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Monday Night Wars Edition

Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels
Are the New WWF Tag Champs!!!

Volume 2, Issue 176 - May 26, 1997

Nitro Report

Live from Nashville, TN. We hear nWo music at the top of the program - here comes Eric Bischoff with a scowl on his face followed by Hollywood Hogan. Hogan's beard is thicker and darker then usual tonight. He does his air-guitar thing in the ring then hands the belt to Eric. They take turns ranting about what great friends they are then take off after Sting. Hollywood says he (Sting) is in "...deep doo-doo". He proceeds to call out the Stinger. Eric says Sting isn't in the building. Hogan says he will be "...sniffing around the building" looking for Sting. He does his posing schtick as the nWo music fires up again.

Harlem Heat vs. The Horsemen (Jarrett and McMichael) is announced as the main event later tonight.

Six man tag - Hector Garza/Juventud Guerrera/Super Calo vs. Cyclope//La Parka/Damien - Garza has appeared in the WWF lately so he is a surprise. Luche Libre rules means that if a competitor goes out to the floor his partner can come in without a tag. These guys are all over the map in this one. Very difficult to call. Calo gets flipped over the guard rail and right into the laps of some of the ringside spectators at one point. Damien gets Frankensteiner'd off the apron to the floor. Garza then pulls off his twisting planche and downs all five of the other wrestlers who are all out on the floor. Moments later he is back on the ring and catches Cyclope coming off the top in a powerbomb. He does a back-flip to splash his man and then gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

Psychosis vs. Alex Wright - Wright has added a bump & grind routine to his newly resumed dance schtick. He out-wrestles his man early on coming on very aggresively. His showboating would seem to be his undoing however. After he downs his opponent with a good move he stops the dance. Later he does it again on the floor and gets creamed by a moonsault for his trouble. Psychosis drags him back in and drops a spectacular leg drop on him form the top rope to get the pin.

Mean Gene w/Sonny Onoo - Onoo is asked about the surprise for Chono but declines to comment. He summons Psychosis over and says he has a deal for him. They agree to meet in the back. Medusa comes out and demands a Title shot at Akiro Hokuto, says she will do anything. He says sure - put your career on the line - she agrees. Cut to commercial.

The announcers are talking about Ernest Miller as we return. They show some footage of him as a Freestyle Karate Champ.

Wrath (w/Mortis and James Vandenberg) vs. Mark Starr - Brian Clark greatly outweighs his opponent and uses the advantage well. Starr is a spunky youngster but he is outclassed (and outnumbered) here. The match is an extended squash. The big man is joined by Mortis for the doubleteam against a helpless Starr after the match ends.

Villano IV vs. Konan - Hugh Morrus vows revenge on his former partner in an interview before the match begins. Konan offers to shake hands with his opponent (another former tag team partner) then sucker punches him to start the match. Villano comes back with a superior wrestling assault but is then overpowered by Konan. Hugh Morrus stalks out to the ring but is intercepted by Security forces. In the ring Konan uses his "Tequilla Sunrise" submission leg hold to win the match.

Mean Gene in the ring with Konan - Gene announces Kevin Sullivan's "self-imposed" hiatus. Konan seems contemptuous of his former mentor. Says the DOD are now leaderless and he's not happy about it. He suggests that he could have taken care of Benoit a lot faster then Sullivan did. Cut to commercial.

Sonny Onoo comes to the ring to introduce his "surprise" for Chono - the Great Muta!! We hear that Muta has been playing the Sting role verses the nWo in Japan.

Masahiro Chono vs. the Great Muta - Muta sprays his green mist before the match. Chono goes out to chase Onoo. Both men start cautiously. Chono keeps running out to try and catch Onoo. Onoo, for his part keeps urging Muta to attack Chono. He finally comes into the ring and gets red mist in the face. Muta attacks him then reveals that he also has joined the nWo. Some match...Cut to Roddy Piper hawking I.C.O.N. t-shirts.

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The second hour begins - we review Hogan's appearance at the top of the program.

They break for an nWo commercial. Randy Savage rants about his upcoming match against DDP.

Speak of the Devil - Diamond Dallas Page and his wife come out to the ramp to be interviewed by Mean Gene. DDP displays the mangled crutches that were broken over him by Hogan and vows revenge. He feels good about the way he has riled up the Macho Man. Mrs. Page displays some of the hair she says Savage tore out of her head. She calls it a momento of a learning experience. Cut to commercial.

The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jim (the Jobber) Powers (w/Teddy Long) - Powers is overmatched in this one (as he usually is). The Barbarian takes him apart. Eventually he puts him down with a boot to the jaw. Teddy never even bothered to jump up on the apron.

Mean Gene tries to interview Hart/Barbarian but Chris Benoit and Woman interrupt. Benoit wants Sullivan back. Hart counters with an offer of a match against the Barbarian. Benoit is ready to go now but Hart puts him off until next week. Cut to commercial.

The Giant (w/Lex Luger) vs. Johnny Swinger/Ron Fuller/Jerry Flynn - handicap match. This is a silly match. They triple team him to no avail.

Mean Gene w/The Giant and Lex Luger - Luger wants Dennis Rodman bad. The Giant is targeting Hogan (funny - I thought Luger was the one with the title shot...)

Syxx comes out to the ramp with a mic to rant about his feud with the Nature Boy. He replays the tape of Flair's beating at the hands of him and the other goons. He introduces the Outsiders. Hall calls Flair a "drag queen". Nash offers Piper and Flair a match for the Tag Titles. He promises that the Outsiders will retire Piper.

Review of Kevin Greene's interference in the Horsemen/Steiners' match last Monday night.

The Horsemen vs. Harlem Heat - this one is starting early - they must have something planned for the end of the program. Cut to commercial.

The match is ready to get under way as we return. Mongo starts out with Booker T. McMichaels is the bigger and stronger but Booker has every other advantage here. Still Mongo holds his own - he really has improved a lot. Kevin Greene joins the broadcast team to rant against Mongo as the match continues. Jarrett is tagged in and starts taking it from Stevie Ray. Then he and his partner use a doubleteam to turn the tables. Mongo is in with Booker now and on the losing end again. Stevie Ray tags in and continues the beating. This Greene/Mongo feud seems to be ignoring the relationship between Mongo and Flair. Tony tries to warn him but he is having none of it. In the ring Mongo is getting stomped on by the Heat. Moments later the Horsemen turn the tables then Mongo abandons his partner to go brawl with Greene in the aisle. Jarrett is left to fend for himself. He gets squashed and pinned in his home town. Debra suggests after the match that maybe Jarrett can'y depend on he husband... Cut to commercial.

nWo music plays again as we return. Hogan and Bischoff are back - I guess they are still looking for Sting. Eri checks under the ring before they enter it. Hogan calls Sting out again - he's offering the belt as a prize. Eric tells him that Sting just isn't in the building...a hole is appearing in the ring behind them...someone in a Sting outfit emerges then falls to his knees when Bischoff orders it. Hogan spits on the mat so Stink can "...worship the ground ..." Sting drops into the ring from above and drops Bischoff. Hogan is surprised and trips over the prone body of his fake Sting. Stink attacks with his bat but Sting blocks it. He creams the phoney then drops him as well. Hogan summons the troups to the ring - they extend the program to see what happens. Hogan has a bat and cautiously enters the ring. Before the thugs surrounding the ring can act, Stings re-hooks his line and ascends back into the rafters. Fade to black...

RAW Report

Live from Evansville, Indiana

Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels will combine to take on the Tag Champs tonight. A match is also announced between the Road Warriors vs. Pillman/Neidhart.

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out at the top of the program (like usual) followed by Shawn Michaels. We see just what I envisioned a few weeks ago - HBK struttin' his stuff while Austin slumps in the corner glowering. Steve declares himself as the Captain of the team - HBK disagrees but allows that he and Austin are going to kick some a$$ tonight. The Road Warriors come down and demand a shot should Michaels and Austin win the Titles. Michaels says "Bring it on down..." Austin and Michaels quarrel but manage not to come to blows. Now the Hart Foundation shows up. Bret is on his feet for the first time in weeks. They don't join the others in the ring. Cut to commercial.

The Road Warriors vs. Brian Pillman/Jim Neidhart - the match starts as a brawl so naturally the Warriors dominate. The rest of the Harts watch from the top of the ramp. Pillman and Neidhart never really get anything going. The Tag Champs come in and break it up before their cohorts get beat. Of course Austin and Michaels wade in then go after each other...ohh - what a mess... Cut to commercial.

Paul Bearer is standing by to be interviewed but lets look at a review of what just happened before the break. Now we talk to Paul Bearer who tells us that the Undertaker's secret is in a safety deposit box - his hair is red and he looks more like the Percy Pringle we all knew and hated years ago in WCCW. He still has a bandage covering the right side of his face.

Bob Holly vs. D-Lo Brown (NOD flunky) - Faarooq joins the broadcast team for this one. He accuses Vince and the WWF of racist tendancies (by implication). Vince says that Faarooq is "playing the race card" and accuses him of patronizing black people. In the ring the match is pretty even until Brown catches Holly in a flying move and powerbombs him for the pin.

Vince asks the Undertaker how he feels about Faarooq. The Undertaker speaks but we can't hear him at first - he starts over, ignoring the question, and saying that he has an hour to make a decision that could effect the rest of his life. Jerry Lawler is interviewed so he can rant about Goldust - who is his opponent in a KOTR preliminary match later.

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Goldust makes his entrance as we return - on film - in letterbox format. Goldies ring attire is particularly flamboyant tonight. His daughter Dakota runs down to the ring to join her parents. Lawler enters to the "Great Gate of Kiev" theme. Goldust lights right into him and takes the advantage. Lawler uses guile to steal back the advantage then lays in a piledriver. Moments later Dustin returns the favor. Marlena looks very fetching tonight. Lawler turns the tables again and goes to work with his fists. Goldust retrieves the advantage with a well executed bulldog. Then he charges into the corner and is introduced to the ring post. Lawler slips out of the ring to menace Marlena but gets slapped in the face. Back in the ring, he uses the ropes to get a tainted victory then starts up the ramp. Goldust catches him and lays him out. Lawler rolls all the way to the foot of the ramp where Marlena steps on him on her way to join her husband. Lawler advances in the Tournament.

We see Steve Austin backstage - Vince starts to interview him but Pillman shows up and attacks. The Tag champs and Neidhart join the attack and Austin gets stomped. Cut to commercial.

Flash Funk vs. Rockie Maivia - the Headbangers show up as the match begins and join the broadcast team. In the ring the match starts out civil enough but soon deteriorates. Moments later the Headbangers decide to attack the two combatants and tip the match in the favor of Maivia who wins after a top rope splash. Afterwards, as Mosh and Thrasher leave the ring area, Maivia and Funk discuss the situation and decide to challange the Headbangers as a tag team.

Mankind tells a weird story about playing football without a cup and paying the price. There will be more later...Cut to commercial.

Bret Hart rants about the King of the Ring and his match against Shawn Michaels. His big surprise last week was that he would agree to retire if he can't beat HBK in ten minutes. Pillman rants about his hatred of Steve Austin. The Tag Champs say they will beat Austin and Michaels tonight yatta yatta...

The second hour begins with the usual pyrotechnics

The crowd is a sea of signs - mostly having to do with Austin and Bret Hart. Ken Shamrock comes down to join the broadcast team.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Vader - Vader comes down first then Johnson - this will be a great match if they don't end it in a screw job. Johnson is putting up his KOTR slot in this match. The two monsters go nose to nose three times before the match begins. Johnson seems to trying to control his temper - Vader doesn't care to. They lock it up and after the first exchange Vader takes the advantage. He holds it for about two minutes and then Johnson pulls off a spine-buster and pins his opponent. Too bad for Vader I guess...

Paul Bearer re-asserts his hold over the Undertaker hinting about the secret he has threatened to reveal tonight.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chynna) vs. Rockabilly - we get a review of Goldust's action against Billy and the Honkytonk Man last week. Billy comes on strong at the beginning but loses the advantage soon enough. It's mostly down hill for HTM's boy from there on out. When Honky tries to get involved with his guitar he gets scoop slammed by Chynna on the outside. Helmsley gets a Pedegree to win the match.

The Undertaker is interviewed - he says he has decided to let Paul say his piece. He says, "You do what you have to do and I will do what I have to do..." Cut to commercial.

Sable appears in her leathers to hawk the KOTR inflatable chair. Sales immediately fall off when it is revealed that she doesn't come with the chair...

Mankind interview part 2 - he talks about going to see Jimmy Snuka vs. Don Muracco at the Garden - Snuka's off-the-top-of-the-cage splash really impresses him. He decided to be a wrestler then. He tells of his admiration for Shawn Michaels - how he saw himself as "Dude Love". He made a home movie of himself jumping off a roof and somehow Dominic Donuchi got hold of it and took him under wing and trained him as a wrestler. Next week - part 3.

Shawn Michaels dances to the ring. Then his partner comes down. Austin is in as bad a mood as usual. They manage to keep their tempers in check while the Tag Champs make their entrance. Owen and Bulldog pause on the ramp to consult with Bret Hart and Brian Pillman as we cut to commercial.

Austin/HBK vs. Hart/Smith - Tag Team Championship Match - Austin and Michaels attack the Champs before they can get into the ring. Austin starts the match against Owen. HBK comes in and lets Owen get loose - Bulldog in. Shwn takes the advantage immedietly and tags Austin in. Austin maintains the advantage against the Bulldog. The Tag Champs double team him to turn the tables. The rest of the Harts are heading to the ring but Security forces are trying to turn them back as we cut to commercial.

Austin and Owen are in as we return. They are pretty evenly matched. Both men get the tag and HBK faces the Bulldog. Davey Boy overpowers his opponent then throws him out into Owen's waiting arms. He pummels HBK and then throws him back in. Bulldog gets his powerslam then gorrilla presses HBK in order to drop him on the top rope. Austin prevents the pin but Shawn is still in trouble. He finally gets the tag but the ref is out of position and misses it. Shawn is still in and getting punished. He fights back but gets repeatedly stopped. Finally Austin gets the tag - all four men are in. Shawn puts his chin music on the Bulldog and Austin takes the pin. New Tag Champs!! Austin grabs a belt and leaves Shawn to the mercy of the Harts. Stone Cold attacks Bret on the ramp until the rest of the Harts intervene. Shawn lies in the ring as we cut to commercial.

Vince starts to interview Austin when Shawn shows up. Austin is claiming he won the Title on his own (yeah...right Steve...)

Paul Bearer comes to the ring to meet with Vince. He spills his guts. He reveals that he has known the Undertaker and his family for many years before they came to the WWF. He says he was the mortician at the UT's parents' funeral and talks about a third grave...UT invades the ring and interrupts. He tells Paul Bearer that he hates him and threatens him with bodily harm. He seizes the mortician by the throat but Paul Bearer stands his ground (even as he sinks to his knees). UT relents and kneels before Paul Bearer as we fade to black...

Vince put on quite a show tonight - the Tag Title change was certainly a surprise. UT's situation was pretty predictable I thought. The ending on Nitro was a hoot...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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