Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 22
July 15, 1996

Nitro report

The program comes to us from an outdoor site at the Disney-MGM theme park. It is announced that Hogan will be on the program tonight. They review the Hogan turn.

Fire & Ice vs Steiners (what again?)- (Tony mentions that Sting, Flair, Savage and the Giant are not here tonight - that seems to upset him. By the way, Lugar is on hand to face Big Bubba later in the program)

Norton opens up with Scotty - he seems more than usually vicious tonight. He's taking a lot of shortcuts. (The announcers are ignoring the match to talk about Hulk Hogan) The first wrestling move of the match is when Scotty gets a belly-to-belly on Norton. (Tony is hyping "Mr. Nanny" as we cut to commercial)

Rick in with Ice Train as we come back. Meanwhile, Teddy Long is scouting the teams. Fire & Ice dominate until Ice accidently splashes Norton. Rick gets the pin during the confusion.

Mean Gene with Taskmaster, Hart and Bubba. Sullivan says that Jimmy has a plan to deal with the Outsiders - but then Jimmy talks about defeating the Horsemen - huh?

After another commercial Mean Gene interviews Fire & Ice who seem to be about to break up. Teddy tries to talk to them but is shoved down. Ice says he wants to wrestle within the rules.

Dean Malenko is intercepted by Hart as he approaches the ring - don't know what was said. Billy the Kid Man is introduced. Malenko attacks right away. Now he's taking shortcuts - what is going on here tonight? Kidman takes the advantage when he reverses a piledriver attempt on the outside. (Tony comments that Lugar has not been heard from since the PPV) Kidman does a gainer off the top turnbuckle and misses. Malenko gets a brainbuster, two power-bombs and then locks his opponent up in a Texas Cloverleaf to get the win by submission.

Mean Gene with Kevin Greene (Hey! That rhymes!) Greene is upset with Hogan like everyone else. He is more upset with Mongo - he wants him tonight! But first another commercial.

Harlem Heat vs. Rough & ready for the titles - this is weird because both of these teams are managed by Col. Parker. The match is pretty even throughout - Sherri and the Colonel are intriguing on the outside. Suddenly Sherri jumps up on the apron and kisses Slater - HH takes the win.

Rey Mysterio Jr. video - leads to a commercial

Greene still wants Mongo - but he has to leave

Medusa vs. Malaya Osaka - Osaka dominates the early going as Tony talks about the impending "Destroy the Motorcycle" match between Medusa and Bull Nakano. Medusa finally gets the advantage and comes on strong for a while. More see-saw action, then Medusa pulls it out.

Hour two begins with a commercial

Two Outsiders show up with banners to cover the WCW letters that overlook the arena. Now it says NWO. No sign of Hogan.

Meng vs. Arn - Arn seems at a loss to counter Meng's power and martial arts moves until he gets a chance to slam Meng's leg into a ring post. Barbarian shows up with his arm bandaged. (cut to commercial)

Arn is in control as we return. Barbarian is standing by with his arms folded. (Eric keeps using Hogan's ungratefulness as an excuse to hype TNT impending broadcast of "Mr. Nanny" and the fact that Hogan's TV series precedes Nitro) Meanwhile Meng has taken over again. The Barbarian trips Arn to give the win to his partner.

We come back from commercial to Mean Gene with Mongo and Debra - now that Greene has left. Debra flaps her gums - she seems a bit incoherant. She tries to do the "Woman bit" with Gene but can't pull it off.

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero - Benoit suckerpunches Eddie after insisting that the ref inspect Guerrero's knee pads. It's all Benoit until he falls outside - Guerrero dives on him. Back in the ring Benoit gets back on top but can't put his opponent away. Now its back and forth. (Heenan wants to know when someone is going to go up and rip down those NWO letters) Eddie gets a super-plex on Benoit but it doesn't seem to slow him down They both flip over the top rope - Guerrero has hurt his knee. As he falls over, Malenko runs-in and attacks Benoit. Guerrero beats the count to win.

As we go to commercial the arial shot reveals that the WCW letters are again visible.

Big Bubba vs. Lex Lugar - (is Lugar still under contract to Hart?) we go to commercial before the match can get under way.

Match is going as we return (Lugar is said to have a concussion and a semi-detatched he nuts to be wrestling?) Lugar takes an eye shot and then a DDT right out of the chute. This doesn't look good.

Now we are looking at the top of a limo out front. Hall and Nash are there - is Hogan inside?

Back in the ring Bubba keeps attacking Lugar's head. (another commercial)

As we return Bubba is biting Lugar's forehead (ouch!) The announcers are speculating about who may else have joined the New World Order (I think these guys must have voted for George Bush). Lugar takes the advantage with a (loaded) forearm shot and a series of clotheslines...then the Outsiders hit the ring and gang up on Lugar - here comes Hogan dressed in black (I guess he had the costume left over from his "Heart of Darkness period).

Hogan is making nice with Bubba when Nash and Hall attack from behind - looks like they're not playing favorites. The three Outsiders embrace in the ring - raise their hands in triumph.

Mean Gene goes to the ring - Hogan says the NWO will rule the wrestling world. he complains about being booed by the fans - its a condensed version of his "Bash at the Beach" speech. The ring is filling up with trash again (most of it is plastic bottles this time).

Gene wants to know who else has joined the NWO. The Hulkster hints that he will build his empire from both without and within the WCW. He challanges the Giant for the next PPV - he's not wasting any time.

The Steiners, Dungeon of Doom show up. Arn is here - lets fade to black before anything interesting happens.

RAW Report

Camp Cornette is shown being a "welcoming committee" for HBK and Ahmed as they arrive at the arena.

Bart Gunn and Sunny are in the ring. Sunny is looking hot in buckskin (too bad she's such a putz).

Ahmed Johnson vs. Bart Gunn - IC Title match - Johnson dominates at first but Bart uses a cheap shot to gain the advantage. Four minutes later Ahmed is back for a flurry, then he flings his right shoulder into a corner post. (Vince says that his people are talking to the Warrior's people about bringing him back). Bart is working on the bad arm relentlessly as we go to commercial.

We're back and Bart is still on top. He bulldogs Ahmed twice. Then Johnson manages to crotch Bart on the top rope and then knocks him to the floor. Now Ahmed is in charge. He gets a spine buster on Bart then wins with a Pearl River Plunge powerbomb.

HBK interviewed - is he worried? Naw! He hints at a "relationship" between him and Sid that we don't know about.

Mark Mero vs. T.L. Hopper ("Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony) - as the Mero's approach the ring Goldust's movie usher delivers a present to Sable - she tosses it unopened. Commercial time.

The match begins after the commercial. Mero does a pretty good job of tossing the much larger Hopper around the ring. (We see Camp Cornette back in the locker room but audio difficulties prevent an interview.) In the ring T.L. has grounded the Wild Man with a head scissors and he's going to work.. Mero fight's back but is overwhelmed (it could be the plumber's odor). Austin appears in an inset as we go to commercial.

T.L. is still in charge as we come back. Mero tries a comeback but gets clobbered. Austin is interviewed on a split screen - says he'll beat Mero again at the next PPV. Meanwhile Tony is pounding on the Wild Man mercilessly. Mero is still in the contest but he's on the short end of the stick. Eventually he comes back. After some see-saw action he plants a one-two combination on the plumber's jaw to get the pin.

Camp Cornette interview - They say they aren't up to anything - yatta, yatta, yatta.

Undertaker video

Billy Gunn and Sunny come to the ring as we go to commercial.

We're back - here comes Michaels. He does his strip tease thing as we watch video of a personal appearance over the weekend. Vince mentions that Brett Hart's nephew has died of a rare viral disease - my condolences to the family.

The match begins. Billy gets a headlock - Shawn gets loose but gets tackled to the mat. Now they circle each other as Ahmed is interviewed in an inset. Back in the ring HBK throws Billy out over the top rope. When Sunny jumps up on the apron she gets kissed - twice!

More action in the ring - Michaels is just a step ahead at every turn now until he gets distracted by Sunny as he's getting ready to make a leap off of the top turnbuckle. Billy takes command as we cut to commercial.

Billy continues to pummel the Champ as we come back. Sunny and the King are celebrating already. Camp Cornette is shown leaving the building as we go to yet another commercial.

We come back as things begin to swing in Shawn's direction. It takes about two minutes to polish Billy off with a super kick. Shawn celebrates in the ring as Sunny helps Billy back up the aisle.

Shawn is supposed to meet Ahmed in the back for an interview. Cornette shows up and throws a drink on them. They chase Mrs. Cornette's boy to the back and right into an ambush. Before the fight can get started Sid comes crashing onto the scene in a sedan. Camp Cornette is speeding away with Sid in pursuit on foot as we fade to black.

RAW had a couple of good contests tonight but they have a hard time matching up the the tension in the air on the Nitro set. The end piece on Nitro was a classic - Vince needs to find a way to counter all this before he loses the Monday Night War for good.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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