and drop-kicks the big guy in the knee. Now Meng is hurt but he still fights out of a spinning toe hold then follows Chris out to the floor. He gets smashed into the steps for his trouble. Back in the ring both men are cautious. They end up in the corner where Meng gets the advantage using his chops. Nancy is screaming. Benoit reverses Meng in the corner. Jaquelyn approaches the ring but turns back when Nancy stares her down. In the ring Meng is back in charge. He slaps on a half-crab. Benoit reaches the ropes to escape. Moments later Meng executes a pile-driver. But Chris comes back. He is weakened but still fighting. He slips on a cross-face while barring the arm with his legs. Meng gets to the ropes.

Now Meng starts kicking and punching and regains the advantage. He puts the Horsemen down and the first 10 count begins. He is back up on 6 and gets put down again. He takes it some more than gets behind his man and and suplexes him twice. Meng fights away but then Chris grabs that cross-face again. Meng escapes again and goes to the floor. Benoit hesitates and then hits a suicide dive. He rolls Meng back into the ring and goes to the top but gets caught. Meng fails to pull him off the top - Chris gets behind him and suplexes him again. Benoit goes for his headbutt drop off the top but Meng catches him in the Larnyx Claw (what Sullivan calls a "goozle") - they struggle as Nancy gets on the apron and starts screaming again. Meng shakes his head "no" at her and holds on until Benoit is declared the loser. Meng leaves them laying in the ring.

Konan/Hugh Morrus vs. The Steiner Brothers - this is a knock-down-drag-out brawl puncuated by the Steiners' suplexes. The Steiners dominate this one from the get-go. Everytime the DOD'rs get something happening they get suplexed out of their boots. Finally they manage to double-team Scott for a while. They take turns holding him down with an arm bar. Steiner again gets a suplex in and tags in his brother. Rick cleans house then all four are in. Konan gets dumped out while Morrus goes up for a moonsault but misses. Scotty throws a Frankensteiner on Morrus (the first one we've seen out of him in a long time) then rolls out so Scotty can get the pin. Jimmy Hart is left to try and rally his troups in the ring. He isn't successful - Konan drop-kicks Morrus in the knee then DDT's him. He pushes Jimmy hart away and stalks from the ring area.

Steve McMichael vs. Reggie White - this match has all the makings of a bad joke... White comes out in a foot-ballish outfit. He really looks stupid. The first lock up goes to Reggie who throws his opponent off. Mongo comes back with a hammerlock and an insulting shove. Twice the lock up and Mongo comes up with a side headlock. They hit the ropes and collide but nobody goes down. The third time White gets the headlock. This time when they collide Mongo seems to be unaffected but then collapses. Mongo challanges his opponent to a football style three-point stance face-off. Mongo shys away from the first face off but then takes White's legs out from under him when they actually collide. Reggie wants to do it again - this time he leapfrogs and Mongo runs into the corner buckle, staggers up and gets clotheslined out of the ring. Mongo takes his wifes hand and starts to leave the ring area.

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He meets Gilbert Brown in the aisle and is carried back to the ring. The distracted McMichaels turns around and gets drop-kicked by White. Reggie goes for the pin but is thrown off. Mongo comes up with an arm bar during their next clash. White doesn't know how to escape from it. He finally swings a rather clumsy arm and knocks Mongo out of the ring. White lets him come back in then grabs a side headlock. He backs into the ring where the ref makes him break the hold. He's jawing with the ref when Mongo clips his knee from behind. Steve goes to work on the injured leg. Then he gets a sidewalk slam but misses a leg drop. White grabs a headlock again - is thrown off and comes back with a cross-body block. Mongo powers out of the pin attempt. As Mongo rises Reggie grabs a hold of his traps from behind. Mongo struggles to the ropes then crotches his opponent to escape (ouch!!). He then stretches the legs and drops his head into the solarplexes. He fails in a pin attempt. He goes for a Boston Crab but doesn't really get it. Reggie goes for the ropes to escape. Mongo picks his opponent up and jams his forehead into the corner. He throws White down and seems to be trying a figure four when he is kicked away.

Reggie comes back strong and has Mongo reeling. McMichael is begging off. Soon they are just pounding on each other with White dominating. He gets in a good verticle suplex. After the suplex he gets a splash and then goes for the pin but Debra has the ref tied up. Mongo gets the briefcase but Gilbert Brown jumps on the apron and grabs it away from him. Mongo turns the ref around and directs his attention to Brown who is still on the apron. The referee goes to tell hin to get off the apron - meanwhile Jeff Jarrett appears with a second Haliburton and tosses it to McMichael. White gets clobbered and pinned. Brown tries an inneffectual swipe with the other briefcase but does no damage.

Michael Buffer does his "Lets get ready to rumble..." introduction for the main event match. The Outsider's/Syxx vs. Ric Flair/Roddy Piper/Kevin Greene - Flair gets an incredible reception here in his hometown. He takes the point against Syxx to start the match. Syxx bests him in the first two encounters then struts right into a chop that levels him. He comes back with a spin kick but Flair is all fired up now. They go to the corner where Flair reverses the field and chops Syxx down. Scott Hall comes in and gets flattened. Now Flair is challanging Kevin Nash. He gets Hall instead. He struts a little the tags in Kevin Greene. Greene goes berserk before they lock up - Hall spits on him then tags in Kevin Nash. Greene is ready to take them both on! But he gets Nash. They do a little shoving then Nash starts throwing his famous knees to the gut. Greene comes off a whip and tackles Nash. Then he throws a lariat which succeeds then scoop slams the big man! The other opponents try to attack and get double clotheslined.

The consult on the outside and then send Hall in to challange Piper. Piper is tagged in. Hall slaps Piper's injured legs and gets the taste slapped out of his mouth in return. He rushes into the corner only to be sidestepped then peppered with punches. Piper is forced into the opponents' corner but fights his way out. As the referee is trying to put Nash out of the ring Syxx attacks from behind and kicks the injured leg. Now Scott Hall goes to work. He and Syxx take turns working on the bandaged leg. Piper escapes and tags in Flair who is a house afire until Hall catches him in mid-air after Flair does his over-the-corner-to-the-apron-run-down-and-jump-off-the-top-turnbuckle schtick.

Hall throws him over his head to the mat then clotheslines him to the floor. Nash and Syxx stalk him but Piper then Greene break that up. Back in the ring Hall fails in a pin attempt then tags in Nash. Nash starts working on Flair in the corner then drapes Flair over the bottom rope and throws a leg on him. Hall back in to dish out some more. Piper and Greene are getting frustrated and are distracting the referee while the thugs continue to work on Flair. Syxx and Flair collide and go down. Both struggle to their feet and tag out. Piper comes in but Randy Anderson didn't see the tag. He tries to put Piper out and gets belted. Now it is chaos. Nick Patrick is outside trying to revive Anderson as the mayhem continues in the ring.

Once things get sorted out Flair puts a figure four on Hall after the latter tries to puit Flair up for an Outsider's Edge. Piper slaps a sleeper on Nash while Kevin Greene powerslams Syxx. Nick Patrick has assumed command in the ring and counts Syxx's shoulders to the mat. The Fogies have won the match I guess... They celebrate together as the Outsiders and Syxx lie in the ring.

This was one of the better WCW PPV programs in a while. Lots of action and even title change. Of course the WCW team finally won one against the nWo.

I will be tied up tomorrow evening with a family get-together and so you can expect the Monday Night Wars edition to be a bit late. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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