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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Monday Night Wars Edition

Hulk Hogan Revealed

Quotes from a candid interview in the Chicago Tribune

Volume 3, Issue 209 - August 18, 1997

Bob Ryder Launches His Web Site


(BATON ROUGE) August 18, 1997 -- RDR Online Services Inc announced today the launch of a new wrestling related website,

RDR president, Bob Ryder, says the new site will be comprehensive and will provide historical information, news, opinion, merchandise, and other features related to Professional Wrestling.

Ryder helped pioneer the popularity of wrestling on the Internet by organizing the first online event involving stars from a major wrestling promotion at Wrestlemania in 1995. WWF Superstars Shawn Michaels and Diesel answered questions from members of the Prodigy service before their matchup at Wrestlemania.

Ryder has headed up the wrestling areas on Prodigy since 1995, and in that time period wrestling has become one of the most popular areas on the Prodigy service.

We at Solie's wish Ryder, one of the true Internet Wrestling pioneers, all the best in his new venture.

I received this email from Mike Siroky who is the Hometown Editor of the South Bend Tribune in South Bend, Indiana and a regular visitor to the Solie's Site. Thanks Mike!

Hulk Hogan Revealed


I thought you might want to use this sometime.

Hulk Hogan gave a rather candid interview to the Chicago Tribune while on the set of the movie he is filming in Canada. He stayed out of character and basically talked about real life. Among the few revelations is the fact he blew out one knee totally and is considering retirement before he becomes permanently disabled. This may explain why (besides age) he is not quite as agile as he once was.

Here are the best quotes:

WCW Nitro Report

We open on one of Raven's delirious rants...Quoth the Raven "Nevermore" yatta, yatta...give me a break...

Live from Birmingham, Alabama.

The dreaded Nitro Girls are dancing in the ring as Tony, Tenay and Legendary Larry introduce the program.

Harlem Heat (w/Jaquelyne) vs. Buff Bagwell/Scot Norton (w/Vincent) - Vincent better watch out in this one 'cause Jackie will clean his clock! Stevie Ray overpowers Bagwell to start. Buff comes back with a beale out of a neutral corner. On the next exchange Bagwell launches himself right into Stevie's arms and gets slammed. Booker T comes in and is headlocked, Bagwell tags out. Norton keeps the initiative then hands back to Bagwell. Buffy prompty throws the advantage away. As things begin to go against the nWo, Vincent pops up onto the apron and gets caught elbowing Stevie Ray in the back. The Heat win via DQ and clear the ring while they're at it. Curiously, Jackie never got involved. Cut to commercial.

The Barbarian vs. Mortis (w/James Vandenberg) - Mortis starts out strong and has the Barbarian at his mercy early on. After the second exchange the latter overpowers his opponent. Mortis escapes and goes for a splash from the top. Barbarian catches him in mid air and powerslams him. He lets his man get up the appears to load his boot before putting it into Mortis's face. He gets the pin. Of course Wrath hits the ring and gets his Death Sentence suplex on Barbarian, then Meng shows up and gets the Goozle on Wrath. Vandenberg and Mortis rescue their man and split.

nWo funky music signals the entrance of Eric Bischoff - He loves us...yatta, yatta...he invites the audience to "his party" - meaning the Clash of Champions program. Then he says he has business to take care of. He says that Legendary Larry isn't allowed within 50 feet of him (he doesn't say anything about a second restraining order). He then addresses JJ Dillon - he wants his own show, he wants to be in the broadcast booth - he doesn't offer any clue as to what he thinks his leverage is. Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene introduces Ric Flair and Curt Hennig - they go through their usual colliquey. Flair says Hennig will be a Horseman - ennig denies it...getting old...

Stevie Richards vs. Scotty (the Jobber) Riggs - Riggs is all over Richards from the get-go. The announcers don't seem very impressed with Richards. The fight goes out to the floor and Richards turns the tables. Back in the ring he holds onto the advantage for a little while. Then Riggs comes back strong but he seems overconfident. On a rush into the corner Riggs is stopped short by a "Stevie Kick" to the jaw. Richards wins the match. Raven slips into the ring behind him and catches him in a DDT. Cut to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett, Debra and Eddie Guerrero w/Mean Gene - Alex Wright interrupts the preceedings to ask Debra to consider recruiting him (he approached her in a similar manner on Saturday). She turns him down - so he says he's going to get the TV belt then he will decide whether to give her the time of day. As he walks away she allows how she might reconsider if he does win the TV Title. Cut to commercial.

Jeff Jarrett/Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael - Benoit and Guerrero start and the Wolverine takes control of the match. Mongo tags in and demands that Jarrett come in. Jarrett acts like he wants to comply but Eddie says "No". Moments later Jarrett sneaks in and they set Mongo up with a double team. They start taking turns working on the big guy's legs. Mongo uses his awesome power to finally thwart Guerrero. Now Benoit is in and doing his human buzzsaw schtick. On the outside Mongo is confronting his wife who has the US belt. She drops it and Mongo uses it to brain Jarrett giving Benoit the pin. On the outside McMichaels is creaming Guerrero as the Horsemen are declared the winners. Cut to Nitro Girls.

The second hour begins - we see a review of Dillon's offer to Sting last Monday.

nWo music plays as the Outsiders come to the ring. They have a match later but this isn't it. Scott Hall has the mic and rants about how the nWo are the best thing going. He hands the mic over to Kevin Nash who puts down the opponents for later tonight (DDP and Luger) then bids us adieu. Cut to commercial.

Nitro Girls are back (whoopee...)

More nWo music - Syxx makes his entrance. His opponent is Ric Flair again - a return bout from their Road Wild encounter - this is very much a see-saw affaire. Flair seems to be controlling the early going but Syxx holds his own. As the match goes on the advantage steadily swings to Waltman. Flair gets knocked out to the floor. Syxx goes for a baseball slide but Flair sidesteps and tries to grab his leg. Syxx slips away. Back inside Syxx goes for a second "bronco ride" in the corner and misses. Now Flair is in control again and setting up for the Figure Four. Vincent, Bagwell and Norton hit the ring and trigger the DQ. They and Syxx quadruple team on Flair until Curt Hennig shows up to perform the save.(I still want to know what Hennig's "business" was with Bischoff a couple of shows back...) Cut to commercial.

Mean Gene w/JJ Dillon and Nick Patrick - Dillon says the Exec Committee has absolved Patrick of any culpability in the Road Wild Tag match. Patrick still wants to accuse Randy Anderson of malfeasance in the World Title match on the same card. Anderson comes out but Dillon cuts off the interview before he gets a chance to say much.

LaParka (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Ultimo (I refuse to call him "Ultimate") Dragon - TV Title match - the Dragon has the upper hand early on. Why doesn't anybody ever push him off the top turnbuckle when he does that headstand schtick? The Dragon throws a Planche and downs his opponent but also does a number on himself. Oono gets in a hook kick while the competition is down. LaParks slams him into the steps then rolls him back into the ring. Inside he goes for a pin but fails. He continues his attack. The Dragon comes back and gets his spinning Frankensteiner then a Dragon Sleeper but Oono is on the apron so he releases the hold. LaParka recovers and kicks the Dragon from behind as he is distracted by Oono. But then he reverses a whip and Oono plants a boot into the wrong man's back. Dragon slaps on the sleeper again and gets the submission victory. Cut to commercial.

Curt Hennig vs. The Giant - Hennig starts out foolishly by slapping the Giant's face. The Giant chokes him and throws him into the corner. Hennig chops away then follows it up with a shot to the throat, a couple of more chops then the Giant headbutts him to the mat. Things are looking bad for Hennig when Eric Bischoff comes striding out towards the ring and tries to say that the Giant has to leave the ring or he is in violation of the restraining order! Doug Dillenger arrives and calmly insists that Bischoff is the one violating the order. Bischoff argues his ridiculaous case to no avail. He turns and catches sight of Legendary Larry advancing from that quarter with a big grin on his face. Caught between Larry and the Giant (who has left the ring), Eric bolts over the railing. The Giant drags him back and Eric slips away and tries to flee as we cut to commercial. (By the way, we heard the bell ring but the disposition of the match is a mystery)

JJ Dillon is back with what looks like another contract for Sting to tear up. In the background the crowd is gazing at the ceiling. Dillon says that the paper in his hand is not a contract after all. He is saying that Sting needs to tell them what he wants - he gives him until Thursday to come up with an answer. He hints that WCW and Sting could come to a parting of the ways otherwise. Sting appears in the stands and heads for the ring. The crowd is going nuts as Sting grabs Dillon by the collar and points to signs at ringside that indicate what we all know. Gene pleads with him for an answer. Sting goes out and comes back with a sign that says "Hulk vs. Sting". Apparently Dillon is the densest human being next to Mean Gene as we go to commercial with things still up in the air.

Lex Luger/Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) vs The Outsiders - Tag Team Championship match - Luger and Hall square off first. We go past the time limit as the match begins. This will be short. They struggle in a test of strength from corner to corner. Luger gets suckered into the enemy corner but fights his way out. Nash tags in and wants DDP. Luger obliges. DDP rushes in and gets caught by a knee lift. He comes back with two punches that stagger the big guy then gets a swinging neck breaker and a two count. Nash comes back briefly but DDP turns the tables again and gets another pin attempt. Nach neutralizes him with a boot to the face and tags in Hall who steps up the attack. The Outsiders are using taunts to lure Luger into the ring so they can double team his partner. Hall slaps on his abdominal stretch. Luger keeps distracting the referee to the detriment of his partner. Page reverses the stretch but can't get to the corner. Nash cuts him off. They are doubleteaming him again and Luger is helping them with his impatience. Still they can't put him away. Hall slaps on a sleeper and Page starts to go down. Anderson is testing his reactions and (of course) Page comes too on the third drop. He fights to his feet and suplexes Hall. They both race in slow motion to get the tag and Hall gets there first. Nash cut Page off again but DDP gets a headscissors take down. This time Page makes the tag and Luger is in but the rest of the thugs show up and cause the DQ. The Giant and Flair rush to the ring to join the frey and the melee goes on as we fade to black...

Raven rants some more...please spare us these lunatic ravings...he says his father never gave him what he needed (huh...? This sounds familiar...) - oh I see...its the rebroadcast of the program we just saw.

Coming August 25:
"Wild" Bill Interviews Les Thatcher!!

WWF RAW Report

Live from Atlantic City, NJ

At the top of the show we get a closeup of a sign that says "Its the Sh*tman, Not the Hitman" (except it's actually spelled out) - the WWF is soooo classy...

Vince introduces Rick Rude as "one of the WWF's all time greats..." Rude does a parody of his classic opening line, ending with "...see what a real man has to say." He says he's an " salesman" and refuses to say who paid him for his actions last week. He tries to intimidate McMahon, who grins and asks if there "is some other superstar" who might need insurance tonight. Rude uses every cliche in insurance marketing to decribe his "product". Vince calls it a protection racket.

We see the streets of Atlantic City and then cut to a shot of Shawn Michaels and Sgt. Slaughter having a heated argument. Shawn doesn't want to wrestle with Hunter Hearst Helmsley as his partner against the Undertaker and Mankind.

Owen Hart/British Bulldog vs. The Road Warriors - LOD dominate the opening moments against Owen until Hawk rams himself into the corner post. Bulldog slams him on the steps immediately after then tags in. He continues his attack on Hawk then settles into a reverse chinlock. Hawk turns away from the hold and gets to his feet but then is whipped and kneed in the gut. Owen is in and keeps up the pressure. Animal gets suckered in to distract the referee. Hawk finally tags out and Animal cleans house. About this time the Godwins show up and distract the ref then take Animal out with their slop bucket. Owen gets the pin and all hell breaks loose. Jerry Briscoe is in the ring with several referees to try and restore order. The rest are hustled away while the losers strut to their music.

Cut to a clip of a Steve Austin interview to be aired later then to Mankind who ruminates about his pending partnership with the Undertaker. Cut to commercial.

Shawn Michaels rants about his sad position (sounding remarkably like the irstwhile whinny Bret Hart) - boo-hoo (snif...)

Sunny struts to the ring in a metalic blue outfit to introduce...

Flash Funk vs. Brian Christopher - it's looking more and more like the Light Heavyweight division was created as a vehicle for the King's little boy... They're calling him the Light Heavyweight contender like it's his nickname or something. Flash seems to have the upper hand through most of the match - but we know whose getting the push. Christopher comes back and has the match well in hand when the King gets out of his chair to instruct the kid to use a piledriver for his finisher. It proves to be the distraction that affords Funk the duke. He gets his forward somersault splash to win the upset.

The Undertaker talks about getting his hands on HBK tonight and warns Mankind not to get in his way. Cut to commercial.

The Sultan (w/The Iron Sheik) vs Ken Shamrock - we see HHH and Chynna arguing with the Sarge as this match is being introduced. Boy! All those signs must be annoying for the people sitting behind them... Shamrock goes right for a submission move almost immediately (and yet they tell us he's trying to not be typecast as a "submission specialist"). Fatu (excuse me...) uh... the Sultan dominates the action after the initial encounter. Shamrock comes back with a couple of suplexes then gets ditracted by the Sheik on the apron. But before the Sheik's action can have their desired effect he is dragged in and suplexed. A Frankensteiner puts the Sultan down then Shamrock slaps on his leg submission hold to get the win.

NOD music interrupts Jim Ross before they can go to the Austin interview. They want to talk to JR. Rocky Maivia is with them (he's the one not wearing the hat). The crowd is chanting "Rocky Sucks!!" Farrooq tells us that Ahmed is a white man on the inside and that's why he was tossed out of the NOD. He rants about Rocky's recruitement. Rocky whines about being disrespected by the fans...yatta, yatta... He says that the DOA opytimizes racism. Crush and the DOA are shown in the garage challanging the NOD to a parking lot brawl. NOD split (I suppose) for the parking lot. Cut to another clip of Austin's interview then a clip of the Runnels frolicking with their daughter on the beach. Cut to commercial.

An interview with HHH is interrupted to take us back and witness the brawl between DOA and NOD - which ends abruptly when Los Baricuas steal the motorcycles.

Jesse James vs Ms. Brian Pillman - Pillman's outfit is almost as funny as the one Double J wears... they both have flounces... The match is puncuated by Double J's clowning around with Pillman's ring attire (apparently he never looks in the mirror). Pillman sidesteps a flying clothesline and would have the match sewn up except that Goldust comes down and interfere's...on the side of Pillman... and gets him disqualified. A Todd Pettingill wannabe stops the Runnels for an interview, before they can say much Pillman gets a mic and offers Goldust a loser-leave-town vs. having Marlena for Pillman's assistant for 30 days match. He then asserts that he (Pillman) is the father of Dustin's daughter (when will this all these disgusting angles end...) Goldust rushes the ring but Marlena grabs the mic and excepts the challange...much to Dustin's chagrin. Cut to Vader threatening the Patriot (his opponent later) then to commercial.

The second hour begins amid pyrotechnics.

Vader (w/Paul Bearer) vs. The Patriot - big Van Jobber is looking as mean as usual, too bad he has to lose again (in the quest to make his opponent look like a legitimate contender for Bret Hart's title). Speak of the devil...the Champ shows up to distract our hero so Vader can get his licks in at the beginning of the match. It doesn;t last long as the Patriot comes back with a flying clotheline. He drags Vader over and crotches him on the corner post (what a great sport...) then wails on his opponent until Vader gets a splash in. Now its all Vader until he tries a Vader bomb and gets a gut full of upraised knees. The Patriot is in control for a moment but runs into Vader's bulk and is felled. Moments later he comes back with his Full Nelson slam to win. Bret Hart starts down the ramp and distracts the Patriot so Vader can get in some post-match shots. Hart enters the ring and drapes the Canandian flag on the prone Patriot. Vader takes offense and breaks the flag staff and throws the flag in Hart's face. That brings on an attack by Hart's minions. The Patriot recovers and comes to the rescue of Vader. Sgt. Slaughter breaks up the mess and shoos the Harts and Vader away so the Patriot can celebrate with his fans. Cut to cnother clip of Austin's interview (Hell! Why even show it...?) Cut to commercial.

We see a review of what just happened then cut to Bret Hart ranting against the fans, the Patriot, Vader etc...

Yet another Austin clip... Cut to commercial again...

The Steve Austin Interview (at last) - his injury incident is examined from several angles before we get to the interview - someone is holding a sign behind JR that says "" as we cut to the tape - Austin is as surly as ever and talks about his injury, his recovery and his future. He admits he was scared when the inury happened. He threatens Owen Hart with bodily harm when he comes back. He says the doctors are telling him he might have to retire from the ring but that he has no intention of doing that. He says he drank a few "cases of beers and" drove around in his Ford and thought about his condition. He puncuates the interview with taunts and threats directed at JR. He does finally admit that he might decide to hang it up but says the decision will be his alone.

Okay, so the injury was legit but the retirement talk is a work... he's not as badly hurt as they are me. Cut to commercial.

HHH (w/Chynna)/HBK vs The Undertaker/Mankind - the last two remaining members of the "clik" are united as a team for the first time. On the other side are two former arch rivals. Michaels tries to convince a cameraman to wrestle in his place in this one. Mankind and Helmsley lock up first. Michaels comes in illegally and the two of them double team Mankind. Mankind fights them both off and back into his corner where the Undertaker tags himself in. Michaels abandons the ring as UT rushes him. UT handles Hunter easily until HBK interferes. They are about to square off when Rick Rude appears striding down the ramp and we cut to commercial (how conveeenient...).

Hunters jumps right into a Mandible Claw as we return. Chynna breaks that up toot suite... Hunter and Shawn are effectively teaming up against Mankind. Rude is in their corner with Chynna (where the Hell is Slaughter when you need him..?) Michaels has Mankind set up for the Chin Music and tags Hunter in then misses and gets clawed. Hunter comes in a tries a Pedigree but gets dropped on his back - he kicks Mankind who rebounds off the corner and falls headfirst onto Hunter's mid-section (ouch!!) All three are laying in the ring. Mankind manages to struggle over and tag his partner who comes in with a vengance. The phenom downs Helmsley then grabs Shawn (who is on the apron) by the throat but gets a thumb in the eye. He comes back blocking a punch then lets fly with one of his own. Shawn flies right onto the railing. Helmsley tries to enter the ring with a chair but is cut off by Mankind. On the outside UT has his hands on Michaels again and hoists him over his head by the throat then turns around in time to catch Rude about to hit him with the chair. Rude retreats to the ring followed by UT who downs Hunter again but now Michaels is in the ring with the chair. UT gets brained and goes down. He pops up so Shawn hits him again. He pops up again, covered with blood and reels to his feet as the "clik" and Rude leaves and we cut to commercial.

We come back just long enough to get a closeup of the battered, bloody chair and then a replay of Michaels assault. Fade to black...

RAW was a pretty good show but it was marred substantially in my opinion by the latest twist in the Pillman/Goldust feud.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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