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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

In Your House Live Report

Volume 2, Issue 192 - July 7, 1997

Solie's Calgary correspondent, Rudy Van Koll sent me this email after the PPV last night. Thanks Rudy!

In Your House Live Report

by Rudy Van Koll

Just got back from the IYH PPV. My, didn't that stink? I see you feel the same way.

Firstly, the matches you saw were it. NO extra matches. Some of the crowd weren't too happy with that. My son and I got to the Dome a bit early, so we went around to the side (where the HHH/MK fight was) and watched for wrestlers coming in to the building.

Lots of WWF people hanging around and the only person we recognized was the King arriving at 3.30PM MDT. He immediately got hassled by WWF workers for being late. There was a lot of big wrestler types hanging around, but not one that I could recognize. Either WWF apprentices or Hart Bros Wrestling Camp trainees. As we went to go in, the WWF camera that interviewed the fans and showed the exterior shots, was being set up. I didn't feel like being interviewed, so we left.

The Dome was pretty full. About 15-16000 I'd say. My seats were a bit to the left of ring when watching it on TV. We may have been in a long shot. Just before we went on air, a female stage manager went and confiscated 2 signs. One said 'Suck my Freak' and the other said 'Where's Razor'. In the WWF program, there was supposed to be a Tiger Singh Ali-Salvatory Sincere match. And in the 'official' WWF order events, the first match was supposed top be Savio vs Farooq. But Farooq didn't show. I know Kama and Rocka-Billy Bob were here. They tried to wander the maidway and not be noticed. That didn't work. Two huge men wandering around wearing WWF shirts just can't hide from the fans.

The official WWF line-up card that my buddy Joe obtained (Joe works security on the floor) also has the 'agent' for each match. I presume this means booker. The agent for BJ/Godwins, the cancelled match & UT/Vader was Jack Lanza. Matches 2 and 3, the agent was Gerald Brisco. And the final match was Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. There is also an 'item' column, with numbers in it. I presume this is like a shot type set up for something like your evening news. The first match had '11' next to it. The MK/HHH match had '41' and so on. I guess this stuff is really scripted! :)

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After the MK/HHH match, my buddy had been told that they would proceed through the crowd and end up brawling right in front of my seats. I don't know if you saw a fan pop HHH in that set too. The second part of the brawl came as a complete surprise to my buddy. He had to jump in there and grab 2 fans for pooping the wrestlers. He is Saddledome worker, not one of the rent-a-cop guys that entered the ring at the end of the match. HHH was bleeding pretty good.

In fight part 2, they were once again right below us. UT got the loudest pop for a non Hart Foundation wrestler. Earlier, Tito Santana got a decent pop walking to the announce booth. Louder than the reaction for Lawler. The Japanese match initially got no crowd reaction, but that heated up later. Of course the loudest pop was for the Harts. I was watching Bruce sitting next to Stu just getting worked up through the card. I knew he was going to get involved. His former tag partner, Brian Pillman was in the ring, so you kinda knew something might happen. Oh. By the way, the Premier is just the head of our province. Sort of like a Governer of a state. (Sorry, my error)

The real Dan Kroffat (not Phil LaFon) was also sitting next to the Harts. He's a Stampede legend. I was surprised to see Wayne be the first one over the rail. He was a ref for his Dad. Lots of Harts in the ring, although I didn't see Keith in there. All in all, I think if you weren't there, the card would stink. The last hour was just a Stampede Wrestling tribute show. And I personally loved that. But that's cause I grew up with Stampede Wrestling. In fact, the ending reminded me a typical Stu Hart produced SW show.

I think I've seen the family interference angle here, oh, a thousand times. After the PPV ended, the Harts started leaving the ring and Patterson came down to carry off Owens daughter. Almost immediatly the WWF hands started tearing down the ring and everything else. We then went outside and out to the back area (where the brawl was). We watched a few wrestlers come out. At 7:10 Vader and Austin came out, both not wearing shirts. They hob-nobbed for a few minutes. Leon showing Austin something about an injury in the shoulder. SCSA left with a buddy. Old Leon went alone, but when he went to get into his car, I felt very sorry for him. He looked to be in great pain. Every move seemed to make him grimace. I don't think he's back to 100% condition.

And once again, Tito got a good pop from the assembled throng of hecklers and gawkers. And my son basically ruined his voice early in the show. Well before the big Hart family show. And to end this long rambling report, the scariest thing I saw all day? On our way to the dome, fighting our way through the throngs in the midway, I bumped into a female. I looked at her, intending to apoligize. Ahhhh! It was Bertha Faye! Ahhh. (She used to work Stampede as Rhonda Singh.) And no, I didn't apoligize. Too scared!

Nitro Report

Live from Memphis.

Mean Gene opens the program with Curt Hennig. Hennig's reception seems mixed. Perfect rants about his own abilities but is reluctant to reveal his purpose. He says he will be participating in the upcoming PPV but won't say anything about what his participation will be. Ric Flair comes out and says Hennig will join the Horsemen - Hennig disputes that but leaves the door open. He lets Flair's bimbo lead him away.

Public Enemy vs. Harlem Heat (w/Sherri) - the Heat dominate the early going but then Grunge manages to put Booker down. The pound on him for a bit then Stevie Ray gets tagged in and takes over. Stevie is looking sharper and sharper these days - he easily holds onto the advantage. Booker T back in and the tables are turned again but not for long. As the Heat are coming back Vincent shows up again - Booker T chases him away. Stevie does allright for himself. As he is trying to piledrive Grunge, Rocco climbs to the top. Sherri comes up behind him and tries to upset his balance but he crashes into the duo in the ring and causes the upset victory for the PE.

Mean Gene w/The Heat and Sherri - the boys are a little upset with their manager. She quits on the spot! Harlem Heat confirm the split. Cut to commercial.

Koe Gomez vs. Konan - except for a few moments mid-match, this is a squash pure and simple. Konan injures Gomez's knee with the move he used on Rey Misterio Jr last week. Raven is shown in the crowd again. Cut to commercial.

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Villano IV & V vs Juventud Guerrera/Hector Garza - this is one of those nutty Luche Libre matches where things happen too fast to call. As usual Garza does a lot of flying to no clear purpose. Guerrera wrestles his little heart out. The Villanos have some good teamwork. Guerrera tries the same doubleteam move twice and pays for it. Now the two teams are trading pin attempts with the frww member saving the day each time. Garza gets his corkscrew splash on the outside but hurts himself (as he usually does). In the ring Guerrera pulls off a double forward somersault splashto get the pin.

nWo music plays as Savage, Liz and Hall come out. They go to the broadcast position. Everybody splits except for Legandary Larry who holds his ground. He insults them by referring to them as the "Wormpack". Hall rants about the upcoming tag match against Page and his mystery partner. Savage says they are taking the opponents very lightly. Zbyszco sits disgusted through the tirade.

Interview w/Lex Luger and the Giant - they yalk about their personal relationship and the upcoming PPV match vs. Hogan/Rodman

"Buff" Bagwell/Scott Norton (w/Vincent) vs. Eddie/Chavo Guerrero - a limo pulls up outside the arena before the match can start - the car just keeps going, apparently the occupants not interested in being taped. Cut to commercial.

Bagwell has Chavo under control as we return. He escapes with a head scissors but is stopped in his tracks - Norton comes in. Chavo tags Eddie in during a whip - together they try to suplex Norton but he blocks it and suplexes both of them! Eddie then argues with the ref while his nephew gets doubleteamed. Eddie then gets slapped by Bagwell which sets him off.Norton has to come in and intitiate the doubleteam to turn the tables. Eddie gets pounded in the corner, as soon as he can escape he scoots over and makes a tag. Now Chavo is being destroyed and Eddie is refusing to tag. Then he leaves the ring! Chavo fights on valiantly but can't help being overwhelmed. Eddie is watching from the ramp. Norton pulls Chavo up instead of pinning him - Eddie throws up his hands and leaves. Bagwell gets the pin after a doubleteam Blockbuster.

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La Parka vs. Randy Savage (w/Scott Hall and Elizabeth) - Savage threatens to approach the broadcast position but turns and heads to the ring. Legandary Larry has stuck around for this match even though his time on the air is over. Savage dominates this match from the get-go. Hall decides to approach the broadcast booth during the match. He is taunting Larry Z. In the ring La Parka has downed Savage with a Diamondcutter and pins him...he tears off his mask...its DDP!!! Hall runs back to the ring but the damage has been done. Cut to commercial.

Glacier/Ernest Miller vs. Psychosis/Silverking - Eddie and Chavo are shown fighting in the back before the match begins. In the ring the match is martial artists vs wrestlers. Miller is clearly out of his element. Mortis invades the ring before we can get a good idea of where Miller is in the game. Wrath is there as well. We cut to commercial as they are ejected.

Ric Flair comes out with another bimbo and another effigy of Roddy Piper - this time it is a full sized clothing dummy. The bimbo wants to know why they call him Hot Rod. Nature Boy calls Piper a stiff. The "Stiff" appears behind Flair - Gene tries to warn him but he puts his foot in his mouth. They end up brawling in the ring. Piper tries to rip off Flair's clothes. Flair ends up in his underwear with his pants around his ankles. Piper slaps on a sleeper but the other Horsemen break that up. Piper is soon overwhelmed. Jeff Jarrett hits the ring and starts defending Piper as the camera has pulled away. Cut to commercial.

Mike Tenay is in the crowd with Raven again. As he is trying to question him - Stevie Richards shows up. He commandeers the microphone and asks Raven the question "Have you signed a contract with WCW?" Raven gets up and punches him!

Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael (w/Debra) vs. the Steiner Brothers - Nancy Sullivan (Woman) has been released from WCW according to a story I heard over the weekend. Cut to commercial before the match starts.

Rick and Scott now sport matching beards and moustaches (Rick's is fuller) and mismatched boots. Mongo fares better then would be expected against Scott. Rick comes in and beats him down - Benoit tagged in. Steiner is a suplex machine but Benoit comes right back as usual. He brings Rick into the corner and tags Mongo back in. This time Mongos stays on top for a while (in the back Savage is attacking Nick Patrick). In the ring the Steiners have turned the tide. Rick slaps an STF on Benoit. He should of picked Mongo for that hold because Benoit isn't capable of giving up. Rick gives up and lets Mongo back in. Mongo is no match for either of the Steiners. Benoit is out of it from the previous move. As the match goes on Jarrett comes out to spoil things then Jimmy Hart and Kevin Sullivan run in to further confuse the issue. Kevin clobbers Chris with a chair allowing Rick Steiner to get the pin.

Voodoo Child blares forth - Hogan and Bischoff approach the ring. The mat is filling up with trash. Hogan poses (spare me pulease!!!) Bischoff rants about Les Luger being on the Regis and Cathy Lee Show. Hogan rants his usual crap...he really seems to think that Rodman is going to be some help to him on Sunday. The Giant and Luger show up causing Hogan to abandon Bischoff to his fate. Luger racks Eric!! Hogan is pointing and splitting. Luger releases Bischoff and the Giant boots him out of the ring. Fade to black...

Not a bad show. The DDP surprise was great.

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RAW Report

Live from Edmunton, Alberta, Canada

Bret Hart joins Vince iin the ring and takes over the proceedings. He vows to retire from wrestling in the USA if he doesn't defeat the Undertaker at the next PPV - I guess that means Bret will be the next Champ. He then brings Owen and Bulldog to the ring and shows a video of the Canadian flag while the Canadian anthem (at least they don't sing it!!). Steve Austin hits the ring (and the Harts) with a chair from behind as this is going on. Cut to commercial.

Replay of the attack that happened just before the commercial - Bret had a statement during the break - he won't let the scum walk all over Canada (huh?).

Taka Michinoku vs. The Great Sasuke - Brian Christopher comes down ahead of Sasuke. Sasuke makes an interview statement in Japanese. Taka takes the early advantage. But loses it almost immediately. Sasuke throws a Suicide Swan Dive to the outside to put down his young opponent. Back inside they revert to mat wrestling as Lawler and son rant at ringside. In the ring Sasuke is very much in control but Taka comes back with a missle drop kick. Outside he throws a moonsault to cream his opponent. Sasuke avoids a suplex coming back in but gets put down anyway. Taka throws another moonsault and misses. He is outside again as Sasuke tumbles to the rope and dives on him. He doesn't really get the hit but Taka abligingly goes down. Back in the ring they are trading pin attempts. Sasuke finally wins it with a powerbomb. Lawler junior continues to rant.

Hitman Hart vs Goldust and HHH vs. Steve Austin are announced for later tonight.

Savio Vega (w/his thugs) vs. Crush (w/his thugs) - this is a short brawl. Savio takes the early advantage but loses it to Crush very soon. Crush gets thrown out of the ring and "helped" back in by Savio's boys. That almost starts the melee at ringside but somehow it is avoided for about 30 seconds. Eventually it has to happen. The riot erupts - Jesus gets dropped face first onto a Harley - the authorities try to break it up etc.

Vince w/Paul Bearer - (I have a theory that either UT or PB are, in fact, Caine. I just don't know which one... One hint is that UT was called "Caine the Undertaker" when he first appeared in the WWF. You heard it here first...)

Paul Bearer rants about the hate that Caine apparently feels for the Undertaker. He calls UT a muderer again.

The NOD comes down to the ring (w/out Ahmed, of course). This is the final match of the Tag Team Title Tournament. We don't know yet who the NOD will field but the opponents are the former tag champs - Owen Hart and the British Bulldog.

Steve Austin rants on camera as they are being introduced. From there we cut to commercial.

Its D'Lo and Faarooq vs. Owen/Bulldog as we return - on paper this is no contest. Faarooq is all power and D'Lo is all...well...nothing that I can think of. Well I guess he has something - JR says he's a CPA! He has Bulldog in a reverse chinlock as I write this. Faarooq takes over and gets a powerslam. He then tries a splash and gets caught on the Bulldogs muscular knees. D'Lo comes back in and continues to dominate ( is pro-wrestling). Farooq comes in and gets put down. Both men struggle to their respective corners and tag out. Moments later the rest of the Harts show up and start a melee. Everybody except Owen get counted out - the former champs will face Austin and his partner for the Titles on next week's show.

Austin is back to rant about his match tonight against Hunter Hearst Helmsley. He threatens Chynna if she interferes. That match is next as we cut to commercial.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Steve gets a mixed reaction from the partisan Canadian crowd. As HHH comes down we see stills of his brawl with Mankind last night. Hunter puts on a pretty good fight but he's no match for the Human Buzzsaw. Austin is in charge as we cut to commercial.

Austin tries a suplex from the second rope as we return but is shoved off. Now Helmsley has the upper hand for the first time in the match. Chynna seems to have taken Austin's warning to heart. Austin turns the tables with a Thesz press. Meanwhile Chynna puts a chair on the apron. Hunter upends his opponent and is ready to use the chair when Mankind jumped onto the apron. Hunter creams him with the chair. Austin gets in a stunner on the distracted HHH. After the match Austin invites Foley into the ring and tells him that he thinks he's a piece of trash but he'll take him as a partner and offers to shake his hand. Mankind wants a hug and gets one then turns his back. When he spins back around Austin gives him a gut shot and puts the Stunner on him! He then tells Mankind he was lying and leaves the ring. Mankind threatens mayham next week on RAW. He talks about doing something he never thought he would do again...whatever that means...cut to commercial.

Sunny comes down with her boobs hanging out...I forget why...

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Oh yeah...she's the guest ring announcer. Eric Shelly vs. Brian Christopher - this is billed as a light-heavyweight division match. We see a clip of the Lawlers attack on Scott Putsky last week. It seems that Ivan Putsky has issued a challange for he and Scott to face the King and his son. Lawler accepts. In the ring Christopher is having his way with his Canadian jobber opponent. Shelly gets in a good drop kick then throws himself out to the floor in a failed suicide dive attempt. Back in the ring he's doing better until he misses a rush into the corner. Brian makes short work of him. Lawler joins his son in the ring as they doubleteam the vanquished Canadian. Lawler Jr. is ranting as we cut to clips of Ivan Putsky putting down Moondog Spot, Gerry Valiant, Crusher Blackwell and others with the famed Polish Hammer.

Austin is on his way to the ring yet again as we return. Vince shows us a clip of Austin being handcuffed and led away last night. Steve is as charming as usual...he refuses to name his partner for next week. He leaves it up the Gorilla Monsoon. Regarding his scheduled IC Title match he states that if he doesn't defeat Owen Hart he'll kiss his butt!

Goldust vs Bret Hart - there are actually more then ten minutes left for this match. Bret attacks right off the bat and takes it to the floor. Back in the ring he continues to dominate. Goldy comes back with one of his infamous uppercuts. Hart is back on him in a flash. Hart is all over his opponent. DOA comes roaring down to the ringside area - why I don't know...followed by the Harts. We cut to commercial before the brawl can erupt (so much for the match...).

The WWF is advertising a "Summerslam Flashback" retrospective program to air after RAW next week featuring Razor Ramon, Diesal, Randy Savage, Curt Hennig and other current WCW stars.

There is a stalemate in place as we return. The match continues. Bret is still in charge. Now LOD and Ken Shamrock appear on the ramp - another country heard from... In the ring Goldust is making a comeback. Austin has joined the watchers on the ramp. Brett catches Goldust in a roll-up and takes the pin. The Harts gather in the ring as we fade to black...

They probably should have substituted this show for that crappy PPV last night - though this one was no great shakes either...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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