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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

An Interview with DDP

by the Hitman

The Best...: Part 4

by Garland Chan

Run, Blade Runner, Run:
The Story Of Sting: Part 6

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 3, Issue 213 - August 29, 1997

An Interview with Diamond Dalls Page

by Hitman

Hitman is a reporter from Salt Lake City. He is currently working at Fox Television in the Sports Department and working for ESPN on college football gameday. He is a wrestling fan and covers it frequently on his radio show. DDP was promoting the upcoming Nitro in Salt Lake City on Sept 22nd and here is part of the transcript of the interview........

Hit: Joining us now on the big show a regular on this program Diamond Dallas Page with his beautiful wife Kimberly and Kim it's about time we had you on the big show.....

Kim: It's about time you asked me! (laughs)

Hit: DDP, something folks in Salt Lake City have been waiting for is the first apperance EVER for Nitro in Utah. Tell the folks that haven't been to a live Nitro what to expect......

DDP: It's the #1 program in the nation and nothing compares to a live Nitro show. History is always made on Nitro. I remember doing a show at the Superdome in New Orleans.....The place was rockin, the atmosphere was absolutely unbeliveable! Hall got his head kicked in, I was part of the main event...there is no other wresting promotion that can match the intensity and exciteablility of a live Nitro...enough said.

Hit: You've been battling with Curt Henning as of late, what's going on between you two...

DDP: It started with the Bash, when an envious guy wanted to make his name for himself and turned on his partner. He's a punk who is jealous of DDP. He is a tough s.o.b., look at my forehead......(I would guess DDP had 10 stiches in his forehead, extremely noticeable and looked like it hurt like hell...) we had a war in the ring.....It carried to Sturgus and it's been a war ever since.

Hit: Kim we've seen you with the Nitro's Girls, something I know we very much about your latest endeavour with the ladies......

Kim: It was something I designed to keep me with WCW, but not in the limelight that I have been as of late....I like what the Fly Girls did on the t.v. show "In Living Color" and thought we could take it to another level....It's very fun for me and I enjoy it tremendously.

Hit: Does this mean we won't see you by DDP's side anymore?

Kim: I had a few bumps that I didn't enjoy taking. I was painted on, harassed, and just beat up. (i.e. Savage). This gives me a chance to do something I enjoy and still keeps me close to the ring without getting beat up. It's a new direction that I very much enjoy......

Hit: You received your degree from Northwestern in marketing and sales. You also had a very successful modeling career. Why did you pursue wrestling?

Kim: I loved the lifestyle wrestling has. It's a very comfortable life that I enjoy. It also gave me time to spend with my husband. It's a good way we can both be together and work also.

Hit: Do you like your wife in the ring DDP?

DDP: Hit, Kimberly is my wife, my personal trainer, and model and on and on. I don't want her endangered by being with me in the ring, but she has stood by me thick and thin and she gives me the support I need. She can be used as a distraction for my opponents. She gives me the edge on need at all times!!

End of Part A of Interview

*My personal thoughts are that Page wants to be a heel instead of the face the fans are turning him into.....Look for Luger vs Page very soon! Just a hunch.

I am currently updating the wrestling part of my web site so I will have the entire interview this weekend.....If you need the web address it is

Run, Blade Runner, Run: The Story Of Sting

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by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Part 6: Betrayal and Revenge

After Starrcade '89, the on/off relationship between Sting and Ric Flair was defenitely off!!! Originally, Flair had Ole and Arn Anderson come back to the NWA (now WCW) to take out Sting but thought better of it. Instead, Flair figured it would be better if Sting joined them!!! In other words, make Sting a Horsemen!!! The plan seemed sound but the NWA had other ideas as they granted Sting an NWA World Title match at WrestleWar '90 on February 25 (Flair's birthday, ironically). When Sting accepted the match, he pretty much dug his own grave because the Horsemen gave Sting an ultimatium: either he give up the match at WrestleWar or give up his career!!! They gave him until the end of the Clash Of The Champions to give his answer!!! Sting, obviously ticked off by this action, tried to attack Flair but was tripled teamed by the Horsemen. Sting tried to attack Flair later in the card but injured his left knee in the process!! This put Sting out of action for six months and took him out of the WresleWar '90 match.

Left with no challenger, the NWA gave Sting's title shot to then-US Champion Lex Luger. The Horsemen tried the same tactics with Lex but was far less successful as Luger, physically and verbally, laid out Flair and the Anderson's on World Championship Wrestling (now known as WCW Saturday Night)!!! Also on that show, Sting announced that he would be at WrestleWar to watch the match (yeah, right). The match saw the rekindling of the Luger/Sting relationship as Sting came down and slapped Luger back into the match. Sting's words were:

"Wake up!!!! Come on and kick his you know what!!! Come on Lex, get in there!!! Do it!!!"

This spurred Luger on to regaining the advantage and nearly the NWA title, but as Lex had Flair in the "tourture rack", the Andersons was going to attack Sting again!!! Luger chose to save Sting rather than get the submission on Flair. This action resulted in Luger getting counted out and Flair retaining the title. Numerous rematches saw Luger getting the win but Flair leaving with the NWA title intact. Then, in June of 1990, Flair and Sting had an unscheduled match at the end of a Clash Of The Champions broadcast. Flair, soon afterwards, accepted Sting's challenge for July 7 at the Great American Bash in Baltimore, MD (ironically the site of their "union" over a year ago). Sting was in good spirits that night and had good reason to be. The NWA, citing numerous times of Horsemen interference over the last six months, made the following stipulations:

So, as I pointed out in the "Ric Flair VS. Sting" article, Flair's only option was to win the match!!!

To his credit, he did put up a tremendous fight but Sting was surprisingly up to the task considering the six months off. The match ended when Flair, while going for the figure-four, got caught with an inside cradle by Sting for the pin. Sting had gained revenge by winning the World title that he should've had the chance at back in February. Afterwards, Sting had this to say: "My mouth is dry, so listen to what I have to say. Ric Flair is the greatest world's champion of all time. As for me, I am a champion for one night and one night only because I have some big shoes to fill!!!" These were surprisingly gracious comments considering what happened to him at the hands of Flair but that has always been the character of Sting (until recently anyway). But crazy days lied ahead for the Stinger.

Next: The Black Scorpion

If you have a question, comments, criticism, or just want to talk pro wrestling, e-mail me at

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The Best...

Part 4 By Garland Chan

The votes are in and the winner is-best interview. Please vote for next week's subject as well.

Now when I ask who gives the best interview, I know there could be some question to what this means. So let me remove some ambiguity. Everyone is eligible: wrestlers, managers, referees, owners, commissioners, commentators, everyone. I will be rating all pertinent interviews within the last year (or so) and taking their best stuff into account.

What I look for in a good interview includes but is not limited to energy, tension created, believability, persuading aspects, and shock appeal. I guess I have to say that while all the other factors play a big role, the most important to me is the shock appeal. And shock appeal can be best generated for me if there is a genuine interview that makes me question if there is at least a little shoot in them (please e-mail to give your insight on what constitutes a good interview). And because there are so many people that are good with the microphone, I'll have to expand this week's list to 10! So just who gives the best interview?

1. Jim Ross

2. Scott Hall

3. Eric Bischoff

4. Steve Austin

5. Bret Hart

6. Diamond Dallas Page

7. Ric Flair

8. Arn Anderson

9. Randy Savage

10. Kevin Nash

Honorable mention: Mankind (who got bumped from the list by AA), Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, The Giant, Shawn Micheals, and Nick Patrick.

VOTE!!! Please select the next issue's subject: Best Commentator or Best Angle

Agree? Disagree? Suggestions for future articles? Go ahead make my day.

Until next time, this is Garland riding shotgun...

That's all for this edition. I'll be back tomorrow night with my Friday Night Main Events report. Until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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