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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 18
July 3, 1996

Warrior still in the WWF after all.

The Ultimate Warrior posted a message on the AOL WWF message board - here is the text.

"Warrior here...yes the real one, not some pitiful imitation or someone hiding behind their computer screen wishing they could be something they will never be. For the last 3 years of my life I have sat back and watched as others have spoken for me...some in support...some in disapproval of what The Ultimate Warrior represented to the World of Sports Entertainment...both in and out of the ring. I will never...could never...can never live up to all the opinions, judgements and rumors others wish to spread about me. In knowing so, I long ago chose not to inflict the same vicious expression upon others.

Therefore in response to recent rumors of my non-appearance at WWF events in Indianapolis, Detroit, and Pittsburgh I make the following statement from my office in Scottsdale, AZ...

Since my return at Wrestlemania in March there has from day one been contractual discussion for one reason...Titan Sports has not made the finalization of my contract a priority, yet I have fulfilled all aspects of the agreement that we do have. Although the rumors speculate my recent no-show at the listed venues is contractually related...the truth is my father passed away. If resolving my personal issues and protecting the way I choose to believe puts me in the WWF doghouse as stated on the money-making 1-900# line...then so be it, bow-wow and Kiss my (expletive).

Always Believe-Warrior

In this PRODIGY interview, the Ultimate Warrior reveals that he is NOT leaving the WWF.

RYDER: Are you aware of the rumors that you have left the WWF?

WARRIOR: No, your message was the first I had heard of it.

RYDER: Various hotlines are reporting you have either quit or been fired for missing shows.

WARRIOR: I had a good reason to miss shows. My father died a few days ago.

RYDER: I'm very sorry to hear that. (personal comments deleted)

RYDER: The rumors have swept the computer services and the hotlines this weekend. I guess it was sparked by the way WWF handled the announcement to the fans. In Detroit and Pittsburgh, fans were told "The Ultimate Warrior refuses to wrestle".

WARRIOR: I don't know why they would do that. It's not true. My father died and I had to be with my family.

RYDER: There had been reports that you and Vince had a blowup last week that prompted the noshows.

WARRIOR: Vince and I butt heads all the time. Linda is the one that closed the deal to bring me back. It seems like anytime Vince and I have any dealings we butt heads. We're both stubborn.

RYDER: How long is your deal with them? WARRIOR: It's for 18 months, 4 months have already gone by.

RYDER: What is your short term schedule?

WARRIOR: This week I'm going to a comic book show. My first date back is in Albany on the 11th.

RYDER: How is the University going?

WARRIOR: It's doing great. We've closed the gym to the public and we're converting it to a facility just for the University. We've got 40 guys comining in on the 7th.

RYDER: You have the rights to the name again?

WARRIOR: Yes, I have the rights to the name, and it's licensed back to the WWF for wrestling related purposes.

End of interview.

This would appear to squelch the rumors about his leaving the WWF - at least for the time being. My condolences to the Warrior and his family.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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