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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition

RSP-W vs. the Real World

by Len B

Volume 2, Issue 200 - July 28, 1997

Editor's Note: This edition marks the 200th issue of Solie's Wrestling Newsletter. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my loyal readers for their unwavering support over the last year or so since the newsletter was first published. Through it and the site itself I have made many new friends all over the world. I couldn't do it without you guys!

Here is a letter from one of those friends which I received over the weekend:


Although you and I have disagreed many times over the relative merits of the two major promotions I have always enjoyed your newsletter and especially the historical articles that you feature. I have to take issue with some of what was said in the recent "Wrestling's Lineage" piece by Matt Benaka. It pains me to say this , since I am what you might call a rabid WWF supporter, but I believe Mr. Benaka showed an unwarrented bias towards the WWF in his article. While I cannot fault Mr. Benaka's scholarship I must question his conclusions.

His contention that the WWF can trace it's roots back through the NWA Championship of Buddy Rogers seems to me a bit specious. The WWWF was formed, as he points out, by a band of disgruntled promoters who disagreed with the decision wherein Rogers lost the NWA Title. They gave him a new Title (the WWWF World Championship) and continued on their own path. Clearly they gave up any claim on the NWA Title by this act and therefore have no right to claim the lineage of that Championship.

Otherwise, a great and very informative article.

Mark Wild

RSP-W vs. the Real World

by Len B

I started posting to Earl's Readers Forum almost exactly one year ago. The main reason I started to post to the forum was the quality of the messages from the regular correspondents. However, the reason I found the forum was that I was browsing around the internet looking for any alternative to RSP-W (newsgroup for pro wrestling). I have referred to RSP-W as "Jerks Flaming Jerks who Flame other Jerks." While there are a few good writers and messages out there, it's extremely cumbersome to weed through all of the juvenile crap to find them.

Now, it seems this group at RSP-W realizes how inane the discussion is over there. They are now creating a new incarnation of RSP-W. This one will have a moderator. Well, as you would expect from this group, they're now flaming the proposed moderator. Does this surprise anyone? To me, it's just another example of why the insiders in the wrestling business look down on wrestling fans. In some weird way, I think these "wrestling fans" look up to their heroes a little too much. Maybe "Stone Cold" Steve Austin really is a role model to these people. They think it's normal behavior to figuratively slap someone around. "Punking someone out" is the norm at RSP-W. In their real worlds, most of these people would lose their jobs or get tossed out of school for the crap they spew at others in RSP-W. So, in a sense, it is their arena for wrestling. Maybe I'm reading too much into this whole thing. However, I stopped over there this weekend (before writing this piece) and someone took some silly shot at this site. Earl, please wear their insults like a badge of honor.

There are many good wrestling sites on the internet. Unfortunately, the one newsgroup devoted wrestling isn't one of them. Now, they want another. Please. They couldn't get it right the first time and there is no good reason that they'll get it right the second time. The most we can really ask for is they stay over there and not export their lame excuse for wrestling discussion to this site. If any of you guys over there have a hard time with this commentary, please feel free to make your case here. As a favor, please make your case with a coherent opinion rather than the usual flaming.

Never one to shy away from controversey, our resident curmudgian, Len B has been a great friend of Solie's for over a year now.

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Tuesday Nitro Report

Live from Charleston, West Virginia

It's Nitro-Girl Mania to open the program (gag...)

Then we get nWo music - Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton come out with Vincent in tow. The announcers are saying there will be "a major announcement" concerning the WCW World Heavyweight Title. Then Ric Flair's music plays and he comes out with Curt Hennig!

And its a match...Hennig locks up with Norton to start. Norton overpowers his opponent in the opening moments. Knocks him down twice then knocks him to the outside. One more exchange and he gives up and tags in Flair. Flair is similarly overwhelmed. Bagwell is tagged in and does not quite so well. He is soon at his opponent's mercy. Flair slaps on a figure four and Hennig is right there to cut Norton off as he tries to break it up. Bagwell escapes just before the first commercial.

Flair is in control as we come back. Bagwell turns the tables almost immediately and then tags in Norton who goes right to work on Flair. Tony is talking about another major announcement from JJ Dillon tonight concerning Sting's contract. In the ring Flair is getting creamed. Hennig continues to hold up his end - interfering where it will help without prolonging his torture. Hennig finally gets in and cleans house. Meanwhile Syxx runs in and attacks Flair. The Nature Boy gets the best of his attacker while Hennig sews up Bagwell with a Perfect Plex.

We're back and so are the Nitro Girls...

Mean Gene w/Lex Luger - he has the announcement concerning the World Title. He says he took Hogan's advice and spent some time in the gym. He flexes for us. He talks about how Hogan is required to defend his Title every 30 days. Therefore...Hogan will have to face him next week on Nitro! Look for Luger to win the match next week so that Hogan can regain the Title at the PPV...

Ultimo Dragon vs. Prince Iaukea - TV Title match - the Dragon has this match pretty well in hand against an opponent who is, after all, little more then a glorified jobber. The Prince has his moments but its really the Dragon's match. He defeats the challanger with a Dragon Sleeper. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene w/Ric Flair - we are finally seeing Anti-RAW signs in the arena at Nitro. Flair says Hennig is a Horsemen - Hennig comes out and denies it. He accepts Flair's compliments. He says he is still a free agent. Mango and Benoit joins them. Flair invites Hennig to party with him and the Horsemen aftre the show and shanghais a comely fan from the front row to enforce the enticement. Hennig hedges towards the end saying "...maybe after tonight I will be a Horsemen."

Benoit and McMichael go on the ring to face WCW newcomers - the Texas Hangmen - these are very big guys - the claim is that they are a team with long experience in other promotions and overseas. The Horsemen have little trouble with them. Tony gets a note saying that there is a phone call coming through...Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are on the horn. They claim to be in Michigan and unable to find any Steiner fans. Hall threatens to call Larry Legend out - Zbyzsco says "I rubbed your face in the mat for years - what makes you think I've forgotten how?" They talk some trash then get off the phone. In the ring the Horsemen are making mincemeat out of their opponents. Benoit wins with a Crippler Crossface. Cut to commercial.

Alex Wright vs. Chris Jericho - Cruiserweight Title match - I seem to recall that Wright was the first person Jericho faced in the WCW. Jericho seems to be wrestling a little less cautiously tonight then he has of late. Alex is doing his usual aggressive thing - though he isn't having any chance to dance. This is a very fast paced match. Wright's aggression turns the tables for him after a while. Finally he gets a chance to dance. He then loses the initiative by missing a knee drop. Jericho takes his time and sacrifices the advantage a moment later. Wright suplexes Jericho and pins him. Alex Wright is the new Cruiserweight Champ!!

Mean Gene w/Dean Malenko - he accepts Jeff Jarrett's offer of a partnership. He questions Malenko's relationship with Eddie Guerrero - Jarrett and Debra pooh-pooh that talk. Cut to commercial.

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nWo music plays - Syxx comes out and heads for the ring. The match is against Diamond Dallas Page w/Kimberly - I suppose we can expect Curt Hennig to interfere in this one. Syxx delivers a slap to start - he gets knocked down for his trouble. Syxx comes right back but DDP maintains his advantage. Syxx is getting creamed. He finally recovers enough to deliver his triple-kick combination in the corner. Moments later DDP is setting up the Diamond Cutter when Vincent tries to interfere and distracts him. Syxx goes for the Buzz-Killer but gets backed hard into the corner. DDP gets the Diamond Cutter but before he can capitalize, Curt Hennig shows up (what did I tell you?) and hits him from behind with a weapon. He rolls Syxx onto Page and splits. Syxx gets the win. Cut to commercial.

Hector Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko - this match is pretty evenly fought from the get-go. Guerrero gives as good as he gets. He's a lot slower than he used to be but Malenko doesn't seem to be able to take advantage of it. Jarrett and Debra show up in time to distract Hector so Malenko can get his Texas Cloverleaf on to win. Chavo Jr. comes out to help his uncle and gets double-teamed by Malenko and Jarrett in a post match attack.

K-Dawg comes out with Mean Gene - he rants in Spanish then switches to English. he threatens to knock off all of the other Luchadores. He has a match with LaParka later in the show. Cut to commercial.

The Giant vs. The Great Muta - the nWo is 0 & 1 tonight. Randy savage shows up in the stands before the match and rants in an apparent attempt to rattle the Giant. The Giant tells him to zip it and watch what happens to Muta. Muta comes down ready to spray his mist (he appears to be holding a mouth full of something). Before the match can begin we get more nWo music and Eric Bischoff appears on the ramp then invades the broadcast booth. He sits down with Tony - Heenan splits. Bischoff denies that there will be a World Title match next week. He calls the match in favor of Muta who isn't doing all that well. Muta gets knocked out to the floor and scoots under the ring. He comes out the other side and finally turns the tables. Some well placed kicks including a drop kick to the knee takes the big guy downs. It doesn't help him much as the Giant comes back and squashes him. Meanwhile up on the podium, Tony has left Bischoff on his own to face an irate Larry Zbysco. Legendary Larry manhandles Bischoff to the ring and right into the hands of the Giant who chokeslams him. The nWo 0, 1 & 0. Cut to commercial.

The Nitro Girls are strutting their stuff as we return (spare me please...)

LaParka w/Sonny Oono vs K-Dawg - LaParka comes out with a chair with Konan's name on it (interestingly, its mis-spelled with two "N's"). He dominates the early action in this one until he tries to use the chair behind the referee's back. Konan gets in a drop-kick and smashes LaParka with his own chair. That's all she wrote. Psychosis runs in to prevent further injury to his stable-mate. Cut to a replay of the Giant chokeslamming Bischoff then a commercial.

JJ Dillon joins us on the phone to talk about Sting. The Executive Committee is working to get Sting back into the ring by September. Just about when he has been rumored to be returning. He plans to confront Sting on the next Nitro broadcast about it.

Randy Savage w/Elizabeth vs. Scott Steiner w/The Dog-Faced Gremlin - Rick is there to back up his brother - probably a good idea. The combatants roll around on the ropes for the most part to begin the match. Once they finally get the wrestling started Scott has the immediate advantage. Savage retreats to the floor - has a little dustup with Rick then throws a chair into the ring. Scott has the chair and Savage is circling the ring as we cut to commercial.

Savage is in control as we return. But Scotty gets a belly-to-belly and Savage retreats again. Out on the floor, Savage uses Liz as a shield - Scott lifts her out of the way but that gives Savage his opening. He goes to work in his usual brutal fashion. Rick is keeping his distance. Back in the ring, Savage tries to go to the top but gets delayed by Rick. When he finally leaps Scott is able to catch him and suplex him. Scott follows him out of the ring and returns some of the same moves Savage used earlier. Back in the ring Scott is in control until Savage gets in a low blow to turn the tables. Moments later Steiner comes back with a clothesline then gets in a chickenwing powerbomb. He takes the reeling Savage to the second rope and puts on a Super-Frankensteiner. Liz is on the apron with a shoe in her hand - Ric starts to pull her off and gets blindsided by the Outsiders! The Steiners are triple-teamed in the ring until the Giant comes down. The nWo bails. The Giant gets a mic and challanges Kevin Nash. Nash says "I'm not going to fight my way through all these (security) guys." Doug Dellenger says "You want up there?" and stands aside. Nash approaches the ring wrapping his belt around his fist as the time runs out on the program. One last shot of Bischoff getting his comeuppance then fade to black...

Overall a pretty good show...

RAW Report

We get a review of the Harts being praised by their Canadian fans and accepting the accolades of the Canadian crowd in Nova Scotia. Then the Austin acceptance of the Flag match, Shawn Michaels announcements, Bret's attack on McMahon and then Hart's attack on Michaels. Finally the Flag Match with the Undertaker taking Shawn's place. The rest is history - as they say...

Live from the Igloo in Pittsburg, PA - RAW is on the air.

Of course we get the Harts first off on the program - Vince always leads with his left... JR is there to interview them. He updates us on the hearing held this morning regarding Bret's attack on McMahon. The Summerslam match is still on. Gorilla Monsoon will name a new commissioner of the WWF next week and they will look at the situation again. Bret rants about the lack of "Justice in America". He says he only meant it as a "figure of speech" when he vowed never to set foot in the USA again if he doesn't win the Title next weekend. He rants about the deck being "stacked against me..." and about Shawn being the special referee for the match. The crowd is chanting "Bulls#it! Bulls#it!". He demands an apology from Michaels for putting down the Canadian fans. He (figuratively) alludes to Pittsburg as being the @$$hole of America. Then he rants about the Patriot. He challanges the Patriot for a match tonight. He vows to win the WWF Title next week...yatta, yatta, yatta...before the commercial we get some American fans making as much a spectacle of themselves as the Canadians did last week.

Los Baricuas vs. The Road Warriors - Savio and his hairy friend Miguel Perez are the Puerto Rican representatives tonight. This match will last only as long as it takes the DOA to arrive, of course. Savio and Miguel control the early going. The LOD come back and have Perez set up for their finisher when the rest of the Puerto Ricans hit the ring. On the outside the Godwins are all over Hawk. He gets slop-dropped and slopped. Animal gets quadruple-teamed in the ring. The Warriors win by DQ. No sign of the DOA...I admit I am surprised...

Hunter Hearst Helmsley is interviewed about his feud with Mankind. We get a video review of past outrages.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chynna vs. Vader w/Paul Bearer - Chynna blocks the aisle as Vader approaches the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, a cameraman has revealed he is Mankind and is attacking Helmsley with a camera. Chynna returns to the ring and starts to pound on the "long-haired freak" but she gets straddled on the top turnbuckle. Vader decides to split. Outside the ring Mankind goes after Hunter - they scuffle out into the crowd where Hunter eventually escapes. That's two matches and two screwjobs... Cut to commercial.

IBC Boxing Champ Michael Moorer is revealed sitting ringside. Cut to Brakus promo.

Jesse James/Flash Funk/Bob Holly vs. The Truth Commission - these guys have been nipping around the fringes of the WWF for months now. Gorrilla Monsoon confirms that a new Commissioner will be named next week. In the ring Recon is not faring well against Flash Funk. The switch is made on both sides - Double J against Sniper. He puts James down and then the Interregator is tagged in. This guy is huge and makes short work of his opponent. Bob Holly is tagged in and fares just as badly. The Interregator puts him down with a sidewalk slam and pins him. At least it was a legitimate squash...

The Patriot is profiled. Will he accept the Hitman's challange?...gosh...I wonder... Cut to commercial.

Not surprisingly, the Patriot accepts the challange for tonight's match against Bret Hart.

Crush vs Farrooq - the DOA rides down to the ring then the entire NOD comes down (Ahmed is back) - all eight men gather in the ring, it takes some doing to get the illegal six out so the match can start. Farrooq gets in the first finger to the eye and starts strong but then comes off the second rope and gets powerslammed. He comes right back and goes back to pounding on his opponent. The match lasts about six minutes before the outside interference starts and it all breaks down. Los Baricuas decide to get involved - as the brawl goes on in the ring Crush is dragged out and powerbombed on the ramp. We get a review of the Godwins attack on the LOD earlier. Four matches - three screwjobs... Cut to commercial.

Those Nasty Godwins vs. Steve Austin/Dude Love - WWF Tag Team Title match - some of the Harts are sitting at the other end of the broadcast table (Owen and Davey Boy) - Mick Foley makes his second appearance of the evening (how does he do that trick wherein his hair alternately appears and disappears...?) Steve Austin follows him to the ring and gets right into it with Henry Godwin. He and Foley are showing some fairly good tag team coordination but the Godwins are clearly the better team. At ringside the Bulldog is challanging Ken Shamrock to an arm-wrestling contest. Meanwhile Austin and Foley are showing that they are just tougher S.O.B.'s... Then Austin gets knocked out of the ring and Owen Hart attacks him with his Intercontinental Title belt. Austin is counted out. Afterward Austin grabs Owen and the expected melee erupts... five matches - four screwjobs... Cut to commercial.

We're set up for a light heavyweight match but Ken Shamrock shows up with a table for the challanged arm-wrestling match. The match is Ace Darling and Devon Storm - most recently they were tag team partners in WCW. The match is mercifully short since nobody is paying any attention to it. Darling wins... They make the second "Million Dollar Call" of the night (I failed to mention the earlier one...sorry...not...)

The Bulldog comes down and the table is set up for the arm-wrestling contest. Earl Hebner is there to referee. The Bulldog starts strong then begins to fade. He comes back again...then Shamrock is back. The Bulldog gains again then Shamrock makes his final move before the Bulldog unleashes a headbutt (pun intended). He assaults his Summerslam opponent with a chair then shoves dog food onto Shamrock's neck (nice touch) before leaving the ring. Cut to commercial.

Goldust vs. Rockabilly - Dustin shows off a mannequin in one of Marlena's dresses - he and Marlena taunt Brian Pillman about having to wear it after their Summerslam match. Billy takes the early lead but he can't sustain it for long. He goes out after being put down and slaps Michael Moorer. He gets decked for his trouble. Meanwhile in the ring Brian Pillman is in attacking Goldust. He goes out and grabs the dress and starts stuffing it down Dustin's throat. Marlena lands on him like a cat and fights him off. The match is our sixth screwjob (if you count the arm-wrestling contest).

Undertaker profile. His friends and enemies all admire and respect him.

Vince McMahon introduces the Heart Break Kid. The Boy Toy dances to the ring. Vince wants to know if Shawn will apologize as Bret has demanded. He won't, of course. He says he isn't a "brain surgeon" but he feels safer at ringside then he does in the dressing room. He says he will take the color chair for Bret's match against the Patriot. Cut to commercial.

Bret comes right down and points and shouts at Shawn Michaels before entering the ring. He grabs a mic and rants for the second time tonight. He wants the Canadian National Anthem played. It is, after a moment (like they had to dig it up or something). Shawn rises and covers his heart - pretends to sob at ringside. The Patriot comes down. It should be noted that he outweighs the Hitman by about 40 pounds. He wants the Star Bangled Banner. Bret sulks in the corner while it plays then attacks about halfway through it. He flips the crowd the bird as he is grinding Wilkes' neck into the second rope. The match goes into overtime as the Patriot comes back with a Patriot Missle. Cut to commercial.

Bret is in control as we return. The Patriot is getting wasted until he blocks a punch in the corner. He gets a full nelson but Bret pushes off the corner and turns it around (knocking down the referee at the same time). He goes for a cover but the referee is still out of it. He goes to assist the ref then tries another pinfall. This time Shawn drags him off. Then, as he is distracted by Michaels, the Patriot rolls him up from behind and gets the pin.

The Patriot parades the flag around then splits. Bret is hot on his heels but gets turned back by the assembled referees and other officials. He goes back to the ring where Shawn is taunting him at ringside. Bret is calling Shawn out and the Undertaker's music is tolling as we fade to black.

Seven screwjobs, one squash and one nothing match...tsk, tsk. tsk...s

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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