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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WCW Road Wild

Hogan Regains the WCW Title

Sting clone causes the upset

Volume 3, Issue 205 - August 9, 1997

WCW Road Wild

Live from Sturgis, South Dakota

A fairly rowdy looking crowd is gathered for this Pay-Per-View event. Motorcycle engines are roaring as Tony, Bobby and Dusty introduce the program.

Bagwell/Norton (w/Vincent) vs. Harlem Heat - the Heat are supposed t have a surprise for the nWo tonight. They come to the ring alone, I guess the surprise will come later. Bagwell gets a good start against Booker T - Norton comes in and continues the trend for about 10 seconds. Stevie Ray comes in and turns the tide, but only temporarily. Norton turns the tables again and holds the advantage until Booker T gets back in. Things are see-saw from here on for the most part with the Heat mostly controlling the action. Here comes the surprise - it's Miss Jaquelyn coming down to be in the Heat's corner. About two minutes later she is instrumental in getting the win for her team by attacking Scott Norton from the apron and then holding his leg while he is pinned. The nWo are 0 and 1.

K-Dawg vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Mexican Death Match - Rey seems to be favoring his left leg as he approaches the ring. Could be a possum act of course. He hits the ring (and Konan) hard to start the contest. He misses a flying move and Konan takes the advantage early on. I love that somersault lariet he does. Konan slaps on an Indian Deathlock almost immediately. Rey escapes to the outside and is limping now for real. Back in the ring he re-injures his knee again coming down off of a leapfrog - Konan clips it immediately then ties the leg up on the bottom rope. Apparently a Mexican Death match means no DQ - the referee stands by while Konan works over the leg on the ropes. The diminuitive Misterio is a real fighter as he turns the tables again - but not for long. Konan slaps on a leg scissors to continue his attack strategy. Konan is now attempting to remove Rey's mask. He stops to deliver a powerbomb then continues unlacing and succeeds in removing the mask. Rey holds it to his face as he strikes back. He shoves it back on as Konan goes down. Rey mounts the corner and flies but his leg gets hung up on the top rope and he is injured again. Konan dropkicks him full on the knee then goes for a stump-puller but Rey escapes again. Things are see-sawing now. Misterio keeps coming up with moves - then he repays the dropkick to the knee. Struggling to the top he tries to fly again and gets caught in midair. Konan drops him with a spiked DDT then applies the Tequilla Sunrise to win the match by submission. Misterio has to be carted away after the match.

We are treated to scenes of the bike rally in downtown Sturgis before going to MeanGene showing us his new tattoo!! He talks about the latest Hotline news.

Chris Benoit/Steve McMichal vs. Jeff Jarrett/Dean Malenko (w/Debra) - Tag Team Elimination match - after some jockying Benoit starts the match against Jarrett. After the first lockup Jarrett tags in his partner. Malenko and Benoit are very evenly matched abd make little headway against each other. Mongo comes in and pounds Malenko in to the corner. Benoit takes over against the weakened Malenko then tags Mongo back in. The Horsemen are working like a well oiled machine - Debra's presence doesn't seem to be affecting Mongo's focus. Malenko is seemingly at their mercy. Suddenly he rolls to his corner and tags Jarrett who hesitates then enters the ring and immediately gets himself pinned deliberately! He splits with Debra leaving Malenko to finish the match. Dean holds his own but its an uphill battle against two opponents. Mongo pins him after a Tombstone Piledriver.

Chris Jericho vs. Alex Wright - Cruiserweight Title match - we are finding out this week that Alex Wright is a second generation wrestler (son of Steve Wright). The match seems pretty even from the get go. Wright manages to ground his high-flying opponent for the most part. He is wrestling cautiously - much as we saw Jericho do when he held the same title. Jericho, for his part goes all out once he has a chance to fly. They spend considerable time out on the padded, elevated platform on which the ring is constructed. Back in the ring Jericho seems to lose his concentration and gives away the advantage. Wright gets his stomp off the top (although it looked to me like he missed that move) then stops to dance. Not too much though - he is back on Jericho and then goes up for a moonsault - which he misses. Jericho follows him into the corner with clotheslines three times in a row. Then he hesitates again and fails to get the pin. Wright then gets a super-plex but can't pin his opponent. The match see-saws one more time then Wright reverses a roll-up and wins with a handfull of tights.

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Syxx vs. Ric Flair - Bobby strains credibility by saying that the sagging-pecked Flair is in the best shape of his career. He is still twice the wrestler Syxx will ever be but this is not the legendary "Sixty Minute Man" of old. As usual these days he is sucking wind after a few minutes. About ten minutes into the match Syxx's martial arts attack is beginning to tell on him. A kick to the mouth really seems to hurt him - he in fact continues to hold his jaw throughout the remainder of the match. Flair makes a comeback later and starts setting up his opponent for the figure four. He slaps it on but Syxx is in the ropes and escapes. Moments later Syxx goes for the Buzzkiller but Flair backs him into the corner to thwart the maneuver. Flair slumps in the corner but gets a foot up to block Syxx's rush into the corner. Flair uses the ropes to get the pin. The nWo is down 2 and 1.

As twilight descends Curt Hennig enters to face Diamond Dallas Page - Page is preceded to the ring by his lovely consort Kimberly in leather shorts and a bikini top. In the fading sunlight DDP really looks his age (47). At first Hennig won't let him into the ring. DDP suckers his opponent on the third attempt and the match is finally on. DDP is a house afire in the early going. At one point he swings Hennig around by the hair!! Moments later he almost pulls Hennig's singlet off revealing the purple tights underneath. Then he goes to the top rope and gets upset and crotched. Its all Hennig at this point. He starts working on the left leg. DDP escapes and they trade pin attempts then the referee is knocked down. Hennig pulls off the turnbuckle pad in one corner and then runs DDP into it. DDP in seemingly unconscience as Hennig puts him into a Perfect Plex - DDP kicks out. Now Page is back and runs Hennig into the exposed turnbuckle. The next moment the referee is downed again! Flair runs in to help Hennig and gets Diamond Cutted and rolled out of the ring. Hennig goes for the Perfect Plex again - the referee takes his time getting into position but Hennig holds onto Page long enough to get the pin.

Randy Savage (w/Elizabeth) vs. The Giant - Savage is understandably hesitant to get into the ring against this monster. He waits until the Giant turns his back to run in and throw a knee to the shoulderblades. Then he tries to slam the Giant - and fails - squash time!! Savage is reeling for much of the remainder of the match. Savage is thrown out to the platform where he cowers behind Liz. The Giant lifts her aside and press-slams Savage back into the ring. Inside, Savage gets a chance to clip the Giant's knee and takes him down for the first time. He concentrates on keeping his opponent off his feet. A very methodical attack on the left knee. Three big clotheslines fail to down the big guy - Savage goes to the top and downs him with a lateral press - no cigar. The Giant gets to his feet and grabs Savage around the throat - Chokeslam!! It's all over - nWo are behind 3 to 1.

The Steiner Brothers vs. The Outsiders - Tag Team Title match - the Champs enter first in a breach of tradition. The Steiners come out preceded by their new manager, Ted Dibiasi. The ride motorcycles down the aisle. The sky lights up with pyrotechnics as they approach the ring. We can see the sunset in a long shot. The Scotts start the match against each other. Hall stops to throw his toothpick in Steiner's face and gets slapped for his trouble. Steiner is a suplex machine - Hall falls out of the ring and is comforted by his partner. Rick is tagged in to face the returning Hall - who then tags in Kevin Nash. Nash turns the tables for the first time in the match. But Rick comes back with another suplex. Scotty tags back in and is reversed by Nash. He knocks Hall off the apron then turns around to a boot in the face. Now the Outsiders are hitting their stride as they doubleteam Scott Steiner. For just a moment at this point an NFL Football game interrupts the action (hello..?). At ringside Dibiasi is having a fit as the Outsiders use illegal switches to maintain their advantage. The bad guys are concentrating on Scotty's bad back. He almost fights his way out of the corner but Scott Hall trips him up before he can get away. Steiner finally gets his chance when Nash rushes into the corner and misses but Hall cuts him off again. Dibiasi finally proves his worth by drawing Nash's and the referee's attention so that Rick can twart an Outsider's Edge. Finally Rick is tagged in - together the Steiners doubleteam Hall to get a 2-story bulldog - its all over except that Nash reaches in and pulls the referee out of the ring. Patrick calls for the bell and disqualifies the Outsiders. The Steiners win the match but not the Titles. The nWo are pulling even 3 and 2.

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Lex Luger vs Hollywood Hogan - WCW Heavyweight Title - Michael Buffer does the honors. Hogan enters alone for a change. Expect that to change. Luger enters to another massive fireworks display. The title belt gleams - shorn of the disfiguring nWo initials that were spray painted onto it a year ago. Hogan comes on strong but is mowed down twice in tackle run-togethers. He grabs a wrist lock and starts to work it but Luger reverses the move and puts Hogan to his knees. Luger is winning the battle here early on. The crowd is chanting "Hogan Suck!!" as the former champ falls to the outside. Back inside the ring Hogan renews his attack and downs Luger with an axe-handle to the back. He alternately pounds and chokes as the crowd continues their chant. Luger reverses things by blocking and reversing a corner shot. Hogan comes back with a thumb to the eye. They tumble to the outside where Hogan makes use of a microphone cord to choke the Champ.

Back in the ring once more Hogan continues his assault on Luger's back. He slaps on a Bear Hug then bulls him into the corner and attacks the windpipe. Luger in on his knees when Hogan grabs a greco-roman knuckle lock. Luger fights to his feet and is winning the test of strength when Hogan gets in a low blow. Now Hogan is working on the mid-section of his opponent. Throughout the moments when Hogan is in control he has kept up a steady barrage of taunts. Luger is holding his back as Hogan pulls him to his feet. A whip and he gets in the big foot to the face. He goes for a pin - no soap.

After several exchanges Hogan suplexes Luger but Luger pops right up. Hogan is posing with his back turned. He turns around and Luger does his lion pose to great effect. Luger holds the edge for the next two exchanges then Hogan goes for the eyes again. Things are see-sawing for a while then Luger starts to pull ahead. Here comes the rest of the thugs to interfere... Luger fights them all off and is about to go for the rack when Sting appears on the platform (or is it..? I don't think so...) Luger falls back to the rope and Sting(?) swings the bat. Luger goes down and Hogan gets the pin. Hogan is the Champ again - Lex Luger's title reign lasted five days...

The thugs leave the ring area. The Steiners and others come down to help Luger as the announcers lament Sting's seeming defection. Only that wasn' Sting... The hair wasn't right - it looked like a wig and it was too short. It will be interesting to see how long they continue to maintain the fiction that it was Sting.

We adjourn to the back where Dennis Rodman is allowed to re-paint the nWo letters on the Title belt. We see the arena area in a longshot as the announcers take their leave.

This was a very unsatisfying ending to a pretty decent PPV. Despite the fact that I predicted this outcome I am disappointed...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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