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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Night Wars Edition


from the Prodigy Wrestling Mailing List

Volume 3, Issue 203 - August 11, 1997


This comes to us via Bob Ryder's Prodigy wrestling news. Thanks Bob!

The following is a partial transcript of the ECW Q&A from Tom Misnik's fan convention weekend:

CHAT Host: Q: Is there anyone you want to wrestle in ECW

CHAT Host: Taz: I'd say Axl Rotten

CHAT Host: Taz: I like the FBI, even though it's not my style. They are entertaining. Those guys make me laugh.

CHAT Host: Q: Tod, do you feel you have to expand nationally to make it big

CHAT Host: Tod: PPV's four times a year will allow us to continue to expand.

CHAT Host: A new group is about to come in.

CHAT Host: Don't forget to be here tonight for the Arena PBP

CHAT Host: Q: When will the next PPV be at the Arena

CHAT Host: Tod: Request didn't want us to have the show at the same building again...they think it will make us look like a local promotion.

CHAT Host: Q: When will you come to New England

CHAT Host: Tod: Sep 12, 13

CHAT Host: Q: Have you thought about getting a new place here in Philadelphia

CHAT Host: Tod: We put in larger bleachers and enlarged the building by 400. We are looking at adding a balcony. We like that building.

CHAT Host: We don't know yet

CHAT Host: Tod is still taking a couple more questions

CHAT Host: Q: What's your favorite Tazplex

CHAT Host: Taz; The T-Bone

CHAT Host: Q: Are you looking at any new talent. Maybe an Al Snow.

CHAT Host: Tod: Our eyes are always open. Most of the guys that fit our style are under contract with other people.

CHAT Host: More guys will be here in a few minutes.

CHAT Host: Q: It's been 6 years since TWA went out...would there be an ECW without a TWA

CHAT Host: Tod: I think there would still have been an ECW, but maybe not with me involved.

CHAT Host: Q: Are you going back to USWA

CHAT Host: Taz: There was an outside chance I would face Brian Christopher, but he chickened out.

CHAT Host: Q: What do you think about the promotion vs. promotion matches

CHAT Host: Taz: I don't like it. I feel the more we deal with those people, the more it hurts our extreme mystique

CHAT Host: Q: Do you plan to come back to Florida after the PPV

CHAT Host: Tod: In September we will do Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale

CHAT Host: Q: Any luck with Viewers Choice

CHAT Host: Tod: I thought for sure they would. Some things happened to change their mind. By the next one, I don't think they'll have a choice.

CHAT Host: Paul E is coming up next

CHAT Host: Funk, Tod, and Taz will stay

CHAT Host: Q: What is your definition of paying dues

CHAT Host: Taz: You go through hell and go up and down the road sharing hotel rooms and making no money. Building character and going out there and doing it. That's paying dues.

CHAT Host: Tod: It's all about sacrifice

CHAT Host: Funk: I used to drive 500 miles to Abilene to make $20. You have to do it, and I loved every minute of it. It teaches you respect.

CHAT Host: Taz: I don't want to come across like I've paid my dues as much as Terry. When he was breaking in there were territories all over the place. Those guys drove 300-400 miles a night to work for peanuts.

CHAT Host: Funk: I was down in Atlanta in 91, and Razor Ramon was there at the time and I split him open with a chair. He came back to the dressing room crying wondering about a scar. I looked at him and thought damn...that's part of the business that you take and you accept. It's not that you love having your head split open, but that's just the way it is. It's part of it.

CHAT Host: Funk: You see that here in ECW. These guys aren't crying in the dressing room.

CHAT Host: Funk: Now, I complained when they caught me on fire, don't get me wrong....

CHAT Host: Q: Does it bother you when guys like Sid stay out all that long with minor injuries

CHAT Host: Taz: Does it bother me....yes and no. He'd never make it here. As far as a pro, it's all about playing hurt. You can't take sick days when you feel bad. I separated my shoulder against Shane and nobody knows it. There's always a guy right behind you that will take your slot. You have to work hurt. You have to do what you have to do, and suck it up and work hurt. Everyone here works hurt.

CHAT Host: Funk: You have an obligation to perform or else. People pay money to see you.

CHAT Host: Tod: So many times you don't even know these guys are hurt.

CHAT Host: Paul E is on the stage now

CHAT Host: Q: What's the situation with Pitbulls

CHAT Host: Paul: They are no longer employed by this company. They have a situation they need to clear up on their own. What they have been accused of is heavy. They understand that. Once they clear it up they are welcome back

CHAT Host: Q: What about Mustafa

CHAT Host: Paul: That's in limbo right now. That's for the Gangstas to decide right now. I've heard all sides. It's for them to clear up and come back and tell us they are ready.

CHAT Host: Q: Thank you for bringing the show to Buffalo.

CHAT Host: Paul: I think our 2nd PPV next year will be from Buffalo Probably a 75% chance it will be from there

CHAT Host: Q: Are you worried about incidents with wrestlers and fans

CHAT Host: Paul: Have you witnessed it firsthand? Sabu didn't touch one fan last night. I will guarantee you there will be outcries that the wrestlers got involved with the fans. The heat was hot against the guys. Touchdown. You can honestly get your audience that hot against the guys in the ring. Sabu got clocked in the head by a chair last night. If a fan came across and tagged him, when is he justified to put up his hands. If a wrestler is in a situation where he feels threatened, he has to be able to justify his actions. I'm concerned anytime there is an incident. If I felt a wrestler jumped out of the ring and hit a fan without provocation, they would be gone.

CHAT Host: Q: What's the status with the lawsuit

CHAT Host: Paul: They have been hit with a cease and desist as regards Raven and Stevie Richards. Raven is in violation of his contract. The contract said if we had a PPV during his contract that he would not appear on anyone else's PPV for another 6 months. I don't want to deprive anyone of a living, he could have worked house shows or TV...but not PPV. I showed the contract to Eric Bischoff personally and handed it to him in front of witnesses. We have given them written notice that we will sue them in federal court. They will be dragged into court if they don't write a heck of a check very soon.

CHAT Host: Q: What about Stevie

CHAT Host: Paul: Stevie has a terrible neck injury, but for some reason he can take a DDT. I know he has neck problems, but the extent of the injury should be called into question. We told you up front on TV that he had a serious neck injury and pulled him from a main event. Guys play hurt. Shane had elbow surgery and won't take a day off.

CHAT Host: Paul: Stevie is so injured, though, that we have to pull him from a match, but he shows up at the arena and doesn't come in with a neck-brace. He shows up looking like he's just gone out on a shopping spree. Stevie showed up and walked to the ring and said he was hurt. "My career may be over" Our situation with Stevie is we are calling into question the reasons we released him from his obligation. In my opinion I don't think we were dealt with totally up front.

CHAT Host: Q: What did you learn from the first show that will help with this one

CHAT Host: Paul: Don't worry about every little detail and don't let it kill you. We were so afraid something would go wrong, and a lot of stuff did go wrong. Sometimes you just have to relax.

CHAT Host: Q: What do you think about WCW doing a ECW spin-off with Raven and Richards

CHAT Host: Paul: They just don't get it. How do you screw up the Public Enemy....they just don't get it. They get it with Richards, but don't get it with Raven. They don't understand the soul of the character. Best of luck to them.

CHAT Host: Q: Any chance you'll work with FMW

CHAT Host: Paul: I'd love to work with more offices. It's tough in this environment. Bischoff is looking to grab as much as he can to block everyone out. Vince is so desperate that he'll do business to get something new.

CHAT Host: Q: What went wrong with Vince.

CHAT Host: Paul: We got a divorce...bad sex. He was Vince, and I was me.

CHAT Host: Taz: It was oil and water. Vince is used to puppets, and we aren't puppets. Paul at one point, some of our guys were nervous....we wondered if he would do a Jim Cornette...we knew he'd be Paul again, and he sure was.

CHAT Host: Paul: That's what Lawler did after 20 years. That's what Cornette did. He gave up a promotion and his top stars in his promotion, and he's running around backstage "Five minutes Mr. Michaels...Five minutes LOD". They wanted to break our spirit, and end up absorbing us...and that won't happen. It was survival on our part to get out. If they want to do more, and it's mutually beneficial, we'll do more but it's on a deal by deal basis. I don't cohost my own show, let alone theirs. They wanted a war in the sheets. I personally like Vince. I don't agree with him. I don't like him professionally. For an asshole, he's not that bad a guy.

CHAT Host: Q: Will Nancy Sullivan return

CHAT Host: Paul: She is under contract with another organization, and for me to speculate would be wrong. It hasn't even been considered. I haven't been approached and it hasn't crossed my mind. I don't know where she would fit in. I don't think she or anyone else compares to Francine.

CHAT Host: Q: A week before the PPV, why a barbed wire match

CHAT Host: Paul: It was all Terry's idea. We had a main event with a lot of intrigue. That match had a potential draw without pushing it on television. The match needed a change. Sandman was hurt. What do you replace it with. We knew we had people coming from the's a week before the PPV, that's not time to take it easy. Every show that we offer, we encourage you to spend your money on this product, and we want you to get your money's worth. Our guys give you everything they have. We'll do a barbed wire match 8 days before a PPV. They didn't complain. That's what we're about. It's the right thing to do for the house. The right thing to do for our Philadelphia fans. I want the fans to say "What a show I got" People come to see our shows. The Arena sells out because they know we're going to bust our ass no matter what. The first person that slacks off will get their ass busted on the way to the back...not by me, but by the rest of the crew. Why not do the barbed wire match. Let's give them the best match we can.

CHAT Host: Q: Is it possible to put a barbed wire match on PPV

CHAT Host: Paul: I don't think we're ready for that yet.

CHAT Host: Q: Any truth to the rumor that you and Dennis buried the hatchet when Cornette came in

CHAT Host: Paul: I said "no hard feelings". I shook his hand. He violated the truce five seconds later.

End of Transcript

Tuesday Nitro Report

We see the Giant backstage with Doug Dillenger and a police officer. The policeman gives him a piece of paper. The Giant looks pretty pissed.

Live from Denver, CO

Michael Buffer introduces the program (Boy! That must be getting expensive...) followed by Kimberly and the Nitro Girls, followed by the nWo music - the Wolfpack appears on the ramp then head for the ring. After posing for a while Scott Hall takes the mic. He says "The nWo believes in giving th people what they want..." and rants about how much we all love them (right...). He asks the rhetorical question "If the Steiners are so good - how come they aren't the Champs?" Nash shouts one of the nWo slogans (this guy really doesn't come across very well these days) then the Steiner Brothers music plays but a couple of jobbers come to the ring.

Outsiders vs. Jobber Team - one of the opponents is identified as Bobby Starr, the other guy never gets into the ring - no real reason exists to describe this squash...

Now they want to take on somebody else - the Steiners appear out of the stands with Ted Dibiasi and oblige them. They run the Wolfpack out of the ring in short order and are posing with the Title belts as we cut to commercial.

Meng vs. Wrath (w/James Vandenberg) - they clash in the aisle and get started right there. In the ring Wrath gets the drop on his opponent but Meng recovers immediately and knocks Wrath out of the ring. Vandenberg distracts Meng so that Wrath can pull him out of the ring and regain the advantage. Inside again Wrath climbs the corner but Meng gets there and upsets his balance. Meng superplexes his opponent and then gets a two-count. He pounds Wrath into the corner then rushes him and gets the back of an elbow. Wrath gets to the top rope and clotheslines Meng on the fly goes for the pin - no cigar. Next he throws a boot in his face. Meng comes back with Tongan death grip and gets the submission. Mortis hits the ring followed by the Barbarian and a melee ensues. Both the Faces bail and trap Vandenberg between them - he goes over the railing and we go to commercial.

Mean Gene w/the Steiners w/Ted Dibiasi - they aren't whinin' and cryin' - they know they should have won Saturday. Dibiasi upbraids Nick Patrick for his referee job during the match. Patrick comes out and defends himself and then criticizes Randy Anderson for his officiating during the Main Event (I have to concur - Hogan should have been disqualified as soon as the nWo entered the ring).

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho - Eddie tries to rush Jericho who sidesteps then proceeds to dominate the action. Guerrero goes out to regain his composure then comes back and takes the advantage. Moments later Jericho turns the tables with a series of follow-on clotheslines then throws a Lionsault but encounters Guerrero's knees. He comes right back and after another exchange adminsters a Lionheart Swing which disrupts the equilibrium of both wrestlers. Eddie tumbles out to get it back together. Jericho throws a suicide cross body block then throws his opponent back in. Jericho goes to the top but gets upset and falls to the mat. Eddie throws a tremendous Frog Splash and then gets the pin. Cut to commercial.

The Nitro Girls are back. Alex Wright appears among them - Legandary Larry thinks he would make a great Nitro Girl. Mean Gene interviews him on the ramp. He starts out in German again. He's wearing a rather pendulous ear ring in his left ear. He isn't dressed to wrestle. He tells us all how great he is...yatta, yatta...

Dean Malenko vs. Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) - Malenko is understandably miffed at Double J after the debacle on Saturday (see Issue #205). As soon as Jarrett gets into the ring Malenko is all over him. The crowd is chanting "Jarrett Sucks!!" Jarrett abandons the ring and tries to leave but Malenko goes and brings him back. Jarrett loses the next exchange and he abandons the match again. This time he is cut off by Mongo McMichael waiting on the ramp. He is trying to figure a way out of this situation as we cut to commercial.

The combatents are brawling on the outside as we return. Jarrett uses Debra as a shield in order to sucker punch Malenko. He slams him into the steps then throws him back into the ring. Now it is all Jarrett. He's setting Malenko up for the Figure Four leglock. Malenko recovers briefly but then gets a finger in the eye. After the next exchange he recovers again and manages to reverse a move and slap on the Texas Cloverleaf. Eddie Guerrero runs in to break it up then helps Jarrett doubleteam his opponent. Mongo McMichael runs in and cleans house with Malenko. Afterward Mongo extends his hand but Malenko kicks him in the gut and runs him out of the ring. Mongo turns to the camera and expresses respect for Malenko. I think we are seeing the beginnings of a new Horseman...

Mean Gene w/Curt Hennig and Ric Flair - Flair questions Hennig about a conversation he was having with Eric Bischoff backstage. Hennig says he has business with Bischoff "So what?" Flair (now joined by Benoit and McMichael) again offers Hennig a berth with the Horsemen. Hennig still won't commit - says he has a Main Event match with Randy Savage tonight and that's all he's thinking about. He promises to be Flair's partner against an nWo team at the Clash of the Champions. I still want to know what "business" Hennig has with Bischoff... Cut to commercial.

nWo music plays as we return. Eric Bischoff rides a chopped hog down the ramp leading Scott Norton. Eric dismounts and precedes Norton into the ring. Norton is supposed to face the Giant tonight but there is some question about the Giant's status after the incident at the top of the program. Eric grabs a mic and starts to rant as the rest of the nWo comes down to the ring. He says he has a special surprise announcement. Hogan, who is not present, is congratulated on his victory Saturday. They sing "Happy Birthday" (very badly) to Hogan (who turns 44 this week). He reveals that the Giant has been served with a restraining order - he has to stay 50 feet away from Bischoff or face incarceration. As he continues to rant Buff Bagwell paces out 50 feet from the ring and spraypaints a barrier on the carpet. The Giant shows up, parleys with Larry Legand and JJ Dillon and then proceeds to cross the line. Of course Security people and some Denver police officers are also there to arrest him. He relents and says he's going to jail. As they are going the other way Larry is bringing up the rear. Scott Hall comes up behind Larry and taps him on the shoulder. Larry spins around and gets the toothpick treatment. Hall retreats toward the ring luring Zbiszco toward the Lion's den as we cut to commercial.

Nitro Girls in the ring..? Give me a break...

Chris Benoit/Mongo McMichael vs. The Steiner Brothers - Mike Tenay tells us what we all know - Sting is waiting for a contract to face Hogan. Scotty handles Mongo pretty easily at the opening but McMichael comes back with a sidewalk slam. Scott (Mr Suplex) comes right back. Both men exchange tags. Ric proceeds to dominate Benoit and tags his brother back in - who continues the assault. Benoit escapes and tags in Mongo while Scott tags Rick back in. They go at it fist-of-fire with Steiner taking the advantage. He whips Mongo to the opposite corner - McMichael comes out with a tackle then drops an elbow on Rick's back. Mongo goes to the top and flys but Rick catches him and suplexes him over his head then pins him. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene is in the ring and summons Lex Luger to come down for an interview. He is disappointed but sees his short Title reign as a rallying point for WCW. He absolves Randy Anderson of any blame for the loss at Road Wild. He throws out a challange to Hogan for another title shot. Tony refers to him as Hogan for some reason...

We turn to the Nitro Girls. Kimberly has stationed herslf in the back row for good reason - it's obvious she can't cut it with the other dancers in that troup. They're all smiling and working while she needs to concentrate on the routine. to much to flash her teeth.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Buff Bagwell (w/Vincent)- this is a rematch from their bout at SuperBrawl (here in San Francisco back in February). They are pretty well matched here - Bagwell has help from the outside to turn the tide. Bagwell has a little set too with Scott Dickenson - the ref doesn't like being shoved around. Bagwell continues to dominate the action until DDP gets a chance to slip in the Diamond Cutter. 'Nuff said... Cut to commercial.

Mortis (w/James Vandenberg) vs. Ultimo Dragon - TV Title match - Mortis has the size and weight advantage but the Dragon can really move - and he can wrestle. They seem pretty evenly matched through much of this contest. Vandenberg lends his assistance at a critical moment and almost turns the tide. Then Mortis tries to put on the Flatliner (Samoan Drop from the top) and fails. The Dragon slips away and powerbombs his opponent. The Dragon Sleeper gets him the submission win.

JJ Dillon has another contract for Sting to tear up - Sting is wandering around the rafters as JJ speaks. Dillon talks about some about certain committments made by the nWo. Sting descends into the stands then heads for the ring. He is offered a match with Syxx. He, of course, rips up the contract up and shoves it into Dillon's pocket. Mean Gene is asking "Who do you want?" Dillon is looking confused. The crowd is chanting "Hogan, Hogan!" and Sting is pointing at the fans as if to tell Dillon to listen to them... Cut to commercial.

Randy Savage (w?Elizabeth) vs. Curt Hennig - Savage wins the first exchange and they go out to the floor.Hennig turns the tables on the outside and Savage tries to hide behind Liz - Hennig charges anyway and she ducks so that Savage gets the clothesline just as we go to another commercial ( all that you can be, yatta, yatta...)

They are still out on the floor as we return. They are fighting up in the aisle. Hennig takes charge and returns the match to the ring. He maintains his advantage until Savage gets a finger to the eye. Hennig turns the tables back just before DDP hits the ring and attacks him from behind. Savage attacks DDP then Scot Hall hits the ring so they can double team him. Hennig has split the scene. Lex Luger runs down and cleans house of the thugs.

There is just enough time for the announcers to bid us adieu before we fade to black...

RAW Report

Video reviews of recent events involving the Harts, Shawn Michaels and Sgt. Slaughter etc. opens the program before the title montage.

Live from Biloxi, Mississippi.

Shawn Michaels music blairs forth as the Boy Toy struts to the ring. The crowd sees noticably friendlier tonight (why is this guy always slumming in those shorts and t-shirt outfits these days..?). Jim Ross interviews him. Ross asks him about his match against Mankind tonight but he wants to talk about his fall from grace first. He has toned down his rhetoric considerably - now he's saying that the crowd can either be with him or against - it's cool with him. He invites the Undertaker to watch the match tonight. He warns Sgt. Slaughter to stay out of his spotlight. The crowd (or at least a small vocal minority) is chanting against him. Slaughter comes down to the ring. He stands up to Shawn and tells him he doesn't need any of Shawn's "spotlight". Shawn pretends to wipe the spit off his face as Slaughter berates him. Michaels then says he has decided to get a bodyguard (actually he refers to him as "an insurance policy") but declines to tell us who it will be. I guess we'll find out later. The most popular guess I've heard at this point is that it will be Sid again. Hard to say... Outside some fans are indicating that most of them expect Michaels to win his match against Mankind tonight.

Owen Hart and the Bulldog are in the ring as we return but split as the Road Warriors make their entrance. We go backstage to talk to the Godwins about the coming "Country Whippin'" Match.

Hawk vs. Henry Godwins - Country Whippin' Match - Hawk gets the early shots in after blocking Henry's initial attack. Henry is reduced to rolling around on the mat until Phineous trips Hawk from the outside. Now its all Godwin. At ringside Owen and his brother-in-law are arguing over which of them should get the privilage of beating up the Patriot tonight. This is a no-DQ match, so soon both Phineous and Animal have become involved inside the ring. Henry gets whipped to the outside meaning he loses the contest. We get to stare at the sign on Brian Pillman's locker room door as they cut to commercial.

Slaughter is pounding on Pillman's door as we return - he hands Pillman as dress and refers to it as his "wrestling gear". He reminds Pillman that he has to wear a dress until he wins a match on RAW.

Scot (the Putz) Putsky vs Tony Williams - this is billed as a light-heavyweight match - I can't see how Putsky is in that catagory. The match is reduced to a small corner of the screen while we watch Pillman (on a security camera) in his dressing room, struggling with having to don the dress. In the ring (what we can see of it) Putsky is making mincemeat out of his opponent. Pillman is still trying to figure out how to put the dress on after the match ends. Slaughter comes down and asks the Runnels to leave the ring area. Cut to live card promos.

The Undertaker says he does plan to watch Michaels' match tonight. He also says that the only insurance Shawn will need is "burial insurance"... Cut to commercial.

Brian Pillman vs. Flash Funk - we are told that Goldust is in trouble because of the locker room camera incident (of course the WWF isn't in trouble for showing the footage) Jim Ross warns us that Pillman is being pushed over the edge by this treatment. We see a video review of the match last week against Bob Holly. The announcers are hyping the ECW PPV as the match begins. Pillman is in control of the action in the ring from the get-go. Slaughter has decided to settle th argument between Owen and Bulldog by ordering a Tag Team match pitting them against the Patriot and an unnamed opponent. In the ring Pillman has been distracted by the Runnels who have appeared on the ramp and are showing the locker room footage on the TitanTron! Flash gets the jump on him and rolls him up for the pin. Outside a group of fans are chanting Dude Love's name. Cut to commercial.

Video review of how Steve Austin was injured at SummerSlam. Then how Dude Love saved his title (with some help from the man himself)

Dude Love is introduced for an interview. Vince does the honors, asking about Steve Austin's current medical condition. The Dudester assures us that Steve will be back soon. They discuss the Four-Way match upcoming at Ground Zero. The Dudeness is then asked to speculate on the results of the Mankind/HBK match later. He predicts a Mankind win. Shawn shows up on the TitanTron to rant at Foley about his "insurance policy". Obviously he disagrees with Foley's assessment... I guess they just have to agree to disagree... Dude and his girls have a dance and a smooch as we cut to some more fans comments concerning their match. They still seem to feel that HBK holds the edge...

Back in the locker room, the Patriots broad back is conveniently blocking our view of his partner as they discuss strategy for the match against Bulldog/Owen. Cut to commercial.

The second hour begins in a hail of pyrotechnics.

Owen Hart/British Bulldog vs The Patriot/Ken Shamrock - its a flag stand-off in the ring until Shamrock shows up. Owen and Shamrock start. Ken bests his opponent who tags in Davey Boy. The Patriot comes in to face him and dominates the action as well. Bret appears on the ramp as the bad guys catch Shamrock in a doubleteam and we go to sell a Sony Playstation.

Owen and Davey have Shamrock isolated in their corner as we return. After several excanges he throws a double body check to turn the tables and get the tag. The Patriot cleans house then faces the Bulldog one on one. Bret starts advancing toward the ring but is stopped short by Sgt. Slaughter. Meanwhile Owen has slipped a chair into the ring and then goes to try and sneak up on the distracted Ken Shamrock. Unfortunately for Davey Boy, the Patriot has spotted the chair as well and manages to slam the Bulldog onto it. He gets the pin.

Bret Hart is shown being greeted ecstatically by the Canadian fans following his SummerSlam Title win. Cut to commercial.

The Patriot rants from the backstage area until Bret attacks him with a chair and goes to work on him.

Farrooq comes to the ring to face Chains (Bryan Adams) of DOA - Chains starts out strong but loses the initiative early on. Farrooq starts standing over Chains (who is on his hands and knees) and dropping onto his back. He goes to the well one too many times and gets a crotch full of knees. In the next exchange the referee gets knocked down. Rocky Maivia comes out of the crowd, obstensively to check on the referee - but after assertening that he is indeed out of it - he turns and slams Chains!! Farrooq gets the pin and a new recruit to the NOD. Cut to commercial.

Review of what just happened in the ring.

A camera takes us back to the NOD locker room where Rocky is with the thugs. They shoo the camera away then DOA attacks the locker room door.

Sable slinks down to be a guest ring announcer for the next match.

The Patriot strides down and grabs a mic. He says he can take any man face to face but can't fight a guy who hits him from behind with a chair. He calls Hart out. Hart appears with his flag and enters the ring. The Patriot starts beating on him until the rest of the Harts show up to change the odds. Officials try to intervene and are thrown from the ring. The Harts lay him out and cover him with the Canadian flag. Slaughter arrives to restore order. Cut to commercial.

Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind - Mankind comes to the ring with a large plastic trash can and gets it used on himself almost immediately. He gets lose and puts on his claw hold but Shawn slips away from it. They go to the outside and things get pretty hairy. Mankind is repeatedly rammed into the ring steps. Back in the ring Shawn gets his elbow from the top but when he throws the superkick and Mankind ducks then gets his hand into Shawn's mouth again. They go outside in this configuration where Shawn uses the leverage of Mankind's attachment to his face to ram his opponent's head into the ringpost three times. Then he suplexes Mankind onto the broadcast table and we see Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chynna coming to the ring as we cut to commercial.

Shawn has the leather mask and is beating on his opponent with it as we return. Mankind keeps fighting back but he is getting the worst of it. Suddenly he explodes out of the corner and is all over Michaels. On the ramp, Rick Rude is striding towards the ring in a double-breasted suit. As the fight continues he sets himself and waits until Mankind comes into range then brains him with a chair! Shawn hits the superkick and gets the pin.

HBK's music suddenly ends and the Undertaker makes his entrance. Before he can get to the ring, Paul Bearer appears on the TitanTron and threatens UT with his brother's pending appearance. Fade to black...

Both shows were alright tonight. WCW could cut this Sting suspense down for my money while the WWF needs to talk less and wrestle more.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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