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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WCW Bash at the Beach
A Night of Betrayal
Debra Betrays her Husband!
Jaquelyn Betrays Sullivan!!
Hennig is the Mystery Partner and Betrays DDP!!!!
Sting (Seemingly) Betrays WCW!!!!

Volume 2, Issue 194 - July 13, 1997

WCW Bash at the Beach

Tony, Bobby and Dusty are our hosts

Glacier/Ernest Miller vs. Mortis/Wrath (w/James Vandenberg) - the bad guys jump start the match before the bell. It gains them no advantage. Mortis and Glacier are the first pairing. Wrath and Mortis want to doubleteam but Miller and Glacier cut them off at each pass. Miller is all flying feet and manages to dominate Wrath until he allows himself to be taken off his feet. Still, Glacier comes right in and turns the tables back. The good guys are showing some very good coordination. Miller and Mortis are facing off in the ring when Wrath sets Glacier up with his head against a post. He holds up a chair and Mortis comes out and throws a kick which catches Glacier's head between the two (ouch!!). Now they have Glacier in the ring and are punishing him mercilessly. Miller saves him from getting pinned. Wrath puts Glacier in a reverse Boston Crab while Mortis drops a leg on him. Then Mortis goes for a moonsault and misses altogether. Miller is in now and his feet are flying again. He puts both opponents down repeatedly. Glacier is in with Mortis and is ahead on points. As he goes for a pin, Vandenberg slips a chain onto his man's foot then pulls it over the rope to prevent the fall. Next he distracts Glacier and gets kicked off the apron for his trouble. He has done his job though. Glacier turns around and gets a loaded foot to the chest. Mortis pins him. This is Glacier's first defeat in WCW.

Chris Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon - Cruiserweight Title Match - this contest starts out on the mat. Jericho seems to have adopted a more cautious style since he won the Title. They trade armdrags and such then both go for the same moves - first a spin kick then a drop kick. Neither draws an advantage until Dragon goes into his human kicking machine act. Dragon settles in with a claw on the trapezes then switches to a head scissors. Jericho escapes and manages to put on two powerbombs. Next he gets a vertical suplex. Then he lays his opponent across his knee to rest. After a whip he goes for a sleeper but the Dragon twists through it and gets a belly to back suplex. Chris comes back with a double underhook to a powerbomb. He takes his opponent up for a superplex but Dragon drops away to the floor. Jericho comes back with a springboard suicide dive. Back in the ring he goes to the top and comes off only to meet an upraised boot. Dragon takes Jericho up for his spinning Frankensteiner but Jericho shoves him to the floor. Next he tries another suicide dive but Dragon meets it with a drop kick! Jericho gets a snap suplex on the floor then goes back into the ring to throw another suicide dive. He misses and tastes concrete. Back in the ring things begin to see-saw. As they struggle for position both men tumble out to the floor. Dragon goes into his kicking routine to gain a temporary advantage. Back in the ring Jericho has the advantage again - he goes for an in ring moonsault but meets a drop kick once more. They exchange the advantage twice more before Jericho gets another powerbomb and the pin. The combatents share a handshake and an embrace after the match.

Mean Gene w/hotline promo - he talks about "people I have seen backstage" then approaches Raven who is ringside again. Stevie Richards is there but Gene ignores him. Raven recites a poem (his first words since appearing on the scene) then says "...the question is - will I or won't I be Diamond Dallas Page's partner..." then doesn't answer it. Gene turns to Richards who starts to talk but gets slapped down by Raven.

Masahiro Chono/the Great Muta vs. The Steiner Brothers - this is the match that the Steiners were tricked into signing for a couple of weeks ago. Scotty's beard and moustache are fuller yet. The Steiners win the first exchange. The enemy stalk around the ring area before Muta assumes his place in the ring. Muta has nWo written in his face paint. Muta and Scott square off - Scott takes the early lead but Muta comes right back and downs him with a kick to the gut. I notice that Muta is starting to show his age. There is a little bald spot on the top of his head. Chono tags in with Rick. Chono is a power match for either of the brothers. A mafia kick puts Rick down. He's back up and they go for a test of strength. They seem pretty evenly matched but eventually Rick comes out on top. A cheap shot breaks that up. Chono goes out to argue with a fan at ringside. Back inside Scott has gotten the best of Muta. He sets him up for a superplex but Chono gets behiind him and takes him to the mat with a piggy-back drop. Moments later Scotty gets a belly to belly off the second rope. He tags in Rick who belly overs both opponents in succession. Rick and Chono tumble to the floor. Inside Rick and Muta are battling it out. Rick goes for a pin but Chono pulls the ref away. As the referee is confronting Chono in the corner -Rik and Scott are doubleteaming Muta with an off the top bulldog. Muta is pinned. Rick and Scott should gets a Tag Title match now.

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La Parka/Psychosis/Villano IV (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Juventud Guerrera/Hector Garza/Lizmark Jr. - Psychosis and Lizmark start the contest. This is a Luche Libre rules match which quickly turns into one of those that are very hard to call. La Parka gets catapaulted to the outside early on. La Parka takes a kick from Oono which was meant for Guerrea - Sonny almost gets his clock cleaned but Psychosis protects him. At one point the "Technicas" (the Guerrera team) throw a triple suicide dive simultaneuosly on their opponents on the floor. As the match wears on the "Rudos" (the Psychosis team) take the advantage slowly but surely. They go through a period of everyone missing their moves (usually this happens at some point in every Luche Libre tag match I've ever seen). Moments later we have four competitors all trying to suplex their opponents off the same turnbuckle. Garza requisite corkscrew planche actually takes all five of the other combatents out! Back in the ring, Garza suckers Villano into clotheslining his own partner (Psychosis) out of the ring then downs him and pins him.

Kevin Sullivan (w/Jaquelyn) vs. Chris Benoit - Career Match - No DQ - Jaquelyn gets involved early and finds that Chris has no conpunction about striking a woman. This one is all over the arena - Sullivan uses a surfboard at one point. They are tearing up the Beach set - much like the PE/Nasties did at last year's event. Chris is outnumbered in this one and seems to be faring worse - but something tells me it will be Sullivan who retires. The first break for Benoit comes back in the ring where he gets Sullivan in his Crippler Cross Face. Sullivan is a tough bird and refuses to submit. He finally gets his foot over the bottom rope to escape. Benoit slaps it back on again but Sullivan is partially blocking it by staying on his knees. He manages to creep over to the rope again. Benoit continues to pound on him until Sullivan suddenly comes alive and reverses the trend. He ties Benoit to the "tree of woe" and administers the body shot three times. Meanwhile Jaquelyn is getting a chair out from under the ring. Sullivan wants to do the honors but Jaquelyn wants to do it herself. The arguement ends when Jaquelyn decides to smack him in the head with the chair!! Benoit gets the pin. Sullivan's career is over. Afterward Sullivan and Jimmy Hart have words - Hart gets shoved down and rolls out to the floor. He leaves the area blaming Sullivan for the loss.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Steve McMichael (w/Debra) - US Title match - Mongo gets a "Jarrett Sucks!" chant going before the match begins. Jarrett, of course is the better wrestler here. This match seems pre-determined on paper. Of course this is pro-wrestling and McMichaels does pretty well for himself. He is a powerhouse - there is no denying that. Jarrett seems stymied until he pulls his opponent out to the floor and goes to work on him - but Mongo manages to reverse the situation through efficient use of superior power. Back in the ring Mongo is all over his man. He just misses getting a pin after a vicious clothesline. Jarrett comes back with a series of three-point stance tackles. Jarrett is setting up the figure four when Debra scrambles up on the apron with the briefcase. Jarrett turns his attention to her as does the referree. The ref is escorting her to the stairs when Jarrett snatches the briefcase. It is unclear at this point whether Debra meant for him to have it. Jarrett spins around and catches Mongo first on the elbow and then on the forehead. He gets the pin. Debra is applauding the outcome!! Jarrett goes out and they embrace!!! They leave the ring area together.

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Mean Gene is appalled - but he has other fish to fry. He talks about the hotline some more. They promo the next Pay-Per-View - WCW Road Wild with a biker theme. Cut to Hogan and Rodman ranting in living black & white.

Scott Hall/Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Curt Hennig - Yes, Mr. Perfect is the mystery partner. An interesting choice because Hennig and Hall were once the AWA Tag Team Champs - back at the beginning of their careers. DDP is in with Savage to start and gets the drop on him early on. DDP still has his ribs heavily taped. Savage tumbles out of the ring and comes back in. They exchange lugees (yech!!) Savage tags in Hall and Hennig comes in. Hall throws his toothpick at Hennig - Hennig spits his gum in Hall's face. Hennig gets the best of his opponent from the get go. He is looking very sharp for someone who hasn't wrestled in years. His execution is perfect. DDP tagged back in. He also dominates Hall but a distraction ploy allows a doubleteam thus turning the tables. Now DDP is taking it (as he usually does these days). Hennig keeps distracting the ref which isn't doing his partner any good. DDP gets tossed out and Savage works him over on the floor. Fans at ringside help him to his feet. Back in the ring Hall continues the assault. But DDP escapes and tags in Hennig. On a whip a moment later Hennig careens into the ropes as DDP is trying to use them to haul himself to his feet. This causes Hennig to lose his momentum and he is knocked to the floor. He gets up and double-axe-handles DDP in the back then he splits!!! Hall gets the Outsiders' Edge then Savage drops an elbow on DDP. Savage pins him with a foot on his chest. Surprisingly, Hall and Savage leave the ring without punking Page.

Roddy Piper vs. Ric Flair - Piper goes right into brawl mode as the match begins. Flair flees the ring to regroup. Back in the ring Piper goes right back to it. Flair is losing ground from the start. They go out to the floor where Flair gets a finger to the eye but then Piper gets a backdrop on the concrete. Back in the ring Flair comes back and after several exchanges, gets Piper in the figure four. Piper turns it over and forces the break. Flair comes right back and goes back to work on the leg. All Piper seems to be able to do is punch - but he does it very effectively. The fight goes out to the floor and Flair starts to beg off. Of course its a ploy - Flair recovers the advantage and tosses Piper back in. Inside Piper goes for a sleeper but Flair counters with a jaw-breaker. He wins the next exchange but then tries to go to the top. He is caught and slammed. Now Piper slaps on the figure four!

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Flair makes it to the ropes and escapes. He then retrieves a set of brass knuckles from his tights. When he tries to use it Piper blocks the blow and then snatches the weapons and uses it! Mongo and Benoit run-in and interfere with the count. Benoit mounts the turnbuckle and throws a flying headbutt. Piper moves out of the way and Flair becomes the victem. As the referee is trying to remove Benoit, Mongo sneaks in and delivers a tombstone piledriver on Piper. The Horsemen split. Both combatents are down. Flair rolls over to cover Piper but the Scottman kicks out. Both men are up but wobbly. The starts a slugfest toe to toe. Piper grabs a sleeper and puts his opponent out.

Giant/Lex Luger vs. Hollywood Hogan/Dennis Rodman - Michael Buffer does the introduction as only he can. VooDoo Child ushers the nWo contingent (w/Savage). The announcers are desparately trying to convince us that Rodman will be able to wrestle in this match. I'm not buying it. He leaves his sunglasses on as he stands on the apron. Hogan is in with Luger. This is Hogan's first legitimate match in quit a while. He seeems inclined to pose for Luger. Luger locks up with him - shoves him to the corner and does his own lion pose. They lock up again and Hogan grabs a side headlock. Rodman still has on his glasses and jewelry as he stands on the apron in the corner. In the ring Luger has escaped and is on top of things. Hogan calls for a test of strength then takes a cheap shot and control of the match. Hogan slams Luger then misses an elbow drop. He falls back to his corner and tags Rodman. Rodman enters the ring still wearing the glasses and earrings...

He feigns a lockup but really he's trying to sucker Luger into the corner. Savage jumps up on the apron to provide more distraction. Rodman finally locks up with Luger and manages a very clumsy armdrag. They circle some more. The announcers are citing the last exchange as evidence that Rodman has "been there before..." - give me a break guys!! They lock up again and Luger gets the armdrag, then another, then Hogan comes in and gets the same treatment. Rodman rolls to the outside to be comforted by Savage. Hogan joins them on the outside as Luger rules the ring. Now Rodman is removing his accoutrements (about time...). He reenters the ring and locks up again. Luger grabs a side headlock, Rodman whips him off - throws a credible leapfrog then downs Luger with a shoulder block. They go through the same sequence - side headlock to whip to leapfrog - then a second leapfrog before Luger creams him with a clothesline. Rodman is clutching his chest and rolls out again. Hogan comes in - Luger tags in the Giant.

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Hogan and the Giant face off. Hogan pounds him in the forehead several times then smashes his head into the corner. He whips him to the corner and clotheslines him - no effect. The Giant threatens a chokeslam. Hogan seemingly allows himself to be drawn into a test of strength then goes for the eyes. A side headlock gets him into an atomic drop. He staggers back and tags in Rodman. They lock up and Rodman lifts a knee to the gut. He headlocks and whips the Giant, leapfrogs the goes for a second one and gets caught in a bear hug. The Giant hugs him then atomic drops him. The Giant spanks his opponent!! He chokes him over his head until Hogan hits him from behind. With the Giant on his knees, Hogan pounds on his head from behind. He has Rodman raise his foot so he can smash the Giant's head into it. They double clothesline him to the mat. Rodman tags in and holds the Giant so Hogan can drop an axe-handle on him. Hogan continues the assault. He whips him and raises a foot into his face. Together Hogan and Rodman hip toss the big guy. Together they try to pin the Giant and together they are thrown off. Luger tags in and downs both his opponents and Savage. He goes to spring off a rope and Rodman is there with a foot to the back. Hogan gets a belly to back suplex (wow! a real wrestling move!) Now Savage is getting in some licks while the others distract the ref. Hogan gets his legdrop but can't put the big guy away. Rodman tags in and throws three elbows into Luger as he stands up in the corner. Luger and Hogan are conferring in the opposite corner as Luger tags in the Giant. Rodman seems unconcerned until he tastes the Giant's boot. Hogan gets the same thing to eat. The the Giant puts on a double head-butt. Rodman puts the ref out of the ring with a headbutt then (someone who appears to be) Sting enters the ring bat in hand. The Giant has Rodman in a choke but Sting smashes him with the bat!!! Sting (or his doppleganger) leaves.

Now Luger is seemingly at the mercy of his enemies, but Hogan springs off the rope and hits Rodman by mistake. Luger racks Hogan - Nick Patrick runs in and declares Luger and the Giant the winners. Luger then racks Rodman and Savage for good measure. As they leave the area the losers declare themselves the winners (of course).

This was a great Pay-Per-View. One of the best this year in my opinion. The Sting angle at the end was a little confusing and I am not entirely convinced that it actually was Sting. The hair didn't look right...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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