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Monday Night Wars Edition

Horsemen vs. nWo
for WarGames!

Austin Attacks Slaughter!!

Armageddon '97: "There Can Be Only One

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

Volume 3, Issue 219 - September 7, 1997

The Dream Card Revisited

by Ervin Griffin Jr.

In response to some of the feedback of WCW/NWO VS. WWF: A Dream Card", I now present another dream card article called Armageddon '97: "There Can Be Only One." This card will also feature some stars from the ECW,USWA and Japan as well as WCW/NWO and the WWF. As before, they will include some tag team, singles and specialty matches. Here is the line up and who I would think would win:

Bret Hart VS. Hulk Hogan (WCW/NWO Title VS. WWF Title IronMan Cage Match)

Winner: Hart takes both belts

Shawn Michaels VS. Chris Benoit (Bunkhouse Stampede/Ladder Match)

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Taz VS. Ken Shamrock (Submission Match)

Winner: Taz

Brian Christopher VS. Chris Jericho (WCW Cruiserweight Title Match)

Winner: Chris Jericho retains cruiserweight belt

Ric Flair VS. Sabu (No DQ match)

Winner: Ric Flair

The Undertaker VS. The Giant (Texas Death Match)

Winner: The Giant

Konnan VS. The British Bulldog (WWF European Title Match)

Winner: Bulldog retains strap

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Kevin Nash VS. Vader (Russian Chain Match)

Winner: Kevin Nash after a power bomb

Scott Hall, Syxx, Masahiro Chono, The Great Muta, and Randy Savage VS. The Road Warriors, Owen Hart, Goldust, and Hunter Hearst Hemsley

Winner: WCW/NWO

Great Sasuke VS. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Winner: Rey Mysterio, Jr.

2 Cold Scorpio VS. Eddie Gurerro

Winner: Eddie Gurerro

Akira Hokuto VS. Miss Jacqueline (WCW Women's Title Match)

Winner: Akira Hokuto retains Ladies crown

Swimsuit/Bikini Contest

This match up (so to speak) would feature Marlena, Sable, and Sunny for the WWF, Miss Jacqueline, Miss Elizabeth, Kimberly Page and Debora McMichael for WCW and Francine and Miss Alexandria for ECW. I will let your imagination run wild on this one.

Winner: Decided by your dreams!!! (Heh, Heh)

Sting VS. Jerry "The King" Lawler

Winner: Sting in a squash!!!

Diamond Dallas Page VS. Mankind

Winner: DDP with a Diamond Cutter

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin VS. Lex Luger (WWF Intercontinental Title

Winner: Steve Austin with the Stone Cold Stunner

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50 Man Battle Royal ($1 million purse to the winner)

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Ervin Griffin Jr. is Solie's resident historian and also contributes to the Ringside Insider on a regular basis.

WCW Monday Nitro Report

Live from Milwaukie, Wisconsin

The Nitro girls are in spangles for their opening number

Eric Bischoff interrupts the introductions to insist that they air the tape of the Horsemen parody from last week. So they do. As it is getting started there is a call to "Shut that down right now..." It's Flair - he and the rest of the Horsemen have run Bischoff off. They challange the nWo to come to the ring and then head there themselves. They are joined by Mean Gene in the ring - no sign of the nWo. Gene wants to know "When will it end?" Hennig says he intends to live up to his new nickname "the Enforcer". Mongo starts to speak and is booed by the Greenbay Packers partisan crowd. He tells them to shut up and tells the nWo that if they want to make this into a circus that the Horsemen are "the ringleaders". Benoit says much the same. Flair pays tribute to his friend Arn Anderson and says that he (Arn) had something that they (the nWO) will never have. He then reiterates the challange - specifically toward the four who participated in the skit (Syxx, Nash, Bagwell and Konan). Cut to commercial.

As we return the Horsemen are still occupying the ring. Security (in the person of Doug Dellenger) is trying to clear the area so the next match can go on.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - it's good to see Rey back but I wonder if he is really "ready to rumble..." We hear from the announcers that JJ Dillon has been put on the shelf and they are looking for an interim commissioner (where's Roddy Piper when you need him...?) - Eddie starts taking shortcuts right out of the chute. Rey complains, but what does that ever do? Eddie continues his assault as we cut to commercial.

Eddie is putting a chicken-winged shoulder breaker on his opponent as we return. Moments later Rey is loose and flying but Guerrero cuts it off. Rey comes back and Eddie flees the ring but is on the receiving end of somersault planche. Back in the ring things are definitely see-saw with moments of high-flying antics puncuated by Guerrero's power moves (strange to see him wrestling that way...). Misterio has several chances to re-injure his leg but never seems to limp at all. Finally he does his springboard Frankensteiner to get the pin. Cut to Nitro girls dancing while Tony hawks merchandise. This has become a regular part of the show now, unfortunately.

Mean Gene talks about Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page then intros DDP. Page comes down and suggests that he and Luger need to get it on in the ring to settle their differences. Luger comes out and accepts the match but reminding Page that he won't be holding anything. DDP agrees that's the way it has to be... I notice they didn't shake hands. Cut to commercial.

Disco is Back!!! Disco Inferno vs. Hugh Morrus - this is a result of Disco's antics last week during the Hugh Morrus/Alex Wright match. Morrus decimates his hapless opponent for the first part of the contest. Eventually Disco finagles an opening and gets a few good shots in...then Morrus nails him. Alex Wright shows up and starts to distract the referee while he slips Disco the TV Title belt. Morrus goes for his moonsault not noticing that Disco has the Title belt on his chest. In fact, he never did notice it. Morrus just took the pin - not affected at all by the foreign object. Afterward Disco tells Alex " didn't work". The TV Champ just shrugs... Cut to commercial.

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The nWo finally shows it's faces as we return. The four miscreants have a mic. Syxx does his Flair impresession - then tells Flair he is boring, Nash notes the high emotional state present then says they'd love to wrestle the Horsemen tonight...but...we're big stars and we get to make our own matches - we're to busy... Bagwell interrupts to say he's ready to go... Konan agrees - so Nash offers Bagewell and Konan as a team against the Horsemen.

Brad Armstrong vs. Chris Jericho - this is a great match on paper and could be doubly so because of Brad's new heel personna. Guerrero shows up and wants to take Brad's place in the match. Brad does his best Stone Cold Steve Austin impression. So Guerrero leaves. The match gets underway with Brad initially the aggressor but getting outclassed in short order. Armstrong is an old-style mat tech/flyer and can't keep up with Jericho's more modern style. He finally is driven from the ring. At that moment Eddie Guerrero runs in and attacks Jericho. Jericho turns the tables on him in short order and has Guerrero in a Boston crab when Armstrong clotheslines him out of his boots. Together the two "new" bad guys stomp a mud hole in him. Cut to commercial.

I like the new Brad Armstrong. He is the only one of the Armstrong boys (including their father) who I've ever considered capable of being a major star. He doesn't quite have Austin's physical size and needs to develop his guile and hone his killer instinct before he can make this new personna work - but he is capable of it.

Hogan appears with Bischoff to the strains of Voodoo Child. Bischoff introduces the Champion "...he loves you as much as you love him..." yatta, yatta... Hogan rants about crybabies and tells Ric Flair that he (Hogan) is the "man" and dismisses his challanges. He then authorizes the Bagwell/Konan match and challanges Sting to a match tonight!! Eric says that Sting is a coward and won't ahow up...but he doesn't seem all that sure of himself. We see Sting descending from the rafters but suddenly he (the Sting dummy) starts plummeting to the floor. The nWo rush over and act like Sting has been hurt, they call for help and then shoo it away. The manikin is taken into the ring and defeated by the Champ - what a stirring victory... Time for a posing exhibition then Hogan speaks into the camera and says that the "party's over" for WCW - no more "Mr. Niceguy..." great... I gues this means Sting will have to torment Hogan until he agrees to a match - that could be fun.

Faces of Fear vs. The Steiner Brothers (w/Ted Dibiasi) - this will be a good fight. The Steiners run the Faces out of the ring right away so they re-enter simultaneously from both sides and take control. They play on their slightly superior size and experience to steady advantage for several minutes. Scotty comes back with series of suplexes on the Barbarian and is about to follow up when Harlem Heat and the Gloulies (Wrath/Mortis) show up and turn it into a melee. Too bad... maybe they will schedule a rematch on next week's show...

Super Calo vs. Scott Hall - this is the first nWo wrestling appearance tonight. I notice some of the fans have WCW Title Belt replicas with nWo written over them... Hall wants Calo to remove his "glasses". Hall dominates the first lock-up but Calo gets a thumb to the eye during the second. He goes to work but gets cut short and run out of the ring. He comes back in and gets caught in a Bow and Arrow. Hall gets a super - over the head Fall-away slam. Then puts on the "Outsider's Edge" to take an easy victory.

Ray Traylor comes down and confronts Hall - they end up in a slug fest which Traylor dominates until Hall fingers his eyes. Traylor comes back strong and beats Hall down. Vincent comes in and gets sidewalk slammed. Hogan shows up and distracts Traylor so Hall can blindside him and put him into the crucifix. Cut to commercial.

The Grrrls are back...

Psychosis (w/Sonny Oono) vs. Dean Malenko - the Mexican star is wearing his two-tone outfit tonight. Very smart... Early on Malenko is flailing his arms during a rest hold and bopps his opponent on the nose. You could see them glance at each other to exchange apologese. The early going is very fast until a fan jumps into the ring and has to be ejected by the referee. Things have slowed down noticably as we focus back on the match. On the outside Sonny Oono gets involved with his feet - Psychosis takes control back in the ring. Malenko gets tossed to the outside, Psychosis executes a suicide dive which takes its toll on himself as well. Still he comes back and retains control. Then he takes to long getting to the top and gets partially blocked but manages to finish his move. Inevitably Malenko outwits him and gets his Texas Cloverleaf. The Jeff Jarrett shows up and halts everything. He wants a Title shot but not tonight

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Roddy Piper shows up as the interim commissioner of the WCW (what'd I tell you...) He immediately announces that he intends to make the Sting/Hogan match before the year is out. He promises it will happen. He reveals that he has an open contract with Hogan and has decided to make a cage match for Halloween Havoc between Hogan and himself! He then announces that he is removing DDP and Luger from the WarGames match and is putting the Horsemen in their place. It will be nWo vs. the Four Horsemen for WarGames.

Flair/Hennig vs. Bagwell/Konan - we pass beyond the time limit for the program right after this match begins. Bagwell starts against Flair and dominates him (though Flair gets his shots in as well). The nWo makes the exchange and Konan continues the assault. Bagwell is back again and continues to dominate but Flair has more luck this time. Still Bagwell retains control until he lets Flair get a tag. Hennig cleans house and runs them both out of the ring. They regroup on the outside then attack Hennig together. Bagwell starts working on Hennig's left leg then hands it over to Konan who keeps the pressure up. Konan applies a standing Figure Four, then drops the elbow. Hennig escapes and downs his opponent then manages to tag in Flair. This time Flair is a whirling dervish. He soon has Bagwell in the Figure Four. All Hell breaks loose and a melee ensues. In the scuffle, Bagwell gets trapped on the apron by Flair while Hennig Perfect Plexes (I don't care what they call it!) Konan and gets the win. Cut to commercial.

Lex Luger vs. Diamond Dallas Page - we are almost 15 minutes past the hour when this match begins. Look for an nWo punk job and the re-emergence of the Luger/DDP partnership for a match at WarGames (I guess we'll see...) - Kimberly has her spangles back on for this one. Neither of these guys is willing to take a shortcut so the match is largely a draw until the nWo starts appearing. They surround the ring and manage to do a number on Luger while DDP is out of it for a moment. Page comes to and continues with the match but he keeps a wary eye on the nWo guys. Luger comes back and has the match in the bag when the nWo starts hitting the ring. For a few moments they fight them of 2 against 5 - then the Giant shows up and evens the odds. In the end Luger and DDP rules the ring. Hall and Savage stalk away wearing Cheesehead hats. The two former partners stare each other down, miss an attempt at a handshake all together and then embrace (I guess we saw...) in the ring. Fade to black...and start the replay...

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WWF Monday Night RAW

Live from Cinncinatti, Ohio

After a montage of Ground Zero clips McMahon introduces Sgt. Slaughter. He says there will be law and order in the WWF, like it or not... He rants about enforcing order and calls on Steve Austin to atone for being completely "out of line..." the crowd chants "B*llsh*t!!" Slaughter then declares a tournament to decide who the next Intercontinental Titlist will be. He further declares that Austin must forfeit the belt on TV. Austin comes to the ring and does his usual criss cross to the crowds then he goes nose to nose with the Sarge. He tries insult the commissioner then turns his anger on the WWF. He threatens Slaughter physically then immediately attacks him with a Stunner! He gets into a verbal spar with Vince and starts threatening the boss. Naturally the officials are all over his case - he can't get near McMahon. He runs Vince off then turns and assumes his (Vince's) chair at the broadcast position. Vince makes his way back to the table and then Austin abruptly stands up and walks over the table to move away from the ring area.

We get a replay of the assault on Jim Ross last night then we see Austin being escorted from the building except that he's not going anywhere yet...

More clips from last night's show. Patriot/Hart this time with Vader getting involved.

Bret Hart vs. Vader - non-Title No Hold Barred match - Hart comes down first - his general pattern these days despite the fact that he is the Champion. He rants about how he's going to destroy Vader tonight. Vader rushes the ring and runs face first into the Title Belt. Hart dominates two exchanges then Vader overwhelms him. Now Vader gets the belt and uses it on the Champ. Then he grabs the Canadian flag and breaks the staff over Hart's back. The match goes outside and Hart regains the momentum with some devastating ring step shots. But Vader bounces right back and has the Hitman reeling as we go to commercial.

I expected that we would come back to find Bret back in charge...but I was wrong. Hart is still reeling - in fact he is swinging wildly and missing. Of course he is Bret Hart...and soon is back in control. Again he runs square into the big guy and loses his initiative. Vader is ready to drop the Vader Bomb when the Bulldog charges the ring. The Hart's attack Vader in tandem until Steve Austin comes running down to the rescue. The Hart's scatter and then are chased up the ramp by Austin weilding a chair. Cut to commercial.

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Slaughter is seen pacing in the back seething over his injured neck. We get a review of the Headbangers winning the Tag Team Titles with the assistance of Steve Austin - then we see some of their post-match celebation...then we cut to the ring where the Godwins are destroying a team of jobbers. They clear the ring and then challange the new Champs. The HB's show up and the fight is on. Even a referee bails in and it turns into a match. The Godwins are controlling the action from the get go as they usually do. The only Headbanger initiatives are improvised on top of Godwins' mistakes. Say what you want about the Godwins - they are a great tag goodness is that Matt Borne? A stranger invades the ring and sneaks a horseshoe to Henry at an opportune moment. The Godwins win the match then join the stranger outside the ring. The stranger introduces himself as "Uncle Cletus" Godwin. It might be Matt Borne (Doink #1) but I'm not sure yet. Cut to commercial.

Review of the "Indecent Proposal" match from last night leads us too... Sunny coming down to announce the match.

Brian Pillman (w/Marlena) vs. Dude Love - Intercontinental Title Tourney 1st Round match - Love grabs the mic and says the "Dude is having trouble getting into the groove" so he invites a friend to come to the ring and give him moral support. Goldust comes down with the usual flourishes minus wig and cape and babe... His face is only half painted. Pillman is on the phone with a video tape to show. We see Pillman on a bed with a towel wrapped around him smoking a cigar. He says he's exausted, he fingers a black bra. We get a tour of his bedroom and look at his bed, which is trashed. He cuts the picture then tells Goldust to be ready for Part 2 later tonight. Cut to commercial with the promise of the Undertaker dancing in our heads. Does this mean that Goldust moves to the next round in the Tournament?

Reprise of the attack on Slaughter then the Hart's run-in with the "rattlesnake" as Vince calls him. The second hour begins with massive pyrotechnics.

Piretta Morgan vs. Max Mini - we see the tape of the little guy jumping into the King's lap. As usual Max's opponent outweighs him by about 50 pounds. The little guy throws two suicide dives within the first 4 minutes. He dispatches the competition with...well...dispatch - using a missle drop-kick to knock his opponent silly.

Video review of the sorry story of Shawn Michaels leading up to the match last night (which they are promoting for the replay). They continue to hype the match without telling us what the outcome was...and at the same time hyping the coming match between them at the next PPV which we learn will be in a "cell" - a padlocked, roofed cage. The Undertaker comes to the ring to talk to Vince. He tells Shawn that he won't rest until he "burns" Michaels "bones in Hell". He's spouting hellfire and damnation when Michaels appears on the TitanTron to say that he's a survivor. He promises UT that if he ends up in the coffin he plans to take the Undertaker with him. UT says "R.I.P." yatta, yatta...cut to commercial.

Sunny interviews the Hart's - Owen isn't afraid of Austin - he repeats the dubious claim that he put "Austin out of wrestling."

Owen Hart vs. Goldust - IC Tourney 1st round - Owen abandons the ring immediately followed by Goldust who punks him and gets a good shot in on Bret who stands nearby. Back in the ring Owen steals the initiative and goes to work. He still has his leather jacket on. Suddenly Goldust stops him short then tenders a low blow and another and another - he is DQ'd as the Harts swarm the ring. Austin comes down again this time with a broom with which he sweeps (pun intended) the ring of trash. Afterward he throws the broom at McMahon then stalks away through the crowd.

Pillman arrives on the phone again with part 2 of of his home movies. He suggests that Marlena is taking a shower in the background while he is making the tape. He shows no conclusive evidence that Marlena is even there...cut to commercial.

Vince rubs the Harts noses in their humiliation of a few minutes ago. Bret responds with a demand for Austin's permanent ouster from the WWF (Dream on Canada boy...)

Savio Vega comes to ringside to comment on the next match...

Triple Threat Match - The Patriot vs. The British Bulldog - who gets punked by Michaels and Helmsley on the ramp on his way to the ring. They attack him with a chair and destroy his leg, then we cut to commercial without hearing who the third competitor is...

We review the attack on Bulldog and then see that Savio is ready to take the Bulldog's place. The third man is Hunter Hearst Helmsley. This goes like it did last night with various teams of two forming and disintegrating. Or two guys going at it while the third slumps in a corner etc. The Patriot is in charge in the ring and Shawn Michaels is approaching as we cut to another commercial.

Michaels has taken a seat at the broadcast table where he is threatening McMahon (everybody wants to do that tonight) and stating that he wants to take Slaughter's place and be "the enforcer" for the WWF. In the ring the match goes on endlessly as it would be expected to with three guys who won't let any other one of them get a pinfall. Is it just me or is this type of match a real snore..? Cut to commercial.

Nothing has changed as we return. We see a replay of Chynna slapping Savio during the break. The crowd is chanting "Boring..." the match is still going nowhere until Hunter goes for a Pedagree on the Patriot but gets kicked by Savio Now Savio has the advantage so Shawn makes his move. He interferes so that Hunter can win.

This brings the Borecuas and Vader down to help their friends. A donnybrook commences. The announcers are yelling "Here come the Harts!!!" as we fade to black.

Both shows had some pretty good drama tonight. WCW with Flair's empassioned speech to call out the nWo, the announcement of the Horsemen vs. nWo WarGames and Piper as the interim commissioner - the WWF with its continued exploitation of the Pillman/Goldust storyline, Steve Austin's pathalogical antics, and of course, the attack on Sgt. Slaughter.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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