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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: Special Edition

Stunning" To "Stone Cold":
The History Of Steve Austin: Part 1

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 2, Issue 186A - June 19, 1997

In this Special Edition I am running the first part of the Steve Austin piece which I neglected to publish befor going on to Part 2 in the Mid-Week edition. Solie's apologizes for the error.

Stunning" To "Stone Cold": The History Of Steve Austin

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Part 1: Part1: The Texas Days

Bret, cliques are cliques and an a**whippin' is an a**whippin'!!! -Steve Austin, November 17, 1996 at the Survivor Series This is the story of a man originally from Dallas, TX (now living in Victoria, TX). His name is Steve Austin. His career began around 1990 in The USWA area in Texas. He went under the name of Steve Williams at first and he also teamed with "Gentleman" Chris Adams who was his teacher. Adams, by the way, was the "originator" of the "sweet chin music" before Shawn Michaels. Anyway, the team was mildly successful but Williams soon felt the need to come out of his mentor's shadow, a la Larry Zybsco/Bruno Sammartino. He changed his name to "Stunning" Steve Austin and turned against his teacher. This feud was one of the wildest ever seen. It even involved two of Chris' ex-wives as the men battled each other in mixed-tag team matches!!! Jeanine Clark (Lady Blossom) sided with Austin while Toni sided with Chris. Austin was also involved in a brutal Texas/Tennessee war between the two branches of the USWA. Most often, Austin would be paired with Dr. Tom Prichard against Jeff Jarrett and Robert Fuller (Col. Rob Parker). Austin and Prichard would often be on the losing end of these matches but you could see aggressivness in Austin even then. Also in 1990, he won Rookie Of The Year from PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED. In May of 1991, Austin left the USWA to head for greener pastures. Destination: WCW

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