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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 2
May 14, 1996

Well I'm shocked! Goldust's performance (with Mankind as his witches familiar) was certainly a new...high?...low? On Raw last night he showed up during a Undertaker interview and distracted the big man until Mankind ran-in and blindsided him. Mankind then administered that Under-the-Tongue claw hold thing until UT passed out. While UT lay dead to the world, Goldust slithered around on his body for several moments until Mean Mark suddenly sprang up and chased him out of the ring. After witnessing this farce I figure the only way Undertaker can come out on top in the end is if he comes on to the Golden one!! Can you imagine the pop if UT were to grab Goldust by the throat and then FRENCH KISS HIM!!??

Vince and Co. sure seem to have a hard time putting Vader over as the Monster Heel. Last night he wrestled a surpisingly competitive match against the Dumpster. It seems illogical that "The Man called Vader" can have his way with an even larger Monster like Yokozuna and then struggle with a mid-sized jobber like Drosse.

HBK vs. HHH was a great match. These are both superb workers. VinnieMac labeled the recent sexual allegations about Michaels as "unfounded" and then not much else was said about them (of course they harped on it constantly over the weekend). The beach video was classic "parking lot" action.

On thw Nitro side of the world Savage has been fined $50,000 and banned from the building for his attack on the official last week. McMuffin hints about his upcoming tag team effort against Flair. Him and Green w/ Savage in their corner??

How fine to see the Steiners in action again. Bishoff must be paying the PE a fortune to have them jobbing to everyone. Great match though.

Lugar vs. Giant (finally) - Lets face it folks, Lugar isn't smart enough to win the World Title on his own. His only World Championship reign was engineered by Harley Race. Since then he's missed the boat time after time in both organizations.

Is Lugar out of the running? We shall see. Meanwhile Sting can go to the PPV next week with plenty of motivation to kick some Giant butt!!

The Giant is a relative youngster - he has time to ascend the ladder again and again if he can manage not to be badly injured over the next few years. Losing this weekend to (still, I believe) the most popular wrestler in the world would be no disgrace. As a former World Heavyweight Champ he will have nothing to prove. He could turn face down the road and truly become the "...son of Andre."

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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