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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Tuesday Nitro Report

Volume 2, Issue 198 - July 22, 1997

Tuesday Nitro Report

Live tonight from Jacksonville, Florida

The Nitro girls open the program (gag...)

Tony tells us that Ric Flair will announce the newest member of the Horsemen tonight and that Curt Hennig will wrestle on the program. He is interrupted by the strains of "Voodoo Child" - Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan come down to the ring.

Biscoff talks about the "beating you gave Lex Luger..." then they recline on the mat to chat. Hogan claims to have invented wrestling (figuratively, of course). He mentions the latest nWo member, K-Dog (Konan to you and I) and puts Luger down some more. He then says he wants Luger in the ring - he accepts the challange for his Title at Sturgis. Then he gets up and poses...yatta...yatta...

K-Dog vs. Tsubasa - the latter is a newcomer from Japan - trained in Mexico. This is a very quick squash. Konan uncles his much smaller opponent in a matter of seconds.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Stephen Regal - TV Title match - Regal dominates until the Dragon goes into his kicking machine schtick. Regal comes back quickly but the Dragon will not be denied. In the midst of a scuffle the Dragon suddenly slaps on a custom submission hold (a modified STF) and wins by a tap-out!! Ultimo Dragon is the two-time TV Champ!!!

Mean Gene w/Ric Flair - he introduces the newest Horseman - and Syxx comes out! Flair tells him in the wrong place at the wrong time. Syxx says there is no fourth Horseman coming out. Flair cuts him off, says he's leaving then turns and smacks Syxx in the chops. Syxx goes down then bounces back up yelling "You wouldn't do that if Hall and Nash were here..." Chris Benoit joins Flair at the bottom of the ramp. He advances toward Syxx saying "Let's just find out..." Cut to commercial.

The Giant vs. The Great Muta - this one is a set-up. The Giant just gets his hands on Muta then gets greeen-misted right in the face. Various nWo members show up (Vincent, Savage) and they try to beat on the big guy - he just shrugs them off and causes them to scatter. Luger runs down to help and almost gets chokeslammed. The Giant realize who he has elevated in time to halt the move. Cut to commercial.

Dean Malenko vs. Steve McMichael - Mongo bowls his smaller opponent over on the first exchange. The next time out he reverses a hip toss. The Malenko takes his feet out from under him. Still Mongo comes back strong and out-muscles Malenko. A powerslam gets him a two count. Malenko goes to the top and gets snatched off and slammed again. He finally gets behind Mongo and suplexes him. But he can't overcome the size advantage. Jeff Jarrett shows up with Debra which distracts the Horseman giving Malenko a chance to kick him in the back of the head then roll him up.

Mean Gene w/Malenko - Jarrett and Debra interrupt then Mongo interrupts Jarrett. Mongo is escorted away as Jarrett goes on to offer Malenko a partnership. Malenko tentatively agrees. He says he will give his answer next week. Cut to commercial.

Hector Guerrero vs. Eddie Guerrero - brother against brother in this one. The younger Guerrero pulls out all of the stops - including biting on two occasions and seems on the verge of defeating Hector when Dean Malenko enters the ring, smashes him in the face then puts him into the Texas Cloverleaf. Hector protests - telling Malenko to let his brother go. Dean refuses to so Hector starts pounding on him. As Hector helps his younger brother up he gets shoved down. Malenko starts kicking the downed Hector Guerrero as Eddie splits the scene. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene w/JJ Dillon - he starts to announce the signing of Raven - Stevie Richards interrupts and announces his own signing. Dillon is more interested in Raven - who is sitting in the front row again. Dillon goes to him with a contract saying "You got everything you ask for..." - Raven responds "Huh..?" (in so many words) Richards tells Raven he negotiated the deal. Raven spouts gibberish, knocks Richards down then tears up the contract.

Scott Norton vs Lex Luger - Buff Bagwell is there to distract Luger and does a fine job (fortunately for Norton). Still Luger has the upperhand when Vincent rushes in and gets racked. Bagwell gets thrown into Norton - they all split as Luger wins by DQ. What is this - screwjob night..?

Luger has a mic and starts to rant - Hogan interrupts to accuse Luger of being a Hogan wannabe. He splits with the rest of the thugs as Luger is hard on his heels. Cut to commercial.

Hall and Nash are backstage with Konan - they huddle momentarily then move out of camera range.

Wrath/Mortis w/James Vandenberg vs. Psychosis/LaParka w/Sonny Oono - bad guys vs. bad guys. Tony tells us that Hall and Nash will face Benoit and Flair later. These four rather bizarre individuals go at it with a vengence. Suicide maneuvers vs. martial arts expertise. The bigger guys are holding most of the cards in this one. They finally win it with a combination neck-breaker/powerbomb doubleteam move on Psychosis. Mortis gets felled by a chair shot from LaParka after the win.

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Flair and Hennig are seen conversing backstage - it seems that Flair was expecting Hennig to come out earlier. Cut to commercial. Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T - Vincent and Norton are ringside of course. Bagwell is clearly outclassed in this one. He'll need his helpers to win. In fact he has to sucker Booker to the outside and back in to get the upper hand. Things continue in seesaw fashion. Bagwell makes the mistake of putting his hands on referee Nick Patrick and gets a severe tongue-lashing. Booker T takes the advantage and holds it until Norton gets involved and provides the distraction needed to give Bagwell the win.

Ray Misterio Jr. w/ Mean Gene - Rey is on crutches - he can't tell us how long he will be out. Konan comes out to menace the young man. He kicks away the crutches and is ready to attack when the Villanos (IV and V) Psychosis and LaParka come in to back Rey up. Konan retreats with a challange on his lips. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig vs. Mr. Wallstreet - both these guys are excellent mat wrestlers but Hennig wraps it up quickly. Diamond Dallas Page hits the ring and here is the real match. Hennig outwrestles Page and seems to have him tied up when DDP pulls his Diamond Cutter out of nowhere. Security rushes to the ring and DDP splits in triumph. Some debut for Hennig. Cut to commercial.

Oh's the Nitro Girls again. Is this Bischoffs lame answer to Sunny and Sable - get a clue Eric!!

The Outsiders vs. Ric Flair/Chris Benoit - Ric Flair starts out punching and strutting - puts Hall right out of the ring. He comes back in to face a similar drubbing from Benoit. He tags in Kevin Nash - Flair is back in to face him and take a drubbing of his own. But he comes back strong - to no avail. Nash is overwhelming (especially with outside help from Syxx). Soon Flair is reeling. Scott Hall continues the pounding. Then Nash comes back in a drops Flair on the turnbuckle face first (snake eyes...?) Amazingly Flair comes back with a sleeper but gets thrown off and reversed. Flair uses a belly-to-back suplex to escape. Benoit is in now and is taking care of both Outsiders. Flair prevents Syxx from interfering and treats him to a beating on the floor. Hall barely prevents a pin on Nash then together they go to work on Benoit. On the outside, Syxx has Flair in a Buzz Killer - the announcers are worrying that Flair's shoulder will be re-injured. Mongo runs down and breaks that up then the Steiners appear on the ramp. Rick and Scott start toward the ring as we fade to black.

As usual, with no competiton, WCW saw no need to do anything special. Too bad...there was a lot of unrealized potential in tonight's offering...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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