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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Randy savage Attacks JJ Dillon

Bret Hart Bows Out of KOTR

Volume 2, Issue 178 - June 2, 1997

Nitro Report

Live from the Hare Arena in Dayton, Ohio

We hear nWo music as the program starts. Syxx and Scott Hall are in the ring. Hall says fans have complaining that they haven't been seeing enough of the nWo. He talks about Flair and the rest of the "fossils". Syxx puts Flair down, Hall calls him "...a warn out recording of your favorite song." JJ Dillon comes out with a smile on his face. Dillon says he just spoke to Flair who is on his way to Dayton in a Lear Jet. He says that Hall has to wrestle Flair on the program tonight or the Outsiders have to forfeit the tag belts.

Pyrotechnics fire off to lead into the program opening.

Alex Wright vs. Glacier - this should be good - Glacier has fire in his eyes tonight. Wright gets in the first licks by attacking before the bell. He takes him down with a reverse spin kick then pounds him into the corner...then he stops to dance. Glacier is waiting for him as he goes back to the attack. After another scuffle Glacier gets in his Cryonic Kick to win the match. James Vandenberg appears on the ramp but fails to distract Glacier who spots his arch enemies coming from both sides. They overwhelm him after the first exchange and pummel him into the corner. Wright comes back to life and demands a chance to get his licks in. They stand aside for Wright who promptly loses the initiative. Glacier clears the ring - then clears out. Cut to commercial.

Joe Gomez vs. Buff Bagwell (w/Scott Norton) - Bagwell and Norton talk some trash in an inset as Gomez makes his entrance. Bagwell is very aggressive - but showboats too much. Regardless, Gomez is up to the task...of losing. Bagwell can't showboat enough to give this guy a chance. Besides, he's being doubleteamed. Bagwell gets his "Blockbuster" - an over the head reverse bulldog and the pin. Cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay presents another video report on Karate Champ Ernest Miller then a clip of Roddy Piper's new movie "Swept Away".

Hugh Morrus vs. Prince Iaukea - Konan attacks Morrus on the ramp and then splits. The WCW trainer tries to stop him from going to the ring but Morrus shrugs him off. Morrus is lethargic in the match. Iaukea makes short work of him. Konan poses on the ramp after the match ends.

Mean Gene with JJ Dillon - Flair has arrived he says. He also says the Number 1 contenders for the Tag belts are the Steiner Brothers. Harlem Heat and Sherri come out to protest that assessment. Dillon stands firm and says that if the Steiners win their match tonight it will cement their position - look for some interference. Cut to commercial.

Diamond Dallas Page video He says he will beat Savage again.

Masahiro Chono/Muta vs. The Steiner Brothers - Scotty and Muta trade arm drags to start. Muta is faster but Scotty is stronger. After a couple of exchanges Rick is tagged in and chases Muta out of the ring. Chono comes in and locks up with Rick in a test of strength. He loses and rolls out of the ring. Back in the ring Rick maintains his advantage. Scott back in and finally gets suckered into the wrong corner. All four are in the ring - Rick is downed by a Mafia kick - the Japanese contingent is double-teaming Scott when Harlem Heat shows up outside the ring. They hit Rick with a chair and roll him back in so Muta can put him in a modified STF. Rick is unconscience and gets couted out.

The Heat now insist that they are the number one contenders but Dillon says the match will have to be reviewed by the Championship Committee. Meanwhile, the Heat have a match later tonight - Dillon suggests they should concentrate on that.

Hour two starts with a review of hour one. Mean Gene w/Ric Flair - he says he doesn't know if he can beat Hall but he sure wants to find out.

Mr. Wallstreet vs. Dean Malenko - US Title match - this is another potentially great match. Mike Rotundo (Wallstreat) is an excellent mat wrestler. Nick Patrick is the referee and making a big show of taking charge in the ring. Wallstreet comes in with a good gameplan and largely dominates the action. Patrick is continuing to give him a hard time. Malenko finally turns things around with a high knee to the jaw. He goes for the Texas Cloverleaf but Wallstreet breaks that up with fingers to the eyes. Jeff Jarrett appears out of nowhere and tries to interfere in the favor of Wallstreet but Malenko still gets a Texas Cloverleaf and wins. There is some controversey because Patrick gets between Wallstreet and the ropes.

Jarrett goes into the ring and demands a rematch for the US Title with Malenko. Malenko comes back out and agrees to the match at the coming Great American Bash. Mongo comes down and chews Jarrett out for going to the ring without him. Jarrett says Mongo has been getting in his way so he's looking out for himself. He then says "Come on Debra..." and starts to leave. Debra wisely sticks around with her husband who talks some trash directed at Kevin Greene. Cut to commercial.

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Ciclope/Damien vs. Harlem Heat - not exactly the caliber of the the Steiners' match in the first hour. No wonder the Heat seemed unconcerned earlier by Dillon's admonishen. Predictably the match is an extended squash. The two Mexicans are suicide dive artists but they can't keep doing that and expect to stay on top. The match is out on the floor when the Steiners run-in with chairs and give Harlem Heat "a receipt" for their earlier interference. Damien gets the pin against Stevie Ray. Tit for tat...cut to commercial.

Chris Benoit vs. The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart) - Benoit shows up without Nancy. Benoit attacks on the bell and pounds his opponent into the corner. Jimmy Hart distracts Benoit and prevents a pin. Benoit gives chase and gets caught on the apron. Barbarian gets a big piledriver but fails to get the pin. Now the Barbarian does the pounding in the corner. He sets Chris on the turnbuckle then joins him up there to throw a superplex. Still no cigar. He takes him to the top again but gets shoved off. Benoit throws his headbutt then slaps on the Cripplier Crossface to get the submission victory. This supposedly means that Benoit will get yet another match with Kevin Sullivan (why he wants one I have no idea...)

Jimmy has more conditions - he wants Benoit to face Meng in a Death Match at the Great American Bash. He also says there will be a third stipulation which he will reveal next week. Cu to commercial.

nWo music plays as we return - Scott Hall makes his entrance with Syxx. This is the main event. The announcers are teasing the arrival (probably) of Curt Hennig in Las Vegas on June 30th. Cut to commercial before the arrival of Flair.

Ric Flair makes his entrance as we return te the strains of "Also Sprach Zarathustra". He takes his time removing his robe. Flair goes right to work with punches and chops then starts working on the leg of his opponent. Hall finally gets loose and flings Flair into the corner. Flair does his flip move and dive onto Syxx on the outside. Thus distracted he falls prey to Halls attack from behind. Back in the ring Hall has the upper hand and is being helped by Syxx. He gets an abdominal stretch and holds it for a while - then Flair escapes but is still taking it. He recovers with chops in the corner but gets whipped in and put into a sleeper. Flair escapes but gets downed with a clothesline. He is back up and chopping again. In between blows he knocks Syxx off the apron then goes back to work on Hall. Syxx goes to the top but gets caught and dropped by Flair then Hall is flung into Syxx in the corner. Syxx tumbles out - Flair gets a verticle suplex on Hall then goes for the figure four but is distracted by Syxx re-entering the ring with Hall's Title belt. He fights them one at a time until Hall gets the belt and brains him with it. They double-team him and just when I am wondering where the rest of the Horsemen are Mongo and Jarrett show up and drive the thugs off.

Tony and Bobby discuss the evening until the nWo music interrupts them. Randy Savage (w/Liz in tow) collars Mean Gene on the ramp and intimidates him too the ring to make a statement. There is a huge Austin 3:16 sign in front of the camera as they enter the ring. Mean Gene decides to get something off his chest. He says that Savage has made a mistake in underestimating DDP. Before Savage can get his statement out JJ Dillon shows up. Gene leaves Dillon in the ring with Savage. Dillon warns Savage about man-handling announcers. Dillon expresses disappointment in Savage. Dillon takes it one step too far and gets punched out and kicked. Eric Bischoff comes to the ring and helps security people to subdue Savage. Bischoff tries to reason with Savage but he's is uncontrollable. Dillon is helped out of the ring as Bischoff says "You started this Dillon..." He then continues to restrain Savage as we fade to black...

RAW Report

Video review of last weeks Tag Team Title win for Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels and the tribulations of the Undertaker.

The program is live from Huntington, West Virginia

As Vinnie and Jim Ross intro the program the Undertaker makes an entrance without Paul Bearer. JR says UT is the "most popular athlete ever in the WWF" (apparently he doesn't remember Hulk Hogan...) Vince asks for an explaination of what happened last week. UT says he was blackmailed - that he did it to protect his loved ones. He admits to wanting to break Paul Bearer's neck but says it wouldn't have helped the situation. He reiterates that the revelation Paul Bearer threatened would have hurt innocent people. He says Paul Bearer will burn in hell...and speak of the he comes. Paul tells UT that he talks too much and threatens to "do a little talking" himself. He asserts his dominion over the dead man. UT turns away but Paul forces him to turn back. Sid shows up at this moment and comes to the ring. He tells Bearer "First of all Fat man - you don't rule anything!" He expresses respect for the Undertaker but says he has lost some of that because of UT's cowing to Paul Bearer. He demands a rematch tonight. UT accepts the match. Then then the NOD shows up on the ramp. Faarooq reminds them that he has the Title match at the KOTR PPV coming up Sunday. After some more words from Vince and JR we cut to commercial.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Faarooq - we get a review of their feud before the match. Faarooq attacks from behind with a belt before the bell but Ahmed recovers quickly and uses the belt himself. He dominates the action as the rest of the NOD watch from the back where they have been banished by the referee. Faarooq comes back and we see the NOD sneaking down to the ring area. One of the thugs trips Ahmed as he whips off the ropes and suddenly the Undertaker is on the scene laying waste to the NOD. Everyone is out on the floor then, during the confusion, Faarooq gets whipped into Ahmed and rams him into the steps. Faarooq rolls Ahmed into the ring and pins him. Afterward the Undertaker has to fight off the NOD again on the ramp then goes into the ring after Faarooq - who bails. Ahmed spins him around and gets in his face - and gets chokeslammed for his trouble. We get a replay then cut to commercial.

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The Harts are in the ring for a statement as we return. Shawn and Steve join us frpm different locations on the TitanTron. Bret Hart bows out of the KOTR match due to his re-injured knee. Shawn and Steve argue about whose fault it is. Shawn leaves his own braodcast position and goes after Austin. They go nose to nose but avoid coming to blows. The Harts confer and then Pillman gives their reaction. He offers Shawn Michaels his place against Steve Austin at the PPV. Austin accepts the match and then promises to get Pillman the next night on RAW. Michaels isn't heard from at this time. Cut to commercial.

Owen Hart vs. Bob Holly - IC Title Match - Holly earned this match due to his defeat of Hart a couple of weeks ago. Holly dominates until Owen pulls out a swinging neck breaker - moments later Owen blocks a Hurracaranna and turns it into a Sharpshooter for the win.

Shawn Michaels is interviewed backstage and accepts the PPV match against Austin.

Review of Mankind's interview from last week - we get part three of the talk later tonight. Cut to commercial.

We see a tape of Chynna manhandling HHH - I must have missed this when my cable went out last week.

Goldust vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - this is a European Title contention match. Vinnie mistakenly says that the Bulldog's defense of the title next week will be the first time it has been defended on RAW. He seems to forget that Owen Hart was challanging for that title on RAW the night that Bret Hart came down and stopped the match to established the New Hart Foundation. This match is a short one. Hunter is in control when Chynna decides to interfere. Marlena grabs her from behind and the distracted Chynna gets kicked off the apron by Hunter's not very well placed knee. In the confusion Goldust rolls him up for the pin. Goldust will face Bulldog next week for the European Title. Cut to commercial.

The Road Warriors are interviewed backstage and promise to kick HBK's teeth "right down Austin's throat". We get a review of the Odd Couple's winning of the title last week. Cut to opening montage.

Austin/Michaels vs. The Road Warriors - Tag Team Title match - we see the Warriors win the belts against the Nasty Boys in a video review as they make their entrance. HBK makes his entrance alone followed by Austin. As they argue in the ring the Warriors grab the belts and hold them aloft before the Champs snatch them back.

The match gets underway - Hawk vs. Shawn - Shawn outsmarts himself at the beginning and gets put down quick. He's right back up after Hawk misses a splash and they go at it again but Shawn gets caught between the two monsters and overwhelmed. Austin comes in and all four men go at it until first Austin then Michaels are knocked out of the ring. The Harts show up and advance toward the ring as Austn and Michaels are arguing again and we are going to sell something.

Austin is in with Animal as we return and is taking it but quickly reverses the field and brings his opponent into the corner. Animal fights his way out but Stone Cold gets the drop on him again - this time they succeed in pounding him in the corner. Now HBK and SCSA are functioning pretty well as a team. They repeatedly double team Animal. Then Hawk gets in and is given the same treatment. Shawn gets punched right over the top rope to the floor by Animal as the Harts enter the ring area. Steve Austin is holding his own against the LOD but then rolls out and grabs Shawn by the hair. They start brawling and are counted out of the ring.

Jerry Lawler comes down to call the next match.

Mankind interview: Part 3 - he talks about his Cactus Jack personna in the third person. His early career in Japan is reviewed - they show scenes from his ECW matches, he quotes Shakesphere, he bleeds a lot (on tape). Of course they never mention that his biggest fame (before the WWF) came during his time in WCW where he was a main event wrestler against Vader, Abdullah the Butcher, Paul Orndorff and others.

Mankind vs Savio Vega - KOTR qualifier - we go to a commercial before the match and come back to find them outside and pummeling each other. They go back into the ring with Vega in control. He continues to dominate for several minutes. The combatants fall out of the ring at the foot of the broadcast table where Lawler can't control his big mouth. As Savio goes back to the ring Mankind hauls the King right over the table and manhandles him. Back in the ring, Crush hops up on the apron and tries to interfere but hits Savio instead. Mankind rolls him up and pins him. Afterward Crush and Savio brawl in the ring until four officials break it up. Faarooq observes this from the back then strides away in disgust. We get a promo for the KOTR show - Warriors with Sid will face Owen/Bulldog/Neidhart plus the match between HBK and SCSA. Cut to commercial.

Sable hawks the KOTR chair - no one sees the number to call because of the distraction(s)...

Sid vs. the Undertaker - this match is announced as a non-title contest. Sid enters first - then UT with Paul Bearer. Lets go sell something first...

The match is underway as we return. Sid is dominating the action. He succeeds in chokeslamming the dead man but can't get the pin. UT comes back and pounds his opponent into the corner. Sid recovers from a whip and takes control again but fails once more at a pin attempt. He slaps on a reverse chinlock and wrestles UT into a prone position but UT fights out of it. A flying clothesline turns the tables. Undertaker gets the Tombstone and that's all she wrote. The NOD falls on the Undertaker. Sid tries to even the odds but gets clipped from behind by Faarooq - now both giants are being pummeled. Three refs and two suits (one of them is Tony Garea) try to break it up but are unsuccessful. Faarooq uses a belt on the Undertaker as he lays in the ring. Finally Faarooq calss off the thugs and they leave Sid and UT lying in the ring. Fade to black...

Both programs had plenty of action - both were replete with going nowhere angles - I would call it a tossup...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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