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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Nitro Report

Volume 2, Issue 184 - June 12, 1997

Here's a bulltin from the Calgary Sun. A special thanks to Solie's Calgary Correspondent Rudy Van Koll for sending this too me.

Former WWF champion injured in car crash

HAWKESBURY, Ont. (CP) -- Four World Wrestling Federation superstars returned home Monday banged up with cuts and bruises after the car they were in flipped en route to a bout in suburban Ottawa on Sunday.

They were in a Lincoln Continental that hit a soft shoulder of Highway 40 near Pointe-Fortune, Que., about two kilometres from the Ontario border, said Quebec provincial police spokesman Pierre Robichaud.

They were heading from Montreal to the Corel Centre in Kanata, Ont., for the WWF Canadian Challenge on Sunday night.

WWF spokeswoman Joanne Rougeau said Sycho Sid (his real name is Sidney Eudy), Flash Funk (Charles Scaggs), Philip Lafon and Dwight Furnas were in the car when it "tumbled three or four times.

"The passenger side was totally crushed," she said from Montreal. "The car is totalled. I bet you can't even tell the color."

She said it appeared Furnas suffered the most serious injury, a broken shoulder-blade, while Lafon suffered a concussion and cuts to his scalp.

Scaggs was unhurt except for bruises while Eudy, the six-foot-ten, 320-pound former WWF champion, was experiencing numbness in his arms and legs.

"They're all having a hard time moving," Rougeau said, adding everyone with the exception of Lafon was headed home to the United States.

Lafon is from Quebec, but resides in Calgary.

Robichaud said the driver lost control while trying to adjust the sunroof. Eudy was behind the wheel, police said.

Claire Diamond, a spokeswoman at Hawkesbury General Hospital, where the four were taken, said they were all treated and released Sunday night.

The show at the Corel Centre before 5,000 fans was delayed for about 30 minutes while organizers scrambled to change the card.

Tonight I am reporting from Houston, Texas where I am staying for a week on business. They have TNT here on the cable but unfortunately no USA Network so I will only be reporting on Nitro.

Nitro Report

Hogan and his thugs, including Dennis Rodmen emerge from a limo as the show opens. There is a stylized version of a Jimi Hendrix tune (sounds sort of like "Third Stone from the Sun") playing in the background, They go into the arena and right to the ring. Bischoff has the mic - he rants some about there not being a match against Luger and the Giant at Bash at the Beach then hands it over to Hollywood. Rodman is smoking a huge stogie. Hogan compliments the Outsiders and Syxx over there performance last night. He challanges Luger and the Giant saying that he will let "Rod the Bod" beat them both up on his own... Rodman rants - he says "you know" a lot. He personally challanges Luger and the Giant. Hogan implores him to "slam that stinky Giant..."

Glacier vs. Mortis (w/James Vandenburg) - the match begins out on the floor before Glacier can get to the ring. Glacier wins the first exchange but back in the ring Mortis takes over. His advantage is very short as Glacier comes back with a Cryonic Kick to win. Wrath hits the ring and as the two bad guys are starting their double team Ernest Miller shows up again and evens the odds. After they clear the ring Doug Dillenger and his Security forces show up. It is unclear whether they are there to fend off the Vandenburg guys or arrest Miller for jumping into the ring. Cut to commercial.

Medusa w/Mean Gene - she acknowledges that her wrestling career is over. She is on the verge of tears. She thanks the fans for "making Medusa what she is today" she thanks her family and her friends, says goodbye and "I love you all" then breaks down in tears.

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Dean Malenko interview - they show a review of the loss of the US Title to Jeff Jarrett - he then challanges Eddie Guerrero to come down for a match. He gets Chavo Jr. instead. Malenko throws him right into the corner and starts stomping on him. Chavo comes back and gets in some shots - after a flying head scissors he throws a drop-kick and misses. Malenko takes him outside and drops his leg on the guardrail. Then he slams him into the opposite railing. Back in the ring he almost gets caught in a sunset flip but then puts Guererro down with a clothesline. Then he gets a vertical suplex but he is preoccupied with the possible arrival of Eddie and fails to get the pin. Finally he gets the Cloverleaf as Eddie appears on the ramp to watch stonefaced as his nephew submits. Cut to commercial.

Super Calo vs. LaParka- they review the Calo/LaParka feud before the match - these guys have been doing dirty on each other for a couple of weeks now. LaParka throws himself into the corner right off the bat but he comes right back with a clothesline. LaParka has the size and weight advantage. Both are suicide dive artists. Soon after the beginning of the match Calo throws himself out at his opponent and ends up flying right into the crowd! Back in the ring LaParka takes control of the contest until he tries his corkscrew splash and misses. Calo takes advantage of his opponent's blunder and splashes him to win the match. LaParks attacks with a chair after his loss.

Mean Gene with Lex Luger and the Giant - Lex reminds us that he beat Hogan last week and that they do have a contract to meet Hogan and Rodman at the PPV. He jokes about them (he and the Giant) just throwing in the towel tonight. The Giant disagrees in all seriousness - Luger challanges Hogan and Rodman to a match tonight. Don't hold your breath...

The Amazing French Canadians (w/Col. Parker) vs. Harlem Heat (w/Sherri) - Tony is saying there will be a Hogan/Rodman vs. Luger/Giant match tonight. The Canadians starts to sing then break off to attack the Heat from behind. They force Stevie Ray out and concentrate on Booker T (great strategy actually...) Oullette works him over after the ref straightens thing out. He tags in Rougeau doesn't get in fast enough to prevent the tag on the opposite side. Ray gets creamed by the Heat but comes back after his partner sneaks a boot shot in on Booker T. The Heat kick it into high gear and doubleteam their way to victory.

JJ Dillon w/Mean Gene - JJ confirms the Hogan/Rodman match for tonight against the Giant and Luger - he then tells the Heat that they had a tainted victory at the Bash because of Vincent's interference last night. He says there will be a rematch between the Heat and the Steiners next week on RAW. Vincent comes down and rants which gets him creamed by the Heat as we cut to commercial.

The Wolf Pack comes down to the ring as we return. Syxx has a Cruiserweight Title match against former champ Rey Misterio Jr. But lets go sell something first.

Misterio makes his entrance as we return. Syxx gets in the first blows and then picks Rey up and drops him face first on the mat. He drops his infamous snap legdrop. he Outsiders are taunting Rey from the outside (where else?) Syxx seems to have is opponent's number as he pounds on him in the corner. Nash leans over to blow cigar smoke in Rey's face. Syxx throws a somersault splash from the top but misses. Now Rey comes back strong - using his superior speed and maneuverability to lever the champ out and then dive on him. Back in the ring the Outsiders are menacing Rey but drop off the apron. Syxx rolls back in and is the victim of Rey's Hurracarranna but then Rey has to jump up and fight off the Outsiders - he knocks them both out of the ring but then succombs to a blindside reverse kick by Syxx. After the match the Wolf Pack beats up on the challanger.

Nash and Hall rant about their victory over Flair and Piper last night. Hall then introduces Randy Savage who comes to the ring with Liz. Hall rants some more about Chicago being nWo country. Savage pays homage to the rest of the nWo. Hall interviews Savage about his match last night. Savage says he was "...on top of my game, oh yeah!" Diamond Dallas Page appears in the stands - he taunts Savage about not being able to get the job done on his own. He says he found himself a tag team partner and challanges Hall and Savge to a match at the Bash at the Beach. He says we all know who his partner is... Cut to commercial

Ultimo Dragon vs. Chris Jericho - Sonny Onoo intercepts Jericho on the ramp and offers him cash - Jericho drops him and continues on his way. Jericho and the Dragon are long time rivals in Japan - they know each other very well. Jericho dominates until the Dragon goes into his kicking machine routine. Chris comes back and knocks his opponent to the floor then hits him with a missle drop-kick from the apron. Back inside he throws a lariet and almost gets the pin. He goes to the top but gets caught there - then manages to reverse the field and goes for a suplex off the second rope. Dragon throws him off - they scuffle some more - trading roll-ups then the Dragon gets a chickenwing suplex and the pin. Cut to commercial.

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Mean Gene intros Roddy Piper - Piper starts out by telling Rodman he can't borrow the kilt tonight. He says he figures Flair had a good reason for disappearing last night and invites Flair to come out. Flair shows up in one of his expensive suits. Flair jokes about the situation then tells Piper that when he cleared the curtain with Syxx last night he "...had the fight of his life" - that's all he says about it but apparently that is enough for Piper.

Buff Bagwell/Scott Norton vs. Steve McMichaels/Jeff Jarrett - both teams make their intrances then we cut to commercial.

This is actually a good matchup - Norton has the power to match Mongo - Bagwell has the speed to match Jarrett. Norton has a definite experience advantage over his counterpart - Jarrett can count one on his. Mongo and Norton start and pretty much neutralize each other. Jarrett comes in and dominates the action. Eventually the nWo doubleteam to turn the tables - moments later the Horsemen reverse the trend the same way. Then suddenly Mongo grabs Jarrett in the middle of a strut and Tombstones him!!! He then leaves the ring with Debra saying he saw the tape of what happened last night and this was payback. The nWo wins the match - I don't see much hope for the Horsemen team continuing to function. Cut to commercial after the replay.

Hollywood Hogan/Dennis Rodman vs. Lex Luger/Giant - they play the Hendrix tune again as Hogan and Rodman make their entrance. Rodman (who carries the defaced WCW Title belt) is not dressed to wrestle...I smell a rat... Hogan grabs a mic and rants about his conversation with the Macho Man backstage. Rodman says he's ready to get it on. They are taunting Luger and the Giant to come out - but lets have a commercial first.

The nWo guys are still in the ring - no sign of their opponents. Rodman says they've waited two minutes and suggests that they leave. They start up the aisle when Luger's music plays. The Giant and Luger approach the ring as Rodman and Hogan go back to it. Right off the bat the Giant chokes Rodman and lifts him off the mat. Luger has been knocked out of the ring. Hogan attacks the Giant from behind - the Giant recovers quickly but now the rest of the thugs are hitting the ring. The Giant and Luger are both down as Rodman throws a couple of clumsy elbow drops on the Giant. They do the usual spray paint schtick then rant for the camera as the program ends.

The ending was easily predictable and I don't have anything to compare the show too so I will reserve judgement on this evenings programs until I see the tape this weekend. I will say it certainly didn't live up to last week's Nitro.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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