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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

Volume 2, Issue 187 - June 23, 1997

Tonight's edition is a special Birthday (mine) issue. I am officially "pushing 50" now. Boy, the things I do for you people :-)

Nitro Report

Mean Gene opens the program tonight by introducing Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly. He is still being cagey about who his partner will be against Savage and Hall at the Bash at the Beach. Kimberly tells us that her husband will face Scott Hall on tonight's program. We are told that Kevin Nash is not in the building so Hall will be "on his own against DDP" (Hey! What about Savage? What about Syxx? Fat chance I say...)

The Public Enemy vs. LaParka/Damien - what a strange start to this match. LaParka is in with Johnny Grunge - he rushes him in the corner twice and misses, then his partner knocks him down from the outside and follows up by vaulting over the rope and dropping a boot on him! They seem to get their act together after that and return with a double clothesline - LaParka continues to show that vicious streak of late. They almost pin Rocco Rock then Damien throws a moonsault and misses it. PE gets the table shot on Damien but back in the ring LaParka is bashing Grunge with a chair to get the pin.

Eddie Guerrero w/Mean Gene - he has a match with Syxx for the Cruiserweight Title but Mean Gene has some questions about how he left his nephew to be creamed last week. Chavo comes out and Eddie offers to make it up to him by offering his Title shot tonight. Chavo is obviously confused but accepts the match. Eddie is acting very strange... Cut to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright - return match from last week. Wright won with a foot on the rope. Jericho is on top of his game tonight and dominates this contest until he goes for a top rope move and gets a mouthful of boots. After several exchanges, Jericho pulls out a moonsault off the ropes to turn the tables. He soon follows up with a Boston Crab and causes Wright to tap out. Cut to commercial.

A review of Vincent's interference in the Steiners/Heat match last week - and JJ Dillon's subsequent ordering of a re-match.

Steiner Brothers vs. The Harlem Heat (w/Sherri) - #1 Contenders' match - the Steiners are the better wrestlers here but they go into the match trying to brawl with the Heat. It is shown to be a mistake as first Scott then Rick succomb to the Heat's attack. It is always a wrestling move that allows them to come back and come back they do. Stevie Ray attempts a verticle suplex against Rick (also known as the "suplex machine") and pays the price. Now the Steiners have Booker T in control but not for long. Booker comes back with a scissor kick and hands it over to his brother who employs a rest hold (reverse chinlock) to wear the Dogface Gremlin down. Another exchange brings Stevie Ray up to try a back kick but he is caught and dropped on his back. The Steiners have the con again. Booker T gets run into Sherri who is on the apron at the wrong moment - she is thrown into Stevie's arms while Booker backs into a bulldog from the top by Rick Steiner. He tries to catch the Dogface but Steiner completes the move and gets the pin as Scott holds Stevie Ray on the apron.

Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton come out to talk to Mean Gene and say that the Steiners should have to face them first. The Steiners ignore them (and well they should...)

Video on Ernest Miller the Martial Arts champion who has been assisting Glacier lately. He will be Glacier's partner in a tag match later tonight. Cut to commercial.

Villano IV vs. Hector Garza - VIV has the experience advantage here but Garza is the real star. We saw this youngster in the WWF a while back - they may have made a mistake by letting him go. He does a lot of flying around but doesn't seem very effective against the veteran. Villano goes for a moonsault and misses to give the youngster his chance to throw his Corkscrew Planche (which seems to hurt him as much as Villano). Back in the ring Garza pulls out a standing moonsault and gets the pin.

Lex Luger/The Giant w/Mean Gene - Luger says that the whole of WCW will be watching their backs at the Bash. The Giant says he's lucky because he gets to stick it too the "Worm" Rodman.

The second hour begins

Syxx vs. Chavo Guerrero - Cruiserweight Title match - the question is what will "Uncle" Eddie do to mess this up for the youngster? Syxx comes down with Hall at his side. Eddie is nowhere in evidence at the beginning of the match. Guerrero is hot to trot and dominates the first couple of exchanges. Syxx turns the tables with a spinning crescent kick. Now it's nWo all the way until Waltman throws himself spreadeagle into the corner. Chavo almost gets a pin. As he continues to dominate his uncle appears on the ramp. Syxx tumbles out to the floor and Chavo throws a suicide dive to flatten him. Back in the ring, the referee is counting Syxx out of the ring as Scott Hall grabs Chavo and puts an Outsiders' Edge and Eddie stands on the ramp with his arms folded. Syxx comes back in and pins his helpless opponent. Cut to commercial.

Konan vs. Steve McMichael (w/Debra) - this is a re-match from the one two weeks ago which didn't come off because of Hugh Morrus supposed attack on Konan with a broom. Konan wants to try a three-point stance against Mongo - bad move. He menaces Debra on the outside but Mongo gets between them. Back in the ring, Konan gets in some shots. Here comes Morrus with a broom handle. He distracts Konan who gets caught in a Tombstone piledriver and pinned. Cut to Chris Benoit video then a commercial.

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Mean Gene is in the ring to introduce Roddy Piper - Gene asks him is there are any problems between him and Ric Flair. He says he intends to be "bad" from now on. He still stands by his friendship with the Nature Boy - but...he makes a wiseguy crack about Flair's dating habits - that brings Flair out to the ring. Flair carefully re-iterates that he was going on what he thought was the best thing to do when he left the ring at the last PPV. He warns Piper not to question him. Benoit and Mongo wade in to join the party. Debra confirms that Jeff Jarrett has been jettisoned. Mongo takes Piper to task for "wearing a skirt". Piper tries to beg off from a fight but Mongo is hot. Flair is trying to calm things down but Mongo is having none of it - he accuses Piper of treachery - Benoit joins in and Piper decides to strike out. He decks both of them then downs Flair! The Nature Boy drops into the corner which gets Piper top turn his back so that Mongo can bash him with the briefcase. Benoit grabs him in the STF while Flair and Mongo pound on him. Bobby says its like the Horsemen of old as we cut to commercial.

Glacier/Ernest Miller vs. High Voltage - HV attacks while the Martial Artists are strutting there stuff but get routed. They come back with some double-team tactics and take the advantage. Mortis, Wrath and James Vandenberg appear on the ramp as the match continues. Glacier and Miller coordinate their attack and manage to win the match. Vandenberg and company storm to the ring but stop short when faced by their adversaries. Cut to Hogan/Rodman video to Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" (this time they used a live recorded version of the real thing including lyrics).

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Scott Hall - Hall brings Savage out with Elizabeth. DDP leaves the ring and escorts his wife away from the ring area. He returns and the match gets underway. The announcers are talking about the pending arrival of Curt Hennig next week (without mentioning him of course). Hall goes right to work on DDP's injured ribs. Page comes back with an Atomic Drop and a good right hand. Hall tosses DDP out over the top while Savage distracts the referee. Outside the ring Savage gets in some shots then turns it over to Hall who slams him into the steps. Back in the ring, Hall is taking his former mentor apart. Still he fights back. As Hall tries to unrap his taped ribs DDP spins around and downs and downs him with a clothesline. He is unable to follow up though. As he signals for a Diamond Cutter a few moments later Savage hits the ring and the doubleteam begins. Hall superplexes him off the second rope and Savage is about to drop the big elbow when Sting appears in the stands with his baseball bat. Savage hesitates but then drops the elbow and gets in a second one before Sting can get to the ring. The thugs retreat as Sting reaches the ring. They surround him - DDP is out on the mat. First Savage and the Hall get to feel the bat's bite as we fade to black.

RAW Report

Live from Detroit - tonight's program is dedicated to the memory of Stan Stasiack.

The Nation of Domination enters the ring as we begin. Ahmed Johnson is wearing black with the rest of the thugs. Vince asks Ahmed "Why?" He says he couldn't get a shot at the WWF Title. He brings up Martin Luther King and says that Minister Farrakan has the right idea and that's why he's still alive. Faarooq is playing the race card to the hilt. Ahmed threatens Vince with bodily harm if he "crosses his eyes" at one of them. Kama brags about having beat the Undertaker "single handed" last week. Crush and some friends on Harleys drive out and surround the ring. He calls his group the "Desciples of Apocolypse" (DOA) and then a melee erupts. The cops show up with the WWF suits to try and break it up.

We are told that Faarooq and Ahmed will face the Undertaker and Vader in a Tag Team Title Tournament tonight - also The Road Warriors vs. The Godwins. Cut to commercial.

Rockabilly vs. Ken Shamrock - Dan Severn has joined the broadcast team for this match. We have seen this match before - in fact I believe it was the first match Shamrock had in the WWF. Shamrock is showing his inexperience during the first few exchanges and suffers for it but then suddenly grabs a waist lock - takes his opponent down then applys an ankle lock submission hold to get the win.

After the match he goes down and faces off with Severn then extends his hand in respect. They shake hands and he leaves. Henry Godwins displays his new found attitude as he promises to make things unpleasant for the LOD tonight.

Road Warriors vs. The Godwins - Tag Team Title Tournament match - the Godwins slop the Road Warriors before the match begins. That starts the war. We are told that Ken Shamrock has been attacked by the Harts backstage. In the ring the LOD is dominating the match until Phineous knocks Animal out of the ring. Henry comes out and runs him into the ring steps. Back in the ring the Godwins are still ahead but losing ground. The LOD try to set up for the Doomsday Device but Henry thwarts the move. He gets clotheslined and pinned instead. Phineous attacks Hawk with a slop bucket - then the Harts hit the ring and start to beat up on the Road Warriors.

Hitman Tommy Hearns is shown ringside as we cut to an interview with the Undertaker which is interrupted by Paul Bearer before he can say anything - UT grabs Bearer by the throat - Vader tries to interfere and gets the same treatment. Paul Bearer reminds UT of the "Fire" to get him to let loose. Cut to commercial.

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Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) vs. Flash Funk - our first look at an ECW wrestler against a WWF guy - except that Flash is recently from ECW. Paul E is on hand for commentary on this one and is telling us that Sabu is the nephew of the original Sheik. He mentions that Eric Bischoff tries to say that the Public Enemy invented the use of tables on TV (funny, I don't remember him ever saying that) but that it was first used by Sabu. In the ring it is obvious that these two competitors know each other well. It is pretty much an even contest. They are both flying all over the place and end up out on the floor where Sabu places his opponent on a table and tries (without success) to break it. He finally collapses it after several attempts - he seems to get as bad as he gives. He then jumps the railing and starts tossing chairs out of his way as he makes his way from the ring area. Cut to commercial.

Mankind vs. The British Bulldog - Mankind comes to the ring wearing a "Pick Me Steve" sign and a Steve Austin t-shirt. Vince gets Steve Austin on the phone as the mayhem proceeds in the ring. He actually has some kind words for Mankind (must be the drugs he's on) but says that Shawn Michaels is his partner for better or worse. He still manages to call Mankind a freak. In the ring things are going from bad to worse - Mankind gets the Mandible Claw from an odd angle - Bulldog escapes by back kicking him in the crotch (ouch!). Davey Boy leaves the ring then comes back with a chair and bends it over Foley's head. He is DQ'd. The Bulldog turns his back to pose and Mankind grabs that claw hold again! Davey Boy escapes again - this time by sliding out under the bottom rope. Some live event promos and then cut to commercial.

Triple-Threat match for the Intercontinental Title - Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chynna)/Goldust (w/Marlena)/Owen Hart (w/Brian Pillman) - the first IC Champ Pat Patterson is the referee. All three men are in at the same time - any pinfall means the pinner wins the Title. Stupidest way to win a Title I've ever heard of. Of course nobody will let anyone else get a pin. Helmsley and Hart tend to combine against Goldust (the one face in the match). In the midst of chaos Goldust gets a Curtain Call suddenly pins Owen Hart (right after Owen had suckered Hunter into position for a round kick to the back of the head) - Patterson declares Goldust the Champion - Earl Hebner is in the ring and protesting that Hart's foot was on the rope (which it was) - Brian Pillman seconds that emotion but Patterson declares his decision is final. Gorrilla Monsoon enters the ring and is talking to Patterson as we cut to commercial.

We're back and so is the match. It has been restarted by order of Monsoon. Now its mainly a slugfest. Hart is now mostly battling the other two. Owen and Hunter go out to brawl on the floor while back in the ring Chynna puts a Frankensteiner on Goldust. Hunter rolls Owen back in - Owen reverses a whip and gets in a spinning round kick. He goes for the pin but Goldust has climbed up the corner and tries to drop a forearm on him. He moves aside causing Goldust to land on Hunter. Then while Goldust is layed out Owen pins Hunter to retain the Title.

Bret Hart comes to the ring with Jim Neidhart for his rant-of-the-evening. Vince interviews him. He has very little to say usual (and takes forever to say it...also as usual) - yatta yatta... He has some unkind words for Tommy Hearns - says there is only room for one "Hitman" - he challanges Hearns to get his "a$$ in here and prove yourself" Hearns responds to the challange and enters the ring. They jaw some then Bret starts taking off his jewelry. The Anvil tries to get between them and gets sucker punched by Hearns. Hart is backing away as officials hit the ring to keep them apart. Bret doesn't seem to anxious to mix it up but Hearns is ready to rumble. Cut to commercial.

Hearns is back in his seat as we return. Faarooq is being interviewed backstage when Savio Vega interrupts to confront him. He gets punked and whipped.

Brian Christopher vs. Scott Taylor - Light Heavyweight match - Lawler is on hand to comment on his son's match. The King doens't seem to want to admit paternity for some reason - despite the fact that he is unquestionably proud of the kid. Meanwhile, Lawler Jr. makes short work of his opponent.

They replay the abortive Undertaker interview. Cut to commercial.

Undertaker/Vader vs. D'Lo/Faarooq - UT is in with D'Lo when the Desciples Of Apocolypse shows up to interrupt the match. Another NOD/DOA melee ensues - cut to commercial.

The match is back on again as we return. Vader is on thr receiving end from Faarooq. D'Lo comes in and loses the initiative. Vader almost has his man but Faarooq interferes. Meanwhile Paul Bearer is screaming at UT who is not paying any attention to the match. Vader comes over to him and shouts at him. UT punches him then Faaroog finishes the job with a clothesline. Vader is pinned. Paul is screaming at the Undertaker who is not having any of it. He waves Bearer off and starts to leave the ring. Vader attacks but gets whipped and booted to the face. Then UT picks him up and Tombstones him. Paul Bearer keeps his distance as UT leaves the ring but gets his courage back as the dead man retreats up the ramp. He threatens to tell the Undertaker's secret on next week's show. In response UT draws his thumb across his throat then tosses his hair out of his eyes. Bearer looks intimidated as we fade to black...

Two very strange programs tonight - on Nitro the Sting thing is really getting stale yet people keep eating it up. Hard to tell which guy Page is talking about. The Flair/Piper dustup seemed they are grasping for straws to justify the continuation of the Fogies angle...

RAW was a very interesting show - I'm not sure how I feel about it. The racist overtones of the NOD angle are getting a bit thick and now we have some kind of war going on between the white motorcycle gang and the definitely black NOD.

Meanwhile McMahon is seeking to further corrupt the UFC and now boxing as well - Hearns actions were underhanded because Neidhart was clearly trying to prevent a fight between Herans and his brother-in-law. I find it disturbing.

The WWF is certainly trying to have it's cake and eat it by bringing in the ECW but holding it at arms length.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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