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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 19
July 7, 1996

Bash at the Beach 1996: The Day the Worm Turned

Hulk Hogan is the Third Outsider!

In a stunning reversal - Hulkamania ends as the Hulkster joins the Invasion team!!

I didn't decide until the last possible moment to actually order this Pay-Per-View. Kind of a protest against the fact that we weren't being told the identity of the third guy...I would have just listened to the broadcast (as I usually do) but in this case I opted to view the event because I didn't want to rely on the commentators to identify the third man when the time came. Oh certainly, if my own prediction of Lugar had come to pass, I would have known immediately. But if almost anyone else were the guy I couldn't trust the broadcast team to name the I plunked down my $28 bucks.

As we transition from the Main Event program to the PPV we are reminded that Eric Bishoff is missing. He hasn't been seen all day.

First up is Psychosis vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. w/Mike Tenay in the color chair. Tenay is superb - why can't they get him on a regular basis. This is a high-flying Lucha Libre style match. Since nothing is at stake here (neither of these guys is really familiar to the WCW audience) the crowd seems a little distracted.

The match-up is part of a long standing feud that goes back about 8 years to when these two guys trained together in Mexico. Rey Jr. uses a Frankensteiner type move which he has perfected to be delivered from almost any angle. He also makes effective use of a fabulous drop-kick - especially on his opponents knees. Psychosis is widely known as the "Cactus JacK" of the Mexican scene - risking life and limb to secure the advantage. This is a see-saw battle that ends when Psychosis attempt one of his signature moves - a kind of Super-Razor's Edge off the top turnbuckle. Mysterio shifts his position and turns the move into a Super-Frankensteiner to get the win.

Konnan interview - says he's ready for Flair. NOT!!!

Here comes Big Bubba - time for the Silver Dollar Match. Wrestlers are required to climb a 20 foot pole to retrieve a sock full of Silver Dollars which they can use on their opponent. Since neither of these guys can likely climb the pole...

My, the WWF's Earthquake (Big John Tenta) has really come down in the world. I remember just a few years ago when he took the Hulkster out for several months!! He was a true Monster Heel then. I understand he's working without a contract these days - obviously Sullivan is throwing him a bone by booking these silly hair matches.

By the the end Jimmy Hart climbed the pole to get the sock only to find Tenta waiting for him. Chalk one up for the Earthquake. Doesn't cut any hair - darn!

Sting, Lugar and Savage interviewed - there here...'nuff said.

Dallas page vs. Jim Duggen for the (Lord of the) Ring. More silliness - Duggen loses his tape wrap to DDP'd scissors at the beginning - it doesn't slow him down but he loses to a Diamond Cutter. Retapes and lays out DDP after the bell.

Dungeon of Doom/Horsemen interviewed back to back.

Dog Collar Match - The Public Enemy vs. The Nasty Boys - they're still flogging this dead horse...after beating each other with surfboards, life preservers and rubber sharks...Nasties win the match - PE the war...the usual.

Still no sign of the third man or Eric. The Outsiders have arrived and are under guard - Gene is trying to get a word with them.

Disco Inferno vs. Dean Malenko for the Cruiserweight Title - DI comes out in orange for a change. Malenko looks angry, he takes DI right outside and pummels him - brings him back to the ring and drops him on his head. DI kicks out. Malenko takes DI apart - I'm expecting the second disco guy to appear at any moment...but wait! Disco is back! Look at him go...maybe he'll turn the tide...Nope, Malenko is back in charge.

Disco seems to be wrestling with his own demons the next time he takes over. Catches himself dancing and decides to go for a cover instead. Eventually Malenko's skill and tenacity win out but look for Disco Inferno to continue getting a push.

Next PPV (Hog Wild) is hyped.

Steve McMichaels vs. Joe Gomez - I've been looking forward to this one. Two stiffs unfortunately...but still it should be interesting. These are two bulls - during the first collision the Horseman gets his lip busted. McMichaels gets a slow start but there is no denying his power. He's looking more and more credible as a heel. Uh oh...looks like Mongo might have a glass jaw - or maybe he was just overselling...he gets felled by a jaw breaker but then comes back with a neck-breaker of his own. Tries a figure four but misses...tries a piledriver but misses...then suddenly Gomez makes a mistake and Mongo catches him in a Tombstone Piledriver to get the duke.

Interview with Flair and the girls...

Flair vs. Konnan for the US Title - this match is mostly Flair at first, with Woman and Liz getting more then usually involved. Thinge even out as the match progresses but Flair still wins it (with help). Flair is your new US Champ.

Mean Gene says the third man has arrived and he has heard his voice but can't identify it.

Giant/Sullivan vs. Arn and Benoit - Giant gets suckered away while the Horsemen do a number on Sullivan - then Giant returns only to stand on the apron during most of the match while the carnage goes on. Finally the Giant gets tagged in and beats Arn in the ring while Benoit and Sullivan brawl up onto the broadcast stage. The Giant leaves but the Horsemen continue to rag on the Taskmaster. Even Nancy Sullivan (Woman) comes back to plead for her husband (the marks don't know about this relationship so this must have been confusing - was this a shoot?). The Giant comes back and breaks it up - no title shot for the Horsemen.

Hostile Takeover video review

Time for the Main Event!! Michael Buffer makes the introduction of the Outsiders. Still no sign of the third man...

The Home Team is gene is approaching the ring. He asks "...where is your third man?" Outsiders say the third man is in the building but they don't need him for this contest. Now the Home Team introduction...all five guys are in the ring. Tony refers to the Outsiders as Nash and Hall. Trash talk ensues then Lugar and Hall face off - a melee erupts and Lugar gets injured...they're carting him away!! Now it's two on two.

Sting is next in against Hall. He whales on him then exchanges with Savage. Nash gets in and takes control for a while. The Sting is back in and gets hammered. Hall back in to continue the barrage...he's using all of his signature moves. At one point Sting drop-kicks Nash's knee (the bad one) - he looks to be hurt and tags Hall back in. Moments later he waves off a tag. Eventually he does get back in - they continue to take turns pounding on Sting.

Savage gets back in after an heroic effort on Sting's part - he cleans house untill Nash stops comes the Hulkster!! He's going to save the's the third man!!!. He deals the final blow on Savage and that's that.

The crowd is stunned - this is the strangest ending I've ever seen on a PPV...a fan storms the ring and gets stomped on...Mean Gene goes in for the interview.

(There's an ecstatic fan in the front row with an ECW t-shirt)

Where is Eric???

Hulk implies the whole thing has been a scam since he first entered the WCW a year ago...he's here to take over wrestling...he calls them the "New World Order of Wrestling". He rants about becoming bigger then "...that whole organization up North" and calls his cohoorts the "New Blood" of wrestling.

Tony declares the end of Hulkamania and says, "Hulk can go to Hell...straight to Hell!"

More likely he'll go straight to the bank...I love this stuff!!!!

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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