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Monday Night Wars Edition

Hogan Faces Luger On TV

Huge Free For All At End of Nitro

Faarooq Fires the NOD!!

Paul E an Tommy Dreamer Start a Fight with Van Dam/Lawler

Volume 2, Issue 181 - June 9, 1997

I'm gratified to report that the USWA Promotion presented Solie's with their "Crown of Excellence" award today. We will wear it with pride.

On another front Vince McMahon alluded to a brawl backstage between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels at tonights RAW card which resulted in the both of them being ejected from the premises. The arguement is said to be over a possible liason between Bret and Sunny. The Bagpipe Report is saying that it is possibly a worked arguement that was made to look like a shoot in order to build heat between the two.

Nitro Report

Live from the Fleet Center in Boston

The program opens with a preview of the Hogan/Rodman video set to Jimi Hendrix "VooDoo Child". The NWO shows up out back in a limo which is immediately attacked by Diamond Dallas Page who kicks out one of the driver side windows. Liz, who alighted from the car before the attack slams the door on his shoulder before he can get his hands on the occupants. The limo speeds off.

Psychosis/LaParka/Silver King vs. Juventud Guerrera/Ultimo Dragon/Super Calo - Six man Luche Libre style match. As usual these guys are all nuts - and the action is insane - they do more damage too themselves then too their opponents with all those suicide moves. Silver King (son of Dr. Wagner) is the only one without a mask (he appears to be the oldest as well - although it's hard to tell when everyone else wears a mask...). The announcers aren't even trying to keep up with this one. Psychosis and Ultimo Dragon are the most obvious antagonists here. At one point five wrestlers are all out on the floor in various states of conscienceness (Juventud is the only one left inside). Then he decides to fly out!. In the end Ultimo Dragon pins Psychosis to get the win for his team. Afterwards LaParka batters Calo with a chair.

Mean Gene with Lex Luger - Luger says he and the Giant are signed to face Hogan and Rodman at Bash at the Beach. He also reveals that the Executive Committee has ruled that, since Hogan hasn't defended his belt since February, he will have to defend it tonight against Luger!!! Cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay meets Roddy Piper and Ric Flair as they pull up in a limo - they rant about their Tag Team Title match against the Outsiders tonight.

Alex Wright vs. Chris Jericho - Wright's new attitude is serving him well here as he takes the early advantages. Then he stops to dance and almost blows it. He recovers but then he goes to the top and misses a knee drop. Still he comes back and retakes the advantage almost immediately. Jericho just can't seem to get anything going. Wright goes for a pin and gets a two count. Now he stops to argue with the referee and almost gets pinned in a roll-up. A battered Jericho finally turns the tables with a series of kicks then a drop-kick from the second rope. But then he gets caught in a roll-up - Wright uses leverage from his feet on the ropes to get the pin. Cut to commercial.

Akira Hokuto vs. Melaya Hosaka - Hokuto holds most of the cards here except in the looks department. She is very aggressive - and well she should be as the Ladies Champion. She makes short work of her opponent with a Brainbuster. Then she does it again, which raises the ire of Medusa, who runs in and puts three German Suplexes on the Champ. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene starts to interview the Steiner Brothers but the Harlem Heat interrupt and a melee ensues.

Konan vs. Steve McMichael (w/Debra) - Kevin Green attacks Manogo in the aisle and can't be restrained. We look back in the ring to see that Konan is out apparently whacked with a broom (the broken pieces lay on the mat). Cut to commercial.

nWo music heralds the appearance of Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan - now Tenay is saying that the match against Luger will be non-title - I guess Luger mispoke. Eric has two words for JJ Dillon and the Exec Committee - "Bite me!" He says there isn't going to be a match. Hogan rants about Luger needing to work out and confirms that he won't wrestle tonight. He starts his posing routine as the music fires up again. Here comes Luger - he goes right to the ring and comes up behind Hogan. He waits for Hollywood to turn around then listens too his rant. Biischoff rants as well and gets punched. Hogan tries to throw a punch and is blocked. Randy Anderson runs in and the bell sounds - we have a match! Hogan gets knocked to the outside as the Wolfpack shows up ringside. Anderson is counting Hogan outside the ring so he re-enters. He signals for a test of strength then cheapshots Luger with a boot to the gut. Luger comes back and knocks Hogan down. Hogan grabs a handfull of tights and levers Luger headfirst into the bottom turnbuckle as we cut to commercial.

As we return Hgan is in control until he misses an elbow drop. The thugs hit the ring and get immediately ejected - Luger catches Hogan, racks him and uncles him!!! Then the Wolfpack hits the ring again. They amd Hogan quadruple-team him as we go to the second hour with pyrotechnics. Luger is out in the center of the ring as Hogan throws multiple legdrops on him. The WCW trainer and some refs finally get him out of the ring. Hogan and Bischoff lounge in the ring to rant some more. Hogan then gets up and goes back into his posing schtick...cut to commercial.

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JJ Dillon with Mean Gene - Dillon has recommended a $50,000 fine against Savage and has gotten it. They also considered a suspension but decided to let the Savage/DDP match happen. They have added stipulations to the match - it will be no a DQ, no count-out, falls count anywhere, lights out match. Savage interrupts from the stands to say that he has $100,000 so maybe he'll do it again. DDP shows up and challanges Savage to meet him right now. Savage seems like he's going to accept. He comes down through the stands, jumps the railing and they start to brawl right there on the we cut to a commercial.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Dean Malenko - US Title match - this is the one Jarrett asked for last week. No sign of Debra. This one starts out as a good exhibition of mat technique - both guys are second generation wrestlers. When Jarrett is overmatched he goes out to slow the pace. Debra finally shows up - handing out roses to the crowd as we cut to commercial.

Things are still pretty much even as we return. Malenko gets a sleeper but Jarrett pulls off a jaw-breaker - both men are down. Debra gets ont the apron but doesn't do anything. Both guys are back up and exchange heavy blows. Malenko takes the advantage and gets a verticle suplex. Jarrett falls out of the ring but Malenko goes out and throws him back in. He puts on a modified surfboard then switches to a leg-bar submission hold. He releases the hold - then whips his opponent and catches him with a high knee. Jarrett is up quick and catches Malenko in a Tombstone Piledriver. Amazingly Malenko is back up again and now they are see-sawing back and forth trading pin attempts. They keep thwarting each others moves until Jarrett catches his opponent and gets a superplex off the top. Both men are down. Here comes Eddie Guerrero - as Debra is distracting the ref he runs to the ring pulls off his arm-sling and drops a frog splash on Malenko! He leaves the sling on Malenkos chest. Jarrett gets up and puts the Figure Four on Malenko and gets the submission!!! Jarrett is the new US Champ!!!

Mean Gene is with Jimmy Hart, Meng and the Barbarian - Jimmy reveals his surprise - it is Kevin Sullivan and Jaquelyn. Jaquie is falling out of her top... Kevin says he's back and calls Benoit out - telling his minions to stay out of it. Benoit runs down and he and Sullivan start punching each other. As Kevin starts to flag Jaquelyn jumps on Benoit's back. Meng pulls her off and then grabs Chris by the adams apple. Kevin orders him to release the hold and goes back to pummeling Benoit - now with Meng and the Barbarian lending several hands (and feet). Cut to commercial.

nWO music plays as we return. The Wolfpack is coming to the ring. This is the main event - Piper/Flair vs. The Outsiders. Flair and Piper come to the ring one at a time. Neither Flair nor Piper seem to be doing too well for the minute or so before we cut to commercial.

We come back to the same situation. Apparently Piper has been taking it all through the break. Piper keeps coming back but he's losing ground. He finally gets in a low blow on Nash - Hall comes in and puts on a sleeper so Piper gives him the same treatment. Both Outsiders are down so Syxx comes in and causes the match to be thrown out. The fight continues after the bell rings. The rest of the Horsemen hit the ring followed by the rest of the nWo lower echelon. Kevin Greene runs in and goes after Mongo. The ring is filling out. Harlem Heat approaches the ring but are cut off by the Steiners. Pandemonium reigns. Glacier, Wrath and Mortis start their own brawl in the aisle. The AAA stars join the frey. The Steiners and the Heat are fighting on the broadcast platform. Bobby Heenan continues to commentate as the rest of the announcing team flees. The DOD is out. Bobby gives up and leaves. Savage hits the ring followed by DDP - they start to brawl. So where is Sting...? The crowd wants to know - they are chanting his name. Tony is back and finally Sting shows up with his bat. The fighting ends as Sting holds off the thugs. Nash tries to atack and gets bashed. Then Norton. Finally he grabs the downed DDP and the two of them ascend to the rafters. The fight is starting back up in the ring as we fade to black.

Wow! What a wild ending to a better then average Nitro...

RAW Report

Live from Hartford , Connecticutt

The Road Warriors/Ahmed Johnson vs. Savio Vega/Crush/Faarooq - Savio at first fails to give the NOD salute but then decides to fall in line. This is a rematch of the Chicago Street fight a while back (with rules this time). Savio gets crushed by Hawk to start out. Animal tags in and continues where his partner left off. Crush gets tagged in against Animal. He fares little better. Crush rolls over and tags Faarooq - who takes his time entering the ring. Ahmed tags in to face him. They go at it tooth and nail with Johnson getting the upper hand. The Warriors double team Faarooq in their corner then Animal comes in and powerslams him. Ahmed comes in and powerbombs him. He tries to tag out but Crush and Savio are distracted by Clarence Mason. Faarooq continues to get battered. He rolls out and gets into an arguement with his team mates - they are sandwich-clotheslined between the LOD - Faarooq is tossed back in. Now Crush and Savio desert their leader who gets double-teamed then Pearl River Plunged and pinned. Cut to commercial.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (the new King of the Ring) enters with Chynna to be inerviewed by Vince McMahon. He has a new (or repaired) crown. McMahon gives a short description of the end of the Final KOTR tournament match with still pictures. Hunter alludes to Vince's "politics" and says he decided to take matters into his own hands last night. Mankind shows up on the TitanTron saying "knock knock" and demands a rematch. Hunter says he loved beating up Foley last night then hands the mic to Chynna. She invites Foley to "kiss my a$$". He says "today's your lucky day cause I'm a good kisser" and heads for the ring. Hunter gets the jump on him in the aisle tosses him into the ring and then retreats.

We cut to a review of the Bulldog's winning of the European Championship Tournament.

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Davey Boy Smith vs. Goldust (w/Marlena) - European Title match - Dustin is wearing similar makeup to what he wore last night, his new robe is respendent, his ears are black. The Bulldog comes down on his own tonight. This match is largely a standoff - neither man really seems to hold an advantage. Both are very aggressive. Goldust goes for a pin and the referee doesn't notice at first that the Bulldog's leg is on the rope. He counts him out but then immedieately reverses himself just before we cut to commercial.

The Bulldog has taken the initiative during the break. He is taking shortcuts to maintain his advantage. Vince has changed the word he uses to describe Goldust's antics - from "machinations" to "histrionics". In the ring the two combatants whip to the ropes - Goldust throws a flying body press and doesn't quite connect. Bulldog rolls back and Dustin falls out of the ring. Bulldog follows him out and they brawl until both are counted out. Bulldog gets the upper hand and won't stop pounding on Dustin. Marlena gets his attention then slaps him in the face. Bulldog turns back to go after her husband again so she slaps him once more. Bulldog grabs a chair and starts to enter the ring. She gets there ahead of him and tries to shield her husband. Davey Boy threatens her with the chair but then is blindsided by Ken Shamrock who waistlocks him and throws him down. They face off but the Bulldog retreats. Cut to commercial.

Doc Hendrix is stationed outside the door of the NOD's dressing room - inside an arguement is in progress. Faarooq bursts through the door and refuses to answer question - says he has something to say in the ring. Doc goes in and gets a rude reception from Savio and Crush. He escapes mayham by beating a hasty retreat.

Faarooq goes to the ring, says that Savio and Crush each "...stabbed me right in the back" and fires the entire Nation except for D'Lo - then he fires Clarence Mason!! He promises a new Nation of Domination will take care of Ahmed Johnson and the Undertaker next week on RAW and challanges them to a match.

Vince promos a match between Brian Pillman and Steve Austin as we cut to commercial.

Mark Mero and Sable are seen back stage - they will be interviewed later.

Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer are seen coming down to find seats in the stands. We are told that Rob Van Dam will be on the card later.

Furnas/LaFon vs. The Headbangers - the crowd is chanting "ECW!" as the match begins. In the ring the Headbangers are dominating the competition. Jim Ross compares them to the Midnight Express (they wish...). LaaFon finally gets the drop on Mosh then the team goes to work. Thrash is reduced to periodically saving his partner from defeat until Furnas overthrows a flying splash and falls on his own man. Mosh gets the pin.

The King is backstage with Mr. Monday Night and threatening mayham if Paul E and Dreamer try anything. We see some footage from the infamous "gun incident" (but not the gun itself) just before we cut to commercial.

We see the usual program opening montage at the mid-point in the show.

Steve Austin comes down to the ring for an interview. Vince reviews Austin's attack on Brian Pillman in the john last night. Steve is proud of himself. Says he'll finish off Pillman tonight. Vince asks Steve about the proposed 10 man tag match Bret Hart talked about last night. Austin volunteers to take on all five of the Harts himself. He allows that Gorrilla Monsoon will probabely make him gets some partners...

Vince and JR quote internet raves about last night's PPV.

Rob Van Dam (w/Jerry Lawler) vs. Flash Funk - Dreamer and Paul E come down to the railing and try to start trouble as we cut to commercial before the match begins. It looks like McMahon is going to take Van Dam in so the ECW guys will have someone to fight with...I still don't expect him to let them challange any of his regular roster. ECW continues to invade itself...

We see a clip of ECW footage featuring Lawler.

Funk gets the jump on his opponent right out of the chute. He is former ECW himself of course... Van Dam comes back strong with his unorthodox flying style. His advantage is short lived as Funk comes back in...well... a flash. He throws a great moonsault but fails to get the pin. Lawler is all hoarse at ringside - he alludes to an infection caught from Mankind's fingers down his throat last night. In the ring the battle is see-saw until Van dam throws a spectacular spread-legged slingshot moonsault to get the pin. Dreamer and Paul E jump the railing and start a melee with Van Dam and Lawler. We find that the program is tape delayed when Paul E's profanity is bleeped out. They are separated by the suits in time for a commercial.

Owen Hart (w/Jim Neidhart) vs. Sycho Sid - (Paul E and Deamer have been ejected we are told) - Ken Shamrock joins the broadcast team for this one (why, I don't know...) Owen attacks before Sid gets his vest off. His advantage lasts about ten seconds. Sid lays him out then clotheslines him out to the floor. But Owen grabs a leg and rams it into the ringpost. Neidhart is doing his best to distract the referee. Back in the ring Owen goes to work on his opponents legs. He puts him out of the ring with a missle drop-kick so Neidhart can get some licks in. Shamrock leaves the table and goes to where Neidhart stands with his back turned. He spins him around and plants him with a bell-to-belly on the floor. In the ring Sid has come back to life. He reverses a whip then gets a chokeslam and the pin. Shamrock and Sid shakehands in the ring as the Harts fume outside. We see a clip from Shotgun Saturday Night featuring a brawl pitting Austin against Pillman before the commercial.

Sable comes out to sell T-shirts - nobody hears the phone number...

Part 3 of the Mankind interview - Mankind says he wasn't welcome in the WWF so he spent most of his career elsewhere. He relates his "dream" to Shawn Michaels'. He says he want to cause suffering and denies that he might be a multiple personality. JR suggests that Foley has brought on his own problems - Foley says he doesn't enjoy pain (as JR suggests) and says that JR has lied about him then grabs him and puts the mandible claw on him. he backs off and requests help for JR.

Back in the present JR takes responsibility for the questions he asked and offers an apology to Mankind.

Rockabilly vs. Bart Gunn - the "brothers" (actually they are not related) meet for the first time since Billy's neck injury a while back. Billy takes the advantage early. bart sidesteps a clothesline and turns the tables. Then he lowers his head to soon and loses the advantage. Billy wins with a swinging neck breaker.

We see the Harts backstage in a huddle - they attack the cameraman as we cut to commercial.

Brian Pillman vs. Steve Austin - Vince keeps saying he can't figure out why people like Austin. The remaining Harts attack Austin in the aisle as he approaches the ring. The suits run in to break it up. Mankind shows up in the ring and he and Pillman start to get it on. The ref is acting like its an official match as we cut to commercial.

We're back and the Pillman/Mankind match is still underway. The fight goes out to the ramp where Mankind rubs Pillman's face on the ramp and then Mankind gets suplexed. Back in the ring all pretense at a match has been thrown out. They are literally biting and clawing at each other. Pillman seems as insane as his opponent. Mankind finally gets a double-arm DDT on Pillman and then applies the Claw. The Harts hit the ring again and are closely followed by Steve Austin and Ken Shamrock. The two unlikely allies run off the Harts then get into a heated conversation which ends when Austin sucker-punches Shamrock then puts the Stunner on him. He pauses to flip the double bird at Mankind as he leaves the ring area. What a charmer...

It seemed like both promotions pulled out all the stops tonight - both shows were action packed...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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