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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Volume 2, Issue 174 - May 19, 1997

Nitro Report

We see a video of Piper, Flair and Kevin Greene with their hands raised from last night as the program opens.

Live from Asheville, North Carolina

Flair's music plays as Mean Gene introduces the Nature Boy. Flair is in civies, sport coat with an open neck shirt. He says that last night was one of the greatest in his career - as he continues to talk the nWo music plays...

Syxx comes down to interrupt. He challanges Flair for a match "right here and right now". Flair accepts the challange and chases Syxx off the set. I guess the match will be later.

Prince Iaukea vs. Steven Regal - It isn't announced as a title match, but maybe it is. Apparantly it is because Bobby is saying that this is Iaukea's "chance at the title". The Prince gets in one good exchange then is outfoxed by the Champ. Moments later Regal puts on the same suplex he won with last night then slaps on his Regal Stretch (STF) for the easy win.

Video review of Glacier's rescue by the karate champ last night.

Massahiro Chono vs. Dave Taylor - apparently Dave has dropped the "Squire" part of his moniker in deference to his mentor. Taylor starts strong but gets cut off by a massive reverse atomic drop. From there it's mostly downhill. Taylor's only formidable weapon seems to be his European Uppercut - which hardly fazes the Japanese giant. He also uses an STF to win the match by submission.

Mean Gene w/Sonny Onoo - he tells Chono that he will have his (Chono's) worst nightmare on Nitro next week.

We come back to a statement from JJ Dillon - he says that Nick Patrick has been reinstated as a referee in WCW as of today. Does this mean the Fogie's victory from last night is in jeapordy..?

Mr. Wallstreet enters without his nWo attire - his nWo contract was invalidated so he is not allowed to wear the colors. He wears a black shirt with WCW crossed out. His opponent is Scotty Riggs. On paper this should be a squash but...this is professional wrestling. Nick Patrick is the referee in this one. A few minutes into the match Wallstreet tries to pull a foreign object from his tights but Patrick blocks the move. In the confusion Riggs throws a sunset flip off the top rope and, after some struggling, manages to get the pin.

Mean Gene w/Mark Martin and Ric Flair - they have a racing car to give away in a contest.

Review of the Savage (nWo)/DDP confrontation from last night.

Steve McMichael/Jeff Jarrett vs. The Steiner Brothers - Jarrett dominates Scott for the first 30 seconds or so then gets his clock cleaned. Mongo comes in against Ric. Again the Horseman dominates for a short time but can't sustain it. Jarrett brings in the Haliburton but Kevin Greene shows up to thwart that plan. Greene gets his hand on the case and does a number on Mongo. Rick gets the pin.

We come back to a video of Mongo attacking Kevin Greene in the locker room.

nWo music plays - here comes Syxx for the main event. Flair enters and gets jumped before the bell. He's back up in a flash and starts wailin' on the younger man - then the thugs hit the ring - nuff said. Flair is triple teamed and no Horsemen come to help (we here they have been escorted from the building because of the fight in the dressing room earlier). The Outsiders compare Flair to a museum exhibit. Cut to commercial.

nWo music plays and Eric Bischoff comes out doing his usual schtick (somebody needs to push a pie into this guy's face...) He goes to the ring with a wireless mic. "I love you people...each and every one of you..." (gag me please...) He says he really wanted to talk to Sting last week in Baltimore. He says he hired Private Investigators to try and find Sting but they couldn't - then he calls Sting a coward and says that he (Sting) will never get a title shot because he isn't worthy of a match with Hollywood. As he is saying he wishes Sting was there so he could "slap the paint off his face..." Sting slips into the ring behind him, grabs him by the hair then drops him on the back of his head. Sting stares into the camera as we fade to black...there is no sign of the rest of the nWo...

RAW Report

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Review of the end of last weeks program - Bret came to his feet as he wound down his rant and then Shawn superkicked him on the jaw. The rest of the Hart's came out and gave it to him until Steve Austin intervened. Vince says that Bret is again scheduled to deliver his "big surprise". Cut to program opening.

The program is live from Mobile, Alabama.

Steve Austin comes down (he always seems to be the one they start the program with these days. Jim Ross interviews him in the ring. He says he only came out to take a shot at the Harts - not to help Shawn Michaels.

Michaels comes to the ring amid mixed cheers and boos. They jaw for a minute then come to blows. The suits come out to break it up then then the Harts (minus Bret) show up on the TitanTron to issue a challange to the two of them. They stop fighting long enough to insult each other than they're back into it. (yawn) The announcers are telling us that the scheduled KOR qualifier match between Vader and Crush has been axed. They're not saying what will happen instead. Cut to commercial.

Crush is in the ring with the NOD thugs. Vader has a broken nose from his match with Ken Shamrock. Hunter Hearst Helmsley is taking his place in the Tournament and comes to the ring with Chynna. Jerry Brisco explains that HHH received faulty instructions before his Tourney match last week so he gets another chance to advance.

Crush has the power and size advantage but Helmsley has the finess so the contest is pretty even. After an early flurry Hunter is overwhelmed by Crush's power. HHH eventually turns the tables by using his guile but might have lost if Savio hadn't decided to get involved and accidently kicked his own man. Hunter advances. Savio and Crush argue afterward but Faarooq breaks it up.

Owen Hart vs Bob Holly - fellow Alabamans wish Bob luck (which he will need) via videotape before the match starts. Lawler does his usual tasteless routine as he interviews two more Alabamans. Holly starts out fast but loses his momentum almost immediately. Hart proceeds to take him apart. Then he goes for the Sharpshooter and gets caught by surprise and cradled for an upset win for Holly who escapes through the crowd before the rest of the Harts can do any damage. At this point the picture went out while the sound continued. Cut to commercial.

We come back to find Shawn Michaels has picked Ken Shamrock as his partner to face the Harts next week.

Mankind participates in a truely bizarre interview. He talks about his childhood, how he always played the indian in cowboys and indians. He relates how he became addicted to pain. He went into wrestling because he wanted to experience pain every night. He started practicing to be a wrestler as a teenager (we see home movies of him practicing on his brother). He talks about eating worms as a youngster. Never had a date apparently (and not surprisingly...) Next week he'll talk about his days as Cactus Jack. Cut to commercial.

Lawler tells us that Rob Van Dam has been legally barred from appearing again on RAW by Paul E.

Leif Cassidy vs. Scott Taylor - the new guy dominates the match after the first flurry. Jim Ross is talking about "light heavyweights" again. Cassidy comes back by blocking a head scissors but moments later the youngster pulls out a pin using a small package.

Backstage Austin is looking for a partner - he barges in to a dressing room to find a half dressed Sable getting ready to dom an Austin 3:16 T-shirt. She declines his invitation to be his partner. We see Bret Hart arriving as we go to commercial.

We see the Hart/Michaels confrontation yet again as the second hour starts.

The Harts come down to the ring en masse - Bret has the mic - he excoriates Shawn (of course) then rants on about the American fans and his right to free speech yatta yatta... then my cable went out!!! For the next 40 minutes I can get nothing on the screen.

When it finally comes back Jim Neidhart is in the ring waiting for Steve Austin. They go right at it as soon as Austin hits the ring. The first time he gets dumped out he goes after Brian Pillman who is at ringside. Neidhart pulls him off and they struggle at ringside. Back in the ring Austin regains the advantage - of course the Harts hit the ring and demolish him until Shawn shows up with a chair and cleans the ring. Jim Ross enters the ring and informs Michaels and Austin that Gorilla Monsoon has decided that they have to be tag partners next week in a title match against the Harts! So they get into another fight...fade to black.

Well, I can't really judge this one since I missed a good chunk of it - the SCSA/HBK angle is a little too pat for my liking.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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