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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

WWF Friday Night Main Events

WCW Springfield, IL House Show Results

Volume 3, Issue 217 - September 6, 1997

Here is an email from a reader you may find interesting:


I have been looking for a good book about wrestling for about a year now and I just stumbled across a book titled, "Whatever Happened to Georgeous George?" by Joe Jares. The book is tells about many of the classic wrestlers and has tons of stories from the road as well as many quotes from the wrestlers themselves. It's 200 pages with some pictures and was published in 1974. It made me think how old Terry Funk really is when they talk about him. I found it at a library here in DC. The Library of Congress number is GV1195.J37 and the good old Dewey Decimal system number is 796.81 J37W. I think that all of your readers should have to read it! Everybody should know about the older stars that paved the way for wretling today...Anyhow, thanks for keeping me informed on the wrestling world.

Chris Williamson...

Thanks for the tip Chris!

Here is Bob Ryder's latest news update:


The Tod Gordon story has dominated discussion online in the last 24 hours.

Sources close to ECW confirm that Tod Gordon attempted to convince several ECW wrestlers, including The Dudleys, New Jack, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Sandman, and Bill Alphonso, to leave the promotion and sign with WCW.

ECW owner, Paul Heyman, is expected to severe all ties with Gordon this weekend.

Complete coverage of the story will be available on including an audio update from Dave Scherer that will cover some of the behind the scenes moves that led to the split between Gordon and Heyman.


New Jack made his return to the Boston area last night, his first appearance in the area since the incident involving "Mass Transit" last year.

New Jack made the save for Kronus as he was being attacked by the Dudley's.

It's not known if New Jack will appear at the Revere show tonight.


The USWA moves to a midnight timeslot in Memphis tonight, airing a show that will be taped at 10am at WMC.

The promotion is in turmoil once again, with rumors of talent defections, no shows, and power struggles.

The promotion aired their last live show last weekend, a historic event that saw regular play by play man, Michael St John, pull a noshow.

St John has been widely criticized for stumbling over his delivery, getting names wrong, and for having an almost total lack of familiarity with the product, but his noshow for the final live show caused the company to bring in a totally new announce team at the last minute.

Tommy Rich returned to the company last Saturday, and by midweek was said to have been fired or quit...depending who you talk to. Doug Gilbert is also said to have left the company after his recent return.

Rumors continue to swirl about the status of Unified Champion, Dutch Mantel. Mantel has served as booker for the company the last few months, and under his guidance the company has seen increases in attendance and in recent weeks higher ratings on WMC. The company drew approximately 1200 fans, triple the previous show, at the Big One Expo last Sunday in a show headlined by a match between Dutch Mantel and Tommy Dreamer.

Mantel is said to be frustrated with the continued interference of non-wrestling people, and rumors have spread that the company may be on the verge of replacing him as booker. Other sources say Mantel was ready to quit earlier this week.

The chaos in the company has resulted in a failure to book towns for shows for a 10 day period other than the traditional Louisville show and the Saturday TV taping. James Beard and Bert Prentice, both responsible for booking shows, were apparently unable to line up any events next week...but both continue to pitch management on the fact that they should be more involved in booking and helping run the company.

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The latest round of problems in USWA leads to more speculation about the future of the promotion. With Mantel as booker, things had stabalized and attendance was up. Things seemed to be headed in the right direction. With the addition of Beard, the return of Prentice, and with Larry Burton once again exercising a desire for more control, the company seems to be on it's last legs once again.

Many insiders, including people close to the company, do not believe the promotion will survive through the end of the year.

WCW Springfield, IL House Show Results


Here is a house show report from a Solie's reader. Thanks sheik!

Ultimo Dragon v. Billy Kidman
-Dragon wins via Dragon Sleeper, good pop for the dragon, high flying match

Chris Jericho v. Eddy Guererro(cruiserweight title match)
-Jericho retains the strap, via Boston Crab

Konnan & Syxx v. Steiners
-huge pop and barks for the Steiners
-Steiners win via their two-man bulldog type finisher

Jeff Jarrett v. Dean Malenko
-this match was supposed to feature Chris Benoit
-Malenko wins via TX Cloverleaf (after JJ's victory was overturned)
-Eddy G. does a run in, Jericho runs-in with a chair to even the odds

DDP v. Henning
-HUGE pop for DDP
-Henning grabs house mic and says, "When a member of the 4-Horsemen is introduced, you give him a standing ovation."
-He and DDP exchage slaps and spits
-Henning wins after kicking DDP in the crotch
-DDP then puts the Diamond Cutter on Henning and then on Nick Patrick

Giant v. Nash
-Nash does NOT come out to the NWO theme, instead opting for, "Ready or Not" by the Fugees. (actually this is a reworking of the Del Fonics tune of the same name)
-big pop for Nash, a HUGE pop for the Giant
-the two big men have a stare down, and then Nash gives the NWO sign, the crowd goes nuts
-Giant then gives his chokeslam sign and yell, and the crowd goes nuttier
-Giant dominates the action, and is on his way to winning the match, when Syxx and Konnan do a run-in. Giant then pushes them both aside, and the NWO guys slither back to the dressing room.

Overall, it was a very entertaining show. It was funny to see DDP and Henning laughing when Henning had DDP in a rest hold.

I had some view of the dressing rooms, and Arn Anderson was in the building in a black Nitro shirt and sweat pants. Dillinger then asked us to please wait upstairs.

I did a short radio interview with Jericho, and this guy has had major surgery on his right forearm. The scar was at least 5 inches long.

Dean Malenko has a big scar on his upper back/lower back

WWF Friday Night Main Events

It's Friday - the middle of the night and I am here typing up a report on a wrestling program. You guys don't know what I go through for you :-)

It seems that tonight we will explore the Helmsley/Michaels connection via a match pitting Hunter vs. the Undertaker.

Jim Ross is the host w/Doc Hendrix - first up: the Patriot vs. Owen Hart - a mini-preview, if you will, of this Sunday's PPV Main Event. This is a low-risk mat wrestling demonstration for the most part. In fact Wilkes shows us a very well-honed wrestling skill. Owen has guile on his side so he gradually assumes control of the match. Owen gets a great elbow off the second rope just before the first commercial.

Owen seems to have stayed on top of things through the break. He is doing great until he misses a flying move and loses the initiative. He gets his clocked cleaned for a moment and then he reassumes control just as Davey Boy Smith hits the ring. Bret Hart is not far behind and Owen is DQ'd. Vader comes to the rescue and gets some wicked shots on Bret Hart (who had the Patriot in a Sharpshooter). Is Vader/Hart the next big feud on the horizon? Sgt Slaughter tells us in a taped interview that Steve Austin will not be allowed to wrestle until he is cleared medically.

Steve Austin is interviewed on his doorstep. He is as obnoxious as usual. There is a promise of a lengthy interview when he first pretends not to want to be interviewed then abruptly changes his tune and orders the reporter to sit down and talk to him. Cut to commercial.

Sunny slinks down to the broadcast position via the ring. She promises us some interesting interviews later.

Stone Cold rants his usual crying game - he continues to rant as he fires arrows into autographed pictures of the WWF brass - "bottomlining" all over the place yatta, yatta.

Dude Love vs. the British Bulldog - Dude is being interviewed about Austin when Davey Boy attacks him with a chair! In the ring the Dudester is getting his bunny dusted... but he comes back suddenly with a series of punches but is subdued again in time for the next commercial.

Dude Love has a sleeper as we return. Davey Boy throws him off but can't follow up. Another exchange and the sleeper is back. This time the Bulldog levers his opponent out of the ring. On the floor Davey Boy deals out some heavy duty punishment. Then takes his opponent back inside to wear him down. But Foley fights his way back and we get some see-saw action. Then Dude Love applies his "sweet shin music" but it is lost because Owen Hart hits the ring. The two of them overwhelm the Dudester. Owen grabs a mic and says he plans to break Dude's neck with a piledriver. The Road Warriors run-in and break that up.

We review the Pillman/Goldust feud complete with low-life allusions to a past illicite affair. Disgusting... Brian Pillman talks to Sunny and displays a maid's outfit he wants Marlena to wear if he wins the match on Sunday. It is interestingly reminiscent of the number that Goldust did on Pillman himself. It also reminds me of the infamous Flair/Precious "dream date" incident - except there was no little girl involved in that angle.

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Bret Hart tells us how great he is and cries about how awful the American wrestling fans are. He shows clips of the Patriot pinning him with Shawn Michaels' help. He continues to excoriate the crowd ad nauseum. How boring...

Sunny interviews Rick Rude. She wants to know why he is here. He leers at her and refuses to divulge who his "insurance client" is. Cut to commercial for Austin's video.

We get a video review of the entire program to this point as the second hour begins..

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/Chynna) vs. the Undertaker - Hunter starts aggressively as usual but his assault gets cut short. He retreats and lures the Undertaker outside then back in where he gets the drop on him. Again he loses the initiative and UT is ready to reel him in when Rick Rude shows up to provide distraction. It does no good as the Undertaker takes his opponent apart. Rude tries to interfere and feels the Undertaker's wrath and then Shawn Michaels slides in and clips UT's knee. The three allies beat on UT as Chynna guards their backs with a chair. Shawn strolls over and takes the chair. As he comes back the Undertaker throws off his attackers and they scatter from the ring. Cut to commercial.

Los Baricuas (Jesus/Jose) vs. the Road warriors - this is a silly match. The "busboys" offer very little competiton and eventually the Godwins show up to attack LOD. Then DOA puts in an appearance, aye...tis a grand little melee they're havin'... Cut to a video exploration of the Patriot's earlier career. His roots in the Global Wrestling Federation (GWF) aren't mentioned. Cut to commercial.

We see clips of Ahmed Johnson doing charity work with children.

Ken Shamrock vs. Salvitore Sincere - this is a pretty good exhibition of chain wrestling. Shamrock goes after an ankle submission early in the match and then goes back after it again a few minutes later. He fails to get the pin and next applies a arm bar submission. Sincere comes back and starts taking shortcuts but Shamrock has such a short fuse that he gets incensed and soon he is creaming the guy. A Frankensteiner sets up a successful execution of the ankle submission hold. Cut to commercial.

Steve Casey (?) vs Scott Putsky - this match is fast paced but somewhat tedious. Putsky handles things too easily in the beginning. His opponent makes a valiant effort and turns the tables for a while but Putsky is a powerhouse and turns it around again. A pale imitation of his father's Polish Hammer does the job.

Paul Bearer babbles about the boogie man (Kane) - cut to commercial.

Sonny Rogers/Jerry Fox vs. The Interrogator - handicapp match - these are always stupid...

We get another video review of the entire program before we go back out to Steve Austin' ranch where he is now destroying photographs with a shotgun. Fade to black.

On a personal note...

I have been getting a lot of mail lately questioning my objectivity. I used to think that I had an obligation to go out of my way to be balanced but I have learned that trying to be an objective reporter in the wrestling in game is a full time occupation. I already have a full-time day job so I don't have time to be objective. I describe what I see and how I feel about it, if you want something else - go read my friend Charles Maclauren's Bagpiper.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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