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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Monday Nitro

Tacoma House Show Results

by Garland Chan

Volume 3, Issue 215 - September 1, 1997

Tacoma House Show Results 9/28/97

By Garland Chan

For the first time in my life, I decided to actually PAY for a wrestling event. The event was supposed to start at 7:30, but we arrived at the Tacoma Dome at around 7:00 and looked at merchandise. We decided everything was too expensive so we sat in our seats and discussed wrestling. Some of the more interesting things I learned was how dedicated promotions are to keeping wrestler images all the time. For example, When Ted Dibiase was the Million Dollar Man, he was given orders to pay for everything, EVERYTHING with a hundred dollar bill (even a pack of gum). No word if he got his change back ;-).

Anyway they kept people waiting past the start time to get people anxious and finally the British Bulldog came down to ringside. He was met with a shower of boos and after about 10 minutes of rambling in front of the camera, he left. Then the ring announcer came and everyone cheered as Warren Moon, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks came down to rile up the crowd. After the national anthem, things finally got under way.

Rockabilly vs. Brakus

Winner: Rockabilly by pinfall

Time of match: 7:38

Bret Hart then comes out to the ring to give his anti-American speech and says something like this: "Well hello to you too! I only have three things to say here 1) Moon, you should have stayed in Canada, at least you won championships there 2) It�s a sham that you Washington folks steel OUR salmon 3) the title is NOT on the line tonight against The Patriot."

Of course the title is up for grabs after on of the suits basically says defend the title or you�ll forfeit the belt. Bret goes into a tirade about how he wasn�t signed for a title match. Yatta yatta.

Godwinns vs. Headbangers

Winners: Godwinns by pinfall.

Time of match: 11:12

Vader vs. Flash Funk

Winner: Vader by pinfall

Time of Match: 5:54

British Bulldog vs Dude Love for the European Championship

Winner: Love by DQ

Time of Match: 8:00

Ring Announcer plugs merchandise and we take a 15 minute break.

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Goldust vs. Brian Pillman

Winner: Goldust by pinfall

Time of Match: 5:50

Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock

Winner: Ken Shamrock by submission

Time of Match: 7:27

The Patriot vs. Bret "Hitman" Hart

Winner: The Patriot by DQ

Time of Match: 16:15

I guess it wasn�t bad for the first time ever at a live event. As expected the wrestlers got on the mic a lot to draw heat from the crowd. And also as expected Bret was the hardest worker tonight. I learned two big things about wrestling that day. The wrestlers are HUGE and they spit an awful lot (when they take punches). Anyway I�m set to go the WCW event on Sept 19. So I�ll have the best of both worlds. I�ll do a report on that too.

Agree? Disagree? Suggestions for future articles? Go ahead make my day.

Until next time, this is Garland riding Shotgun...

Solie's Seattle Correspondent, Garland Chan is a regular contributer to the newsletter.

WCW Monday Nitro

Live from Pensacola, Florida - this program is dedicated to Arn Anderson.

We get a review of Arn Anderson's retirement speech and Hennig's induction into the Horsemen.

Chris Benoit/Steve McMichael vs. Eddie Guerrero/Jeff Jarrett - Edie and Chris start out this fast paced match. The contest is pretty even up to the first commercial.

Guerrero is stalling and doing one-handed push-ups as we return. He ties up with Benoit and overwhelmes him then tags in Jarrett. As far as I can tell we haven't seen Mongo in this match, although he has managed to be effective from outside the ring. Guerrero goes up for his Frog Splash but Mongo grabs his foot. Benoit climbs up and superplexes Guerrero. Mongo gets in and cleans house. Benoit joins him after Guerrero is tossed out. They go for a double back elbow but Eddie trips Benoit then Jarrett goes from a three-point stance to down Mongo. Benoit is suplexed out to the floor. Jarrett slaps on a figure four, Eddie is on his way to the top. Suddenly Dean Malenko runs in and upsets Guerrero. He tumbles to the mat and Mongo pins him. Cut to commercial.

Scott Hall, Randy Savage and Elizabeth take over the broadcast booth. Legandary Larry stands up to them but they don't take the bait. They rant about nothing in particular - puncuated by nWo slogans.

Silver King vs. Mortis (w/James Vandeberg/Wrath) - SK is one of the more mature Luchedores. His experience advantage shows in this contest as Mortis is seemingly forced to wrestle his opponents's match. Mortis manages to pick up the win but only after a rather grueling, short match. Vandenberg rants about the Faces of Fear, who show up and chase them out of the ring. We go to watch the Nitro Girls cavorting on the ramp. Cut to commercial.

I had a couple of email messages last week taking me to task for putting down the efforts of the Nitro Girls. I want to point out that I have not made comments either way about their obvious talent as dancers or how attractive they certainly are - I merely question the concept of dancing girls at the Wrestling matches. In fact, there was a comment on the Readers' Forum the other day explaining how the Girls are used at House shows and TV tapings to keep the audience entertained during the long breaks necessitated by the rigors of TV production. So don't get me wrong - I have nothing against the Nitro Girls per se - I just find them annoying in the middle of a wrestling card.

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We come back to an extended replay of the Sting "smiling incident' from last week.

Yuji Nagata vs. Den Malenko - this may be the best match of the night. Nagata has shown great ring presence, considerable skill and just the right cruel streak... we all know what Malenko is like...

Nagata matches the "man-of-a-thousand holds" for the first few moves and then goes to the mat and gets creamed. In fact, Malenko is the first guy I've seen who actually gives Nagata a run for his money. Both men use the ropes repeatedly to escape from submission holds. Just as the match is looking iffy, Jarrett and Debra show up . She distracts the referee while Jarrett gets Malenko's attention and brains him. Nagata gets the pin but can't figure up what happened. Cut to commercial.

(Comments about the Nitro Girls deleted) The Girls dance while Tony hawks WCW merchandise. They end up in the ring (the Girls not the merchandise...)

LaParka (w/Sonny Oono) vs. The Ultimo Dragon - Sonny has framed the picture of himself putting the Ultimo Dragon in the dragon sleeper. LaParka has the weight advantage in this one...and Sonny Oono. Otherwise the Dragon holds all the cards. He keeps control until he jumps out of the ring to put some hurt on his former manager. LaParka attacks as soon as the Dragon's attention wanders and we are off and running. LaParka is relentless and has Oono to distract the referee - it's all LaParka for several moments. The Dragon comes back with his "kicking machine" and again has the match well in hand. Oono distracts again and LaParka gets his chair but he misses his swing and gets a face full of metal when the Dragon delivers a drop-kick. Dragon gets the pin. Afterward Oono begs indulgence then attacks from behind. The Dragon fends him off and then slams him. He starts to put on the Dragon Sleeper but LaParka threatens with his chair. Cut to commercial.

Buff Bagwell (w/Viincent) vs Glacier - Glacier's in-ring shenanegans at the beginning are cut short. Bagwell is getting a good laugh out of the entire performance. He continues to taunt the martial arts expert throughout the early moments. Glacier straightens him out pretty quickly and then the match acually gets underway. Glacier dominates the entire match with Bagwell showing occasional flashes of brilliance. On the outside, Vincent gets involved but he turns loose to soon. Bagwell is way overconfident but he keeps coming back after surrendering the advantage on several occasions. Glacier seems to have the upper hand when Vincent gets involved again. From there on it is a two on one situation. Vincent interferes again and again to ensure the win. In the end Bagwell gets his Blockbuster ( a flying-reverse DDT) and the duke. Cut to another Arn Anderson tribute (they have been happening at each break) and a commercial.

Roddy Piper video includes clips from his movies and scenes of his wrestling career.

Lizmark Jr. vs. Villano IV (w/V) - this is more of an American style match because a lot of it takes place on the mat. Lizmark is the high flyer here but is effectively grounded throughout most of the match. These are both second generation wrestlers but Villano has the experience advantage. Lizmark doesn't seem to know how to go for a finisher. Meanwhile the Villanos' are making illegal switches to no avail - Lizmark wins after a moonsault. Afterward the Villanos' try to get the decision reversed by claiming that the wrong man was pinned....

Mean Gene w/Lex Luger - he says that he and DDP are not "seeing eye-to-eye" - then he says that he made a mistake and apologizes. He invites Page out but the Diamond man doesn't show. They have a match later as partners...

The Arn Anderson tribute for this break is a clip of AAA turning on Beautiful Bobby a few years ago. The video clips alternate with statements from his peers . Very touching. I think they are hyping this in exactly the right way. Arn deserves every tribute - I just hope this doesn't mean we won't see him on TV anymore. He would be a great color man.

NGirls alert!!! Disko Inferno appears among the dancers!! He's in the way on the ramp when Alex Wright makes his entrance. They get into a dance-off!! Disco finally backs off so Wright can get to the ring to defend his Title.

Alex Wright vs. Hugh Morrus - TV Title match - Wow! This could be a real interesting match. Morrus is one of the most talented super-heavyweights I've seen in many years. Wright does a roll-away and stops to strut. Morrus whacks him upside the head and this Champion looks very vulnerable. Wright retreats to the floor. He comes back in but gets caught again. After two more exchanges he slips in a couple of those lethal European Uppercuts and turns the tables. Alex is showing a good killer instinct as he diables Morrus's left leg but then makes the mistake of taking it out to the floor. Morrus rebounds briefly but, back in the ring - Wright is in controll until he takes too long to climb the corner buckle. Morrus catches him and takes over. He is about to get the win but Disko Inferno brains him!! Wright retains his title. Cut to commercial.

The Girls are adorning the broadcast set as we come back. Now Tony is hawking personal visits to fans by Nitro Girls...

Sting Video shows the Stinger ready to re-enter the battle...lets hope so...

Stevie Richards vs. Damien - the latter is the most slovenly of the Luchedores. Before he can get to the ring, Raven appears and attacks - DDT's him on the concrete. Raven tosses the unconscience competitor into the ring. Richards first tries to revive him. Failing that, he asks Raven for advice. Raven, who is up on the apron, slaps him down and says "...cover the man". Stevie does as he is told. Cut to AAA tribute by Dean Malenko (we have seen Larry Z, DDP, Lex Luger and Bobby Heenan so far). Cut to commercial.

Too much NGirls...(somebody save me - please!!!)

Mean Gene w/Big Bubba - he renounces his nick name in a very Tenta-ish display. He says he is Ray Traylor and has been injured and in the hospital since the attack on him in the parking lot several months ago. He hates the nWo now and vows to get even with them for tossing him aside when he was hurt.

Big Ray Traylor vs. Prince Iaukea - Traylor dominates his smaller competition from start to finish in this match. There is a vast experience and size advantage at work here. The Prince can't take his opponent off his feet. He makes a last desparate bid for control but is totally overwhelmed and sidewalk slammed. The big guy takes the pin. Cut to JJ Dillon's tribute to Arn.

Mean Gene introduces the Four Horsemen. Syxx and Konan come out dressed as Ric Flair and Mongo respectively. They shoo Gene away and call out Curt Hennig. Buff Bagwell answers the call with a towel on his shoulder and a baseball cap. They do a mock version of Hennig turning down the Horsemen berth. The Syxx calls out Arn Anderson. Some clown (is that Nash??) dressed up like a very decrepit looking Arn Anderson in a neck brace shows up. Yeah, it's Nash. He makes a speech which parodies Arn's resigation interview. Syxx is pretending to break into tears. Nash substitutes a "fat broad" for the fellow that slapped Arn on the back. It is the longest coherrent speech we have heard from Nash in months - in fact it goes on way too long. Just when we are wonderoing where the real Horsemen are (we know Mongo and Benoit are present) we hear that the Horsemen are being held back stage by the Security forces. Cut to commercial.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Chris Jericho - Cruiserweight Title Match - Eddie G shows up before the match can begin to berate his nephew and demands that he (Eddie) be allowed to take the Cruiserweight shot. Scott Riggs comes down to protest that he should get the shot - then every light-heavyweight in the organization comes down and a donnybrook erupts! We seem to have a Cruiserweight Battle Royale going on!! Jericho eventually ends up alone in the ring then Eddie Guerrero appears again with the Title belt and ...well...belts him! Nobody is counting of course...cut to commercial. Poor Chavo...

Hollywood Hogan w/Eric Bischoff come to the ring as we return. They are supposed to have their answer to Sting's demand for a match. Hogan takes his time posing and strutting. Bischoff starts his rant. He intros Hogan. Hogan ridicules Sting for always carrying a bat. He says Sting doesn't deserve a shot. He puts down Stings dress and manner - the crowd starts chanting "We want Sting!" and Hogan joins in "I want Sting!" - Bischoff continues the taunts as Hogan poses. Sting fails to appear... Now they are calling JJ Dillon down to the ring. Dillon warily enters the ring. Hogan attacks Dillon as his answer to Sting. Bischoff spray paints Dillon's back. Hogan poses with his foot on Dillon's back. Tony is disgusted...cut to commercial.

Randy Savage/Scott Hall (w/Elizabeth) vs. Lex Luger/Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) - we get the formers' entrance before we cut to another commercial.

Luger enters on his own as we return. DDP follows to his own music. They don't seem to be communicating. They stare intently at each other but exchange very few words. DDP starts with Hall. He our-wrestles the bigger man then Savage tags in. DDP dominates him as well - they are exchanging lugees as we cut to commercial.

Hall has Page almost under control as we return. Page comes back but he won't tag out. Moments later he is being doubleteamed. The nWo guys takes turns on him. Dallas still won't even attempt to get a tag. DDP is getting creamed like so much corn... He comes around with one of his short arm cloheslines and the race is on. Luger finally gets tagged in and cleans house but inadvertently clobbers Page. He gets Savage in the rack but meanwhile Hall is pinning Page (the legal man?). Luger and DDP are trying to sort things out as we fade to black.

Quite an eventful evening - but depressing...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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